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This was one of the most entertaining graphic novels I've read in a while. Free-wheeling, fast moving, full of heart and invention, and original story, engrossing, and not a human in sight! I don't know if it's aimed at younger readers, but I found it perfectly fine and I'm definitely not a younger reader, but it will serve them too, especially girls who already really know they can do anything, but perhaps need an occasional bit of encouragement to keep them reminded so they don't get remaindered! I'm always an advocate of US writers getting away from the idea that the 'US is the only country worth writing about'. It;s such a trope and this story isn't only outside the US, it's quite literally out of this world.

It's about these two alien girls, one of whom is orphaned. The other lives close by with her mom and dad. Dad is a mechanic and they live on an asteroid surrounded by a mess of defunct spacecraft. The two girls are always trying to fix up something they can fly and all-too-often lack the pristine parts they need to do the work properly, leaving them with less than desirable results, but they're optimistic and inventive, and they never give up.

Into this sweet life comes an old acquaintance of their dad's asking for help in repairing his spacecraft - the Quasar Torrent - a request dad flatly refuses. His daughter decides this is a nifty way to make some cash and buy new parts for their own projects, so Rox and Zam offer to fix the problem only to discover, when the work is done, that they're no longer on the asteroid and are now part of a pirate crew in space - kidnapped!

As their tenure aboard as resident mechanics continues, and they fix all sorts of problems and befriend the easy-going crew, they realize there's more to this pirate life than they'd thought, and they also realize their captain isn't a nice guy at all. Plus, there are stowaways aboard!

Zam and Rox manage to juggle all these issues while keeping their sense of humor and upping their skill set, and a great story with a sweet ending is the result. The story is intelligent and fun, and the artwork is wonderful. I fully commend this as a worthy read (with a great title!)
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I loved this.

I don't often read graphic novels. I go through spurts with them, but mostly I forget they exist until something catches my eye or I have the odd hankering for one. Today was one where I just wanted something light to read over my lunch break. I thought maybe a kid’s graphic novel would fit the bill perfectly. I was right.

Jeff Weigel does a great job on all points with Quantum Mechanics. The main characters are cute, likable, and gutsy. They're also girls who are budding mechanics (huge plus!). There's just enough of a hint of danger to delight younger thrill-seekers. Otherwise it's a story that illustrates that sometimes people aren't what they appear to be, that friends can be found where you least expect it, and gives a good adventure with a happy ending.

The layout of Quantum Mechanics was nice as well. I did find myself occasionally reading down instead of side to side (but I think that’s a personal problem of mine more than anything.) The illustrations are nice. The colors are pleasing. The lettering is clear. The action is always obvious. The story itself is only about 213 pages long. The rest of the book is Weigel taking readers through the step-by-step process he uses to make a graphic novel. He also talks about the evolution of this book as well 

Because this is a kid’s graphic novel, you’re not going to see a lot of blood or serious injuries. And nobody really gets hurt.

Overall, Quantum Mechanics was just a lovely read. It flowed well, the story was a fun one, and it was perfectly suited for younger readers but enjoyable by older ones as well. I haven’t read any of Weigel’s previous works, but I would definitely be willing to pick up more graphic novels from him in the future!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.
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Fun quick read. I didn’t enjoy the color pallete but that is just a personal thing. The characters were great!
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This book is so much fun.  It was late. I just wanted to take a peak before I went to bed. I ended up reading the whole thing through and getting to bed about 2am. 

The basic story is that two girls get kidnapped by pirates, space pirates, because they are so good at repairing space ships. 

So they make the most of it, while they try to figure out a way to get home.

The characters are fun, and real, well, as real as alien space pirates can be. The bad guys are not who you think they are, and I love that it is two young girls, well, alien girls, but girls none the less that are good at fixing things, and figuring out how to invent as well.

Thoroughly delightful book. I would love to see a sequel of some kind. 

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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A quirky graphic novel. Great color work and characters. I'll definitely recommend this one to our patrons.
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Predictable storyline, but fun to read anyways. Also suitable for younger readers.

I received a copy through Netgalley.
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