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The story is told from the perspective of two girls, Anna and Rosie. Fifteen years ago Emily, a young British girl on holiday in Florida with her family was abducted, and she was never found. Rosie is her younger sister, and has grown up with the abduction of her sister hanging over the family. Emily has never been forgotten, every anniversary her parents have been on the television reminding the world of their daughter, wanting and willing her to return home. 

For Rosie,, life hasn’t been easy, everyone knows who she is when one day she decides she has to do something new as the campaign to find her sister begins to fade out. Rosie looks into online research to see if there are clues that have been missed, when she does find clues, she also finds out that her sister might just be alive.

Anna is living in Florida with her very religious mother. She has one real friend is William, the pastor's son.  But for Anna, there is something that keeps coming back to her and she doesn’t m ow why. She knows the story of the child abducted from the nearby theme park, and her mother never takes her there. One day she and William take a secret trip there, and it is here that she realises she has been there before, she has flashbacks of another lady, and of being led away from the park by her mother, but why and who was the woman? Determined to find out what really happened, both girls end up finding out the truth at the same time... what happens from there is a journey I was not expecting!
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I was surprised by how quickly I managed to read this. Only took me an afternoon. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Wanting to know the truth.

Going into this I didn’t know it involved a cult. That “twist” came as a surprise. I didn’t think of a cult when trying to come up with theories.

The second half of the book was darker and more intense. As you are learning what happened. Which made it even harder to put down.

We obviously knew who took Anna. The question was why. The reveal of this was a little underwhelming for me. I just expected something more since we are talking about a cult being involved. I understand the character reason but I wanted something more.

I don’t think we really needed Rosie POV. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed her chapters. I liked how much she wanted to find her sister. But I feel like the book would have worked just as well being just Anna POV.
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This was a good and solid read that entertains the reader throughout the book, just keeping you guessing enough to be entertained! Recommended.
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Anna Lives with her staunchly religious mother in Florida, living a very sheltered and strict life. Anna does have a boyfriend and on her 18th Birthday he takes to her a theme park without her mother knowing. While she is there Anna has a feeling that she has been here before and she gets small flashbacks of another life.
In London Rosie lives with her parents and brother whose lives were all turned upside down when Rosie's sister Emily went missing 15 years previous at a Florida theme park. Rosie decides to try her best to find out what happened to her little sister. Anna cannot escape the feelings and flashbacks and is convinced she has had another life with another family. 
The story is told from the perspective of each of the sisters. 
The story in general was very good but i was left feeling that I wanted to know more at the end of the book.
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This was one of those pleasant books that you expect very little from, but enjoy a great deal. I love it when that happens. I was expecting an exciting thriller going in, but that's not this book at all. To be honest, I wouldn't really know how to define it if someone asked me, it's more like a dark contemporary than anything else. 

The two girls felt genuine, and the story they find themselves in always felt like it was a very real possibility. I enjoyed both their perspective equally, both at times heartbreaking. The way the story slowly uncoiled was very cleverly done, it was super readable, in fact I read it all in pretty much two sittings. 

Really solid book, four stars.
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Some books just make you think 'Wow' - this was one of them! How on earth did the author plot this? It's just incredible!
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Couldn’t put this down, I loved both of the main characters and thought they were well developed. An emotional and compelling read.
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Is it my imagination or have there been an awful lot of books like this one lately? 

Anna lives with her mamma in Florida.  On her 18th birthday, Anna sneaks off with her boyfriend to Astroland, a theme park that Mamma has always forbidden Anna to visit.    But how can so many things in this theme park be so familiar? 

Meanwhile, in London, Rosie is doing her best to be a normal teenager.  Except she's not normal.  Her sister, Emily went missing from an American theme park almost 15 years ago and Rosie has had to grow up with people pointing and whispering about her and her family. 

This time though, Rosie has had enough and decides that once and for all - she and her family need to find out what happened to Emily. 

I enjoyed probably the first 65% of the book.  Even though it was massively predictable, it was well written with characters who were interesting enough to keep me reading.
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Not my kind of book. I found it very predictable and too religious. It was an okay read and I liked the premise, but I couldn't always believe what I was reading and found me getting distracted by other books.
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This is an easy and enjoyable read that will draw you in from page 1. I found the ending slightly disappointing but overall, it’s a good book with an intriguing plot.
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My Name is Anna Is a story that had me hooked from the start. It’s every parents worst nightmare to be honest! It’s about two girls hundreds of thousands of miles apart but share a huge bond; they are sisters!

Anna lives at home with her mum and she has a very religious unbringing, she is forbidden from doing many things including going to the theme park, she disobeys her mother and goes on her 18th birthday and somehow the place feels familiar for some reason.

Rosie's sister Emily vanished when she was 3 years old in Florida whilst on holiday and now 15 years later Rosie wants to find her. 

This is a great story, an emotional one but also gripping in parts. Makes you really think and I adored it, well done to the author it’s a fab read.
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I wouldn’t call this an amazing book but I don’t think I was the right audience for it. It will definitely appeal to a younger audience. But still a nice read with a good plot.
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Its not often you find a book that can get you from the first page but this one did. Well written. great characters. Not read anything from this author before but I will certainly be looking for more.
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Highly readable, though the twist was somewhat predictable. Nevertheless, the writing and plot is strong and really engaging.
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I was lucky enough to receive this book from netgalley wow and what a fantastic explosive read it kept me hooked from the first page this is a must read
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I read this book very quickly but was disappointed in the ending as it seemed to me that there were a lot of unanswered questions. Having said that it was an easy and enjoyable read.
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I believe My Name is Anna to be Lizzy Barber’s debut novel which blows my mind as it is so brilliantly written and such a powerful story.

Anna lives with her mother who is deeply religious and incredibly strict. This discipline is heavily focussed on cleanliness – being pure and therefore closer to God. Anna loves her mum but cannot help but wonder as to how it would be to have a parent who might show her affection and love in a more direct and warm way. She finds herself often looking at the one portrait in the house of her parents when her father was alive and questioning her lack of resemblance to them both. She and her mother live in Florida near Astroland, a famous theme park, but she has been firmly forbidden from ever going there. So when she rebels against her mother for the first time and attends the park with William, her boyfriend, she is taken aback at sudden and vivid flashes of memories that tell her she has most definitely been there before.

Rosie lives with her parents and brother in London and also with the shadow of her sister who went missing many years previously. As the fifteenth anniversary of Emily’s disappearance approaches can her family finally recover from the heartbreak and deeply entrenched sorrow at her loss? Rosie is desperate to find out what happened to her older sister so that she can prevent her family from fracturing beyond repair. But as she ventures into dark areas of the internet in order to do so, is she putting herself in the line of danger?

This is a great read that shows how vastly different lives can be and how the damage caused by one person’s actions can echo across the years and create so much harm to so many and change the course of their lives. It is beautifully written and contains deeply complex and damaged characters whilst taking on the ever asked question of Nature Vs Nurture. It is at times deeply heart wrenching and yet full of drama to keep you on the edge of your seat as the story develops. A book I certainly recommend and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

My thanks to #Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of #MyNameisAnna in return for an honest review.
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I really quite enjoyed this book. I’m sure that others have already made the comment that the storyline has a Madeline McCann feel to it and that they recognised the premise of certain parts of the book which I also felt within the storyline. 

It’s difficukt to describe without starting a spoiler alert. I enjoyed the book but didngiesss the ending abiut half way through . This doesn’t destruct from the interest in the story and the complexity of the characters. Focus on those and the you won’t be disappointed they you also guessed the ending. 

Thank you to NetGakket and the author for allowing me to review this book.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book and it flowed really nicely. I like to read my books 1 chapter at a time before I have to go adult in between, but Barber cleverly puts her cliffhangers at the end of each chapter so I had to keep on reading even when I should've been doing something else!
It's really hard to actually review this without giving away the spoilers, but although it's quite obvious from the beginning that Emily is going to be found, the circumstances in which she was taken were unexpected.
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This book had me on the edge of my seat and I barely put it down to sleep. The many twists and turns, details and country cross overs meant that I was constantly guessing and wondering how the story would be resolved. I can totally see this as a short TV series because it was so visual throughout!
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