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Perfectly Inappropriate by Stacey Kennedy was an entertaining, sweet and sexy romance. Both Olivia and Noah are likable characters that I enjoyed getting to know. The chemistry was there from the beginning and the romance built up from there. All in all, it was good read.
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Olivia met Noah when she needed to find her confidence, herself, and she needed to pull on her inner strength and believe in herself again. Noah thought Olivia was just like any other submissive he met, but she brought things out in him he didn't even know he was missing

For once, he isn't overthinking things. She is, after getting burned by going along with the dream. Things are steamy between them, off-the-charts hot, and they both lose themselves in it. When the world needs to be face though, she is shying away, and he wants to bring her along. They need to find the common ground that will allow them to be together, because Olivia doesn't want to be scared all time, and Noah finally wants to have someone around forever!
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Olivia and Michael are in one of those arrangement type of things. Yes, one of those things. But Michael senses she's different than his usual sub from their very first meeting. Even though they're in an arrangement, what happens if (when) feelings develop? Michael doesn't want to bring her into his political life. The kind of life no one voluntarily signs up for unless they're the politician. And what of Olivia's dreams? Does she dare take them on? What if Michael gives her the confidence to go for what she wants? But what of her heart? She knows she's not fit for his world, so if her heart starts catching feelings, does she stick around for the inevitable heartbreak she'll be sure to suffer?

I really liked Perfectly Inappropriate. I just wish it had been a little longer, full novel-length rather than novella style because Olivia and Michael make a great couple. I wanted them to be together as an official couple longer, but because of the short length, I felt a bit let down. But aside from that minor quiggle, I liked everything else about this story. It's sexy, it's sweet, and Olivia and Michael are great characters, both individually and as a couple.
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Timing! As the author say, it is everything. I thought Olivia was a great character, she fell but dusted herself off and moved forward. Noah, was so sexy, sweet and purposeful. They had great chemistry, dialogue and rapport. A really fun read.
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*this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

3.5-4 stars!
First off..I’m a huge fan of Stacey Kennedy. I generally fall for the characters, and become engrossed in her stories. This is absolutely a stand-alone book. Great, quick read..I LIKED, not loved the characters.
Noah Grant followed in the family footsteps of politics. He’s incredibly  private, which is a necessity because of his status. He keeps his heart close, knowing full well that his job would be extremely difficult for relationships. He currently has “relationships” which are brief encounters that have stemmed from a D/s arrangement. It suits his tastes for fueling his dominant side, but also keeps any real relationships at bay...that is until he meets, Olivia Watts.
Olivia is barely hanging on after finding her fiancé in bed with her best friend. She’s currently living with her friend, working at a graphic design firm where she hates her job, and is trying to nativagte thru this new life she’s been handed. She’s always wanted to explore more dominant relationships, but has no desire to get into anything where her heart may get hurt again. She learns of a new app, signs up, and has her first D/s encounter. When she walks in and sees Noah, she immediately recognizes who he is. There’s an instant attraction on both sides, and they agree to a one week arrangement.
Noah and Olivia work well together, they just seemed a bit soft for my liking. The story line was good, and it was a quick read. I’d recommend as a good/quick read, but not a “holy crap, I couldn’t put this thing down”.
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This is a cute, mildly kinky, romance story. Its quick and fun with a happy-ever-after. While there a some elements of kink, this is more of a finding love type story than anything else.

*Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Great book that was sexy, steamy and romantic. Stacey Kennedy knows how to bring the heat, and I loved every minute of this book.
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Although Noah and Olivia were described as a "Dom" and a "Sub", this really didn't read as a "BDSM" book for me.  There were some aspects of that throughout, but other than one scene, it was not a huge part of the story, in my opinion. That being said, I really did enjoy this book.  There was an element of "insta-love" to it, but it didn't really feel unbelievable to me.  Noah was pretty dreamy - in fact, he and Olivia were almost too "perfect" (but not in a Mary Sue kind of way). There was some conflict with Olivia's ex that got resolved pretty neatly, and I kind of wish she had a little more closure with him/that situation. Other than that ex situation for Olivia ad some of Noah's misguided good-intentions, this was a very low-angst book.  My one complaint is that for some reason, I felt that Noah as a Senator from New York didn't quite read true for me.  It wasn't enough to take me out of the story, but something about it bugged me a little.  That being said, I'd definitely recommend this book!
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Hot and sweet all in the same book.  Noah was super HOT and oh so dominate, but Olivia was the sweet but not innocent sub he fell for.  This story will suck you in from the beginning and will leave you wanting more at the end.  Enjoyable read!
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Olivia is looking for something new and exciting. She decides to go on a app that is set up for doms.  She finds someone and her dreams of this lifestyle come true. It is only supposed to be for a  week but that week turns into much more.

I thought that this was an ok book I felt that Olivia wasn't a strong character and that bothered me in a dom setting.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**
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Olivia has always been the good girl but deep down she craves for something more. When she takes a chance on an app that connects her with the man she needs Olivia never dreamed of what might happen. Noah is the man for her but can the two become more than just friends? Their attraction is off of the charts and the two make a great pair but can it last and will it ever go beyond the bedroom? I enjoyed seeing the journey that Olivia and Noah take. Their story moves along nicely and is full of emotions. Olivia and Noah learn to love and trust in each other as they work towards their happiness. I really liked how strong and developed these characters are. Not only did they stand out but the secondary characters also had a lot to say. The author does a good job of mixing the angst and romance together in this book.
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Daring desires lead to more than they bargained for! Well laid out backgrounds drew me into these characters immediately, and the sexual tension and growing feelings kept me coming back for more. I loved Olivia and Noah’s story! Must be okay with BDSM to enjoy!

Graphic designer Olivia Watts can’t deny that she’s in a rut. Her fiancee cheated on her, so she kicked him to the curb and now her life revolves around a dead end job that makes her miserable and nights spent with her best friend who she’s camping out with because she can’t stand to go home to the house it all fell apart in. She’s not ready for a relationship again, but she is ready for some fun, so when her bestie nags her to join a sexy new app filled with prestigious dominants, she hesitantly agrees.

NY Senator Noah Grant is a busy man with no time for games or strings, so he loves the freedom finding his playthings online affords him. He is hesitant when he meets Olivia just because he can tell she’s not been in his type of world before, but he is so intrigued that he invites her to be his for a week. Only problem is, a week isn’t nearly enough!
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I loved this unconditional love story. It starts by Olivia catching her fiancé and maid of honor in her bed. She is devastated to say the least. She has been with her fiancé for ten years, high school sweethearts. But she remains strong and with the help of her other best friend Paige, she decides to do something she would never do and sign up for a BDSM dating site. At her initial meeting, she is taken aback because her soon to be Dom is the New York senator, Noah Grant. He sweeps Olivia off her feet with his beauty and strength and their chemistry. They agree to one week together. But Noah is breaking all his rules with Olivia because she totally is not what he expects and he can’t get enough of her. Their romance is a whirlwind of heat and passion and discovery. I loved their journey together. I loved reading both their points of view. And the story touched on some BDSM themes, but was more emotional. A great romance.
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This is an absolutely delightful romance with a touch of heat to keep things interesting. Olivia does everything after carefully considering the logistics of each choice. Heartbroken by her fiancé and best friend's betrayal she takes a walk on the wild side by signing up for a BDSM website and embarks on a journey of discovery and healing.
It was definitely fate that a heartbroken Olivia hears about the online application SiR and without further ado finds herself signed up on it thanks to her persuasive best friend. The handsome senator whom she meets through the app is a surprise and he takes her on a journey full of tenderness, passion and self discovery.
Noah has been a long time dominant and user of SiR who finds himself breaking all his rules when it comes to Olivia. The relationship soon explodes out of the secrecy of his bedroom to lunches and dinners as the two explore what makes each other tick. His protectiveness when Olivia's sleazy ex-fiancé comes adds emotional depth to the story.
I love feel good stories that are well paced with fully fleshed out characters. I'd love to see more from Ms. Kennedy with some of the other characters we've met here
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This book was a little bland. I didn’t dislike much about it, but it also felt very dull and unsurprising for most of it. It was just adequate enough to hit on all the marks of a decent erotica novel without ever really doing anything new or unique. I liked both characters but the relationship definitely seemed too perfect and too rushed. Even the conflict and climactic moments of the book weren’t particularly thrilling.
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I was excited by the blurb of the book-basically an inexperienced woman connecting with a dominant senator to explore BDSM- but unfortunately, this one didn't really click with me. 

There are romances where a speedy timeline works; unfortunately, this wasn't one of them. The things the heroine (Olivia) was expecting the hero (Noah) to make decisions on after a WEEK was ridiculous. And it wasn't even a week of dating, just a sexual arrangement. Even if it started growing into more, her expectations were over the top.

And the heroine...bleh. A total Mary Sue that literally everyone just loved inexplicably.

Although the writing flowed in a readable way, a lot of the descriptions were very repetitive and more "tell than show" (I prefer the opposite). Saying over and over how Noah did things a certain way because he was a Dom. OK, I think we get that; it's one of the main points of the book. Or saying why he liked Olivia because her perspective on things was different, which I didn't really get a good feel for, except for some dull opinions of hers that kept being explained.

Yeah, wasn't a good fit here.
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I loved Perfectly Inappropriate. After Olivia finds her fiancé with another woman, she meets Noah on an app for D/s relationships. I really like Noah, and how he dealt with his relationship and feeling for Olivia. Overall a great story, and quite steamy too!
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This story is so frickin hot! Stacey is dependable when it comes to writing steamy and downright sexy scenes. Here domineering heroes and sassy and passionate heroines are always brimming with chemistry. Upon catching her fiance cheating with one of her best friends, Olivia is determined to move on. At the advance of her other best friend, she signs up for an online hookup app for doms and subs called Sir (#signmeUP). Who does Olivia match to but powerful politician Noah Grant. Steeped in secrecy and rules, Noah is entranced with Olivia from the moment they meet.  But he only allows one week with his subs before he moves on; its best not to go in with untrue intentions. And right away it seems Noah may want more than just a nightly, kinky fling.

Noah prides himself of his ability to stay aloof with his subs. His main focus is his political career; its what he's spent his entire life working towards. His secret life within the world of BDSM is his outlet from the stress. But Olivia is the biggest temptation he's felt in a long time. Headstrong and yearning to learn more about her fantasy involving BDSM, Noah is her first and now only foray into the world. Nights of passion and days of temptation, these two discover a whole new world when they open up to one another emotionally.

Beyond just the passion between these two, this romance is a story about self discovery. Olivia discovers what true happiness can be and how she can find it within herself AND with a man. Noah finds that he biggest fear, that he could never have a happy wife and family because of his dedication to his career, is a myth. That despite his mother's demeanor, the love his parents had is real and attainable. They were happy and Noah has a chance at the true happy ever after with Olivia. He just has to convince her of that. Another sexy and steamy romance sure to keep you warm this winter!
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I don't think the synopsis really captures the essence of Perfectly Inappropriate. It is most definitely scorching hot but there is so much more to the plot and the characters than merely playing out their fantasies.

I am a huge believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason as well as the belief that the negative occurrence in life has the most profound effect on our identity. It is with this in mind we can view Olivia navigating her way through a painful time in her life which forces her to do a lot of self-reflection on the life path she has been on. One that has not yielded the happiness she envisioned. The first step on the path to change is stepping outside her comfort zone and living out her secret fantasies courtesy of a specialised dating app for those wishing to undertake a BDSM relationship.

Noah is a high profile public figure. and as such finds it necessary to keep his relationships under lock and key (literally 😂). His previous relationship and one-sided viewpoint of his parents' marriage has left him with quite significant barriers to long-term commitment. Although from the very first encounter with Olivia, Noah has his entire world and the rules he lives by turned upside down.

The relationship happens at lightning speed but did not feel forced; both Noah and Olivia remain level-headed even with all the pheromones in the air 😉 They provide each other with the emotional pieces the other didn't realise they were missing. Allowing heart-warming personal growth as well as a deep connection between Noah and Olivia. 

Although it isn't all sunshine and rainbows, there also isn't a large amount of turmoil. the narrative concentrates on character development both as individuals and as a couple. Ultimately, taking a chance could make all your dreams come true 😍
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Perfectly Inappropriate is well written and the characters well defined.  I had a few issues with it but not enough to make me dislike the book.  

I found it a bit odd that the story revolved around their shared D/s relationship but very little of the story included scenes with the two. They have chemistry but their story is much more about their relationship and the problems they must overcome which is OK too.  

Olivia's growth in the book is a bit predictable. All sweet, doormat girls must learn to cut the poison out of her life and Olivia does this well.  When her close friend who betrayed her by sleeping with her fiance comes groveling she's strong enough to forgive but not welcome the woman back into her life.  She's also moved on from the man who didn't value her.  

Of course, Noah must throw out his "one-week" rule when he becomes enamored with Oliva but it's not all easy.  The couple must go through a lot of adjustments to get their relationship on track.  

The end of the book was a bit rushed to wrap up their happily-ever-after.

All that said, I did enjoy the book.  It was my first by Kennedy but I'd certainly pick up another.
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