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I loved reading this book. Wanda has the ability to enable the reader to be right there in the thick of the experience.  Conveying the grief, the shock and  the warmth that Amanda experiences as she treks towards the Mission Station where she wants to serve the Lord and teach the Indians of His love.  Woman of Courage is quite different to any other book that I've read of Wanda's. Within the pages of this book Wanda brings to life some of the Quaker's ways and introduces a few of the Red Indian tribes within America and their differences.. The added sequel brings home the truth that so often plays out in the lives of families today.Parents often try to protect their  loved ones from mistakes they themselves had made, only to find that unfortunately their children also seem to learn by making these similiar errors.
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Amanda Pearson is a Quaker woman of deep faith taught to her by her preacher father. When her fiance breaks off their engagement, she and her father decide to leave New York. They sell their home and belongings and head west to become missionaries. Their goal is to bring God to the native people. The journey is perilous and both her father and guide die leaving her along to try and find the way to the fort. She becomes deathly ill and is rescued by an Indian Woman. It turns out that she is married to a white man and speaks enough English to communicate. Amanda and Mary (Yellow Feather) become friends and Mary becomes Amanda's fist Christian. 

This story is very well written. There are many adventures, trials and tribulations that Amanda goes through. We learn about various tribes and some of their customs. We find out about kidnappings, slavery and relationships between the tribes. Through flashbacks, we find out how Mary ended up married to a white man and what happened in her past. Amanda was very courageous and true to her faith and beliefs. She was also a sweet and caring woman. I also felt sorry for her with all that she went though. It seemed like so many things went wrong, but with her prayers, the Lord was there protecting her and brought her through many situations. I do not want to tell you more about the actual story as it is very interesting to uncover as you read this tale. This was The Collector's Edition of the story and also contained a short story about "Little Fawn" and what happens to her as the story continues. It gave some closure to some aspects of the story. A very enjoyable Historical Fiction book with a Christian plotline. The publisher, Barbour Publishing, Incorporated, generously provided me with a copy of this book to read. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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“I am a woman of faith who is trusting in the Lord to give her courage.”

“Woman of Courage” has been on my reading list for a few years now, and I am glad that I was able to read this collector’s edition, which includes the sequel novella “Woman of Hope.” Expecting “Woman of Courage” to be a travel novel and an Oregon Trail-like experience, I was surprised to discover that it fell more into the genre of wilderness survival and mountain living. Traveling was still a part of the tale, but most of the narrative was focused on the characters’ experiences and interactions with each other rather than on the trek itself. Fraught with omnipresent danger, this story did not have any lulls or tedious sections and proved to be a quick read, even taking into consideration the appended novella. The situations seemed realistic and not contrived, and there were several twists that I did not expect, which I always appreciate. Amanda, the eponymous heroine, was a sweet character, and I would have liked to have more of her background; other than being unerringly Christian and using quaint language (“thee” and “thou”), there were no other indications that she was a Quaker. It would have been worthwhile to add more information about this particular religious group to the story, in my opinion. However, I did appreciate the author’s use of Native American and mixed-race characters. 

Despite very much enjoying this story, there were a few points with which I had issues, and I wavered between a four and a five-star rating. Some of the language and slang used in the narrative was not period-appropriate, and several of the characters were stereotypical, including Amanda. She was too perfect and therefore did not seem to grow or change throughout the course of the story, whereas Jim Breck’s attitudes and place in the story shifted too quickly. Yellow Bird and Buck McFadden were my favorite characters, as they were the most dynamic and realistic, given their pasts and what became of them. Because Amanda was a missionary, the Christian underpinning of the novel did come across as preachy, but not overbearingly so. Amanda’s story dovetailed well into that of Little Fawn’s in “Woman of Hope”, and this novella is what ultimately bumped up my rating. Little Fawn’s story was not as idealistic and yet it was still hopeful and inspiring. Amanda’s character was also more realistic, and all of the characters’ actions were credible. The story was well written for its short length, as well, and it did not seem like it was too abrupt. Being able to see how circumstances changed for the characters from “Woman of Courage” in the approximately seventeen-year time gap and being introduced to the next generation of characters was a fitting way to end the saga. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
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Heart-warming Western Missionary story

I always enjoy Wanda Brunstetter's books.  They are heart-warming but usually with a bit of a twist.  This one is the story of a woman who goes West to be a missionary, after a broken romance.  The story by itself is good, but I especially enjoyed the debate over what really is the purpose of missionaries and the respect for the Native culture.  Plus, there is a newly written short story that continues the saga.  Nice winter's read.
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I’ve long been a fan of Wanda’s Amish fiction so I was definitely looking forward to a novel featuring a Quaker main character! I don’t know much about them and have only read a book or two highlighting them. I’d have to rate this as her best yet! I’ve also since learned “Woman of Courage” had already been written, but what I read is a Collector’s Edition so there is an added story at the end entitled “The Story of Little Fawn”.  Both are a delightful historical read.

Amada Pearson‘s heart is to bring the gospel to the Nez Pierce Indians. I especially enjoyed this particular historical fiction because I live in a close proximity to the modern day Lapwai Valley in Oregon.  Amanda and her papa set out with their guide to travel from New York to the Western wilderness to help minister alongside the Rev. and Mrs. Spalding. However, the trail is strewn with heartache and many devastating losses. When Amanda finds herself injured in an unfamiliar cabin tended by a kind Indian woman, her life takes on a completely different turn. I admire how she clings to her strong faith to make it through the tough days ahead. She also befriends the Indian woman named Mary “Yellow Bird” and learns much of what she needs to know about the Nez Pierce. It’s as if the Lord has placed her exactly where she needs to be at exactly the right time! She also meets Buck, who is a good friend of Mary’s husband Jim…who also wants nothing to do with the Gospel due to a cruel father. I loved seeing how the Lord changed his heart at the end and all the various things that happened in the story, there’s so much packed into it! Brunstetter knows how to spin a tale to keep you wanting more and invested in her characters & storyline. It only took me two days to read this because I didn’t want to put it down! I think anyone who is a fan of this writer, loves history, enjoys a strong faith thread, adventure, and a hard won happily-ever-after at the end will enjoy this one. I loved journeying alongside Amanda, Mary, and Buck as they travel to bring the good news to the Nez Pierce Indians. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. *
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Wanda E. Brunstetter in her book, Woman of Courage, has crafted quite a story taking us back to the unsettled west. With the descriptions of the trail guides, forts, and Indian villages you will feel like you've stepped back in time.  

Let me just say, this book was not a fluffy book in any way.  You will feel the heartbreak with each tragedy as you begin to realize just how dangerous the west really was,  Death can come fast in the wilderness and it shocks you who it claims. Knowing that, safety and being aware of their surroundings,  was at the forefront of their mind at all times. It's when they let down their guard thing begin to happen.   

Amanda was my favorite character as she never let up on preaching the gospel with the hopes of bringing everyone she meets to God.  I think I would have buckled under the pressure of people who didn't want to hear but she had the courage and the love to never gave up.   

It was a great, great read
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The author grabbed my attention right away as Amanda gets an unexpected visit from her fiance the night before their wedding. I am not a big fan of Nathan as he breaks Amanda's heart. What is she suppose to do now with her life? The adventure starts off with Amanda and her father s they travel with a guide to head west. I can just image the terrain they traveled on and the dangers they faced. Maybe this will be a new beginning for Amanda.

The determination and strength of Amanda is seen throughout the story as she faces a treacherous undertaking across the wilderness. She promised her father she would share Jesus with others and along her journey, she finds several who are eager to learn more about Him. I can't imagine what it would be like to travel with little shelter and danger waiting to surprise you. Amanda is strong in her faith and hope that her message will reach many.

I loved following her as she traveled and being introduced to unforgettable characters. I can't forget to mention Mary and Jim. They play a pivotal roll in Amanda's story. I loved the way the author gives us a glimpse of the past in Amanda and several other characters lives. The story is filled with danger, faith, and hope. As an extra bonus included in the book is a bonus story.


This story features Amanda's daughter that she took in and is a treat to read. Little Fawn has dreamed of being a missionary like her mother and one day she will make that a reality. Little Fawn is very feisty and I'm afraid she may go out on her own to spread the word about God. I remember when I got saved, I wanted to tell everyone. Little Fawn must have that same joyful spirit and she is getting closer to leaving her home without permission. I loved the adventure Little Fawn took and the people she encountered. She faces real danger when she is captured and fears her fate is sealed. It will be a true test of faith and endurance for Little Fawn. Don't miss this story that captures the true heart of a woman who loves God.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
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Its 1837 in New York and Amanda's fiancé has broken their engagement the night before the wedding. With the plan of helping missionaries bring the gospel to the Nez Perce Indians, Amanda and her father head for the Oregon territory. With great detail the author takes us along on this incredible journey, with dangers I am so glad I did not experience when I travelled across the country! This prim and proper Quaker lady learned many lesssons but the most important one was that prayer changes things and God answers prayer, sometimes different than you hoped, but He answers nevertheless. She became a true Woman of Courage.
This Collectors Edition also tells the story of Little Fawn, Amanda's daughter and how she became a Woman of Hope by learning to fully trust God.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. All impressions and opinions are my own.
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The most amazing historical novel that I have read in a while. This book had me on the edge of my seat, praying for the safety of the characters and wondering how they could go on.  Through Women of Courage I learned some things about the Indian tribes that I had no idea about. Characters are amazing and kept the faith even though they wanted to give up.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing, Inc., for the read of Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Woman of Courage - Collector’s Edition Continues the Story of Little Fawn.

Woman of Courage has to be my new favourite from Wanda E. Brunstetter. Her incredible writing, truly engaging characters, and her steadfast faith shine through her writing. 

We meet Amanda, an innocent, inexperienced, and naïve young woman, jilted and then orphaned. Travel with Amanda on her whirlwind journey, as she meets with joys and sorrows on her perilous journey to bring the word of God to Native Americans. 

You will cheer as Amanda finds great bravery, rejoice as she stands in defense of her unwavering faith, and celebrate as she learns tremendous courage.

An adventure you absolutely must read!

NB:Just as you sigh because you are not ready for the story to end, it continues! The Story of Little Fawn was exceptionally poignant. Thank you Wanda. 

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing, Inc. through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in my review are my very own.
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Thank you to Zondervan for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review!
Wanda Brunstetter has done it again! This book is the perfect mix of romance, information, and Jesus. I absolutely adore Amanda and her can’t-give-up attitude. Although this one isn’t Amish based, it’s still amazing. I can’t wait to see if Amanda’s story becomes a series, or if Mrs. Brunstetter will do another story from a different angle.
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Woman of Courage is a gripping novel that I wanted to read because of both the author and description. This Collector’s Edition includes a short story, Woman of Hope, about Little Fawn. One of America’s favorite storytellers shares a breathtaking historical drama from the period of Manifest Destiny while changing her focus from Amish to Quakers. The characters are unique, strong, hardworking people, and the descriptions of scenery across the country are so magnificent that I could almost see and smell it.
Amanda’s fiancé Nathan Lane did a cruel thing. Within a short period of time, Quaker Amanda Pearson believed the Lord was calling her to be a missionary with the Reverend Spalding and his wife with the Nez Perce Indians in Oregon territory. Her father sold their house and his business so she wouldn’t go alone. The trip would be long and arduous across the country, through the Rocky Mountains, then to Oregon. They finally made it to Wyoming territory and hired a guide to Oregon territory. Papa had not told her until it was too late that his heart was failing, and that he had a dream in which the Lord told him their future lay in the west. Dying from a heart attack, he made Amanda promise to continue west with or without him.
Ever alert for Indians, Amanda and her guide, Harvey, continue on horseback into the Rockies. Even as she continues to pray about everything, the worst occurs, and Amanda becomes so sick that she is unable to go further.
In the mountains, Jim Breck and the wife he traded for from the Blackfoot Indians, Mary, born Yellow Bird and stolen from her Nez Perce family, had a cabin where Jim trapped, hunted, and fished. Mary was pregnant, only weeks until her due date. Jim has a young friend Buck Red Hawk McFadden; they met when Buck was about 14 and Jim taught him about trapping and hunting. There is a red hawk he rescued when a hatchling and raised that always lives near him. When Buck finds Amanda on the trail, very sick and suffering a head wound, he takes her to Mary, who knows much about healing and herbs.
This special edition includes a short story about Little Fawn and the young man sweet on her, White Wolf. Little Fawn was adopted as an infant into a home with one white parent and one of mixed heritage, and she wants to be a missionary to other Indians. Her parents won’t yet allow her to go, so she leaves in the night without a note. She, also, endures struggles, as does White Wolf when he tries to find her.
There is more than one woman of courage in these stories. It would be impossible to travel cross-country to serve as a missionary to a different culture without God-given courage through beautiful prayers of faith. Each of the characters is well defined; when one finishes the novel, it is hard to leave them behind.
I highly recommend this Collector’s Edition Woman of Courage with Woman of Hope. Both are written with excellence. The stories sing with the joy of life lived for and with God. They are hard to put down. Dialog is realistic, and one of the underlying themes is why God allows bad things to happen to His people. With use of scripture and forgiveness, we see what they do when we don’t understand. This is one of my favorite novels by this author; she has designed characters that one can genuinely appreciate.
From a grateful heart: I received a copy of this e-Arc from the publisher and NetGalley, and this is my honest review.
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Get lost in the wilderness of North America!
Many lessons of faith and Christianity throughout this story of a young woman who travels from Dansville, N.Y. to Oregon/Idaho (about 3,000 miles, mostly wilderness) to teach the Nez pierce Indians about Jesus. Strength, determination and perseverance, pushing on when most would give up. A journey even the experienced would find difficult, but she has no experience to draw on. When everything is taken from her, she still has her faith and doesn't turn back. I'm sure, like me, that you will find something within that ministers and strengthens you. She believes strongly in her mission to bring people to Jesus, and has a long and difficult travel. But God uses adversity in many ways.  I've done some woods camping so I can appreciate what she went through, but not nearly to the extent. Let alone the threats she encountered. You know you will love a story of Wanda's! A fabulous story to get lost in.

Also included in the Collectors's Edition - Woman Of Hope - about her adopted Indian daughter, Little Fawn, who wants to be a missionary to other Indians at a Rendezvous but her mother won't attend or let her go for reasons of her own. When the girl tries to go by herself she is captured and abused,  but meaning is brought and God shines through. A wonderful story of deep and abiding faith throughout.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Barbour Publishing, Inc and the Netgalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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Truly a woman of courage

New York Times best-selling and award-winning author Wanda E. Brunstetter who has written many Amish fiction and American historical fiction books, starts her book "Woman of Courage" in 1837 in Dansville, New York in a Quaker Community. The book was originally published in 2014 but this Collector's Edition also includes the story of Little Fawn.
Twenty-two year old Amanda Pearson plans to marry Nathan Lane, but he cancels two days before the weeding because he is supposedly in love with Penelope Goodwin. Three months later Amanda travels west in Wyoming with her father in order to join a Quaker mission at Lapwai Creek, Oregon. Her father dies on the trip but Amanda continues with their guide Harvey Hanson who later is killed in a storm by a falling tree. Seriously sick Amanda is found days later by Buck who takes her to Mary (Yellow Bird, a native of the Nez Perce [Nimiipuu] tribe) and Jim Breck's cabin in the woods where she stays unconscious for many days. All of them carry hurts from their past and have to life with the challenges of an isolated life in the mountains such as a bear attack and hostile humans, but the birth of Mary and Jim's son brings also joy into their lives.
Amanda's faith never wavers even when she and Mary are faced with more challenges that finally lead them to the Spaulding Mission in Lapwai Creek.
Brunstetter includes discussion questions at the end of the book that can be used for personal reflection as well as for group discussion in a book club. The book also includes the novella "Woman of Hope" which takes places in the Lapwai Valley in 1854. Little Fawn, the adopted daughter of Amanda and Buck, wants to join the Nimiipuu tribe in their annual food gathering trip, an undertaking to which her parents had never taken her nor her brother Running Fox.  Unknown to anybody she sneaks away on her horse and runs into unexpected challenges and trials. Only due to White Wolf's courage is she freed and restored to her parents.
I recommend this book to women who are interested in American historical novels that include Native Americans. It is a good and relaxing read that shows the trials and challenges of people in this period of history.

The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Woman of Courage is a wonderfully engaging frontier fiction by Wanda Brunstetter. Even though this particular story differs from Brunstetter's usual Amish fiction, readers will not be disappointed. Recently jilted by her fiance, Amanda and her father leave New York to travel thousands of miles westward with the intent of joining an established mission work with the Nez Perce´ Indians. And what a journey it is--illnesses and deaths, bears and snakes to contend with, mishaps with the horses--the author does a great job of keeping the reader's interest high with the description of this danger-fraught trip that is set in the 1830s. The story is brim full of information about several American Indian tribes and their beliefs and customs. I especially enjoyed reading about the annual Rendezvous where trappers and Indians and their families gathered for trading and selling goods. Descriptions of wilderness ways of housing and clothing, and herbal medicines and birthing were well done and added depth to the story. The characters are vividly portrayed and their actions and emotions resonate with the reader. I was quickly caught up into the lives of the characters and their stories. And they each definitely have a past story that is driving life in the present.  The title is 'Woman' of Courage but I think it could have been titled 'Women' of Courage as readers meet several women who are brave, resourceful, and have the strength of mind and body to survive the harshness of wilderness life. An added bonus in the  Collector's Edition is a continuation of the story about one of the babies who is born in Woman of Courage. Woman of Hope tells the story of Little Fawn. Brunstetter has written a beautiful, captivating tale of disappointment and loss, of forgiveness and second chances, of love and faith in the God who is guiding and providing through it all. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions are my own.
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3 stars
I am totally conflicted by this book. The writing is superior; however, Woman of Courage is just loaded with so many people, ideas and conflicts. This book could have been easily two or three books instead of one. For example, I realized when I was only about 35% done with the book that Amanda had already had her fiance leave her, her and her father sell their home to journey to the Nez Perce reservation, her father dies, her guide dies, she decides to go it alone, she becomes gravely ill, was found by a trapper who took her to a Native American woman(Mary) and her white husband’s(Jim) home to be healed, she helps deliver Mary’s baby and almost got assaulted by a white man who wanted their horses. 

This all happened within the first third of the book!

It is just ridiculous the sheer number of things happening in Woman of Courage.I kept reading until about 60% because Wanda Brunstetter wrote a story with amazing characters and feeling but I just could not get past all of the never-ending conflicts, people and plot lines. I just finally had to give up.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. The views given are my own. #WomanofCourage #NetGalley #BarbourPublishing Inc.
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Amanda and her father set of across the country, heading towards Spalding Mission in Oregon Territory.  Along the way she meets Buck, Jim and Mary, who all play a prominent part in the story.  Travel through the lands with sometimes hostile Indians and wildlife as well as weather make for a long journey.  A good story with lots of action sprinkled through out.  The bonus addition with Little Fawn is nice to catch up on the characters from the original story.
A complimentary copy of this book was provided courtesy of Barbour Publishing.  A review was not required and all thoughts are my own.
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I’m writing this review about the Collector’s Edition, which contains the book “Woman of Courage” as well as a new novella, “Woman of Hope”.  The book “Woman of Courage” was originally published in 2014.  The novella “Woman of Hope” continues the story of Little Fawn, a character in the previous book.

Wanda Brunstetter is well-known for her beloved Amish novels. This book has a completely different storyline:  In a story set in the 1800’s, an American Quaker missionary travels west to become a missionary to the Nez Perce Indians.  Amanda Pearson faces many dangers on her journey to the western wilderness, but her faith in God and her passion for sharing the Gospel with this tribe never waivers.  She makes a close friend of Yellow Bird, an Indian woman who accepts the Gospel message and she also displays courage as she faces a new life.  I think this is one of Mrs. Brunstetter’s best books.  The storyline is suspenseful and the characters are some of her best yet.  The author is respectful of the Indians’ beliefs, yet shows the good work of the missionaries to the tribes.

The new novella, “Woman of Hope” rejoins these characters as the children from the first book reach adulthood.  This story focuses on Little Fawn and her desire to reach her people with the Gospel message. She has some maturing to do, and her impulsive actions are the basis for this story.

I enjoyed both these stories and know fans of Wanda Brunstetter will love these stories, too.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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I loved being given access to Women of Courage from netgally and Wanda  Branstetter. It is a story of many challenges and tons of obstacles. The courage of the woman in the story to go on and find faith no matter what is so heartwarming and just an amazing story of one's faith in God. This is one of my favorite stories I have read from this author so far.
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Amanda Person thought she knew what her future would be, it was the night before her wedding and she was so happy. But an unexpected visit from her fiance changed everything. No wedding, no happily ever after, no future in the Quaker congregation where her father preached.

So Amanda and her father set out toward the West to Join a couple in their Mission to bring Christ to the Nez Perce  Indians in the Oregon Territory.

She was worried about her father who looked so tired. He finally was forced to tell her that his heart was failing, he was not long for this world and secured her promise she would continue on without him. She could have never guessed at the trials, dangers and the strengths she never knew she had as she struggles to fulfill that promise!

A wonderful story of a brave woman and her Journey with God toward true happiness.  From one of my favorite Authors and now one of my favorite of her stories
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