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Not as thrilling as I wished it would be. Especially it being a book about a cult. It was somewhat predictable and not very suspenseful. But it wasn't a terrible read.
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Being a thriller about a cult, I expected great things from "The Sisterhood." Instead, it was only ok. It wasn't bad, just predictable and not all that thrilling.
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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. This book gives off creepy vibes but I guess that has to do with the cult themes that are in the book. It is about a girl named Lil who is trying to find out what happened to her sister. Then she is on her bike and comes across a girl and takes her home with her even though she has this feeling something is not right. We get glimpses of what is going on with the cult and that is just eerie.
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This book is the story of a girl whose sister, Mella, goes missing. She's surprised one day when she thinks she's found her missing sister, but the girl is a little too mysterious. 
Overall, I thought this book was too slow and predictable for my liking. I love stories about cults, but this unfortunately wasn't one of my favorites. I wish the story had focused more on the aspect of the cult, and that there had been more action. 
I do think some teens in my library will enjoy this story though, so I will be keeping it in mind for reader's advisory.
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This book had expired in my adobe reader before I was able to get too far in, but the description and beginning had me intrigued. Hope to pick this one up soon to get further into the story. Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity to read.
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The Sisterhood by A.J. Grainger is a young adult mystery/thriller that takes a reader into the world of a cult. With a dark and stormy night starting this one off it certainly set the chilling atmosphere right away.

Sixteen year old Lil hasn’t given up on finding her sister, Mella, who disappeared four months ago. Every day she makes new posts hoping that Mella will somehow see and know she is loved and missed but it seems everyone else has given up hope of her return.

When Lil goes out with her bike she never expects to end up crashing when she comes across a young girl lying in the road. After her own fall her phone is broken so when Lil finds the girl is alive and awake she takes her back to her own home where she finds that the young girl seems to know of Mella.

The story in this one follows Lil in the present during the chapters but between each gives a brief glimpse into the cult and their world. As I mentioned this had a great dark and creepy vibe to it to get the reader into the mood for the mystery. I did find however that things did seem to move at a really slow pace without much action. I’m not sure if maybe the author should have gone for more of the cult point of view or simply having more happen with Lil though, it just seemed to need a little something more. Overall though I’d give this one 3 1/2 stars and didn’t find it a bad read in the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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This wasn't bad, just kind of predictable.  I am going to keep this short, because it's a mystery book and you don't want me to give away too much, of course! So I suppose a likes versus dislikes is the way to go, yet again!

The Things I Liked: 

•Atmosphere on point! It was rainy and creepy and dismal, and that is what I want to happen in a mystery. The author did a good job at setting the scene for all sorts of roadblocks (some literally!) in terms of being able to easily solve the problem, and did it in a realistic way. 

•The cult was definitely a mess. This is the kind of stuff I want from a cult- sketchy leadership, dire situations, and general awfulness. And it was definitely present in this book!

The Things I Didn't:  

•Like I said, it was so predictable for me. (view spoiler) I really can't think of any major plot points that I didn't know pretty early on, actually. 

•While I was hoping to feel more emotion from the story, especially since we're talking a cult and missing sisters and such, I felt very little. I just wasn't that invested emotionally, which was unfortunate. 

Bottom Line: While it was entertaining and atmospheric, the predictability and lack of emotional connection left me wanting a bit more.
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I was beyond excited when I saw I was approved for The Sisterhood on NetGalley, my first advanced copy since I have returned to blogging. The cover on the book immediately captured my interest as it looked both mysterious and ominous. The summary of the book only intrigued me even more as I love a good thriller and mystery, and after reading the description knew this would be a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I was not wrong with that judgment.

Lil is 17 when her older sister Mella goes missing. It’s only been a few months since Mella left but Lil is always hopeful of her return or being found. The love Lil has for her sister Mella is shown time and time again throughout the book. She refuses to believe the worst even when everyone else around her seems to have given up hope and partially blames herself for Mella’s disappearance. The reader gets to see the two of them together through flashbacks of Lil’s leading up to the disappearance and Lil’s conversations she has with “missing Mella” in her head. It shows you how much Lil appreciated her sister and the regrets she has now that Mella is gone and not with her daily.

When Lil first found Alice/Seven, I had no idea what to expect. In the beginning when she talked about where she came from and the Sisterhood, she was very short and it left me wanting to know more. When she began to open up about the Sisterhood, I got really excited. I loved the mystery that surrounded the Sisterhood and the Light throughout the book and how you didn’t find out the full horror of the cult until towards the end. The last few chapters had my heart racing and I had to slow myself down several times to take my time reading instead of rushing through to find out what happens.

I have to admit in the beginning, it took me a bit to really get into the storyline with how slow it took to get an idea of what  the Sisterhood was, but by the end of the book it had definitely all paid off. The storyline was something fresh, unique and I hadn’t read anything with a similar plot before. A majority characters were honestly all enjoyable, relatable and they all had a specific part to play in the story coming together. Of course the ones you were supposed to not like were easily dislikable and fueled you up. There are cute romances, friendships and family relationships side stories throughout the book as well. I would recommend The Sisterhood to anyone who is looking for something different, especially if you are into a good page turner.
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A.J. Grainger’s The Sisterhood is a dark and twisty tale that centers around two sisters, Lil and Mella, and the fallout that takes place when Mella runs away from home after a fight with Lil.  Lil feels responsible and is heartsick about it, especially after months and months go by without a single sighting of Mella anywhere.  When Lil stumbles across a girl lying unconscious and injured in the road not far from her house, she decides that she needs to do everything she can to help the girl.  When the girl, whose name is Alice, regains consciousness, she confides in Lil that she is from The Sisterhood of the Light, which she claims is a peaceful and nurturing community.  Lil is suspicious, especially considering Alice was clearly running away from this group when she was injured and because she has what appear to be burn marks all over her arm. Lil decides to dig deeper – who is this Sisterhood, where are they located considering she’s never heard of them until finding Alice, could any of this tie in to what happened to Mella?

I found this story to be absolutely riveting.  The mystery of where Mella was had already grabbed my attention, but then from the moment Lil stumbled across Alice unconscious and bleeding in the road, I couldn’t put the book down because I just had to know what happened to her.  Then when Alice wakes up and starts going on and on about what sounded like a cult, I was totally hooked and ended up devouring the book in a single afternoon.

The story is told primarily from Lil’s perspective, alternating occasionally with some wild and sometimes creepy chapters from inside The Sisterhood, which I thought was a very effective way to have the story unfold.  Lil is a very likeable and complex character and the author does a wonderful job of showing all the conflicting emotions going through her head as she is desperately missing her sister, while also trying to put on a brave face for her mom, who is also just falling apart because of Mella’s disappearance.  Lil feels like she failed Mella, and now she’s determined to help Alice as a way to do what she didn’t do for her own sister.  Some of Lil’s choices end up being a little questionable and not well thought out, but those flawed choices made her feel all the more real and relatable.

With its mysteries of what has happened to Mella and Alice, its creepy cult-like group, and its emotional impact as poor Lil puts herself through the wringer worrying about her sister, The Sisterhood is a captivating read from start to finish.  I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.
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This book was ok, however, I didn't love it. This book followed Lil whose sister has gone missing. She helps Alice who has come from the Sisterhood of the Light which is a cult which Lil's sister has become involved with. 

I found the story moved quite slowly and very little happened. I think I may have found the plot more interesting if it focused more on Mella rather than Lil. The story didn't hook me in the way that I was expecting it to. The majority of the action happened within the last 20% of the book. 

Overall this was an ok read for me. I didn't love it and I don't think it is going to be a story that I remember or reread.
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I was recently given the ARC ebook copy of The Sisterhood by A.J. Grainger to read and I finally got the chance to check it out not that long ago so I wanted to go ahead and share some thoughts.


Our main character Lil is 17 and her sister is missing (which is the perfect book for me because I love stories with a good mystery). Lil is heartbroken over her missing sister and wants nothing more in the world than for her sister Mella to return home. However, there are no new leads and no one has seen or heard anything since she has disappeared. Then one day there Lil sees a girl lying in the road. When Lil gets closer to her she realizes it’s not Mella but it is a girl who is super disoriented and confused about where she is and what is going on. Lil takes her home with her and learns a little more about this mysterious girl. She learns the girl is part of this community called the Sisterhood of Light and she has these marks all over her arms. However, this does not tell her much about the girl and only leaves her more questions. It also leaves her wondering more about Mella.

I really enjoyed this tale of heartbreak and mystery. The Sisterhood of Light aspect was unique and interesting and unlike the books, I have read recently.  When I was first reading this through I honestly thought the girl in the road was going to be Mella and she was not going to remember anything that happened to her, so the curveball of it being someone else and the Sisterhood of Light was a page turner for me and only added to the mystery. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads! It comes out February 12th, go check it out!
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Title: The Sisterhood
Author: A.J. Grainger
Publication Date: February 12th, 2019
Rating: 3.5 stars
eARC provided by publisher through NetGalley

The Sisterhood follows a young seventeen-year-old named Lil who is desperately holding on to the hope that her sister, Mella, will come back after she disappeared. One night, Lil almost hits a young girl in the road who is running from something or someone. Could she be the key to finding her sister?

This book took me for a ride! The plot is nothing short of intriguing as we learn about a cult and the secrets of those that belong to it. Cults always add a spooky factor to any book and her writing of this cult did not disappoint. I enjoyed the chapters being broken up by point of views, where one is the perspective of Lil and the other as someone in the cult. It adds to the intensity and had me finishing this book in one sitting.

Even though I liked the characters, I didn't feel connected to them. They didn't have any unique qualities about them. I was more drawn to the ones in the cult than Lil. With that said, I think the book could have also used more context on why this cult existed.

Overall, I wasn't too unhappy with the book as it did keep me engaged. Her writing is wonderful and combined with the plot it has a way of drawing you in. If you like contemporary thrillers or just a fan of cults, give this book a try!
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A good, twisty mystery with a bit of supernatural thrown in for good measure. My students who love Nova Ren Suma’s work will eat this up.
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The Sisterhood is an incredible take on cult activity, brain washing and how the world will take you when your at the lowest point. We follow Leila on her path after her sister has gone missing four long months now. Eventually we learn that Mella is at the sisterhood and is there willing. You quickly realize that this sisterhood is a cult with brain washing leader called Moon. I loved how it was portrayed because it makes you understand how this can happen, and how we all need something to believe in. I loved every second of this book and the ending was just perfect! I do hope you here is a continuation to find out more about the sisterhood !
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Was not able to open this book. Wasn’t compatible to my kindle. I was really hoping to read the novel.
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