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I know a few people who will really enjoy this book. The character of Folly takes getting used to, but the concepts are good. Especially, for the overcrowded real estate market.
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I was eager to dive into this book and learn strategies for people-oriented sales. However, the book was burdened by a coy, gimmicky concept. While the subject calls for clear analysis and case studies, or perhaps relevant examples from the author's own life in sales, the book instead relies on a silly fictive story that seems geared toward a juvenile audience rather than to adults.
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The content resonated deeply. Building authentic, caring relationships is a value that resonates and I can testify first-hand results in a rewarding business/ sales experience. The principles and actions outlined make complete sense and can only enable success. This narrative will not speak to the transactional, money chasing individual. The money is not seen as the goal but rather an outcome. The book focuses on identifying and meeting the needs of people. Powerful stuff indeed.

However, I didn’t readily with the main character in the parable. The ‘guide’ is a parrot! The other characters are people! He talks, has a wife, carries a cell phone and networks the struggling realtor to a number of individuals, who then add to the dialogue and help her work through all the letters of SMILE.

It’s a very easy read - a little syrupy in style for me - but I ’m sure will make what can be a difficult subject easier for many to digest. A great summary at the end is a great reference tool.

With many thanks to the author, the publishers Greenleaf Book Group, and NetGalley for my free copy to review.
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