Crossroads of Conjure

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I loved this book so much!  There is so much information packed into this one little book; the subjects could have easily been several different books, but I love how this book is almost like an introduction just to get acquainted with other forms of magic and belief systems.  The author seems to really know her stuff and obviously put time and dedication into this book and making sure it had plenty of research and facts to support her ideas.
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I really feel that the author would have been better off writing 2 or 3 different books instead of one, but for one she encompasses what she has been taught in a power point method to give people an idea of different practices.
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This was an extremely informative, well-written book covering the history and practice of Appalachian and Ozark Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujería, and Curanderismo. I had very little knowledge about Hoodoo, Brujería, and Curanderismo going into this book, but having grown up in the northern Appalachians, I recognized some of the traces of Granny Magic in the traditions passed down from my grandparents. The author's personal experiences brought the traditions and current practice to life and I respected that she didn't shy away from discussing issues around cultural appropriation in her own practices. Highly recommended as an overview of these practices and a good starting point for further study of any of the branches of American Southern folk magic.
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Being a resident and fan of Appalachian works, tales, and folklore this book turned out to be right up my alley. There was a lot of info shoe horned in, but it never felted crammed or forced. Katrina did a great job piecing all her info together into one digestible volume.

I look forward to any of her future works...
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If you’re considering becoming involved in conjure or wish to learn more about its culture, this is a great book to read. Crossroads of Conjure compares and discusses current conjure practices in the American South -- namely Hoodoo, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Brujeria and Curandismo. 
Each section gives an overview of the history and development of a magical path, covering their basic beliefs, distinguishing characteristics and differences. It goes into the politics and prejudices amongst today’s practitioners.  It was interesting to read how each practice is distinguished from other styles of magic and even divisions within their own practices. 
What makes each magical path unique ranges anywhere from materials worked with, ethics and attitudes towards types of magical practices (i.e. what is considered white or black magic), religious affiliations with their path and their tolerance of other religious practices. 
The author has clearly been deeply involved in each path and has a lot of experience which she shares with the readers.
This is not a book to read if you’re interested in a how-to. It does have a little folk magic and wisdom included, but it is minor. 
A received an  ARC from NetGalley for an honest review of this book.
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This is an extensively researched introduction to folk magick of the Appalachians and Ozark Granny Magic,  Hoodoo, Brujeria, and Curanderismo. It's is fascinating, accessible and I could not put this book down!
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Katrina Rasbold’s Crossroads of Conjure is an interesting, informative, and well-written introduction to the history and practices of Appalachian and Ozark Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujería, and Curanderismo. The writing is clear and easy to read while the information is well-detailed and relevant. 

This book is such a fascinating read! I was expecting an academic book with formal and stiff writing but Rasbold really pleasantly surprised me. Her writing style is simple, easy to read, and very approachable. Furthermore, the book is well-detailed and informative. I never got bored or overwhelmed with information because everything is presented clearly and concisely. 

Crossroads of Conjure is very well-organized. Each system has their own comprehensive section. There is a detailed history on each path, beliefs and practices as well as the types of practitioners. Rasbold also includes fascinating details about various charms and spells as well as information on how these folk traditions are surviving in modern times. I particularly like that the book explores the connections, similarities and differences between these different types of folk magic.  

I also really enjoyed reading Rasbold’s personal examples. But, I wish that she included some more stories and examples from other experienced practitioners because I would have liked to read more perspectives on life in these belief systems. Additionally, while the book is excellently organized, certain sections could have used a little more editing because the same information is sometimes repeated. 

Crossroads of Conjure is a fascinating and informative book for those who are interested in learning about American Southern folk magic. Rasbold’s writing style is approachable and concise which makes this book an easy read. I really enjoyed this captivating look into the various paths of folk magic and I would definitely read more of Rasbold’s work.
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I loved this book! It's well written and full of information.
i loved the style of writing, clear and how the book is organized.
I can say I surely know a lot more about this practiced and I appreciated the way I learnt it.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to Llewellyn Worldwide and Netgalley for this ARC
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Loved this book of folk medicine and religion. Learning about the different traditions including VooDoo of the deep south and especially Louisiana,  Wise women or Granny women from the Ozarks,  Brujeria and the Curanderismo. They healed and helped with so many of the needs of the people.These types of practices have been brought over by different immigrants and the native americans as well. All these beliefs combine and change to different types of magic. Few clear distinctions are to be found anymore. I loved reading about all the traditions. The  mojo bags, gris gris and amulets were of particular interest to me. I received this book from Net Galley and Llewellyn Publishing for a honest review. The opinions are my own.
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I am pleasantly surprised. I had my reservations initially about this book but decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did!\
Overall, the author did a wonderful job providing history of the three subjects. I have learned a great deal and will continue to reread this book.
As a student of Hoodoo, I appreciate the respect given for its history. I have my own beliefs about the subjects and a few issues with the community, but the author did a great job overall,
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Absolutely wonderful!

I was expecting a textbook like boring explanation, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Broke down into the parts, Hoodoo, Granny Magic, and Brujeria/Curanderismo, each section explains the history of, the meaning behind, and today's practices. It's put in simple language and explanations.
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:OMG!!!! I loved this book. So much information, Once you get started, it is very hard to put this book down. Clear, concise information, something for everyone. Nice history, etc is found in this book. Opened my eyes to so much. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book. Although I received the book in this manner, it did not affect my opinion of this book nor my review.
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The author begins this piece with a warning.  It would be wise to heed the warning, should you dig deeper into one of these topics.  For us, we have a desire to know about all that is out there, for the most part.  This led us to this juncture.

There is a lot of history in between the covers.  A lot.  It's wild to be reading some of this.  

Dr. Rasbold writes well and shoots straight.  It's refreshing.  
She makes history enjoyable to read!
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An interesting  discussion of the variety of various folk medicine and religion, especially those in and around the US, including Granny Magic from the Ozarks in the deep south, HooDoo and VooDoo, especially within the African American communities in the south, and the Brujeria and the Curanderismo in the Spanish speaking communities of the south. The author has done extensive research, and obviously has personal knowledge of each of these traditions. Must admit a little creepy with the discussion of some of the "curses" and gathering graveyard dust, but interesting. As a scholar I found this an intriguing read, especially on the history and the evolution of some of the movements. I have heard of all of them, but learning more about the background helps to explain a lot, and also to show how entrenched these beliefs are in the different communities. Highly recommend in you want to learn more about each of these traditions.
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