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What a crazy wild, and sweet emotional love story. I love the Cold Fury series. and the Arizona Vengeance spin off is just as fun and sexy. Erik has always been a player both on and off the ice, but there is just something about the team’s flight attendants, Blue Gardner. Blue doesn't have time for Erik and his parting ways, she has responsibilities that include taking care of her disabled bother. When Erik finally breaks through and discover that they have met before and it was not his best moment, he is more determine than ever to get to know her, and what he discovers is he wants more than a casual affair. Of course nothing goes as plan, and they have to fight to make it work. I though this was wonderful story, beautifully written, full of love, life and passion. I was hooked from the get-go. Next up is Legend, and I can't wait.
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Erik is loving his new life in Phoenix and is finding his fit with the Arizona Vengeance hockey team.  There's nothing else in this world he could want, that is until he sees one hot flight attendant, then he can't get blue from his mind.  Blue wants nothing to do with Erik.  He may not remember, but they've been there, done that and she's not going to be disappointed again.  Besides she has once neglected responsibilities that she has to focus on, her brother Billy.  Can they work through their past and maybe have a future?

Just like all of Sawyer's hunks, Erik doesn't disappoint.  This is a wonderful story about forgiveness of others and of oneself and second chances.  I cannot wait till the next Arizona Vengeance hunk's story!
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*5 Stars* 

ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. 

Hot damn this series is very quickly becoming one of my faves. Of course, we had a brief glimpse of Erik and Blue in the first book, Bishop, so like me, most of you were probably already intrigued about how things between them would play out, and what the story was with Blue's attitude towards Erik.

And boy oh boy, did things play out. I LOVE these two. Blue has her reasons for why she acts the way she does with Erik, and I wasn't really expecting them to be what they were. Other might pick up on it, but I didn't. She also has one very important person in her life - her brother Billy.

Erik is determined to find out why he's getting the cold should from Blue, and when they finally talk about it, and start getting to know each other - cue the swoon! Dead set, Erik is amazing. The way he treats Blue, the maturity he shows, and most importantly, the way he is with Billy. Good lord almighty, that man!

I truly truly loved following these two and their relationship, and whilst Sawyer writes in the inevitable issue towards the 80% mark that we all know to expect within a romance novel, there is no prolonged or unneeded angst here, and as a whole, this book is a very easy and fun read.

Our fave secondary characters are back, and let me tell you, I sure as shit am intrigued and cannot wait for Legends book. And I would really really love for Tacker to get a book. We see a bit more of his personality in this book (which says a lot for Tacker, for those who remember him from Bishop), and I really want to delve into his character more, and would love to see him get his happily ever after. Pretty please Sawyer?

I'd also like to see Dax get a book, because as with the other main guys like Bishop, Erik and Legend, he seems like a good guy and lots of fun, so I'd really like to see this series continue in such a way.

I think I enjoyed Erik and Blue as much, or maybe a little more than Brooke and Bishop, and I definitely cannot wait for the next book in this series. Love, love, loving these!
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What happens when one of hockey’s biggest “players” grows up? Sawyer Bennett let’s us find out in ERIK, the second of the Vengeance Hockey series.
After meeting Erik in the first book, it was interesting to see his more mature persona in this installment. I loved the twist of his past encounter with Blue and how they both responded once that little tid bit was out in the open. 
One of my favorite parts of this story was Erik’s ability to listen. When Blue laid out her issues, he reacted in a way that let her feel safe and let his true personality sign through for her to see. I also liked Blue as a counterpoint for Erik. She is a strong female character, but she doesn’t present herself as so prideful that she refuses help when it’s offered. I liked her honesty about both her past and her current priorities. 
Erik is the second of an interconnected series. It stands alone as Erik and Blue’s relationship is independent, but there is a bit of history in the first book that does make this book stronger. If you have not read the books in order, there will be potential spoiler content for Bishop’s story. We also see more of characters that will be featured in future Vengeance books and I am looking forward to those stories. Ms Bennett is a master at weaving casts of characters together so that you are getting to know everyone or staying caught up with people without feeling like you are leaving the existing story.
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Overall, Erik felt like a treat. A big delicious, romantic treat for the heart! I can’t stop swooning! I’m absolutely smitten with every little detail that makes up this story. Sawyer Bennett captured my heart with this one and I think this is one of her best book to date (which is saying a lot). 
Watching the professional hockey players and notorious playboy, Erik Dalhbeck mature into a open caring man, i was in book heaven. Every moment with Blue and Erik was an ultimate pleasure. I had belly flutters, little electric sparks zapping me as I read. There is such beauty in this love story, such decadent sweetness, filled with heart and heat. 
Seriously, this book is perfection. It’s filled with all the heat and humor I crave and all the heartwarming, heartbreaking emotion that I can’t get enough of. Through funny, witty banter, burning attraction and the upheaval of loss, this story kept me glued to my kindle. 
So what are you waiting for? Don’t pass this book by. Get your copy of this amazing book and get reading - you are in for a treat. There aren’t enough stars for this one. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Sawyer Bennett never fails to find a way to touch my emotional buttons with her stories.  This book is no exception.  Erik would appear to be an all alpha, super jock, player but his heart is huge and he has such a compassionate soul.  Blue has not time in her life for relationships.  Especially with a guy he couldn't even be bothered to remember their night together.  Yet Erik is persistent and she finally lets him in.  Will she end up regretting it?

While Erik is the second book in the Arizona Vengeance series it is easily read standalone.  These characters are amazing.  Full of heart and hope.  The writing is exceptional and the story flows smoothly.  Definitely a book for the must read list.  I highly recommend it.
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4.5 Stars!
Erik Dalhbeck is a professional hockey player for the Arizona Vengeance, the new expansion team in Phoenix. Since he was traded, he’s quickly made a name for himself on and off the ice. He’s one of their top players, but he’s also known as a notorious ladies man. He’s never had trouble getting women, until he meets the sexy flight attendant Blue that works on their team plane. He wants her bad, and she won’t give him the time of day. It was clear she didn’t like him, and had no plans of giving into his advances, but he’d always loved a challenge. He’s completely intrigued by her, and wants to get to know her better. 

Blue Gardner has a lot on her plate and plenty of responsibilities for a 26 yr. old. The last thing she needs is some playboy hockey star flirting with her. She’s not into casual hookups, and doesn’t have time for Erik Dalhbeck, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to get under her skin. He’s hot as hell and flusters her with just one look, but she’s too busy judging his moral character to react any other way than nasty. 

With their jobs, Erik & Blue are around one another quite a bit. As they learn more about each other Erik see’s there are many layers to Blue than just what’s on the surface, and Blue realizes she may have misjudged Erik. As Erik is quickly falling for Blue will she trust him with her heart?

This was book two in the Arizona Vengeance series. If you love Sawyer Bennett’s other hockey novels, you will love this series as well. The men of the Arizona Vengeance are just as delicious and alpha. I adored Erik, and can’t wait for Legend’s book next!
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Erik Dahlbeck, ladies’ man, NHL enforcer, en is enjoying his life with his new teammates on the Arizona Vengeance expansion team. He’s used to puck bunnies throwing themselves at him. What he’s not used to, is being vaguely acknowledged by the hottest one of all. Blue Gardner, the gorgeous flight attendant on the team plane who barely tolerates him. 

His attraction to Blue only elevates when he witnesses her caring for her handicapped brother, which is problematic not just because these feelings of protection and caring are completely new to Erik, but because the stubborn woman won’t give him the light of day. Can Erik figure out what he get her coldshoulder in order to melt her heart?

With Erik and Blue, Bennett provides two clever and alluring characters. Erik is a delicious hero with a face and body worthy of worship, but it was his caring nature that made him so attractive. He was resolute in conquering the ice in and especially out of the arena, which he was able to do with his considerate and kind side. It was easy for Blue to see beyond the star athlete. She’s strong and equally kind hearted. These two are perfect for one another.

The book starts with a serious animosity between Erik and Blue, but the story has unexpected twists and turns that add lovely swoon and fan-yourself worthy layers to Blue and Erik’s romance with a good dollop of hockey excitement intermixed. 

Erik is about looking beyond the surface and interesting second chances that took me on an entertaining, sexy and pull at your heartstrings journey in which I not only fell for the playboy enforcer, I got to hang out with previous characters and know more of those who I’m sure will also fall for in future installments.

Erik is book #2 of the Arizona Vengeance series by Sawyer Bennett. It is told from both points of view with a happy ending.
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Erik is the second book in the new hockey series by the author Sawyer bennet "Arizona Vengeance and comes this time to tell Erik's story. And overall I liked this book, it's sexy, warm, fun, cute and a quick read. But for me   was missing something that made me fall in love with this story.

The story of Blue and Erik is somewhat predictable, but it does not cease to be good l I liked the way they both developed a relationship and did not have much drama, it was only two people after trimming the edges of the past trying to make a relationship.

For those who like sports books, with sexy hockey players a cute and sexy book at the same time this new series is a good option.
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We go back to Phoenix and spend more time with the newest hockey team, the Arizona Vengeance. We meet playboy Erik Dahlback and team flight attendant Blue Gardner.
Erick wants to spend time with Blue but she doesn't care who he is, she even seems mad that he would be flirting with her. After all, women are always throwing themselves at the players, so why isn't Blue? Erik sees Blue out with a group of handicapped people and he thinks she is just helping out on her day off, he can't believe that the guy she is pushing around in the wheelchair is her brother. It shows him another side of her and he wants to learn more about her.
Blue can't believe Erik, he will flirt with anyone and thinks it's OK. It is hard after all because she is drawn to him and the sparks fly between them when they are close together. Everyone around them can see they way they look at each other. But Blue is not going to give Erik a second chance if he doesn't remember the first time they met.
Can Blue trust Erik to not hurt her and make her regret giving him a chance? Will Erik see that there is more to Blue than a pretty face and smoking hot body? Will the truth of their past help them both heal and move forward in a relationship?
I love any story by Sawyer Bennett and her hockey men are perfect. They are easy to read and will leave you wanting more. So if you haven't read anything from Sawyer Bennett yet, pick one, any one. It really doesn't matter, I would suggest a hockey story whether a Carolina Cold Fury or Arizona Vengeance. Just read it and you will want to read the rest and the good thing is you don't have to read them on order, they are intertwined but are standalones, so enjoy!
**I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review and this is my honest opinion**
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I love a good hockey romance and no one does it better than Sawyer Bennett.  Erik is the second book in her Arizona Vengeance series and this series is quickly becoming one of my favorite.  Sawyer came out swinging when she released Bishop, quickly getting me hooked on this series, then she followed it up with Erik only to reassert my belief that she can't write a bad hockey book.

When the tumultuous feelings between Erik and Blue were first introduced in Bishop's book I was instantly drawn to these characters.  The tension between them was palpable and I knew I needed to know how their story would play out.  Sawyer didn't disappoint.

Erik is a know player, which isn't uncommon when it comes to hockey players, but how he grew as a character after meeting Blue wasn't as common.  The strength and determination that made him so great on the ice transferred over in his attempt to befriend and woo the reluctant Blue.  I really enjoyed watching the true character of Erik emerge as he prioritized what was truly important in his life and went after it.

Blue seemed liked a tough nut to crack but, the more we got to know her the more we realized how kind, compassionate, and centered she really was.  There was so much to love about her character that she quickly won me over and cemented herself as one of my favorite of Sawyers female leads.

This book flowed smoothly from start to finish.  It had it's highs and lows that really helped to draw you into the storyline and endear these characters to you.  I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a strong storyline, relatable characters, and something new in the sports romance genre.
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Erik Dahlbeck has never met a woman that his charms didn't work on, normally all it takes is a smile and they are falling all over themselves with stars in their eyes. But the latest woman to catch is eye, doesn't seem to take note of any of his hints or flirtations, it's like she is completely resistant to him... and that cannot happen! It is driving him crazy that he has met a woman who doesn't seem to be phased by him or his stardom on the ice. His teammates think it is hilarious that the playboy seems to have met a woman who doesn't want a darn thing to do with him, and they take great pride in letting him know he failed miserably with her. Any other man would have gave up and walked away by now, but no one is quite as dedicated as Erik... Blue has made a mark on him and he is determined to learn every single detail there is about her, no matter how much of a fight she puts up!

From the very first page of this one you could feel that it was going to be one of those reads that hits deep in the heart and lingers there long after the last page is swiped. As always with this authors books you are guaranteed some serious heat, but this one also came with a healthy dose of the feels, it was SO good for my heart too! Erik and Blue were quite the pairing, he was so use to everything just falling into his hands, and with her he really had to put the work in, and earn her time and attention, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching him scramble to win her over. She really put him through the paces, and turned the tables on him, and it was quite refreshing to see from a heroine. Their chemistry kept things smoldering, the angst was there torment the heart, and the banter kept me supplied in smiles... all in all it was a win-win for me!! Highly recommend you pick this one up, these two will keep you thoroughly entertained from start to finish!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
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This author always has me speeding through her books, they are soooooo good 😍 I can’t put it down.

This is what I liked
* Very good storyline and the guilt Blue is struggling with is realistic. 
* Erik is more than a playboy and his personal growth is nice to read about. 
* All the characters is realistically described and I cannot wait for their stories.
* I love how the author manages to tease us with the secondary characters so I just crave the next book.
* No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings 
* Lots of dialogues making the story even more intriguing 
* Sweet, steaming love scenes 

Amazing 5 stars ⭐️
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Book 2! Yay!

We already met Erik in the first book and we already saw how not excited Blue was to have him flirt with her.

It's really adorable to see the poor guy not getting what he wants for a change.

But it's not taking him all that long to convince her that he's changed.

But getting Blue is not the only thing poor Erik has to fight through to get to his happy end!

I really enjoyed this book.

It was erotic and fun and sweet and I adored how Erik was with Blue's brother Billy! Really cute.

Even though there wasn't much happening in the story. They get together pretty early and by the 50% mark the book could've ended, but it didn't ... it was a bit too long. The best things about those too long parts were the moments about the next books. Legend and his new neighbor and Tacker with his sad past.

There's a lot of book material still left for us in Phoenix! ☺

Can't wait to see what Legend will be up to next! And Tacker!!! When will we get his book?!

Woot! Another Sawyer Bennett hockey hottie to add to my collection!

Welcome to Phoenix, home of the Arizona Vengeance.

We met our lovelies, Blue and Erik in Bishop - you know, how was flirting with her, and she was so not impressed by it?

Well, now he is still at it, however he is wearing her down!

Gah, I just adored their story.  I freaking loved Erik fighting for his woman (I mean, we all get sick of the manwhoring and stuff right? I want to see them fall for that one woman - and it not be easy!)

I liked that there wasn't too much OTT drama.  Blue and Erik make their way together pretty smoothly and it is not drawn out right to the last minute.  In fact, a lot of the time things go really well.

I love, love, love Erik with Blue's brother Billy.  Absolutely heart melting

 There is plenty of set up for more books in this series.  I really, really, REALLY want - no, need - Tacker's story.  It is going to hurt my heart but it is going to so be worth it.

I am looking forward to Dax, Legend and Tacker's books - and any other new Vengeance boys who may turn up in the future..

I. Can't. Wait
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It seems every new book in the Arizona Vengeance Series is going to give us yet another hockey hottie to add to the collection Sawyer Bennett has already given us. I was excited to get my hands on Erik and it was everything I expected and more. I loved Erik and Blue they made me laugh they made me cry they touched my heart but most importantly they drew me in and I connected with them on every level.
This is a story is about loving unconditionally and I really don’t want to give too much of the story away because a lot of the great feels you get from this book are from the heartfelt touching moments that you have to read with no expectations. . I loved Erik with his his big heart, I love the Arizona Vengeance Team and I loved the connection Erik had with Billy (Blue’s brother). Looking forward to the next instalment in this very successful series. Great addition to what looks like being a brilliant spin off series for the very talented Sawyer Bennett.
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This wasn’t one of my favorites from Sawyer Bennett. I couldn’t connect fully with the heroine at all. I love Sawyer’s writing but this series isn’t living up to the Cold Fury franchise.
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This is  Erik Dahlbeck and Blue Gardner’s story and what a story it is.  We first met both these characters in Bishop the first book in the Arizona Vengeance series from Sawyer Bennett and I have to say I was intrigued by them both from the start.
Erik managed to annoy Blue the first time he met her and nothing he has done since has been able to melt the ice around her; she is determined to ignore him which just frustrates Erik.
Erik has always been a playboy, but he has a heart of gold, if only he could get Blue to see underneath the surface. However Blue is determined to ignore his charms and goes out of her way to avoid him. It brings to mind the comment “the lady doth protest to much”.
When Erik learns that Blue not only has a career as a flight attendant but also looks after her handicapped brother Billy he is beyond impressed. He is bound and determined to get Blue to see the real him and in doing so develops a beautiful friendship with her brother.
Blue notices the friendship building between Erik and Billy and in turn realises that there may be more to Erik than she originally thought. 
I loved the camaraderie that was built not only between Billy and Erik but also the rest of the team, it was so endearing and gave me chills.
I loved Erik to me he was a guy determined to make life better for someone else and he certainly has some swoon worthy moments in this story.  I admire the strength and determination of Blue and the care and compassion she has for Billy. When Erik and Blue finally get together the c harts and had me riveted.
 There is plenty of action on and off the ice and I cannot wait to see where Sawyer Bennett takes this team and I am excited for the next release in the series.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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Sawyer delivers a hot hockey player to steal your heart!
Follow the story of Eric, known playboy as his past comes back and hits him square in the heart! He's attracted to Blue in the worst way, he keeps hitting on her on the team plane and she keeps shooting him down. She hates him so much but why? When he see's Blue out with her brother Billy, he wants to get to know her on a whole different level. When she shares the past with him, can he make up for it and assure her that it won't happen again? 
I loved Eric, what an amazing character, as well as Blue & Billy! Great job once again Sawyer, my heart is overloaded with love of your hockey players!! Looking forward to the next one! 5 hockey pucks for this one! Grab it as soon as it comes out!!
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Book two in the Arizona vengeance series. Cold fury was my go to series when I fancied a hockey romance and I foresee a new favorite series ahead. 

I really enjoyed Erik and Blue's story, It was sweet, romantic and had a second chance romance feel about it although they only had a drunken one night stand years ago, one Erik doesn't remember but Blue most definitely does. 

Erik is one of the more mature players in the team, he's had his playboy years and this story is Erik finally meeting a woman that makes him want to settle down. 

Blue is the teams flight attend for all of their flights to games, she travels with the team which is often. Blue has always given Erik the cold shoulder and doesn't take kindly to any of his flirting and later in the story you discover why and what really went down to make Blue dislike him so much. 

I liked both characters, Erik is a swoon-worthy kind of guy and Blue is a woman who not only works two jobs to care for her handicap brother but is also honest and straight talking, both are two great and likable characters. 

ERIK is the story of two people that have lived and learned, put their party days behind them and at the right time find each other. 

There's very little angst or drama in ERIK if any, this is just two people finding each other and working things out, making adjustments and learning about and from each other to build their relationship and the sex scenes are pretty hot too. 

I was also so curious about the other character's and their story's Sawyer paints a great picture of everything in the main characters lives including those who are close to them and I will definitely be looking forward to Tacker and Legends story's, Legends story looks like it would be fun while Tacker without a doubt due to his past will have heartbreaking moments. 

ERIK is a recommended heartwarming read and along with Cold fury a Recommended sports romance series. 

Told in first person dual pov and leads to a hfn with no definite happy ending but I am hoping to see more of Erik and Blue in the next book.
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What a great addition to Sawyer Bennett's Arizona Vengeance series! Erik is a slower burn romance with second chance, enemies to lovers, as well as friends to lovers elements. Though this is book 2 in the interconnected series, it can be enjoyed as a stand alone.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Erik, since he came across as quite the player in Bishop. I was very curious about how things would develop between him and Blue and what caused their antagonistic relationship. They had such amazing chemistry from the start and though they didn't have the best history, I loved seeing these two move beyond their pasts and really connect on a deeper level. I think what really hooked me though was that both Blue and Erik recognized who they were in the past and made efforts to change and grow. They took responsibility for their actions and didn't judge the other for how they used to be. So often I read about the reformed manwhore and the near virginal heroine, but this time it was refreshing to see that Blue was just as in touch with her own sexuality as Erik. Circumstances in her life force her to re-evaluate her choices and change sooner than Erik, but I liked that both accepted the other - the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Another wonderful addition to the story was Blue's brother, Billy. I loved their sibling relationship and also the friendship that blossomed between Billy and Erik. Some of the very sweetest moments in the book involve Billy. Erik was a pretty low angst read and the drama that did occur late in the book resolved fairly quickly. Readers get more of a happy for now conclusion, but with more books in the series on the way, I know this won't be the last we hear of Blue and Erik.

A bit of page time is actually spent setting up the next book in the series, Legend. I'm really looking forward to seeing how things unfold with his neighbor, especially since fellow teammate Dax seems to be sort of in the mix as well. I think the story I'm most interested in at this point though, is Tacker. My heart squeezes every time at the mention of him and I can't wait for more in this series!

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
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