Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster

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Mewranter is a story of Perry Johnson, who when wakes up on his 11th birthday knows something is going to happen, a ritual to be precise. A ritual about which he knows nothing but knows his siblings totally nailed whatever the ritual is. Being average for most of life Perry desperately wants to give his best in ritual. However, after ritual his life turns upside down.

I absolutely loved Mewranters. In terms of story, book was quite predictable but what made this book awesome was the universe building, it is not difficult to notice that author put great efforts in building this universe and his efforts were evident and flawless. I as a reader I need proper reasoning for everything that results in some kind of twist or turn and here I got perfect reasoning for every incident.

Perry Johnson is very relatable character, who is fedup being average. I particularly like the fact that here protagonist is a timid kid. He is scared and confused. He wanted to save the world but his life is in threat too. James is the only other character which I like.

Book was fast paced and author has successfully created a tension and suspense in story which will keep reader on edge wanting more. Although, there were few aspects of the story which according to me were not needed. I just hope there is a sequel as I really want to be a part of Perry Johnson's journey.
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I Dont Usually Read Or Pick Up This Type Of Book But I Liked The Cover And Premise. 

I Enjoyed The Ride And Kachi Ugo's Writing Style. Would Recommend To The Right Audience Forgot Sure.
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Mewranters was a fun read. There's people that turn into birds, a sea monster that attacks, and... that's pretty much it. I liked Mewranters because of the action and the middle-grade-esque plot, which isn't a bad thing; in fact, middle-grade is one of my favorite genres, so don't think of this as a bad thing. I liked this book; however, it was so short that I felt there could have been a lot more pumped into the story if it were even just 50 pages longer than it was. If there were more to this short novel, it would get four stars from me. 

My biggest concern was the ending-- Mewranters spends its time leading up to the giant fight between Perry and the sea monster, and the climax starts and finishes in what seemed like ten pages. I was a little disappointed in the fight scene, but on the other hand, it's all written pretty well. The action is thoroughly described and the characters are developed well all throughout the story. I think that Mewranters' high point is the writing style, in fact.

The plot wasn't unique, but I still liked reading Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster. I would recommend this book, even if it's not one of the more popular middle-grade series. It has the same feel as them, though, and that's what made me enjoy it overall.
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