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I have enjoyed reading these little short story collections and was quite excited to read this one due to it's play on words in the title. The book was interesting, some stories I loved more than others particularly Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey and Zola's Cross Country Adventure by Mary Davis and others I found it a bit hard to get into but overall I found the book quite enjoyable although slow at times.
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Barbour does it again with a terrific collection of short stories, each featuring feisty heroines and their compelling misadventures, each with an uplifting Christian theme, each highly recommended! 

With gratitude to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC; opinions are fully mine. Pub Date 01 Dec 2018. #TheMissadventureBridesCollection #NetGalley
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My Review:

My Thoughts on Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee: This was sort of a hallmark like a story about trapping. It was cute with sweet characters. Though it was somewhat too fast I did enjoy it.

My Thoughts on MissTaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse: Um, adorably troublesome! That's what this story was. The MISStaken identity was cute and funny. Plus it's my favorite of the collection.

My Thoughts on Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey: This was a humorous little story that had a sweet romance that I hope to reread again.

My Thoughts on Maddy’s Llamas by Marjorie Vawter: This was a unique story -- in a good way! It was also funny, enjoyable, and sweet.

My Thoughts on Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure by Mary Davis: Though I didn't care for some of the attitudes in this story I loved the determination of the ladies and that ending was awesome!

My Thoughts on Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlachter: This was a cute and somewhat hilarious novella with how the characters kind of went back and forth with their feelings for each other. The plot was perfect and the characters interesting and the mystery was intriguing.

My Thoughts on Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E. Kovach: I've read westerns and I may have read a book with actors in it (though I don't think so.) And I have read books with painters but this one was different and I loved it though the ending was fast paced.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it.
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A great and fun collection from some wonderful authors. I always enjoy reading such collections as the romances are sweet, characters are witty and the faith is a sweet little sprinkle on top!
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Great collection of authors and stories! I really enjoyed each story and their uniqueness that seemed to match each author.
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Seven authors have written novella length stories about women who are ahead of their time thinking wise despite what society thinks of them. They defy the odds whether it's to raise llamas,drive cross country,take over her father fur trading business or other things these ladies have the progressive thinking thing down pat. I admire women who go outside of the social norm expected of them and they have all my respect. Bravo!
Published December 1st 2018 by Barbour Books
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Beautiful collection of novellas by a group of well established authors. They have done an amazing job crafting original stories, but all tying to the central theme. I enjoyed reading this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity.
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I thouroughly enjoyed the novella by Woodhouse..  The book was very enertaining and fun to read.  Woodhouse creates a character the reader can care about and a plot that draws the reader in. The story takes just 60 pages to unfold, yet the plot is well-developed. If you are looking for a lighter, quicker read, I recommend MissTaken Identity and the other titles in The MissAdventure Brides Collection.

I would recommend this book
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These women wanted to show that they could handle themselves with out a man's help. The only problem was that they with God's urging fell in love with the man who was willing to help them be independent. Seven women have the MissAdvetures that will bring them true love when they're not looking for it. Travel through the American west and on these adventures of a lifetime. 

Along the Yellowstone River   Debby Lee   1832  Wyoming Wilderness
Heather is a very smart woman and has some medical experience. Louie and the local doctor have come to tell her that her father is dead. They dig a grave and have a brief service. Louie is hoping that Heather can help him learn to read and to math so he can figure out if the local fur trader is cheating the trappers. Heather is determined to find out the same thing. She confronts the fur trader and uses her herbal knowledge to get access to his ledgers. Louie catches her and makes a deal with Heather that he'll do chores around her house if she'll teach him to do mathematics and read so he can confront the fur trader. This brings them closer and they fall in love. Heather decides she wants to take over her father's trapping business. Only she can't stand the idea of animals suffering. Louie and Heather go out to check traps. Louie gets sick and Heather treats him. Louie finds an injured man and they work together to get him back to town. He tells them of evidence against the fur trader. While Louie is getting the evidence Heather is taken hostage and ends up shooting the fur trader. Louie reveals his feelings for Heather. A year later a baby is on the way and they're married and a mutual friend's learning to read will benefit his people.  

Misstaken Identity Kimberly Woodhouse June- December 1883 Coleman/Harrison County Texas
Abigail Monroe wants to have an adventure and get away from the gold diggers wanting to marry her for her ranch. Her maid tries to discourage her but it doesn't work. Dressing as a man to travel alone isn't what she expected it to be like. She mistakenly takes the wrong stagecoach and ends up in Harrison County Texas. As soon as she steps off the train she's arrested for cutting fences. Jim Williams is a Texas Ranger trying to solve the disputes between sheep and cattle ranchers. He thinks he's got his man when he arrests Abigail. Abigail can't reveal her true identity because she's too stubborn to ask for help from home. Shortly after Jim arrests her he realizes his suspect is a woman. He has his doubts about her guilt be she won't tell him the truth so he must go with what information he has. Witnesses show up and seal her fate by identifying her as the culprit. Luke finds evidence in her bag. An attempt to silence her and get the evidence back ends with the jail being burned down and Abigail hurt. They bad guys also try to kill her again. Jim puts her in a safe place while he goes looking for the bad guys. Another attempt is made on her life while going to the courthouse. She's released and heads home. Before she can get far Jim finds her and they make declarations of love. Six months later they're about to get married at her ranch and she brings a piece of her alter ego to the wedding. Jim is the local sheriff and going to help her run the ranch. Abigail has found out her biggest adventures will be with Jim. 

Lessons of Love    Cynthia Hickey     1885   Ozark Mountains
Leah Ellison has arrived to teach school in Possum Hollow. Her ride doesn't show up and she's forced to start walking. She gets scared and falls over Luke Canfield who is her ride and has a broken wheel. Luke is smitten immediately but wants to keep his distance. Leah starts her teaching and goes to meet all the parents of her students and thinks no one wants her around because she was trying to help them by suggesting a bazaar. She goes to Luke for help and he comes up with an idea to get the bazaar started. A couple of troublesome students has Leah putting them to work. One resident of the Possum Hollow doesn't like the bazaar idea and makes threats to Leah. Luke follows the man to find out the reason he doesn't want strangers around. She becomes sick and a student has an accident. The bazaar takes place and her parents come. Leah is taken hostage and Luke and the sheriff come to save her. The trouble maker is arrested. Luke takes in the man's son. Leah proposes to Luke and then he proposes to her. A wedding takes place. Luke finds his way home after a mountain ritual to find Leah waiting on the porch for him.  

Maddy's Llamas    Marjorie Vawter    1898   Colorado 
Maddy doesn't plan to get married.  A trip to town to get salve for a injured llama has her picking up a letter from the Denver Zoo. She doesn't want to have any contact with them because they want her llamas. Harrison comes to visit her to get her to loan some of the llamas. Their first meeting doesn't go well. He's surprised by how young she is. She puts Harry in his place but he comes back for another try. They take the llamas to deliver supplies to the miners up on the mountain. Maddy has an accident that has Harry coming to the rescue and staying longer to help with the llamas.  A letter from her parents gives Harry insight into how Maddy is treated by her parents.  A spiteful woman in town causes problems for them.  A llama goes missing when Harry leaves to go back to Denver. Maddy thinks the llama and Harry are gone for good. On his return he's reunited with the missing llama and reveals his feelings for Maddy by sending the llama to her with a ring. Maddy accepts the proposal. A year later Harry is in charge of the zoo's farm for new animals and a baby is on the way. They are going back to the llama ranch.

Zola's Cross Country Adventure   Mary Davis   1903-1904  New York to Seattle 
Zola Calkin and her friends are having lunch when a challenge is made after reading the article about a Dr. Nelson making a cross country trip. Zola along with her cousin make plans to travel from New York to Seattle. Alan Basart is a reporter who is looking to write real news stories when his editor gives him the story about Zola. No one believes that the two women will make it across country or just a few days. Allen and his photographer are given the assignment of following the women until they quit. As time goes by he's more and more impressed by them because they are doing the trip with no help from a man. Break downs, bad weather slow their progress at different points. A stop in Minneapolis gives Zola time to catch up with the support and negative comments about her trip. A rewrite by his editor gets Allen in trouble with Zola. Zola's car is extremely organized. She wants to quit while passing through North Dakota. A telegram from his editor has Allen making a decision about continuing. Zola finds the telegram and goes on with out the men, only to be caught up to and an explanation made. They make it to Seattle and are greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. A few miles from the finish line a break down makes it impossible to continue until the women in the crowd help them. A speech is made and Allen asks a question and gets a positive answer. 

Detours of the Heart   Donna Schlachter    1925      Albuquerque New Mexico
Millie Watkins is being kicked out of her home because she won't marry the man her father wants her to. While walking to town she's picked up by Peter Duncan who is driving a tour bus. Millie's dream is to head to Hollywood and become an actress. That makes Peter think she's not wife material. After being let go from her waitress job and picking up her pay she asks about a job as a tour guide. Millie is the guide on Peter's bus. Since she's not going to be around for long she tries to keep her distance but it doesn't work. Millie and Peter try to figure out what some suspicious tourists are up to with the Indian jewelry. She's threatened to stay out of  it. Peter helps a saloon girl change her life. Millie and Peter have feelings for each other. They go to their boss about the forgery jewelry only to be sent on an errand to get them out of the way. They make it back to the hotel in time to reveal the criminals and receive new job positions as a result. Decisions are made about their futures and love is declared.

Riders of the Painted Star    Kathleen E Kovach    Arizona 1936
Zadie Fitzpatrick is an artist her hometown of New York, but isn't feeling very creative. A date that goes the wrong way fast has her thinking she'll never find the man for her. Her best friend and her fiance come up with an idea to change Zadie's circumstances. A trip to Arizona to work on her favorite author's new book cover brings her to a world she's dreamed about. Royce is keeping a secret and only the owner of the Novel T ranch knows who he really is. He's got a chance to become a movie star if he can learn to be a real cowboy. Royce Rutgers is what Zadie thinks will be the perfect model the book cover. Royce isn't thrilled because that was a former job. He relents when he looks into Zadie's eyes. A trip to the area that the cover will be set has Royce and Zadie getting to know each other. An accident has him worrying that his secret may be out. A colleague makes jokes at Royce's expense and tries to get Zadie's attention. As they start to fall in love Royce wants to pull back because he can't tell her the truth. A confrontation between Royce and the actor he's supposed to replace brings out his secret and where he's originally from.  A nemesis needs their help. Their feelings are revealed and all is forgiven. Five years later they are successful and living on a ranch near Los Angeles and receive visitors. Royce is a famous actor, Zadie illustrated several more books and they're about to have a family. 

God shows seven couples that you'll find the true love of your life in the most unique and unexpected times of your life. Women who were wanting to prove they can stand on their own with out a man find the man of their dreams while on their MissAdvetures. Seven sweet, heartfelt stories of overcoming the trouble you find yourself in to grab true love and live the life God has meant you to live with the perfect person for you.
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What a fun collection of novellas! Full of ignoring social norms, great adventure, and heartwarming romance, The MissAdventure Brides Collection is sure to delight any lover of historical fiction and novella collections. 
In particular, MissTaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse is entertaining, humorous, and oh so sweet. When the headstrong Abigail Monroe sets out to explore the world, her misadventures soon bring her into contact with Texas Ranger Jim Williams. Their story continues with suspense, danger, a thread of faith, and plenty of sparks flying, and the pair kept me smiling through it all. All in all, it’s a quick and charming read.
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“The Missadventure Brides” by multiple authors is an anthology about seven daring misses who decide for themselves what their future could hold.  Each one has a plan for her future, even though she is not sure how to make that happen, nor who may cross her path to change that future.  The stories vary from locations such as 1832 Montana to 1936 Arizona.  Each woman’s story is a testament to the tenacity of certain young women during a time when women were constricted to certain actions, clothing, and social norms.  I found this series of stories extremely interesting because of the diverse course of their lives.
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The MISSadventure Brides Collection is a book of seven novellas from different authors.  All of the stories have strong women characters who have strong Christian faith.  The stories are all different and enjoyable.  These women are strong, brave and very determined to make their place in the world known.  I recommend this collection.
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This is a compilation of several authors of how strong women rise above expectations. 
The books included in this compilation are Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee, MissTaken Identity by Kimberly Woodhouse, Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey, Maddy's Llamas by Marjorie Vawter, Zola's Cross-Country Adventure by Mary Davis, Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlachter and Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E. Kovach.
Each book had a women protagonist and did not wait for a man to save the day like some of the stories that we are used to as a child. These books made me get up and save the day!
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Love Is One of Life’s Greatest Adventures
Seven daring damsels don’t let the norms of their eras hold them back. Along the way these women attract the attention of men who admire their bravery and determination, but will they let love grow out of the adventures?

Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee
1832 Montana
Heather Duncan takes over her father’s fur trapping business, believing it’s an opportunity to also gain knowledge of medicinal plants, but a growing sympathy for animals and blossoming adoration for a rugged mountain man capture her heart.

My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐

I thought the story line progressed a little early.
It's one of my biggest pet peeves, which is why I don't care for novellas all that much.

  I admired Louie's unwavering faith that God is good.
I know so many people suffer because they have a hard time trusting God is ultimately good, even if our circumstances aren't.
  But Louie refused to let anyone or anything alter his Faith in Christ.

 This book was odd. It annoyed me that at one point, Heather wasn't allowed in a room alone with one guy, but she went camping with another she met a week ago out in the middle of nowhere. 🤔🤔

Also, what's with Louie? He can be fine one second and have a raging fever and fearing for his life in another second?

 While Louie was really, very, sweet, he was too prim and proper, too perfect. A goody two shoes. I'm sorry to say I won't be adding him to my book boyfriend list 😕

  I didn't like how Louie was always right. Like, Heather wasn't a mindless, meek, whimpering, stupid little girl.

  Heather said that she liked learning about all this Bible stuff, but it made her feel vulnerable too. Do you feel vulnerable when trusting God? How does that make you feel?

MissTaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse
1883 Texas
Headstrong, bubbly, accident-prone Abigail Monroe is on a quest for adventure away from society’s expectations. But her pursuits are unexpectedly thwarted when she is arrested by a handsome Texas Ranger.

  My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This story is the whole reason I requested this book.
Wrongfully accused of a crime, disguised as a boy, Abigail Monroe is thrown in jail by a handsome Texas Ranger, who believes her name is Chuck Miller.

No matter how hard clumsy Abigail tries to convince the ranger she's innocent, some how evidence keeps popping up that puts Abigail in a deeper pit.

  Abigail's spit fire, stubborn ways were very amusing, well not to Jim. But it was funny to watch him get frustrated with her. 😂   Watch him? I mean, read about him getting frustrated.

 I loved both Jim and Abigail. Both super stubborn and strong.

Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey
1885 Arkansas
City girl, Leah Ellison has big dreams but soon finds out that teaching in a backwards Ozark mountain community is far different than what she’d imagined.

My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Leah Ellison, a fragile, fancy, young lady who smells of sunshine and roses.
Proved to be a fiery, strong woman by the end of the story.

Luke Canfield, a sweet character.
And not just because he shares a name with my sweet kitten.

  Leah's tendency to be extremely blunt raised a few eyebrows and extracted a few good laughs.

Luke has sworn off women, he's not sure what to do when the most beautiful woman on the mountain (his words not mine), takes a special liking to him. She's pure spit fire and fiery, Luke's not sure if he should run away, or to her.

Some things felt rushed.
I didn't much care for Cynthia's writing style.
I didn't hate it, I just prefer a different reader/writer relationship.
There were some really cute scenes.
Leah and Luke are really an adorable couple

  Overall a very cute and sweet story with a good amount of depth.

Maddy’s Llamas by Marjorie Vawter
1898 Colorado
In spite of Maddy’s “missadventures” raising her llamas for their wool and strictly-by-the-book Harry’s attempts to get her to do things “right,” they learn to work together and find love in the laughter.

My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Maddy, described as eccentric, maybe even a little crazy, was a very amusing and ambitious character.
I loved her!

  The story line was good, the writing style not too shabby.
I liked both Maddy and Harry.
And the odd Llamas😂

  A “rancheress”, not many people approve of Maddy's chosen line of profession.
Described as odd, eccentric, she doesn't have many friends.

  Her parents love for her is conditional, they've expressed their disapproval for her quite boldly. making Maddy feel lonely and hold people at arms length. That is except Aunt Susie, who isn't actually related by blood.

  The uncanny attachment Maddy's favorite Llama, Betta, has to Harry, angers and unnerves her. But it made me laugh, sorry Maddy 😂😂 And now I'm talking to fictional characters..

Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure by Mary Davis
1903 cross-country trip
Zola Calkin sets out on an adventure to be the first woman to drive across the country. Will the journalist tasked to report her presumed failure sabotage her efforts? Or will he steal her heart?

My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Zola was inspiring.
A voice for the women who were too afraid to speak out.
She was bold, stubborn and fiery. My kinda character!

  Allen angered me quite a lot.
Believing women incapable of a simple a task as changing a tire

   Zola and her cousin Vivian knew more about car engines than Allen or his dopey photographer

  Even though this story is only fiction, I found myself rooting for these amazing ladies.
I went off in my head quite a few times to the pigheaded, sexist men who dare cross these women

  I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

  Even when men did their best to sabatoge their efforts, the women persevered

   I appreciated the character growth on all of their parts, but especially on Allen's.

Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlachter
1925 New Mexico
A tour guide who wants to move on and a playboy who’s never had a place to call home—can they overcome their own plans and allow God to make their path straight, or will they take yet another detour?

   My thoughts: ⭐⭐⭐
Peter believes Millie is a flighty, flimsy actress.
But on the contrary, Millie is a focused and determined young woman fleeing an abusive past.
She has more character and depth than she is given credit for. She contains more strength than she knows

   Peter is kindhearted, his heart is in the right place most of the time.

  I didn't really ship Peter and Millie. They were too different and I didn't feel they connected well.

 An aspiring preacher, Peter falls fast and hard for Millie, but knows anything romantic between them would die a sorrowful death.

For Millie it's California or bust.
Can an actress and man of the cloth really navigate the path of love successfully?

   Peter accused Millie of not knowing Christ, but I think he needed to look at his own self and get to know Christ a little more.

Millie believes she has her whole life planned out- go to Hollywood, get rich and famous, live the rest of her life in comfort.

What she doesn't plan for is a too good looking, roguish man who claims to be "In like with her."

Millie was quite a bit selfish
"The moral of the story is that sometimes what scares us the most is meant to help us."

Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E. Kovach
1936 Arizona
Zadie Fitzpatrick, an artist from New York, is commissioned to go on location in Arizona to paint illustrations for an author of western novels and falls for the male model.

My thoughts:⭐⭐⭐

Royce Retger and Zadie Fitzpatrick.
This novella was like none other I've read. Royce is a male model pretending to be a seasoned cowboy.

Royce's mishaps, mistakes and slip ups proved to be very amusing.

Zadie was a fun and lively character. She had strength and confidence oozing out of her ears.

  Royce Retger has a lot of forgiving to do but that doesn't stop him from falling head over boots (points if you get my song reference 😉) in love with Zadie.

  The story line was good. And the writing was very good.

  I think it's just that I really want a break from reading, but this story didn't capture my attention nor my heart.
 It wasn't exceptional but it really wasn't bad.

Here are the links you're looking to purchase this amazing novella collection!
Amazon  and Christian Books.Com
**I received an ecopy of this book from one of the authors in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are purely by own. **
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What a different collection! All completely different stories, quite unique and very entertaining with a message of Christian faith within.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the Barbour Publishing - Netgalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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MissTaken Identity: I just adored this fun weekend read! I couldn’t put it down. Fast paced from the first page, witty and entertaining dialogue and a happy ever after worth waiting for. Jim and Abigail had the cutest sparks and it was so enjoyable to see how this mistaken identity ended up! Perfect amount of danger, just the right romance and this is a bookshelf keeper. I loved it! I received a copy of this book through JustRead Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Love is one of life's greatest adventures. This anthology chronicles seven daring damsels who don't let the norms of their eras hold them back. Along the way, they each attract the attention of men who admire their bravery and determination. Of these authors the only one I was really familiar with was Kimberley Woodhouse, but I'd heard good things about a few of the others. I enjoyed getting to know their work, as well. 

Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee: I really liked Heather's strength and compassion, Louis's faith and how he helped to strengthen her faith. I liked that it was Louis that it was Louis who led Heather to Christ, rather than the way around, as in my experience, that's a somewhat unique perspective in Christian romance. I liked that they had such a strong sense of justice and forgiveness.

Misstaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse: I always enjoy Kimberley's unique persepectives and imaginative storylines and this novella was no exception. As always, I could tell how much research Kimberley had done into the era and culture that she's writing about. 

Maddy's Llamas by Marjorie Vawter: This was such a sweet story about unconditional love. Many times, we feel like we have to earn love or be good enough but that's not what real love is like, not the kind of love that God wants for us and I really enjoyed seeing Maddy find real love, especially after the way her parents treated her. I could tell that the author had done a lot of research into the time period and the animals featured. I liked that the characters weren't cookie cutter or one dimensional.

Zola's Cross Country Adventure by Mary Davis: This was such a wonderful adventure and I enjoyed every bit of this sweet novella. The characters were dynamic and expressive and I enjoyed how strong their faith was. I also enjoyed that this was based on actual events and the amount of research and attention to detail was put in. 

Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlater: This was a sweet novella about a tour guide who wants to move on. This was a sweet, fun read that I enjoyed. I'll be reading more of this author's work.

Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E Kovach: This really was a fun, sweet adventure. I enjoyed all of the characters, even the bad guys. Everything was so well written and well spaced that I really can't wait to read more of this author's work.

I'll be honest, I think Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey was left out of my ARC and I'm a bit disappointed because if it is as good as the other novellas, I'm definitely missing out.
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Although MissAdventure Brides Collection is a book of novellas my review is only for “MissTaken Identity” by Kimberley Woodhouse. Bored with her life as a wealthy cattle ranch owner, Abigail decides she needs an adventure. And an adventure she got! Disguised as a man (Chuck) her travels and her propensity for mishaps not only lands her in jail, but into some precarious situations. A Texas Ranger, Jim, comes into play, but I don’t want to ruin the story.

This is a cute, well-written story that’ll make you chuckle as well as keep you guessing.
I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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Great group of stories..I'm leaving a review for MissTaken Identity,which was my favorite. I found the story refreshingly funny as Abigail or "Miller" seems to always be getting herself into a pickle. She's in search of an adventure(and boy does she get one) by pretending to be a man and if she can further her cause of enlightening people on the dangers of intoxication of alcohol well then she'll have accomplished her task. However, things go horribly wrong when she encounters two men on a carriage ride, and suddenly finds herself in jail by a handsome Texas Ranger. Now if she could only trust him with the truth of who and what(a woman) she really is there may be hope of providing her innocence and perhaps she can land herself a suitable husband who actually loves her and isn't just after her money and lan
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I loved this collection. Full of fun adventures and romance. Some were filled with humor others a bit more mystery. 

My favorite one in the collection is MissTaken Identity by Kimberly Woodhouse. Abigail a spitfire and full of sarcasm, who ends up getting arrested by a charming Texas Ranger. That is only the start of her trouble. 

A great group of novella's that are well worth the read.
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