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Who Did That? A Whodunit for Children

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A simple story with lovely illustrations. The beaver is cute and I like be the girl’s response. I do wonder what the message behind the story is and if it could have been made a little clearer though.
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Cute little story, although overall, I felt it needed to build up a stronger sense of mystery and surprise around the discovery of the culprit. Loved the illustration style.
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The book Who Did That? Tells the story of a town that is ravaged by a mystery. Someone or something is ruining all of the wooden items in town - from basketball hoops to recorders to traffic lights. After a few different people are blamed, they realize that it is a beaver that is eating through everything. They try to jail him, but he escapes. He starts eating again and no one knows what to do until a little girl politely asks him to stop. The beaver doesn't realize he was hurting anyone or anything and stops. It's a very cute book with a very good lesson. The pictures are well done, but the text is a little on the small side.
Overall, cute and I'd recommend it for children ages 3-5.
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A witty and whimsical look at a world where everything gets nibbled and gnawed at, by some unknown assailant.  Well, it's not exactly impossible to work out – and I hope the target audience's older, smutty siblings don't pick this up and read the exclamation upon the culprit being found out.  It looks great, but I don't think it has the best of morals – career criminals can just disappear because they're asked to stop what they're doing?  Such a thing might be the intention of every nursery and creche manager, but it's not exactly a primer for real life.  In all, good artwork, unfortunate phrasing at a key point, and a peculiar lesson for the young reader.
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Who Did That? is a cute whodunit mystery for early elementary.  The kids will be able to infer what animal is behind the destruction by the time it is revealed.  On the positive side - it's a great book for kids to read themselves. However, as a story time book to teach inference, I wish it had more than one mystery and culprit.
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Very cute, adorable to read with kids. And the illustration of the beaver on the moped ist just soooo cute.

I received a copy through Netgalley.
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This is a cute enough story, though the answer that a Beaver was who was gnawing through everything was telegraphed early on. So the big reveal was not all that surprising.

The best part of the book, however, comes when they try to stop the beaver by force, and imprisonment, rather than, as this little girl in the picture below, asking him or her to stop chewing everything up.

Yes, asking.Diplomacy. Communications.  All good morals to the story.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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This was an adorable story with a great message. The illustrations were cute and extremely kid-friendly. 

Because the message of how to be a good citizen is so important, this would be a good book for early to mid-elementary age students, even though the story is a bit simplistic. However, I think this would be a perfect story for preschoolers and early readers. The pictures are cute, and the story is short, so it could definitely hold the attention of young listeners. With so few words on a page, this would also be less intimidating for early readers.

I also like the message that a young girl was the one to solve the problem. This shows kids that they can be helpful and do good things for their community; they don't always have to rely on adults. Overall, this would be a great book for a unit on character and/or community in a classroom or homeschool setting.
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