The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield

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Maggie Mayfield is an elementary school principal in a prestigious community. Maybe they aren’t on the same level as Silicon Valley schools, but Maggie Mayfield is a fighter, and she will do everything for her students. When the opportunity to test new educational program presents itself, together with the much-needed financial support, Maggie cannot refuse. 

The Author tried to create witty and quirky characters that fell victims of embarrassing situations and came marching out with their heads held high. Instead, it felt bland, boring and the humor went above my head. 

«The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield» had some positive sides. Especially, Maggie’s struggles as the school principal, trying to look out for her kids and teachers, while also juggling the funding. 

Maggie is shown as that fierce protector of her school, and we get to respect her for this. I was led to believe in Maggie, to see her as this strong woman, who overcame the divorce and unusual situations that led to it. 

But then Danny shows up and it all goes downhill from there. Maggie becomes stupid. She acts without thinking, she says silly things and at that point, I’ve lost all interest in continuing reading this book. 

The humor that the Kathy Cooperman poured in this book, couldn’t hide its flaws. Although, I did appreciate the «Game of Thrones» reference: They give people rides in the clouds.” By now, Maggie had totally Disneyfied the Khaleesi's dragons.
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Maggie is a determined lady who loves her school very much! I felt that this head teacher was quite adventerous in comparison to most teachers I know, she felt driven to improve her school despite a lack of funding, so she enrolled  her school into a maths tech teaching pilot programme.
Maggie soon realised that corporate business is very different from education, money and profit was a huge motivator for the tech company, which didn't sit well with Maggie.
As a result, Maggie finds herself in a variety of dilemmas, some involving her own love life, some that force her to do some rather crazy things.
This was an enjoyable read, the main character being the most gripping, the storyline was a little far fetched but nevertheless, it is worth a look.
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The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield is a quirky, hilarious story for a very principled principle who goes out of her way to provide the best for her students, even if its criminal. I loved the story, it talks about social issues while being light and breezy. 

It's a little slow, a steady flow is maintained through out the book and it does try to build up to Maggie's criminal beginning but there is too much happening for it to actual be very edge of the seat reveal but it still is an engaging read. 

I loved the quirky assortment of characters, the different point of views and the chemistry between the main characters. 
But what steals the show is the climax. It took me by surprise and left me with a smile on my face even after the book was done. 

I recommend this book a hundred percent.

Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the review copy.
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I received an ARC of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book. It was light, funny, and very entertaining. It's the reason that I need my occasional dose of chick lit. This book had me quite literally laughing out loud, especially with the garage incident. I loved the characters and their relationships to one another.

Really good read and I will definitely be checking out more books by this author. Great start to my year
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An enjoyable read, albeit a bit ridiculous in places, but sometimes that's exactly what you need in a book. This is a good escapist read though, and a bit of fun.
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Unusual and interesting setting, an elementary school.  Maggie was a very effective principal.  Loved the ending.
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Clever, cute, humorous, to some extent an expose, political at times, sexy at other, more sleaze than necessary. Schools are undoubtedly facing many of the issues that Cooperman turned into comic depictions, but it is hard to believe that there could be such an incredible level of naivete. That is not to say that I found much of the book unbelievable unfortunately many of the caricatures were spot-on. 

Kathy Cooperman writes well but there are times when the dialog seems to take a left turn.  Reading along, enjoying the story and writing and then suddenly “what is that about?” Amusing but uneven.

Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy.
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This book was a funny light read. A tale of the principal losing her principles and the resulting chaos that ensues. For the most part I like this book and it was an entertaining take on the lengths that public schools have to go to get the funding they need. Maggie and her assistant Diane are entertaining characters and there is a great cast of supporting characters as well. However, some of the dialogue was just a little to cheesy for me - especially the scene with Maggie and her computer-whiz boyfriend in the bathroom, And some of the choices made in the end just seemed very far-fetched. But keeping that in mind, it was enjoyable.
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A quirky and adorable romp, I am charmed and delighted by The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield. Grab yourself a box of your favorite chocolates and take the day off to read this one—you will be charmed by Maggie and the gang!! With a refreshing mix of social conscience some cuckoo twists, this one had me laughing along the whole way. I think readers will adore Maggie as much as I did!

About the Book

Maggie Mayfield is the principal of a San Diego elementary school. The community has recently fallen on some hard times, and many families are relying on Maggie’s school more than ever to help their kids learn and grow. When budget cuts loom, Maggie fears that she’ll have to lose some important teachers and classes in science, art, and P.E. 

So when for-profit education firm Edutek offers Maggie enough funding to cover her STEAM budget needs for the next five years, in exchange for beta testing their new math curriculum software, Maggie feels the offer is too good to pass up. And it doesn’t hurt that the CEO Danny Z is hot hot hot, and could charm the smile off the school’s worm mascot!

But sometimes things seem to good to be true because they are, and Maggie soon finds out something about the MathPal software that makes her question whether she should have allowed her school to participate at all. Now Maggie and her fearless friend and colleague Diane will have to get a little bad to do some good. And it may involve breaking all of the rules!


Kathy Cooperman starts this book off with a letter to the reader written by none other than best friend (and co-conspirator) Diane. In the letter, Diane pleads with the reader to not judge Maggie to harshly. She thought she was doing good, after all. I absolutely loved this opening to the book! It drew me right in and showed that level of humor that Cooperman excelled at throughout the book.

Maggie Mayfield is a hoot! She’s a mix of stern, loving, kooky, relatable, and fierce. She’s a woman who can fix a vomit stain on an evening gown, recover from a sex scandal, and wrangle a few curious kids away from a playground snake without batting an eye. Maggie is the sort of person that you can’t help but love. I wanted to be friends with her! And yes, at times I wanted to use that friendship to give her a loving smack on the head after some poor choices (but luckily we had Diane there to do that for us)!

And then we have some chapters narrated by Lucy Wong, a third grader at Maggie’s school who suffers from challenges making friends and living up to her mother’s academic expectations. Lucy is the smartest girl in her grade, but sometimes that means she has trouble relating to others. I found Lucy’s chapters charming, seeing how a third grader reacts to the social dynamics around her was adorable and made me think about how kids pick up on so much more than we give them credit for. Lucy’s story stole my heart!

The actual plot surrounding the educational software and the way for-profit education companies pray on not only the districts who want to help children, but the kids themselves—well it was a bit too real to laugh at. I worked in education research before this and you would be shocked by the number of companies that make money off of educational “research” on kids at school. Those schools are like a glorified rat lab with experiments deemed to have benefit to the kids skewing data to make theirs look like the technology or intervention that made the difference. I will get off of my soapbox before you all stop reading, but suffice it to say this book could completely happen in real life (and it does happen, at school districts all over our country). 
Cooperman did a fantastic job with the plot here. I completely understood Maggie’s difficult position, and I empathized with her decisions. Maggie didn’t make a single decision in the book lightly. Those kids and their futures meant everything to Maggie!

And then we have the truth coming out. I can’t spoil it by suffice it to say the end of this book was wild, wacky, and positively delightful! It swung all the way out there for the grand finale, and it made me whoop with delight when I read it! There is no way going in I expected THAT ending, so let’s just say every moment until the very last page made this book completely worth it!

Thank you so much to the team at Amazon Publishing and Lake Union for my copy to review.
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If Bridget Jones became a high school principal, we'd have this book. A fun, zany read. 
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author. All opinions are my own.
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In The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield, Cooperman has created a cast of engaging, likable and wonderfully eccentric characters readers are destined to love and remember.  Maggie is the principal you want at the school your kids attend, and she is the person you want as your best friend.  The dialogue is funny, smart, and authentic.  I laughed out loud more than once, and I regretted leaving this eclectic group when the book ended.  Cooperman's writing is bright, sharp, and perceptive.  Indeed, there is much to like about this novel. 

There is only one flaw, and unfortunately, it is a big one.  There is no discernible plot for at least  half of the book.  The reader can pick up a few crumbs, but with no assurance that it is part of the actual meal.  New characters,. albeit well-drawn and delightful, are introduced late in the story.  When the plot finally does gel, it is remarkably thin, and all of the loose ends are resolved so quickly that it undermines the depth of characterization so carefully established.  .  

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read an E-ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Loved the drama, the laughs.  I have spent my life raising children, then in education, the story line is very near and dear to me.  So funny and spot on with descriptions and situations.  Loved the time spent consuming this story.  Thanks to the publisher, the author, and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this advanced copy.
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Maggie Mayfield the very naive principle of a school in the suburbs, she so much wants the best for her students.
I found Maggie and all the characters in this book delightful and interesting.

 Diana, Maggie's assistant made me laugh with her weird and wonderful ways, especially her preppers blog. 

Danny is the entrepreneur that Maggie lusts over it's not love, just an infatuation. 

Lucy, Rachel, and Connor are just a few of her pupils that make up the story.

This book had me laughing out loud at times, and found some of it hard to understand.  I didn't like the end very much, but as a light read it was ok.
Thank you, NetGalley for the opportunity to review.
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I read for a honest review for Lake Union Publishing.Ms.Cooperman is a new author to me,one I will be reading more of in the near future.Loved the storyline and the quirky characters,Maggie really cared about her school and putting the needs of her students first is what a principal does.
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Such a fun and cute read! The perfect chick lit! I loved Maggie as a character as she was so passionate about her school and witty with her relationships. I think Cooperman did an excellent job of portraying what it's actually like in an elementary school. This was a solid read for me and I loved the relationship between our two main characters.
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Smart, funny & genuine - this book had me thoroughly engaged & ignoring the rest of the world. Very relatable characters, great storyline & just an overall “win”! Thanks to netgalley for the opportunity to read & review.
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Perfect chick lit!  I loved the premise and the characters were well developed!  I recommend this for anyone looking for a light and fun read!
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The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield by Kathy Cooperman
Source: NetGalley
My Rating: 4/5 stars

Maggie Mayfield has only ever wanted the very best for her kids.  Over the long years of her tenure as principal of an elementary school, Maggie has helped hundreds and hundreds of children, seen the school’s fortunes rise and fall (mostly fall), and worked herself to exhaustion in an effort to keep the ship afloat. With every new school year come the cuts, the lessening of her student’s opportunities, and more guilt over not being able to provide adequately for her kids. 

This year, however . . . . .

With a bit of luck and a great deal of campaigning, Maggie’s kids are going to have every opportunity, every beloved teacher, and all they must do in exchange is beta test a new Math program.  In exchange for just ten minutes a day, the school gets a huge influx of cash and enough stock to keep the school more than afloat for many, many years to come.  However, the payoff over the years is only going to come through if the Math program is a success and, from day one, Maggie has her doubts.

Maggie’s doubts only increase as she tests the program herself and begins to get some feedback from the kids.  The program is a huge bust, but Maggie is being pressured from above and below to make the program seem a success.  Her idiot boss is insistent on the use of the program and the program developer, the utterly irresistible Danny Z is willing to do anything to make the program a success.  While Maggie has her doubts, they are pushed aside as she and Danny Z become more than just colleagues. 

For much of the school year, Maggie shoves her Math program concerns to the back of her mind as she deals with the day to day issues found in every elementary school and her smoking hot personal life.  Her kids are amazing (seriously, the Wong and Klemper girls!) and Danny Z is the kindest, sweetest man Maggie has ever met and she is able to ignore her misgivings right up to the moment her conscious will no longer allow the ignorance.  

The Bottom Line:  I liked this book through the first two-thirds and then, in the last third, I REALLY liked it.  For the most part, there isn’t anything new or exciting in the first part of this book, but the resolution is all kinds of crazy fun.  Maggie and her BFF are bold, a little crazy, and hell bent on doing what is right even if it means a most uncertain future for the two of them.  With a scheme, one faked-voice phone call, and a ridiculous exit plan the two women follow their conscious through to the very end.  With more than a few tears shed, some outrageous laughs, and their ducks all lined up in a row Maggie and her BFF end up in a place neither ever thought possible.  I think most will find this book, as I did, to be a light, easy read.  It has some fun moments, some sad moments, some good and bad characters, and makes for a fine weekend read.
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I liked most of this book very much.  As a former teacher, I can honestly say that the author was spot on with a lot of descriptions, bringing back some fond (and not so fond) memories.  Maggie’s description of child’s mind being like a mansion is so accurate. The best moments were the teacher/student interactions. The scenes with Miss Pearl/Rachel and Mr. Baran/Connor perfectly encapsulated what teaching should be all about: reaching a child in a manner that they can relate to and grow with. On the flip side, in my experiences, district administration definitely looks a lot like Arlene; it’s all about climbing the educational ladder without paying dues, and then making decisions without any consideration for the classroom.  The struggle with having to develop engaging curriculum only to have it pushed aside for standardized testing also is real.  My only criticism was that the end seemed to veer off from reality a little bit too much.  While some of it certainly seemed plausible, there were a few details that were too over the top for me.  All in all, however, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good story, but especially to teachers.  Thank you to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and the author for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Maggie Mayfield is the school principal at a small elementary school outside of San Diego, unfortunately with a lack of funding, Maggie is forced into a piloting a MathPal tech company program to obtain money to keep her STEAM curriculum.  Throughout the novel you see Maggie both struggle and enjoy the perks of MathPal..  You also get a glimpse into her personal life and her best friend Diana, who also works at the school. I enjoyed this book and felt that the book was not too far fetched.  It shows the struggles our teachers have to face in order to provide our students the best education.
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