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A great blend of wit, humor, charm and steamy interludes! Such a quick and engaging read! Oh, and there is mystery, heartbreak and passion! I forgot to add, street wise lady who knows what she is doing and the old sense of a soul in the gentleman!
 Great characters, plot and writing! Add this to your TBR list!
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This was a did not finish for me. I’m not sure where this book went wrong, but I couldn’t get past the errors, and unbelievably scripted characters.
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This is the 3rd book from the Unbreakable series and so far I'm loving every bit of it! Kat and Stone Bastion, you are both stunning geniuses. . It had passion, suspense, heartbreak, mystery and love. The story flowed perfectly.
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I hate to say this and I'm probably one of the only people to think so, but damn, this was boring.

I liked the way this started but I felt like the main characters were running in circles the entire time and things felt sooo long-winded, while I felt that the ending was super rushed and I'd have preferred that the author spent more time on that instead of the rest. The middle part took me so long to get through!

I liked Ben and Shay enough though.
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Kat and Stone are freaking power couple who writes equally powerful couples in the stories they create. And speaking of the couples they create, they know how to heat up the pages with their bedroom fun. I enjoyed the complex plot and character development between Shay and Ben.
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Shay’s greatest wish was to have a family that loved her. Growing up on the streets she had a family of sorts that she took care of with her tender heart. Trying to make her way she meets the elusive owner of the nightclub she worked at. Just one moment changed everything.
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Lawbreaker is the third book in Kat and Stone Bastion’s Unbreakable series.  It follows a pair of, if not perfect, then certainly interesting books.  I enjoyed the second far more than the first and I had pretty high hopes for this one as a result.  Sadly, I was disappointed.  

First, this book definitely challenges you.  That’s a good thing.  In discussing the underbelly of cities and the plight of the homeless, they did a great service to the invisible members of our communities.  Kudos to them for it.  

Where I felt they missed the mark was in trying to persuade the reader that choosing to willfully disregard the laws because you don’t like the outcomes of them is not just acceptable but good and noble.  Shay is a runaway, and for good reason.  I applaud her courage and fortitude and her strength in living on the streets so long from such a young age.  She did so with help and now she repays that help through choosing to disregard the law and by deliberately choosing to break it.  While I am 100% for breaking it when necessary to survive, with a minimum of damage where possible, I am not for celebrating willfully breaking it where it is not actually necessary.  Nor am I interested in being told, as Shay tells Ben, that I must applaud it.  

That is, after all, the crux of this story.  Ben is the ultimate in keeping to the rules after seeing the devastation his lawbreaker father has wrought.  Shay is the ultimate rule breaker because she doesn’t like the rules and they haven’t served her the way she wants them to.  Ben is willing to see how sometimes bending the rules is beneficial.  She is never willing to bend and must have Ben’s complete acceptance before she is willing to entertain thoughts of them as a couple.  He does all the giving.

For the most part, I didn’t really feel them, but I think a lot of that was because, until the very end, I saw Shay as more of a petulant child stamping her feet that she wasn’t getting her way in all things.  When she finally is willing to make a sacrifice, I am glad for Ben but still not ultimately sold that she is willing to now attempt to live by the laws.  

Not every book or every storyline can truly hook you, and so it was for me with Lawbreaker.  Every time I felt like I was starting to get Shay, she did something that set it all back again.  Ah well, on to the next Bastion book!
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Another sexy, romantic romp from Kat and Stone Bastion.  They always know how to bring the steam and passion.
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OMG! This book was a riot! I have been waiting for this since I read the other books in the series. As always, Kat Bastian doesn't disappoint. 

It's a great combination of fun, excitement, hot scenes and drama. It's also an in-depth and emotionally satisfying read and leaves you feeling good! Shay & Ben were an absolute delight to read. 

Intense, Loyal & Daring Ben with Sassy and Giving Shay, this slow-burn is a breath of fresh air and just what you need to unwind during the weekend ;)
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It’s taken me a while to review this but I’m SO happy I finally have. New Adult romances are my favorite genre and this one did not disappoint. It had the perfect blend the excitement and romance that kept me turning the page.
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**I received this as an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

I didn't know that this novel was the 3rd in a series when I first picked it up. But since it is also a standalone, that didn't affect my enjoyment of it. This is a fun, flirt, sexy ride and I really loved how fast-paced and exciting it was. 

I really loved that there was real meat to the characters. This wasn't just a steamy novel with no substance, and there are real stakes for our protagonists. I loved how banter-y it was, that is one of my favorite things in a romance novel. How quick witted and sexy a sparring match can be between to people. That really gets me into a story. I also adore an inevitability to a relationship, that chemistry that keeps you turning the page. Its addicting.

I don't want to give too much away, but you'll be flipping through this one non-stop. You are in for a lawbreaking time.  I give it 4.5/5.

Yes, yes I did make that joke. I had a great time.
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This one was not for me. I didn't love the steamy scenes. I thought the plot was super basic and boring.
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Phenomenal, exciting and fun! Lawbreaker is far from your typical romance. This is my first read from Kat and Stone. After reading this book by these two I will definitely look into more of their work.
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3.5 <b> Steal my heart</b> Stars 
Oh Kat and Stone another successful series written by you.. I would love to live in your house and listen to your brains! We get another showing of the crew from No weddings!!  This is also what I believe is the longest book I have read by these two authors. This book will make you actually fall in love with a thief.  This book like the others is a standalone and is also written differently than the other 2 books in this series.  This book touches on deep issues within poverty, children having to grow up fast and lawbreakers… that do it to survive.  For me the book was unnecessarily long but don’t ding the authors for that ( I have literally read EVERYTHING they have written) I am just in an anti-long book mood lately. I think I would not have dragged this book on for a year of reading if the plot was delivered differently. You get through most of the book thinking that Shay is just a bad seek a thief who gives to the poor and what not but you don’t feel her character till the book is almost over and I really feel that why her character didn’t resonate as strong with me.
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As someone who is used to reading books where the lawbreaker is always a bad guy, not a girl, this was quite the refreshing read.

When Shay's and Ben's lives collide, they're changed forever.

Shay lives on the streets and is a masterful thief and Ben is her polar opposite. Neither is ready or willing to give up their world, so they make a pact of experiencing each other's lives. During their journey they fall in love and heal, but will they end up together? I guess you'll have to read it to find out!

Even though it's a beast of a book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It fills you with hope and shows you how the people who have the least sometimes give the most, care the most.
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Lawbreaker is the 3rd book in the Unbreakable series.  While characters from the first two books are present, Lawbreaker can be read as a standalone. I don't felt like I missed anything picking up the series from her.

Shay and Ben both come from differing types of dysfunctional families.  Ben wants the structure and comfort of following the rules.  Shay lives her life outside the strict confines of the law embracing the "means justify the ends" philosophy.  Shay has cobbled together a family of her own repaying those who looked after her by looking after others.

Shay attempts to "go straight" and takes a job at Ben's bar, Loading Zone.  Ben challenges Shay on her legality to tend bar and ends up firing her.  Shay interpets it as another example of why being legit isn't for her.  Ben realizes he was overly harsh and sets out to make things right with Shay.

Both characters struggle with the other's concept of how to live their life.  Shay has serieous trust issues and Ben is self-aware enough to recognize what she needs.  (Less chest-thumping alpha male, though still seriously hot).  

"I'd also become acutely aware of the physical distance she maintained between us. No hug hello. A good few inches of buffer space at all time. Maybe you remember our kiss as vividly as I do. Her sweet fiery taste still lingered on my lips. The heat from her lithe body had branded my skin. From one kiss. My breath caught at the powerful memroy. Then I sucked in a deep lungful and understood and fully appreciated her imposed distance. And I vowed to respect that unspoken agreement. For now."  

Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I received a copy of this book voluntarily for an h9nest review! 

I loved this book. Such a strong character in Shay. She’s such a dream to read. She’s endured so much and has no let it affect the way she treats others. The middle slowed down a little and the end was a great surprise. The only thing that could of been better was if there had been a surprise due to “no protection”. I actually was dreaming they would have that happen. 

I’ ve never read anything by this author before, but now I can’t wait to check out other titles.  This should go on your TBR pile if it’s not already.
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Really enjoyed the plot and the characters of this. Waiting on edge for something to happen, because you just knew it would. And hoping like hell when it did, that Ben and Shay would be able to fix it.  The beginning took a little getting used to, because the sentences are so descriptive that it was sometimes confusing, and written in a way you speak not write. So that part was a little hard at first. But once I was invested, I just couldn’t put it down.
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Wanna start by saying that I love a book that puts your through the damn ringer and then gives your the ending that just melts your heart and leaves you feeling all floaty long after you've put the book down. This is at kind of book, it will tear your heart out but give it back with roses and chocolate. It's got strong messages of family and love and the writing is perfectly easy to understand and flows like a dream. All that being said, it's the characters that really kept me going, I loved watching them grow together and just grow on their own. It's simply magical. 

+I was given this book in exchange for an honest review+

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LAWBREAKER is the third book in the Unbreakable series.  They are each meant to stand on their own and they do.

With a Robin Hood theme and a solid look at the plight of the modern working man – one paycheck from the streets – and those already on the streets, LAWBREAKER is more than a romance.  It is the perfect book to have been my first read of the New Year.  It is a reminder to count my blessings and to always lend a helping hand where I can.

On the surface, most would think that Ben, born of privilege, and Shay, living on the streets, couldn’t be more different.  As their story is told, we find that may be their only difference.  Ben may follow every rule placed in front of him and Shay knows how to twist them to meet needs, but in the end they’re each following their hearts.  Thankfully, those hearts find each other.

I loved the banter, the sense of family being in those you can depend upon not necessarily blood, and societal compassion that fills the pages of this story.  There were some very tough subjects addressed with grace and a strong sense of justice that needs to be met.

I loved getting to know Shay and Ben.  I loved that even when I thought I had them figured out, there was always another twist to be added.  And, of course, I loved that Kiki, Cade, Mason, and the rest of my favorite past characters were able to smooth their path to happiness.  (I’m still imagining Kiki with fairy godmother wings!).

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted copy via NetGalley, my opinions are my own and are given freely.
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