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3.25 stars for a good sports/bad boy romance

Tyler is a Super bowl winning quarterback who has lost his will to play when he inherits a run down mansion on a semi remote island in Washington State. Lavender is Tyler's new neighbor, she has her own emotional baggage and one big reason to not like football players.

To be honest, this is a book I didn't really like at first. Tyler was just too much, too over the top in the negative stereotypes for me to embrace him. I also was a little slower to warm up to Lavender. Prior experience with Ms. Davenport and her ability to reform a bad boy kept me going and I am glad that I did.

As the story moved on, I did find myself starting to like Tyler and appreciate the emotional evolution he went through. He seemed to grow up, even if it was reluctantly, and realize the more important things in life. Lavender dealt with her own baggage as well, but it seemed a bit less organic to her character's personality.

I think the big struggle for me with Snap Decision is that while I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the chemistry give and take between Tyler and Lavender, I didn't feel the emotional connection between the two them until incredibly late in the book. The story between these two was very sexy, but just seemed a little cold. That lack of connection isn't characteristic of my experience with Ms. Davenport's work, so I missed it.

My understanding is that this is an older book that was updated and rereleased, that might account for the differences in the experience here between my other Davenport readings. She is an author I will continue to follow.
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“A man is nothing without laughter and love in his life.” This sums up the whole book. I loved the feel of this book. Nothing moved to fast but at the same time it never lacked anything either.
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4.5 Stars
Perfectly Inappropriate by Stacey Kennedy is the story of Noah Grant and Olivia Watts. 
Olivia is trying to get past finding her future husband cheating on her and moving past giving up an her work dream job.  But when she should have it all from an outside look she doesn't.  There is something missing and she thinks she might find it in a dating app that connects subs with doms. Noah has a high maintenance life and work with no time for real relationships.  But what he does make time for his getting the release he needs from life in the form of being a Dom.  When he gets Olivia as his sub he knows there is something more to her and she brings out new feelings for him. 
Ms. Kennedy's writing brings the hot scene we need along with some emotional parts that add to a characters story.  I try to grab her books when I can because I love them so much.
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ARC received in exchange for a honest review....
Olivia is in the worst slump since she found her ex-fiance and her ex-maid of honor having sex in her bed of their future home. She has been wishing for a way to spice up her life and take back control of herself. Instead of letting the world walk over her. Luckily one night out with her bestie Lacie they over hear a conversation that might be just what Olivia needs. Thanks to outgoing Lacie Olivia gets her shot at him....I mean it. This is where the book really rev's up. It's so hot and fantastic your socks might blow off your feet!
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Fun easy read overall. The first half drags a bit  as the script just seems to espouse all the common stereotypes of this genre (I'm looking at you ms. boring good girl with "secret desires"). However, in the second half Olivia and Noah go from being caricatures to real-seeming people.
I came expecting a happy ending and that's what I got. Thank you for this copy.
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Definitely not a slow burn type of book!

Frustrated graphic designer Olivia Watts catches her soon-to-be ex-fiancé cheating when she came home early. So Olivia moves in with her other best friend Paige Ryan to get away from the situation so the house can be sold. While out, Paige and Olivia overhear someone talking about a site that matches trained Dom’s with submissive women.  Little did Olivia know that she would be picked by Senator Noah Grant, a politician with a very dominant personality.

Perfectly Inappropriate by Stacey Kennedy is definitely not a slow burn type of book. She starts the book off quickly with Olivia walking in on her now ex-fiancé and the end of the engagement to Olivia meeting Senator Noah Grant through the site. Their relationship was only supposed to be for one week because Noah has never had a submissive longer than that but they decide to keep the arrangement longer. Olivia and Noah are made for each other because they complement each other.

I really liked Perfectly Inappropriate and I hope Paige gets a book soon.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Sexy contemporary romance with heart and humor – Perfectly Inappropriate is so much more than I expected. 

Olivia is kind lighthearted, genuine and displays incredible strength. She was betrayed by two people she loved, but she’s determined to take back control of her life and find herself again. When Olivia takes a leap of faith and tries something totally outside her comfort zone, she never expected to meet Noah. 

Noah is determined, stoic, and selfless – he’s a gentle heart in a strong soul. Having chosen a life that demands everything from him and he doesn’t feel like he deserves more - he gives everything but asks for nothing in return. But when Noah meets Olivia, she’s nothing like anyone he’s ever met and making him feel things he never expected.

Sometimes life begins and dreams come true when you take a chance and try something perfectly inappropriate.
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BIG news, I’m talking oh-em-gee-i-am-jumping-on-my-couch-news – Perfectly Inappropriate is the love story you must not miss.
Steamy, erotic, and romantic. We are talking baths, candles, rub my feet, weekend getaways romantic. All these add-ons are like a drug you can’t say no to; like a siren’s song to the most romantic part of your soul.
Stacey Kennedy once again spins a smoldering and steamy hot story of secret passion and eroticism. She shows how a Dominate/submissive relationship can blossom into love and it doesn’t have to be all about the “playtime”. He is the perfect gentleman Dom. That’s what I like the most. Noah and Olivia will pulled you inside the pages and take you on a sensual romantic roller coaster.
New York Senator Noah Grant broke all his rules and didn’t miss a step. He showed Olivia Watts how a man can have the fantasy and the woman of his dreams. The sex scenes, as always with Kennedy books, are smoking hot. Not only delicious but toe-tingling dreamy.

Three things I count on Kennedy’s books:
1. A kick-ass opener to catch your attention immediately
2. A sexy couple with the perfect fairy-tale prince charming.
3. A tender ending you don’t want to end.

I was so disappointed after the epilogue. I wanted another section like after the epilogue…can we make that a thing? Stacey Kennedy delivers the goods every time. She should be on your auto-buy list.

Mile High Kink Book Club highly recommends for your carryon!!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Olivia is trying to recover from a bad breakup. Her best friend, Paige, is hilarious and a troublemaker for Olivia. She signed Olivia up for a dating site where Olivia could meet a dom for a few dates. Olivia has always been predictable and now, with the help of her best friend, she wants something unpredictable.

Noah is a public figure. He knows that his job comes first. But he is also a dom and he likes this new app that allows him to vet and meet subs to play with. When he first meets Olivia, he is immediately intrigued by her. She is a mess of contradictions.

The two characters have amazing chemistry. Noah is dominant without being domineering. He knows just which buttons to push with Olivia and when. Olivia responds well to Noah's brand of domination. While there wasn't a ton of BDSM in this story, the power exchange was steamy.

I really enjoyed this story and loved how the characters fought for each other. They knew they had something worth fighting for and wouldn't let anything stand in their way.

Mary – ☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars

What do you do when catch your future husband cheating with your maid of honor before the wedding? For Olivia, she wants something that will bring back her self-worth. And she feels that giving in to her kinky side will do that. While out with her best friend Paige, she accepts a card from a stranger to join an app to get to meet other like-minded people. Maybe this will get her over the heartbreak and move her forward in the life she deserves.

Noah Grant is not the type of man for relationships, he is only looking to keep his career on track. Being part of the app that lets him explore is desire for BDSM without the strings of attachment works well for him. So when he meets Olivia, he knows there is something different about her and he wants to change his rules for her. When he learns of the betrayal she has gone through, he wants to protect her and make her happy.

Can Noah and Olivia spend their short time together without bringing feelings into the mix? Can Noah let her go when the time comes? Will Olivia be able to move on without Noah? Will her ex show up and cause more problems?

I love Stacey Kennedy and her writing style is always one I love to read. She has a way of drawing you into a story and not letting you go until the end. I loved everything about Noah and Olivia and I hope you love it too.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
I really enjoyed meeting Noah and Olivia, and watching their chemistry rule their heads and their hearts. It was clear from the beginning that rules were made to be broken in this story. Add in the fabulous Paige as Olivia’s best friend and the skeptical Jared as Noah’s security detail, and the stage is set.

It was a fun way to introduce the BDSM idea via her interest gained from books, and her innocence, yet superficial knowledge was dealt with well by Noah. I obviously wanted them to work out that a week was far too short a time for what was clearly a romance in the making, and so had a big smile on my face by the end.
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I immediately fell for Olivia and Noah and loved that their story was different than what I’d assumed going into it. Noah is a politician who has sacrificed a private life for his political one. Olivia is shattered after finding her fiancé and best friend in their bed. As Olivia begins picking up the pieces, she knows she needs to find herself again. That’s where Noah comes in. They meet through a D/s app. PERFECTLY INAPPROPRIATE was heavy on their developing relationship and light on the D/s. But that doesn’t mean those scenes aren’t ON FIRE!! But I did enjoy watching their relationship blossom and I found myself getting more emotional towards the end than I expected. My ONLY complaint would be that I was left wanting MORE. They did get a very sweet epilogue which makes everything better 
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This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it.  Olivia and Noah are supposed to have a temporary arrangement, lasting only a week.  From the start, there is great chemistry between the characters.  They are HOT, especially with the photos. We also have a great and entertaining best friend in Paige, a crappy cheating ex-fiance who won't go away in Cameron, and an ex-best friend in Lacie.  Noah and Olivia do a terrible job sticking to their arrangement.  I love how Olivia takes charge of her life after finding her strength.
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This story was so good! Loved it from start to finish! The chemistry that Olivia & Noah had was amazing! Perfect ending! Loved Paige Olivia's B/F hope she gets a story!
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OMG... this book. If I could give this five heart emoji’s rather than five stars I totally would cause I fell in love with this book from the moment I started it. I loved the relationship between Olivia and Noah. It was legit like watching a Hallmark movie while crying my eyes out at how adorable the leading stars are. Falling in love in less than 6 days is kinda crazy but hey, love isn’t exactly sane so I was all for the author giving her characters this short timeline. And that epilogue? I’m still crying. I live for the happily ever afters but the epilogues are what I adore because that glimpse into the happy future is everything.
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Just the right ratio of heat and sweet. Olivia and Noah had more in common than they realized at first blush, and watching them figure out how to be together was a good read.
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after a bad breakup, involving walking in on her fiancé having sex with her best friend, olivia watts is looking for something different. when she comes across a special kind of dating service,  one that happens to pair dominants to submissives, she decides that it's the perfectly inappropriate time to explore her sexual fantasies.

when she's paired with state senator, noah grant, it feels too good to be true. because their chemistry is immediately off the charts and their connection deep enough for the senator to start breaking all kinds of rules he has in place for relationships like this.

that kind of instant connection can be wildly romantic to read about, but maybe in this case it's a little too insta-love? like this isn't something i normally complain about, where i see others hate on it, but something about this pairing felt like things happened too quickly. i felt like the characters were telling me more about their amazing connection than showing me they had one. but again, in the grand scheme of things, i'm not going to be mad at a romance where the main characters are super into each other.

i enjoyed this even if i didn't necessarily resonate with it.

**perfectly inappropriate will publish on november 27, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
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Perfectly Inappropriate was a fairly quick read about a couple who meet using an app to connect Doms with subs. This is the first Stacey Kennedy book I have read and I found the writing well put together with a solid story arc. The characters were understandable with their motivations, but I didn't feel their chemistry as well as I would have liked. Noah was the sweetest Dom I have ever read and Olivia jumped into her sub role very easily. Even though I found the book kind of interesting at first, the feeling I got at the end was how neat and tidy the story was. Being somewhat predictable is what made me decide on a 3.5 stars rating. It was fine and I can see how some readers would enjoy it more.
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An unexpected plot and a great story.  The powerful politician is horny but doesn’t want any commitment so he uses an app called SiR to find submissive women for his pleasure.  They all sign a NDA and have their one night with him. Until he meets Olivia.  She isn’t like the others, and he can’t stay away from her.  

After dumping her cheating man, Olivia decides that it is time for a big change in her life.  No more being taken for granted, she goes for what SHE wants and sets up a date from a dating app, something she never thought she would do.

Both are thrown into a relationship that neither expected.  Some dominant submissive situations but mostly, it is about figuring out their unusual connection.

I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was promised or received for this review.
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I loved this read!  Olivia and Noah are great characters with amazing chemistry.  Olivia has been beaten down by life and decides to do something about it.  Noah shows her what her what her world could be if she went after it.  Will she trust him enough to take that leap?  Emotional, drama filled with steamy sex.  I was hooked from beginning to end.
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4.5 Stars!

What a well-written story! Stacey Kennedy has become one of my favorite authors because she never fails to enthrall with her erotic stories. Perfectly Inappropriate is a smart, standalone BDSM romance that keeps you entertained from start to finish.

Graphic designer/photographer Olivia Watts, and Senator Noah Grant meet via an online BDSM dating app. While recovering from a horrendous breakup, Olivia is looking to fulfill her sexual fantasies and shed some of her good girl qualities. Noah's very public life prevents him from exploring his dominant side, so privacy is extremely important to him. As they spend time together, sparks ignite and strong feelings begin to evolve between them.  Olivia quickly realizes how much she likes Noah, but she has to let go of the past and believe in herself before she can be in a new relationship.  Noah wants to settle down and commit, after realizing that his career should not be what his life is only about. They spend less than a week together, both in and out of the bedroom, and fall madly in love. They discover many things about each other and surprise themselves in the process.

I liked this hot read. If you enjoy stories with a male dominant, sex scenes with some tasteful kink, and a heroine that comes full circle, then pick up a copy of this book. The epilogue concludes the story perfectly and I read it twice because it was so good. Overall, this is a must read for anyone that likes an engaging love story in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Olivia's life fell apart and she is lost. All of her plans for her future are ruined and she has no idea what her next step will be. 

She works at a job she hates, and her heart is broken so badly, she can't see a way to open her heart back again.

Sir offers an escape, a parenthesis in real life, no strings attached and amazing crazy sex. Fulfilling her deepest darkest fantasies is her new goal, but she is not ready for Noah.

He is a force to be reckoned, the instant they met sparks flew and he captivated her as much as she did him. 

Noah uses this as an escape, and sweet Olivia is a breath of fresh air. He definitely was not ready for the attraction he is feeling towards her. She has awaken something within them that he didn't know existed and now he is addicted to it.

But their time is short and their worlds so different, can they make this fantasy work in their real worlds? Will this feeling between them be enough?

Olivia found her love for herself again with Noah's strength and support, as a true Dom, he gave her power back to her and now she was stronger than before.

Love is tricky and you have to be able to risk everything for the ones you love. Some might think this is a foolish notion, but I find myself thinking as a hopeless romantic most of the times. And when you find yourself in a spot like they did, throwing caution to the wind and bearing your heart might be the only way to be happy and have a love of a lifetime.
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