Running from Demons

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Great read! Pillar is a null a person, a person without magic. But she is stubborn and makes her own way! Pillar is treated as an outcast due to no magically ability, and she has no one. She's lost looking f her way after she graduates she jumps at the chance to learn more about her mother....This was a quick read sometimes a slow but definitely worth reading!
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I liked this, found it interesting and I liked the writers style, quite different abc I like something a bit new and a different take on things. Pillar is lost in her world and I like how the story unfolds, it isn't rushed but it isn't too slow either, we get her story bit by bit . I like the fact although this was the second in the series although I hadn't read the first I could enjoy this as a standalone.  I found it a little slow to start but I won't give up on a book and it picked up, I'm glad I did.  Pillar is a good likeable and emotive main character and the world building is really good. If I'm going to criticise it at all it's that some of the lesser characters weren't as padded out or likeable. I enjoyed this and would read more of the authors books .
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Book review of Running From Demons  by M.K. Theodoratus  ...

The world building is magnificent and the characters are well defined. There is plenty of action, a little romance and a coming of age if you will.

It was good, give it a go!
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