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An utterly charming Christmas read once I'd picked it up I couldn't put it down!
Unexpected surprises, there were moments I was crying with laughter and others where I was crying with sadness along with the characters. It all culminates into an uplifting read with true heart - I think this is my favourite Moorcroft book & it is one you certainly don't want to miss!

Thanks to Avon Books UK & Netgalley for sending me this in exchange for an open and honest review.

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This book was a pleasant easy read. Nice to read and fill a quiet afternoon with. I would happily read more by this author again.
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A wonderful festive treat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book fro start to finish. This is great fun to read and a book I could not put down. perfect Christmas reading.
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I read one of Sue Moorcroft's previous books and liked it, though it took me awhile to finish.  It just seemed to go on and on without too much excitement and this one was the same.  The story wasn't flowing well enough nor interesting enough for me to finish.  Sorry Sue....
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Adored this book. My first by Sue, but I have since read a few others. A gem of a book. Something very different in the amateur dramatic theme of the book and the historical relationship which became apparent was a treat to read. Didn't hurt that the male lead was devastatingly handsome but also very flawed. Loved the backstory. Will read more by this author
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I’m a big fan of festive rom coms and A Christmas Gift by Sue Moorcroft did not disappoint. It serves up everything you could hope for in a book with this title and is true to the genre. A lovely, easy read for those looking for a Christmas romance!
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This is my first time reading a Sue Moorcroft novel and I'm so happy that I've read this book! It was just such a joy to read full of warmth and Christmas vibes and second chances, new beginnings, old friendships, new love, family, ugh just everything I full on adored this! Such a satisfying Christmas story I'll definitely be picking up Sue Moorcroft a lot more in the future. 

I absolutely loved Georgina and Joe they both just warmed my heart. Joe was such a lovely character to get to know and my heart broke along with Georgina reading/hearing about how hard his past was, but seeing him trying to better the community for the kids was just amazing. And poor Georgina I was actually quite angry for her not at her father but at her sister and mother for the unfair blame they placed upon her. Also cannot not mention how much I loved Oggie he was such a fantastic lovely support for both Joe and Georgina at hard times.

For a my first Christmas read this year this was a cracker and will definitely be hard to top, a complete joyous heartwarming read that I urge anyone in the mood for a Christmas read to pick this up you will not be disappointed. 

Thank you so much to Sabah at Avon for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.
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Georgine is in a mess her boyfriend has left her..... and his debts....... so she is trying to avoid debt collectors after Aidan and sort things out,  so organising the Christmas musical is a blessing, and she had a new assistant, Joe, she is not too sure about him to start off with but he begins to grow on her.......... but what is it that is so familiar about him! 

Lovely to be back in Middledip and another lovely warm feelgood book from this author.   Georgine is a great character who certainly doesn't deserve the mess she has been left by her ex and you are really rooting for her to have her happy ending
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Completely charming and captivating. Perfect for the festive period.  Really fun to read and would recommend to others
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Georgine has a job at Acting Instrumental for pupils with acting, or instrumental talents, who would not prosper in a traditional school.The principal introduces her to a new member of staff, Joe Blackthorn, who is going to help her with the Christmas show this year. There is something familiar about him, but Georgine cannot work out what or where she knows him from.
Joe proves to be a great help, and support for both Gerorgine, and Norman Ogden the Principal. Eventually his identity is revelaled, not once but twice (no spoilers!) The story moves along apace and climaxes in the best show the pupils and staff can make it, despite heavy snow, misunderstandings, fights and make up sessions. The characters are well-rounded and the plot is just drawn out enough to keep the reader happy and reading on.
This book will appeal to those who like a mystery being solved, as well as loveable characters, and the ending is perfect.
Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for permission to read this.
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i just love sue moorcrfots books, the research and skill that goes into her books is just so real life but so an escapist to real life which can be totally awful at times.... 
I just loved her scenes and her style of writing, always pick up her book.s
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A really good story with strong characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this and it put me into the Christmas spirit. I love the style of writing that Sue Moorcroft has, and look forward to her next book.
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Lovely Chrismassy read, a great story, nothing to challenging.  It touched on all aspects of human life and had lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting.  As always with Sue Moorcroft books the characters are believable and easy to engage with.
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The perfect book to feel the festive Christmas mood. 

Georgine was the golden girl in the high school and Joe was the troubled boy who belonged to a family destroyed by alcohol. Although they belonged to different worlds, there was a special friendship between them. However, one day Joe disappears. Time goes by and their paths are crossed again, but the life has not treated them equally. Georgine, hardly comes to the end of the month, his father's business ended up bankrupt and his ex boyfriend has left her plunged into a sea of debt. On the other hand, Joe, was rescued from his truculent life thanks to his uncle, giving him new opportunities that Joe knew how to take advantage of, becoming the drummer and composer of a famous rock band. Today, Joe is Georgina's assistant to prepare the Christmas festival. She does not recognize him, but Joe knows who she is just seeing her ...

This is an easy reading totally recomendable for Christmas Time. When you finish of reading the last word of the last page, a good feeling spreads about your whole body and a warm smile settles down in your mouth that doesn’t hardly disappear during all day.
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A fantastic uplifting Christmas read. I would recommend to anyone looking for a festive read. I read it in one sitting.
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Lovely Christmas feel factor book. Sue Moorcroft never fails to make with her writing and I always my first choice when I need that injection of happiness into my reading.
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With thanks to Netgalley and Avon for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

Georgine was the Arts Director of a performing acts school called Acting Instrumental.  Her boyfriend Aidan had been made redundant and got himself into debt.  Aidan had ended the relationship leaving debt collectors knocking on her door.

At work she was looking forward to organising the christmas show A Very Kerry Christmas, Uncle Jones.  However she was pleased that she would be helped by a volunteer called Joe Blackthorne.

Joe was an ex roadie for bands and instantly fitted into college life.  Georgine and Joe quickly formed a rapport and She felt like she had known him for ever.   A week later she was surprised when she realised Joe had been a friend of hers at school.

Joe had previously been known as Rich Duggan (because he was not rich). Joe had been brought up by her alcoholic mother and stepfather.   Joe/Rich was found by his dead father's brother and taken to live with them.  Joe had thrived under their care and went to college to study music.  Georgine meanwhile had come from a prosperous family until her father's company went bankrupt. 

Georgine explained hoe she was struggling to repay Aiden`s debts.  Joe was surprised in the change of Georgine`s life and tried to help her.

As romance blossomed between Joe and Georgine she discovered another side to his personality she was not aware of.  Hurt and humiliated that Joe did not trust her, Georgine decided not to carry on the relationship.  Joe left Acting Instrumental to return to his old life, leaving Georgine heartbroken and a show to direct.

A Christmas Gift was perfect  book to end my 2018 challenge.  Although this was a Christmas romance it also dealt with issues such as debt, poverty and alcoholism. 

I liked the two main characters Joe and Georgine and their background stories were interesting. I especially liked Georgine who felt guilty for indirectly causing her families bankruptcy.   I enjoy going to the theatre so I enjoyed reading about the hard work in setting up a production.

I recommend this book and will read more from Sue Moorcroft in the future.
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Georgine France, a young woman who appears to have it all together. She loves her role at Acting Instrumental, relishes bringing the Christmas Show together with her student but is battling behind it all. She's trying to dodge her ex-boyfriends debt collectors who are hammering on her door; take care of her father who has had strokes and deal with guilt from when she was a teenager.
When her boss Oggie asks her to have a new employee Joe, shadow her she's not too keen. Joe doesn't say much, seems a little uptight. Then his story unfolds.
A Christmas Gift touched on so many social issues; financial worries, anti-social behavior, deception, the divide between rich & poor, falling on hard times, ill health. The list goes on, however, there are many feel-good moments in this book too. I really enjoyed this book.
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I kindly received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
If I'm completely honest, this wasn't really the cosy light Christmas read I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, it's not Crime and Punishment, but neither is it just a bit of fluff to wrap yourself up in whilst eating too much chocolate. There are themes of poverty explored and it's essentially a second chance romance with a rags to riches sub plot. It's the first Sue Moorcroft that I have read, although I know she has a huge backlist, and I would be interested in picking up another one of hers. I think that I'm now more prepared, I won't be surprised by the swearing in a Christmas romance. I wasn't offended by it, I just wasn't expecting it from my pre conceived expectations based on the Christmas romances I have previously read (which admittedly is limited). If you enjoy a lot of musical references and stories set around musicians I would recommend you give this one a try.
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This was a charming and fun Christmas story, with some action, angst, romance, twists and more. Georgine France is publishing the Christmas show at Acting Instruments, a performing arts school in Middledip. She is dealing with debt collectors knocking on her door (her ex is in financial trouble), trying to get caught up on bills he was supposed to pay, assisting her father who is disabled due to a series of strokes and now her sister (also in financial trouble) has moved in after being kicked out by her boyfriend. With all this going on, a new assistant is assigned to her and she is physically attracted to Joe Blackthorne. 

As she and Joe begin to become comfortable with one another, Georgine realizes that they knew each other in the past, but he was using a different name. What happened to them both in the past and how their lives have changed is such a contrast. There is so much going on in the story as they discover more and more about one another that I couldn't stop listening to this one. I felt invested in the characters and events and really wanted to know what happened. This is the first book I have read by this author, but I will look for more. This book had well developed characters, enough intrigue and secrets to keep me on the edge of my seat and family drama that showed how important it is to be there for one another. With the play coming together as her social life comes apart, her family and friends help her to realize that everyone has a reason for their secrets. A happy ever after story that I really enjoyed. The publisher, Avon, generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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