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A book with a clumsy moose, underwear on a camper's head, and a loyal friend who is always there to encourage you.  What more could you want??!!  This will make a delightfully funny read-aloud for kids of all ages.  Highly recommended.  Review based on an ARC from NetGalley.
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This was a very cute book about a sweet, clumsy moose. He wonders how he can be helpful at all when he's not like the others but in his own way he winds up making quite the impression. I can see my 4 year old students getting a tickle out of this one.
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*Got this book courtesy of NetGalley*
That's for sure the shortest book I've read this year, but it's also most adorable one. Here's Whoopsie, a young moose, who isn't great at it. He falls a lot, can't jump and is smaller than other moose. He also has a best friend - a cute little bird. Even though Whoopsie falls often, he always gets up, which is a great lesson for readers. I love Whoopsie!
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Such a cute book about a clumsy moose. Whoopsie, the clumsy moose, falls a lot. Downhill, uphill, into trash cans, ... The book offers a lot of information about moose and has some very cute illustrations.
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From the author of "This Is a Taco" comes another delightful book that kids will love.  The book starts out with an apology from humiliated Moose:

"Sorry I crashed into your book. Let me find the missing "O", and I'll get out of your way."  

Moose feels embarrassed for causing the mishap and from his next statement you can tell his self-confidence is at an all-time low and he just wants to disappear into the woods.

"I'm not sure I'm the best moose for the job.  I fall down a lot. That's why everyone calls me "Whoopsie."

The book starts out by highlighting accurate facts concerning moose.  Moose are tall,  they can run fast and leap high but poor Whoopsie knows that he can't accomplish any of those things well.  He is clumsy and awkward and try as he might he just can't be fit into those molds and he feels downhearted and that he is a failure.  

After a series of missteps Moose has a Eureka moment!  Wow! He might just create a story about him falling down a lot.  That would be a hit for sure.  He would be telling HIS moose story from a different point of view and he would let others know that it is alright to be unique from the others.  He learns to accept his shortcomings and learns to embrace his idiosyncrasies.  This is a wonderful story about being diverse and mostly about being staying true to yourself.   I highly recommend this book.
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This was an adorable book by the author of This is a Taco.  Just like that title, this is another clever tale that not only provides plenty of giggles, but also teaches children a bit about animals, too.  In this case, the topic is moose.  The book is rife with meta-fiction, as Whoopsie and his friend Bird break the fourth wall, rearrange the letters of the book, and debate about who should really be telling this story.  All in all, this is a cute book that's sure to bring a smile to the face of any child.
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received a copy on NetGalley - cute. Enjoyed the mix of fiction/facts and would share as a read-aloud for lesson on "fake news"
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Whoopsie is adorable! What a great way for kids to understand that it's ok to make mistakes. With the help of an encouraging friend, he always gets back up again and his friend helps him to reframe his negative thoughts--an important life skill! As a special ed teacher and parent of a differently wired child, I will recommend this book to everyone! I can't wait to read it to my students!
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This is a Whoopsie! by Andrew Cangelose
Illustrated by Josh Shipley
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
ISBN: 9781941302873

Thanks to NetGalley and publisher Diamond Book Distributors for the ebook ARC of This is a Whoopsie! by Andrew Cangelose and illustrated by Josh Shipley in exchange for an honest review.

This is supposed to be a book about all the different things moose can do, like leaping and jumping and being really tall. But maybe Whoopsie isn’t the right moose for the job. You might want to pick a different moose for the book. Maybe instead we can do a book about falling down a lot? Yeah! Whoopise would be great at that! Its a hillarious book about a clumsy moose that shows sometimes being a little different can make one great story.

I give this book a rating of 5 stars. I read this book to my 4 year old daughter. This book was very funny and it has great illustrations. I loved the storyline and it had some great facts about moose as well. I love the fact that it shows that you can do anything you want if you try. It doesn’t matter if your clumsy like Whoopsie, you can still try!

#ThisIsAWhoopsie #NetGalley
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Full review on my blog that can be found at

I loved this book. Found the message relatable and the facts about moose thrown in was an added benefit.
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This was a delightful book with engaging illustrations!  The premise of the book that we took away was one of finding what you are good at when you are constantly aware of what you are not good at.  This book allows us to talk about this message and looking for things we can do well.  I loved the format of infusing facts about moose into the story in a unique way as well.  I would highly recommend this book to teachers and parents!
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Looking at this as a possible storytime read. Although in the middle there were some silly parts I think the kids would like, overall I’m not sure most of my kids would “get it”. Cute illustrations but not something I would read aloud.
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A book about moose featuring a clumsy moose

From the author of This Is a Taco!, and featuring a cameo by Taco, comes this book about a clumsy moose. Whoopsie is known by that name because of his tendency to accidents. Like Taco, this is a self-aware book where Whoopsie knows he is starring in, and messing up, a book. Along the way there is real information about moose and a lot of fun for the younger set.

I received a copy for review from the publisher, but will likely give a copy as a gift.
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I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This book about a clumsy moose is hysterical . It gives you some fun moose facts but is mostly a funny story about a moose. The pictures are great and bright. Not to mention, there are underwear involved.

I think kids will really love it.
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This is a Whoopsie! by Andrew Cangelose is a cute book about overcoming obstacles and having fun in the process. My 7 year old says, "That was a good book, I want to read more about Whoopsie!". The illustrations by Josh Shipley were clever and helped the reader feel involved in the story and the characters obstacles. 

I was given this book as an advanced reader copy in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and a positive view was not required. Thank You NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors.
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This is a Whoopsie by Andrew Cangelose is a delightful little book that follows Moose and his friend, a little blue bird, as they discuss some basic facts about moose.  It carries a wonderful message about individuality versus generalization. Each fact is juxtaposed with Whoopsie doing something quite the opposite. He is clumsy, a little on the short side, and generally not the expected moose standard.

Half way through the book, the narrative changes shape and becomes much more about silly instances of Whoopsie getting into trouble via his clumsiness. While I love the illustrations and the relationship between the characters, it really feels like two separate books.

Despite this small setback, I think most children will enjoy the illustrations and the sweet message of accepting yourself for who you are.

This is a Whoopsie by Andrew Cangelose will be available for purchase on October 16, 2018.3 stars
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I Loved this is a TACO, but I love this even MORE!!!!.  Woopsie is a Moose.  He is also a klutz.  Did you know he can actually fall up a hill.  I like this book because it mixes factoids with comedy, great illustrations, and friendship.  This book is going on my holiday wish list.  I need my own copy.  And so do your kids.
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Everything you ever wanted to learn about moose—including the plural—from the clumsiest, most self-effacing example.
Like with reindeer, the other moose kid him, but unlike Rudolph, this guy has no self-esteem. After a while it gets a bit boring to hear him say they should get someone else to tell this story.
“As soon as this page turns, go for it!” As if it wasn’t apparent yet, there is no fourth wall here. Whoopsie’s yell blocks some words, while his fall shatters letters so that it’s impossible to see what’s been said. Annoying for those of us with vast curiosities, but there’s some laughs in trying to fix it.
Finally he learns to go with what he’s best at. Even his bird friend sheds a tear at the end.
The artwork is serviceable, getting the job done without trying to be more than that.
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Cute picture book that is both informative for kids on the topic of moose. Also makes for a light-hearted message about imperfection being okay.
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This is a really adorable, clever, funny book! And the illustrations are just darling!

This is a book that I can see myself reading over and over to the girls. There are some obvious gags, but some more subtle ones that they may not catch until they mature a bit and are able to read between the lines a little.

I like the message that it has as well - you may not be athletic or gifted in a certain area as you may want, but there's something about you - even if you consider it to be a flaw - that can bless the world.
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