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Erik is the second standalone novel in the Arizona Vengeance series by the very talented, Sawyer Bennett. If you read Bishop then you have met Erik and Blue. I was so exciting they were getting their own book. The way she either flat out ignores him or puts him in his place is hilarious. 

Erik is a shameless flirt. Blue doesn’t want anything to do with him. He has never wanted someone so badly in his life. She knows what kind of man Erik, she will never go there. Then the unthinkable happens...

They have a conversation without him flirting. She doesn’t fully trust his intentions but it was sweet watching him talk to her brother. And, later when he seems interest in not just getting into her pants but about her life she is starting to see Erik in a different light. It doesn’t mean she is ready to date the hockey player. She is no puck bunny. But if he keeps being sweet and sincere then she just might have to give him a chance. But can he handle that her brother is part of a package deal? She is all he has in the world and him to her as well. 

Aww! This story is fun, sexy, hilarious, and emotional. I liked Erik in Bishop but he did seem like a man only after a one night stand with the team flight attendant. But not this time around. He likes her. A lot. And it’s totally understandable. Blue is a badass. Beautiful inside and out. She also has her own past with regrets. 

Overall...I loved it. If I wasn’t doing a home improvement project over the weekend I would had finished in one sitting. It did give me a great way to escape during breaks though. The banter is funny and flirting. I also enjoyed that it wasn’t just all about them. Her brother, Billy isn’t just talked about but a big part of the story. Their story. 


“Hey, Erik,” Dax says looking at something over my shoulder. “Isn’t that Blue? The flight attendant?” I whip around so fast I fucking knock my margarita off the table and it goes flying into some low bushes.

Christ . . . Blue has layers to her that I never imagined.

“We will so need this.” 
Blue cocks an eyebrow at me, crossing her arms over her chest. “Need help getting me there, huh?”
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***4.5 Stars***

With all the sparks that were flying between Blue and Erik in Bishop I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Erik’s book to find out what the deal was and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how everything played out between them. It was funny, sweet and smexy and amazingly enough, low on the angsty scale (which I actually liked) and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. 

It was hard not to like and fall in love with Erik and Blue as they fell in love with each other. Erik may have been a player, something he never denies, and can be a cocky SOB, but he has a huge heart and good soul. Blue is all kinds of sweet and sassy. She has a lot going on and some weight on her shoulders that she needs to work through - which at times leads her to react before thinking - but in the end her soul is as golden as her heart.

I will admit that going into this one I was all prepared for all kinds of angstyness that typically comes with an enemies to lovers romance, but that didn’t happen here. Oh there were a few moments, don’t get me wrong, but they were only a few because *gasps* Erik and Blue actually acted like the adults they were and worked it out and it totally worked for me and made this a fun read for me. I loved how they got to know each other, not only by actually talking to each other, but by their actions. They’re bantering was a lot of fun and the smexy was Hawt! Now, there was a bit of a roadblock in their journey and I had kinds figured early on what it would be about at least and I understood, but I have to say I loved how it all worked out in the end for them.

As for everything else. The writing was engaging, the pacing was good and I loved the dual 1st person POV’s and then there are the rest of the characters that bring life to the series. I loved catching up with Bishop and Brooke and Tacker is still the one I want to know more about, though Dominik is a very close second and Dax isn’t far behind either of them. And then there is Legend. We get a little set up for his book in this one and I personally cannot wait to see him fall cause I’m already half in love with the girl who will bring him to his knees!
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After finishing Bishop I couldn't wait to get my hands on Erik's story and see him have to work to get Blue's attention. I knew then it was going to be highly entertaining, and I was not wrong. I loved that Blue didn't make it easy for him and didn't let him just give her a smile before her heart would go all pitter-patter. It made for some great sexual tension and a great story to read. 

Blue didn't have an easy go at life but she wasn't letting it beat her down, which I loved. She fought for those she cared about and I really admired that about her. Then when Erik came around he didn't make it easy on her to fight him, which she did, but when it came to getting help from him she relented and took the help he offered. And it had me admiring her even more that she would put her pride to the side when necessary. It also had me swooning over Erik that he so easily jumped in her life and took everything she had to offer, the good and the bad. 

Overall, it was a great book to read and one I would recommend adding to your Kindle. It's part of the Arizona Vengeance series but I would say it could be read as a standalone if you aren't someone that is going to get too curious about the previous book when those characters are mentioned.
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Absolutely loved this book! It would seem that Erik & Blue were destined to meet again and get a second chance together. (although he doesn't remember her at all). Erik plays for the Vengeance and Blue is a flight attendant on the team plane. Blue will not give Erik the time of day and he has no idea why. 
Blue's life is complicated. She can barely get by on her salary to pay for the group home her brother lives in. She is his only family left and has been part of his care-taking for most of her life. 
When they finally clear the air, they make an unusual deal for her to go out with him. But Erik steps up and does what she asks him to do because he really wants a chance to be in Blue's life. 
Erik has quite the rep as a ladies man but underneath it all he is the sweetest man and has an incredible heart! I love how big he loves Blue and Billy and how he just wants to be there and be supportive in any way possible. He's just amazing!
This story brought out many emotions in me but ultimately the joy of watching their journey to a beautiful happily ever after.
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ERIK is the second installment in Sawyer Bennett’s newest series revolving around the NHL’s Arizona Vengeance. These hockey players are seriously sexy and just a bit dirtier than the men of the Cold Fury.

This is a second chance romance, although unfortunately, Erik doesn’t remember his first encounter with Blue, which is why she holds so much animosity towards him. Their story is downright steamy with a heavy dose of heart to go along with it. Fans of Sawyer Bennett are sure to fall in love with Erik, one of Arizona Vengeance’s top defenders.

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 4
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4.5
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Erik is the second book in the Arizona Vengeance Series and I loved it!  

I love how Sawyer Bennett tells a story and this time it is Erik Dahlbeck’s turn at his own story!  He might have once been a man-whore but, he surely isn’t now!  I fell in love with Erik.  He has changed and changed for the better.  Blue Gardner would have nothing to do with him because she had met him 5 years earlier and at that time he was a man-whore.  Fortunately for them both they have both changed for the greater good.  Blue flat out turned down anything Erik tried to say or ask.  Letting him know just what she thought of him.  He didn’t give up though and asked her out another time and she finally said yes.  

I love their story and the way Erik treats Blue & Blue’s brother is wonderful.  He really is a nice guy!  Oh, and when Erik and Blue get together things really can heat up between the two of them. 
 I can’t wait to read more about these men from Arizona Vengeance team!  Legend is next and I need to know his story!  5 STARS for ERIK!
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This author does hockey stories so well. I heart Erik so much he is so swoony. 
This story was so well written.
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Sawyer Bennett does hockey and love so perfectly!  We are now on book two of the Arizona Vengeance series, and I already feel like I know the whole team.  Erik and Blue did not get a good start, but turns out that it's worse than you think.   I kind of wished for a little redemption or more of a flashback or something from their first meeting, but it wasn't meant to be I suppose.

Blue is genuine, and sincere, and everything that can make playboy Erik ready to settle down.  If there's one thing I can say about him is he is all in when he finds his person.  This whole team is full of good-hearted guys, I look forward to more of their stories!
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4.5 stars

If I hadn't already known that I was hooked on the Arizona Vengeance this book would have done it! I am falling hard and fast for this team and the smokin' hot hockey players that make it up.

Blue!!! OMG! I love her. She is a take no prisoners, independent, sassy woman and I totally want to be her when I grow up. Erik might be used to getting any woman he wants but Blue is any woman. It's always better if you have to work for it anyway, right?

This book is sexy and sweet, with a little but of emotion and a whole lot of charm. I was hooked from the beginning and I completely devoured it. I can't wait for the next one on the series.
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This story is about a misconnection that is trying to have a forever connection. Erik and Blue met years ago and Erik blew her off (as new players do) and she is not looking to go down that road again. But don’t worry, Erik is not one to be deterred.

The first book of the series was decent and introduced me to a fun team that I am excited to read about. I was very excited to read about Blue and Erik and Bennett did not disappoint. There is passion, fun, and drama that kept me going from page page. Much like the last book, this book can be read in one sitting (I know because I did on my plane ride to a vacation). I loved how Blue made Erik work for it and I especially loved when she finally let him and see them together as a couple.

Erik is definitely book boyfriend material. He makes you swoon first in his efforts to win Blue over and then if that doesn’t work, his relationship with Billy will do it. He shows that people can and do change over time. We get to see how much Erik has changed and for me it’s what makes me love him so much.

Like I said the story is a quick and enjoyable read. It’s a great book to bring with you on vacation but be warned that some love scenes may make you blush in public.
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I am getting a real kick out of these Arizona Vengeance players.  Who would have thought from book one, that Erik would have such a soft side.  This novel is a very quick read with little angst or drama.  It will make you swoon with how Erik turns Blue around to his charms and how he treats Billy.  Five years is a long time to change a person and to get a second chance.  

Next up is Legend and I think this one might be funnier than the others with Pepper.  I am hoping that we hear more about Tacker at the very least, but his own book would be awesome!
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I don't know why, but I was NOT expecting to love Erik as much as I did.  Holy moly, I didn't even see this guy coming.  And he completely swept me off my feet!

This story went deeper than I expected it to.  It was more heartfelt and emotional and just...very nearly perfect for me.  I adored Erik and Blue.  I loved their flirty banter.  I loved their sweet tender moments.  I loved the way their love seemed to sneak up on them - and it was such a lovely, beautiful thing.  

There were some little twists that I wasn't expecting, and they added some depth to the story that kept it interesting and caused me to completely lose myself inside the story, falling a little bit in love with Erik, Blue, and a bevy or fantastic secondary characters.  

The bromance piece of sports romance is why I will never get enough of it.  I love the relationships the guys have with each other and how that plays out next to the budding romantic relationship.  It's another layer to an already richly layered story and gah!  I loved it!

Erik is smart and sexy, witty and sweetly emotional.  It was my favorite kind of Kindle crack and, if I wasn't before?  I am now 100% a fan of the Arizona Vengeance. ~ 4.5 Stars
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Erik was a great read! The storyline and development of Erik and Blue's relationship was interesting to read about, especially their little twist towards the beginning. Blue is caring and sweet, especially with her brother. I liked the Billy aspect of the story and found all of it very interesting. Erik really is a great guy. He's super sweet and patient with Blue and just wants her to be happy. I love everything he does for both her and Billy. I loved getting more about the other guys. I really want to know more about Tacker, he just seems so complex and intriguing. Legend's parts were very funny and I can't wait to see how his book is going to play out.
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Another terrific book from this author, I love her work.  This one was a second chance at love for Erik and Blue.  It was heartwarming and uplifting all at once.  Erik was great, I loved how he was so caring and sweet.  Blue had a chip on her shoulder, but once she got over that she was sweet and fun loving.  I loved the two of them together, but when a accident happens will they be able to get through it together?  I loved this book and can't wait for the next one.
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Another Arizona Vengeance star and another highly entertaining story.

We had a taste of Erik Dahlbeck in Bishop’s story so we knew a little about his playboy ways. Unfortunately for Erik, so does team flight attendant, Blue. Despite Erik’s obvious interest in Blue, she appears oblivious to his charms, the reasons for which become clear as the story progresses. Erik is confounded by Blue’s obvious resistance to his flirting but he’s not about to give up trying to win Blue over.

When he sees another side to Blue, Erik knows that he has to make her see him for who he is and not just his womanising ways. Blue is not only a beautiful woman but a hardworking carer with a brother who has complex support needs. Clearly, a loving and loyal sister, Erik comes to realise that Blue’s time is split between working for the team and looking after her brother and in order to make inroads, where her heart is concerned, he must do so in the knowledge that she comes as a package deal.  What Erik doesn’t expect is to develop a new found friendship with Billy and an even greater appreciation for Blue.

When Blue sees the way Erik interacts with Billy her heart gives a squeeze but she still cannot see past his behaviour in the past.  Despite her desires to keep away from Erik, he slowly but surely becomes a permanent fixture in her and her brother's life, along with the rest of the team.  The team accepts Billy into their friendship group with ease, especially the enigmatic Tacker.  Both Blue and Billy draw Tacker out of himself as he slowly starts to open up whilst enjoying spending time with Blue and Billy.

The story progresses with the usual push and pull of emotions, some of which are all too predictable as the story progresses towards its conclusion.  What I did love about this story though was the side story of Billy and the team’s behaviour around him.  Of course, I’d be remiss in not singling out Erik where Billy is concerned as he clearly falls as hard for Blue’s brother as he does her.

This was an extremely sweet story but one which felt slightly at odds with the author’s normal writing style.  On this occasion, the story was crying out for more depth and more of the author’s usual magical storytelling flourishes. That said, I still loved it and I loved Erik.  I’m even surprising myself with my love of hockey-themed books!
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Oh my goodness! I devoured this book. Sawyer Bennett has created such a magnificent world in her Vengeance series. She magically weaves a stand alone story, into an intricately plotted series. I never wanted this book to end. To make matters worse, I can't wait to see which character she writes about next.

In this book, you meet Erik and Blue. Erik is the team's enforcer and for the majority of his life has enjoyed his single, playboy lifestyle. That is until he meets the sexy flight attendant who repeatedly turns him down.

Blue doesn't have time for players on or off the ice. Her priorities do not include one night stands or flings. At least not any more. She led that lifestyle years ago, but things have changed. Family means everything. 

I felt every emotion possible while reading Erik. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to smack some sense into the characters. I love the combustible chemistry, tension and the sense of family being the ones you choose.

I seriously cannot wait for the next book in this series. Sawyer has left snippets for future plot twists and I am dying to find out what happens. my hands cannot get on book three of this series fast enough.
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Erik by Sawyer Bennett is the second book in the Arizona Vengeance series and can be read as a stand-a-lone.

Blue is one of the flight attendants for the team and has never trusted Erik, due to their past history. She is caring for her brother, Billy who was born with cerebral palsy.

This book had all the emotions and I loved the detail between Blue and the relationship with her brother, Billy. Even though Erik is a playboy he is genuinely interested in blue and cares for her. He is also extremely sweet and caring to Billy.

This was a great addition to the series and I enjoyed getting to know the rest of the team. The next book is Legends and I can’t wait to see where his story takes us.
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Super sweet swoony read. 
Sawyer Bennett has a way of writing about one thing (hockey) and keeping it interesting and the story changing. I love that there's always a bit of drama, a ton of chemistry and swooning in her books. 
I loved Erik and Blues relationship. It wasn't instant and it had great build up. Billy was an extra that made you fall just a bit more. 
I look forward to Legend's book!
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Erik is one of a hockey players on the Arizona Vengeanc team. He scores on and off the ice except with Blue. This a sweet, heartwarming and enjoyable story is a stand-alone in the series. 

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"The fact she won't give me the time of day makes her infinitely hotter to me for some reason." 

I guess his being a pro hockey player makes it pretty mind-boggling for him when his advances are shut down in no uncertain terms. Blue makes it extremely clear that she wants nothing to do with Erik, the enforcer for the Arizona Vengeance. What makes it even worse is that his team mates thinks it's pretty hilarious that the player can't play, at least not with her.

When he gets the opportunity to see her off-duty, hanging out with her brother who's in a wheelchair, he becomes even more intrigued. He sees a softer side of her when she's with Billy. When she's not withholding her smiles she's even more breathtaking. His infatuation becomes an obsession as he attempts to get past her walls and convince her to give him a chance.

Blue has little money and a lot of responsibility. She needs to concentrate on her brother, she doesn't have time for an arrogant hockey hunk. "I wish he wasn't so easy on the eyes, as it would make it a whole lot easier to ignore him." But ignore him she does...

I really enjoyed this sweet story. Billy pulled not only my heartstrings but the rest of the team as well. I knew that Blue wouldn't be able to resist him forever and I loved the slow build as Erik pursued her. As this new series progresses and I get to know the guys better I'm getting more and more excited for the single ones to find their ladies. Being a sucker for the broken ones, I'm especially drawn to Tacker. He'll probably be last, because I want him most, right? The line forms here...
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