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This was a great read with so much steam I needed a tall glass of water several times to get through it all.

Olivia has been feeling a bit lonely so she does something she never imagined doing, she signs up for a dating app. Now Noah on the other hand doesn't have time to date so this app is perfect for him, it's confidential and it cater's to his darker side. 

Noah and Olivia never expected their one planned week together to turn into anything more, but with their chemistry how could it not? This book is perfect for anyone that enjoys Steamy Contemporary Romances, Political Romances, or BDSM Romances.

Happy Reading!!!
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Such a great sweet and spicy all rolled up with a huge heart! I could not get enough of Olivia and Noah, apart or together. Stellar couple! Such a cute read!
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I'm not sure what it is, but something is missing. Nothing jumped out at me as particularly great (or bad), it just falls in the middle. I liked the pace and the characters were not my favourite but still likable. It was predictable. 

I liked that neither Noah not Olivia brought unneeded drama. She was innocent but had an air of maturity I appreciated. 

Overall, it's entertaining and an easy read. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a relatively quick read with some BDSM and likeable characters.
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Kennedy strikes again with another sensual and sexy story of two people finding their way into one another’s arms and hearts, including just a little bit of spice for fun. I was a little bit hesitant to read this story, mainly because these kind of hot erotica to sweet romance stories always seem to go wrong somewhere, but in the end the story was irresistible and I am glad I gave it a chance. Olivia has just come through a truly harrowing breakup, after being with the douche for over a decade, and she is trying not only to find her footing, but to come to terms with the fact that she just might be living her life for everyone BUT herself.  When her best friend hatches a plan for a bit of fun to break up the monotony of her daily life, signing up for a secretive service that links sexy Doms with seeking subs for temporary sensual fun, she figures what the hell.  When she arrives for the meeting with her first Dom experience, she is surprised not only by the man she has been linked with, the powerful Senator of NY, but also by the intense connection she feels to him.  Noah has used the app to find subs to fulfill his sexual desires for a while now, knowing that being in a relationship is a hindrance to his future political goals in many ways, but he is always very careful about those relationships.  When Olivia walks into his life he cannot believe that she is what she truly appears, but the more time he spends with her, the more he comes to understand that she is exactly that woman, and just the woman that could steal his heart if he lets her.  Determined to lift her up, while making sure that she experiences every bit of sensual mastery he can offer her,  Noah soon finds himself clinging to Olivia and wondering if they truly can be together, despite all that is against them.  When disaster strikes, both Noah and Olivia begin to doubt that they can overcome the obstacles they are facing, and that fear drives a wedge between them that only taking a true leap of faith can overcome.  But are they really ready to take such a leap? I enjoyed this story a lot, not just for the sexy and sensual moments they shared, which let me tell you got pretty intense and definitely hot enough to burn a hole through my kindle, but also for the sweet and loving moments that Noah and Olivia shared once they began to see more in their time together than just playtime.  Noah is a man that has lived buried deep in his shell all his life, doubting those around him and determined to make sure that he never gets hurt, even at the expense of truly finding happiness.  He is obviously intensely sexual and alpha, but the chivalrous and sweet side of his nature that comes from his Dom need to take care of the one in his care is not to be discounted either.  I loved seeing him interacting with Olivia at every moment but the quiet moments where he is just watching her become the woman she was always meant to be were the most special.  Olivia has lived a long time, trapped in a box of her own making, working hard to make sure that those around her have everything they need even at the expense of her own dreams and ambitions.  As Noah helps her rip down the walls of that box, her strength and willingness to look deep to find her passions show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with and once she begins to accept her true value there is nothing to stop her.  In the end this story was one about two people that thought they knew what they were getting into when they signed up for a fun experience but they soon found themselves turned inside out by the true connection of their perfect mate.  I don’t know if there will be more stories like this from Ms. Kennedy, but if there are, I will be jumping on them right away.
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Perfectly Inappropriate is well written and flows easily. It is intense when it should be, sexy and enlightening. The chemistry between Noah and Olivia burns bright. The characters are well crafted and enjoyable. I loved both Noah and Olivia but I think surprisingly, Paige might be my favorite.
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I had hopes here. But those high hopes were not realized. Not a fan of May-December or naivetes. Definitely my fault for not reading the description. I also feel like I've read this book several times before. Nothing jumped up at me.
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This book was a pretty good read. I have read other books by this author and must say this wasn't a favorite, but I'd read it again.
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I read this book some time ago and do not remember how I felt during reading it. I would not be able to give it a proper review.  I did give this book 5 stars on GoodReads.
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The hero and heroine meet through a D/s “dating” app specializing in high profile and/or wealthy men who need to maintain their privacy. The arrangement is for 1 week and Noah and Olivia have an immediate connection. 

Noah is a NY senator and committing to relationships is hard since his career comes first. He is confidently in control. We ALL need a Noah to make us feel beautiful, secure and loved. Olivia is coming off a breakup and looking to find herself and escape and push her boundaries past vanilla. She’s looking for more of a fantasy than a hardcore D/s lifestyle (the book keeps it relatively light). 

The book had a good mix and balance of the sexy stuff interspersed with a strong (non-BDSM) plot. They each are able to give the other something they needed to make them whole. Overall, this was the perfect book for a straightforward, low-angst, sexy afternoon!

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.
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Stacey Kennedy never disappoints with her writing. And the steaminess that she packed into these characters and infused into the storyline was just perfect in every way.
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Novellas are always tricky. You have to find a way to have the characters meet, fall in love and live happily ever after, all in a shortened time span. “Perfectly Inappropriate” didn’t manage to live up to the blurb, I’m afraid. The writing was fine, but it just felt as though everything was too rushed. And the male lead, Noah, was just too much to be believed. A politician, a billionaire, exclusive homes and cars. Olivia, meanwhile, is just out of an engagement and says she doesn’t want anything serious. Yet, within no time at all they are madly in love. Like I said, novellas are tricky. And this one missed the mark.
Note: I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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This was okay for me. The writing flowed well, but the story was a little over the top for me. Olivia finds her fiancé cheating on her with her best friend. A month later, she meets Noah. It's supposed to be a week long arrangement, with nothing permanent coming from it. 70% of the way through the book (maybe longer), she's still crying over the incident and talking to her ex. She had no reason to still be in contact with her ex, except for the fact that she couldn't go back to the house they lived in. But, she can be in love with Noah after 4 days? It was a little confusing for me. Also, after Noah and Olivia decide to go their separate ways, she tells Paige that she didn't need a relationship, she needed to concentrate on herself. 3 days later she's jumping Noah again. I would have enjoyed the story a little more if Olivia was written as a stronger character. The ending was sweet though. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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I found this to be an entertaining read, although there were parts of the story that seemed to drag on (at least for me). Good chemistry between Olivia and Noah, the dialogue and banter flowed well between them. I wish we could have real life politicians like Noah, who seemed to genuinely care for his constituents. There's a reason why he's not looking for a relationship, but that's when you're the most likely to fall in love, when it's least expected.
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If I am completely honest I think I would have enjoyed this book more if it had just been a sex arrangement book without trying to be a BDSM book because that part almost feels like a distraction.  I liked the characters and there was some chemistry there but the BDSM parts just didn't work for me.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This was a good read. I liked it, I didn't love it though. I felt as though the first 25% of the book was great and intriguing, the middle 50% dragged for me and the last 25% was awesome. That being said, I'd still recommend it if you want a light-BDSM read with a sweet storyline.

Olivia is a graphic designer who has a passion for street photography. She's recently heartbroken after her fiance cheated on her with her friend. Her best friend Paige convinces her to create a profile on the SiN app, a D/s app that highly vets applicants and matches together high-profile Doms with subs. Paige ends up matching up with Noah and agrees to a one-week D/s relationship with him. 

Noah is a NY Senator, young and career-minded. He doesn't want to get into a relationship with anyone because he saw what politics did to his parent's relationship. So he has one week D/s relationships arranged through the app to fulfill his desires and keep things uncomplicated in his life.

It's clear pretty quickly that Noah is not at all the type of politician you'd expect. He's confident, but he's also sweet, caring and pays attention to others. Given his ability to love and care so easily, I found it very believable that he'd fall for Olivia so quickly. She isn't like any of the women he's use to. She sees the beauty in things, doesn't get angry and is a very caring person as well. Even though Noah fought to keep his emotions out of it, he couldn't help but fall for the lovely Olivia. 

Of course, there wouldn't be a romance book without a breakup and we get that here as well. But that reunion is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. And the epilogue was wonderful and helped tie things up in a beautiful way. So 5 stars for the ending. 

I honestly didn't find the BDSM parts very believable. For Noah to be a self-proclaimed Dom, he came off a bit vanilla to me. There were a few parts where his dominant and kinky side came out, but it was still all pretty mild and I expected more after the whole hard limits list they went through in the beginning. For some, this may be a good thing, but I was wanting a bit more.
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Took me a bit to read this. It should have been a quick read, however, I think I needed more substance. I didn’t dislike it and I will definitely read this author in the future.
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This was my first Stacey Kennedy book, and oh boy she didn't disappoint! I can promise you that this will not be the last time I review a Stacey Kennedy's book. 

What a hot and steamy story! I loved the banter and the fiery passion between the two main characters, Olivia and Noah. Plus, the political context was a great idea and I loved it. 

Highly recommend! 4,5/5
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What a beautiful surprise! 

I must confess, i was expecting some really hot political erotic story, but instead i got a heartfel one, full of emotion and wisdom, with a,azing characters and a perfectly put together plot.

Yes, this book is about a Dom Senator of NY who finds himself a submissive through an app Tinder-like and yes, they have panty-melting-everything-on-fire sex, <b>BUT</b> i couldn’t focus on that. I might even forget this part. 
I will, however, remember the heroine being strong, smart, sassy, lovely and with such an inspiring way of seeing life. The hero is just as wonderful. Not a selfish bone in his body, alpha when needed, warm and funny too, thoughtful and very close to gain the Prince Charming title.

Something to remember:
<P><b><i>“Moments made up a life. Some good. Some bad. But in the end, it was a combination of the two that made a person who they were.”</b></i></p> 

<i>”ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”</i>
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Rated: 2.5
A super quick read, it was hot and spicy, but like I said--super quick. I was almost annoyed at how insta-love-esque the entire book was. It was not even a week together and they are already professing their undying love for one another. I love a good insta-love story if done well, and if I'm honest, I don't think this one hit the mark. Everything was fast paced and nothing felt organic. The BDSM was super bland and the characters were one dimensional at best. Both Olivia and Noah didn't have a backstory that translated well to their current life and I felt that they just lived and revolved around their trope, instead of the trope revolving around them and who they are. With that said, I had a super hard time connecting to the characters and believing their struggles.
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So so sad.  I don't know what is happening with these last several books but I am just not getting that same vibe that I got from this authors earlier books.  The characters seem one dimensional and the love scenes just kind of feel recycled.  I wanted to like these characters and for some reason just could not make the connection.  No one writes better Dom/Sub novels than Ms. Kennedy but for some reason the magic is just not happening..  Her Club Sin novels were truly some of the best that I have ever read and I have read them over and over but something has switched in these last several novels and I cannot feel the connection.
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