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Great way to read classics that I would otherwise not re-read. Pictures were great and storyline depicted well.

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I am in love with this. I love Shakespeare, and I've always advocated that Shakespeare should be experienced, not just read. This Manga classics edition preserves the fantastic language while the illustrations help keep you fully engaged in the story. The Scottish play is so dramatic, and you can sell all the anguish, anger, fear, etc on the characters' faces. The point of view is also amazing, and I felt as though I was in the story.
Thanks so much to NetGalley for allowing me access to this.

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It was quite a quest to find app for read this manga but it was worth it. I like Shakespeare and this adaptation is a fresh breath to immortal classics. Macbeth is true one of the best book written by Shakespeare.
Thank Netgalley for providing arc copy so I can enjoyed this remarkable story.

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Everything I would imagine about a William Shakespeare play brought to life within the beautifully drawn images of Julien Choy. I honestly have never read this play before reading this book. It was enlightening for lack of better wording.

Macbeth is told that he is meant to become the king of Scotland by some witches. Them telling him that put his plan to murder the current king into action. There is so much that takes place within the pages of this book that a simple review could not possibly give it justice.

The illustrations and the text go hand and hand so nicely you’d think this was just how William Shakespeare wanted his play portrayed. The illustrations help to show the reader so many different raw emotions such as: anger, regret, guilt and more. I think the illustrations are a nice touch because they help to show more so much more to the reader. It doesn’t leave much space for one’s imagination about the scenes, but it does show the reader such raw emotion within the images that it’s alright.

Macbeth is shown at his best, at his worst and in all the depictions he is shown as truly human.

I think this book is a wonderful rendition of a Classic. I am going to need to read the actual play sometime in the near future. I think that reluctant readers will find this as a worthwhile read and who knows, they may even discover a new found love for William Shakespeare.

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Unfortunately, I can't review this title as I couldn't manage to open the file due to problems with the digital adobe program. The only option was to download it on computer, I couldn't view it in the Netgalley app.

But I can say this: I really like the Manga classics series! For us that may struggle with classical texts it is a wonderful way to know what they are about. It is even more fun that the graphic novel is in manga style! These series would surelly benefit many higschool students that need to read the classics but struggle with them.

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I really enjoyed adaptation of Frankenstein so I thought "maybe it'll be a smart idea to read Shakespear as well?" In school I found Shakespeare boring. I could not be bothered with it.
This adaptation somehow made it fun.

I enjoyed reading play in manga format. Not only are the visuals pleasant to look at, they also make understanding of wider context much easier.

People who adapted this play payed attention to details. I love when peole who adapt something are also fans of the source materials and add all sorts of cool details. I don't want to elaborate for fear of spoiling the fun for first time readers.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I was required to read this book in High School, but this Manga edition makes it so much more fun! I actually understand the story now. I totally recommend one million percent! I just reviewed Manga Classics: Macbeth by William Shakespeare. #MacbethMangaclassics #NetGalley

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I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the other manga classics I’ve read. I enjoyed the feel of the artwork, but I struggled to interpret the story with this one. Again, I found myself wishing for some endnotes. All in all, I didn’t hate this, but I think it was just okay.

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Shakespeare's play Macbeth transformed into a manga. Crystal Chan did a fine job on adapting the play into a manga. The background art was nicely done, but the humans were jarring and distracting from the text and narrative flow. A decent read, if you want a version of Shakespeare in the manga format.

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Macbeth is a decorated war hero, fighting in wars for the king of Scotland, Duncan. After one such battle, three witches appear to Macbeth and his friend Banquo, promising titles and even the crown in Macbeth’s future. Lady Macbeth doesn’t want to leave things up to chance, so she convinces Macbeth to murder Duncan in his sleep as he stays the night in their castle. The king’s sons flee, afraid for their own safety, and Macbeth is made king. He is driven mad by keeping his crown and destroying anyone who could take it away from him, plunging the kingdom into terror. A force led by Macduff, another noblemen, gather strength from other nobles and even the King of England in the hopes of unseating Macbeth.

If you're looking for a very faithful adaptation of the play, this is it. The acts and scenes are included, so it's easy to see where everything lines up with the original play. The Modern English is a fine way for students to get into the story who may be struggling with the Shakespearean text. However, there are a few times when the adaptation text is a little clunky. Michael Barltrop, the modern English adaptor, says in the End Notes that he was trying to keep the colorful language of Shakespeare, but there are some times when the figurative language doesn't sound natural in its translated form, or being true to the original language results in strange sentences.

Other than some of these moments, this volume is a great way for students to experience the play in a different medium. The beautiful illustrations make this reading closer to seeing the play performed, which is really how Shakespeare is intended to be consumed. Reading a static play and with very few stage directions is often very difficult for students, and teachers expend a lot of energy explaining, reenacting, and "translating" for students so they can enjoy the play. It's not impossible, but it definitely is a difficult task, and reading it with these visuals would definitely help.

Sara's Rating: 8/10
Suitability Level: Grades 9-12

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Manga Classics:Macbeth is a faithful adaptation of the classic Shakespearean tale, with all of the Bard's words accompanied by the popular black and while manga illustrations. Being a more visual format, the drama and emotion (and yes, the ribald jokes, too) and more easily conveyed and lend greater power to the text. I didn't care for some of the visual elements, but they did suit the text well.

Being a traditional manga, the book must be read right-left (and from a Western perspective back to front) which takes a little getting used to.

It is a well crafted adaptation, and will be a fabulous introduction to Shakespeare for young readers and manga fans.

~ Many thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~

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The story of Macbeth abounds with witches, murder, political intrigue and war. This classic dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power. It explores the resulting turmoil that can threaten a nation.

Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is one of the playwright's famous historical tragedies. First performed in 1606, it is still being performed over 400 years later. The script has been translated into over 100 languages and has been adapted into novels and movies as well. But Shakespeare wrote with plentiful metaphor. This presents no problem for theater audiences who can rely on the actors' movements to help emphasize the intended meaning. But the flowering and archaic language of Elizabethan English is often lost on readers relying on text alone. Because of this, there are plentiful annotated volumes published that help those studying Shakespeare.

The Manga Classics series takes a different approach. By adapting the play into graphic presentation, the acting is replaced by Julien Choy’s excellent drawings. Shakespeare's original text is also clarified by drawings which show the meaning behind the metaphors and Shakespeare becomes accessible to modern readers. The various characters are shown with realistic renderings that portray a lot of their qualities. For instance, Macbeth is quite innocent looking at the beginning, but later shows an evil grin and eventually looks quite vicious. There is little record of the buildings that would have been around in Macbeth’s time, and Choy needed to create a lot of the background to resemble the Scottish castles.

The story has been adapted many times, but this is one of the best that I have seen. I recommend this book to lovers of Shakespear, graphic novels and manga. “Macbeth” has been taught in high school English classes for decades and would make an excellent additional text to supplement a copy of the play. Manga Classics has also published a Modern English edition of this manga. Although I prefer this edition, some may prefer the other for even easier reading.

I would like to thank Manga Classics and NetGalley for a copy of this book that I received in exchange for an unbiased review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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this was such a nice way to be able to read more diverse books :) i love the little twists on such a classic! i will definitely recommend this!

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The story is, as Shakespeare always is, 5 stars. I love the concept of turning Shakespare stories into manga to reach a wider audience, as both a Shakespeare lover and a manga enjoyer. That said, I didn't love this art style, but I definitely preferred it over the other Manga Classics art styles.

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<blockquote>Bleed, Bleed, Poor Country.</blockquote>
A tale as old as time, yet it's as modern as a newborn child.
The Lust for Power, and what lengths men would take to achieve it.
Did Shakespeare know he is a genius when he was alive? Did people realize it?
Was his Greatness trampled by the limitations of their time, and young men playing female characters on stage?
What happened there in real life? Was his acting band so good, that people loved them so much, and ended up printing his plays after his death? Because this was not printed in his life, this was printed seven years after his death, in a collection of his entire works, that wasn't even taken from his own version of the plays but from versions that were handed to his actors.

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review, Thanks to the writer and penciler, and thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity.
Reading This in English was so tough for me, Shakespeare has a way with words, he changes them, two words that would mean something, put together they mean something else entirely, and it's combinations you have not seen anywhere else before, i read many many pages, and many many poetry from The Arabian Nights in Archaic English, and it was way more easy to understand than this, That's why i decided what if i read it at the same time with the Arabic translation, and voila, Instead of going back and reading the play, I double knockout them from the list!

<blockquote>Here lay Duncan, his silver skin laced with his golden blood and his gashed stabs, looked like a breach in nature for ruin's wasteful entrance.</blockquote>
Truth be told though, i am not doing anymore Manga Classics from NetGalley, we are forced to read it on an archaic program like adobe digital edition, that doesn't even have a new app for phones, where i find it way more comfortable to read my manga, everything was just so bright on my eyes, it hurt bad, specially before i got my new glasses.

The art was good, but not manga good, not major manga productions good, i think they could have used a ghost penciler who did backgrounds or something, just to make the panels a little busier, most of the time, they weren't, unless there was a metaphor that the writer, tried to convey in the background, which was actually one of the good things about reading this manga, also seeing the characters development and reactions was great, but specially our villain and protagonist Macbeth.

<img src=""/>
I loved how the penciler, started out making Macbeth look noble and kind and gentle, and after the murder he made him look harsh, with stern face, and stern look in his eyes, verging on the deranged at many points in the play, Even Lady Macbeth it's true she comes out a villainess immediately, which i felt unrealistic as i said in my status updates, she then descended to despair and looked deranged and hollow near the end as well.

Real Macbeth stayed ruling for 17 years till his death, i dug around but really didn't read much about him, i feel this was a lost opportunity of the writer, to make the characters advance in age, because no one really advanced in age here, Macbeth merely was weighed by his ill doings that changed how he looked, Malcom didn't age a day, no one advanced their age at all, it's like the golden age of comics all over again.

Another thing, Take the unrealistic parts out of the play, The Witches, The Witches pretty much are giving Macbeth an excuse to be evil here, he is just following his fate, right? right? But no, Witches are not real, even if i have a witch friend! Macbeth Committed treason, because Macbeth wanted to rule, Not because his wife man shamed him for not grasping his fate, not because Witches told him he will be king, Because he was lusting for power, and he was going to do anything to get it.

Which brings us to another thought, Why? Was England's army busy all that time? and they could only spare 10 thousand men 17 years later? Also what happens to Malcom? we know the heirs of Banquo ended up ruling Scotland and England, how did this come to be?
I have a huge ass book of two parts, about the British empire that i intend to read one day, but i don't think it will go back that far in the country's history.

<img src=""/>
Speaking Of Banquo that scene was just epic, Not his death scene, that looked good too, the panel of him kneeling on the ground, but what i loved so much was his ghost scene!

Even Though Macbeth is one of the shortest tragedies of Shakespeare, it was still pretty awesome, every monologue was just so mind tingling good! even the guard of the gate had a great dialogue, It's every actors dream, imagine to appear in a single scene, as a gate guard, in a play written and directed by Shakespeare, to do a great monologue like that!

<img src=""/>
<blockquote>Give Sorrow words, the grief that does not speak whispers the over-fraught heart, and bids it break..</blockquote>
Mcduff receiving the news of his wife's death and all his offspring was really strong too, Overall this really had strong moments all over, i loved the intense ones the most, and the great monologues by Shakespeare, The play deserves five stars, and that's the rating i ll give it in the Arabic translation i read, but this manga deserves three, More work in the art is needed for me, this just felt hollow for me most of the pages.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

I love the idea of a manga adaptation of a Shakespeare play as it presents a classic in a new way. The illustrations in this story were beautiful and well done. They were drawn in a more stylized manner compared to the “classic” look someone would see in a play or other adaption. There was a lot of imagery on the page, which provided a nice background, especially on pages with more dialogue.

Since this is Shakespeare, it is not fully in modern English, which can be difficult to follow sometimes. If you aren’t as familiar with the story or for any other reason, like I was, I can see how this version would not be as accessible even though there are illustrations to accompany the story. I still love the idea of creating manga versions of these classics as it expands the audience. Overall, this was a great version of the play and I cannot wait to read more from the classics collection.

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💀Pub. Date: Oct. 11 2018

💀Genres: Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga

💀Plot: Scottish general Macbeth reviews a jarring prophecy that changes history.

💀Review: The Manga Classic Series is a staple in the middle grade / young adult library because it is a fantasy means to introduce students to the classics.

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A wonderful adaptation of the classic: Macbeth with wonderful illustrations by Manga Classics. They adapted the story plot in such a way that it is very easy to follow and understand. But the book takes the reader through an emotional rollercoaster which went missing in manga adaption.

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This was so much better than I anticipated. The art is more than breathtaking! I loved how everything was depicted and I absolutely couldn’t put this one down!

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Diesen Manga mochte ich sehr viel mehr als Romeo und Julia. Hier hat der Zeichenstil meiner Meinung nach gut gepasst und auch die Geschichte kam gut voran und ich konnte das Ganze in einem Tag lesen. Was für mich leider erst sehr spät deutlich wurde war das Verrückt werden von Macbeth, was ich im Buch durchaus schon früher wahrnehmen konnte als in diesem Manga daher ein kleiner Sterneabzug. Dennoch auch hier wieder toll für alle die sich noch nicht intensiv mit Shakespeares Werken auseinander gesetzt haben, es gibt einen tollen ersten Zugang zu diesem Text durch den man sich sehr gut in viele weitere Richtungen weiterbilden kann.

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