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The Universal Laws of Marco

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Marco Suarez is a senior in high school, and he loves studying and researching the cosmos. He thinks he has his future all planned out, but when his girlfriend Erika begins making serious plans for the two of them, Marco begins to reconsider their relationship. When his middle school love Sally moves back into the neighborhood, Marco still finds himself attracted to her. He must also make decisions about his future when his father has a medical setback and his family receives a very large hospital bill. Through flashbacks to middle school events and chats with family and friends, Marco tells his story and ultimately has to make some difficult decisions that will impact his future and those around him.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The characters seemed so real, and the situations and dialogue tugged on my heartstrings. Though some of the subject matter was serious and weighty, I appreciated the amount and quality of humor used in the book. I also enjoyed reading about culturally diverse students and their unique perspectives. Though I didn't agree with some of the views presented and I didn't care for the profanity, the truths about relationships between family and friends were astutely presented in a tasteful and impacting way that I believe would be helpful to teens and adults alike. I recommend this book to teens and adults who enjoy YA fiction.
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Told in the past and future, senior Marco Suarez is torn between two girls. As Marco and his friends navigate the final days of high school, they reminisce about the past and plan for their futures. Marco’s first love returns and his family situation worsens causing him to rethink his carefully laid out plans. 

I want to join this tribe, I mean family of friends! This was one of those books that I didn’t want to put down. I love it when I read a book that I thoroughly enjoy and know my high school patrons will also. Young adults are going to be able to relate to these characters on a deep emotional level. I loved that this book tackled hard subjects without going to descriptive or in depth were the reader was uncomfortable. The witty dialog and the teasing among friends is so accurate to what I overhear in my high school library. Loved the pop song game...and lyrics throughout the book.
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It was a good read.  The writing was 'good.  The characters were well created.  However, I'd said that I'd read some other books with similar plot.
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Sometimes we forget how much is going on outside of a school day. And sometimes we forget that each of us is responsible for our own lives - as much as we try, we can't take responsibility for the actions of others. The nuances and life lessons that shape this story create an arc of storytelling that's mystical but grounded in the beauty of the everyday. There is so much hope, even in the presence of difficult choices that ripple around, twisting with the witty banter and contemplations of wormholes through time. The past guides the present, though, and the ruminations of Marco Suarez are inspirational.
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