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I liked this book.  It was interesting, told in easy to follow language (not always the case in a medical memoir), and with a humble spirit.  This is told strictly from the point of view of the surgeon; I was anticipating hearing the story from the patient point of view, but that isn't what this work is about. I recommend this for anyone interested in recent advances in modern medicine.
I voluntarily read an advance review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley and I offer my honest opinion in response.
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Rewired is the story of how one doctor changed the ways amputated arms’ nerve ending are left to allow the amputee to actually feel the fingers of the prosthetic. It also shows what doctor’s feel when working with a patient.

Melissa is an animal lover. When her two dogs cornered a raccoon on her fence, she went out to encourage the raccoon to leave.  The raccoon did but first bit her on one side of her right arm and then scratched the other side. At the small hospital in the Midwest near her home, her doctor, Dr. Seth, assured her that he could save her arm.  After a series of medicines and surgeries, that proves to be impossible. Dr. Seth pilots a new type of surgery allowing Melissa to be able to feel her prosthetic’s fingers. She is the first in the world with this ability.

While Melissa’s story is fascinating, the best part is seeing the emotions of Dr. Seth as Melissa is going through weeks of painful surgeries. We think of doctors as omniscient. That they don’t have feelings.  However, Dr. Seth has many feelings about how he has let his patient Melissa down. This is a very Christian book with Dr. Seth taking no credit personally for his innovative surgery but instead attributing all of his contribution to God.

Rewired is recommended as an inspirational story of how one physician overcame long odds to create a better prognosis for all arm amputees. 4 stars!

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a very interesting book, although I scanned the sections that described the procedures.
I received this book free from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
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"Rewired"   by  Dr. Seth   is an inspirational   Christian book. Melissa  Loomis    developed a bite  from a raccoon. This   bite  turned into  a terrible infection.Her   dogs and the raccoon were having  a fight and  she  tried to  stop the fight and  ended up getting the bitten  by the raccoon and  then got  a very serious infection.   She  asked Dr. Seth to be her doctor . He  is an orthopedic surgeon.   He   was a local doctor.  He   was the son of immigrant parents from India.  He   was  kind and patient and dedicated when  He worked with her. He  spent time explaining the procedures, surgeries He  was going to do.  He made sure  the family and patient understood what  He  was going to  do.   He  started out  draining the wound daily   to  control the build up of infection.    He   promised  Melissa He would  do everything He could not to have to do  an amputation.   He  used  one antibiotic after another and  they  did not get rid of the infection.  He  had to do an amputation but it did not work. Her  diabetes  complicated everything  step by step.  Melissa was a  good patient and cooperated with all the doctor asked of her.   After  trying  everything Dr.  Seth heard about a prosthesis  that  was a new procedure. He     went to a conference to hear more about the  procedure and see if  would be a  good option for Melissa.    After learning about the prosthesis , He  discussed the procedure  , surgery with Melissa and the family. He warned them  it would take a while to see the   results of the surgery and they would have to be patient.  This surgery  was a big step for Dr.  Seth since it not  usually done in a small  local  area but a larger hospital. He as willing to try the surgery to help Melissa.   He   felt  this  would be a good option for her.   She  would  be able to  feel and think with this  prosthesis  just  like a normal arm.   It   was exciting   to have this option for Melissa after all she  went though.  In the end this surgery was  successful for Melissa.    Dr.  Seth ended up speaking and sharing the   benefits with others  in the medical  community and at Walter  Reed hospital so others in turn  may also  benefit  from the   innovative  surgery of a prosthetic arm. This  surgery  has many possibilities for others   who  have an injured  arm  that needs repair   such   as a wounded   army  patient and others as well.  The   book  was  very riving and  exciting and  so  very inspiring.     The book shows  how  this procedure is really on the cutting edge and can make a difference in may lives!    I  am so  thankful to the publisher for sharing this  book with me.    I   was  given this book  by netgalley   for a review and it has  been  blessing to read such an inspiring book.  Thank you   so much for sharing this book. I am going to share this review on Amazon,  facebook,  with pastors,  friends, goodreads.    It  is a  book that can encourage those  going though difficult  times  knowing that  these trials for Melissa were  used for  good by  God and good  did come out  of the trials.
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