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Olivia has always been the good girl, doing what’s right. She knows she needs to regain her self-confidence to become the person she once was. To do this, she’s going to have to push herself outside her comfort zone. After all, this is just a fantasy, but how do you tell if a fantasy becomes real?

Noah is drawn to Olivia in ways he never expected. He finds her unique and refreshing, unlike anyone he’s had in his life before. To be with her, he keeps bending his own rules, but will he be willing to break his biggest rule in order to keep her?

This is a very engaging love story full of emotions, heartwarming moments, a touch or two of drama, and plenty of steamy passion. The characters are interesting and well-developed, and Olivia and Noah’s chemistry is off the charts. The storyline is fast paced and will keep you involved from beginning to end. I recommend this as a very appealing read!
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Senator Noah Grant sat at the private table at the NYC Bean Cafe. Noah was a member of SIR which was a service for dominates , created by dominates who required a certain level of privacy to find submissive for play. Jared Griggs was a private investigator he was kept on the payroll and Noah was told Olivia had a friend with her. Noah had picked Olivia for his submissive for the week. Noah paid a lot of extra money to be notified of new submissive first before most. Olivia had entered the private room. Olivia’s beauty wasn’t in her looks alone, it was something far more powerful. She possessed an innate ability to render Noah hopelessly intrigued. Paige had came with Olivia as Paige was her best friend. Olivia brought Paige into the private room at Noah’s request to reassure her. Jared had told Noah to be cautious around Olivia as she seemed to be squeaky clean. Than Olivia explained her reasoning for joining SIR and how she was cheated on by her fiance-Cameron and best friend Lacey. Olivia seemed to be different from every other person Noah had met and he wanted to find out why.
This was a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read this in one day . This had me from the first page to the last . I loved Noah and Olivia together and how they interacted. The author did a great job with the BDSM part of the book. It showed how a good dominate should treat and be to his submissive. It was a little fast in the romance part yet didn’t take away from the book and is addressed in the book. I found nothing to criticize in this book happily. I love the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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This book was WOW!  Thank you Stacey Kennedy for giving such a wonderfully, delicious, heartwarming book.
The story of Noah and Olivia - Gah!!!! The meet in an unconventional way.  Still Noah has broken all of his rules when it comes to Olivia, she just has that affect on him.
Olivia was hurt deeply when she walked in on her Fiance' and best friend tearing up there sheets.  She is stuck in a life she really isn't happy with until she meets Noah - he shows her, her true self and it's beautiful.
With the difference in the career paths and lives there is not guarantee of relationship, so what will happen?
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4-4.25 STARS

Noah Grant is a politician with a penchant for the wild side, who must always be carefully discreet when it comes to his sexual liaisons.  And with reelection his primary focus, Noah hasn’t the time nor the interest in pursuing a relationship outside of his bedroom walls.  That is, until Olivia Watts enters the scene and has Noah questioning his steadfast resolve.    

Sweet and unassuming, Olivia is a woman scorned, now intent on exploring her darker desires.  And Noah is just the man to indulge her greatest fantasies.  But Noah is so much more than Olivia had ever bargained for, and she suddenly finds herself falling for a man whose heart she might never truly have.

A slightly new take on a familiar theme, Noah and Olivia's story is interesting, compelling, and sinfully sexy.  Boasting likeable, endearing characters with a lighter, soft-core BDSM storyline that’s a perfect blend of heat and heart, “Perfectly Inappropriate” is another fabulous, spicy story from author Stacey Kennedy.
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Hopelessly Captivating! I absolutely loved this story. I just couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. The chemistry coming off the pages is explosive, it had heartfelt emotions that will touch your soul, a love connection that is beautiful in every way, and some seriously, delicious, hot, sexy scenes that will singe your fingers and will make you swoon.
Olivia Watts has always been the good girl. But after catching her fiancé cheating with her best friend it is time for her to do something perfectly inappropriate. So with the urging and help from a friend she signs up for the new SiR app, since her fantasies have always been about being dominated. 

Noah Grant is a senator and has to be very careful in his line of work 
considering he is a dominant.  Being a premium user of the SiR app he gets notified of any new subs before most. Their was something uniquely beautiful that he saw in Olivia and so he claimed her right away. But he is also leery of her perfect background check. But after meeting Olivia he just can’t stay away. 

These two are just drawn to each other but as Noah finds out more about Olivia’s pain caused by her ex-fiancé he wants more, he wants to fix her.  But can he with his relationship problems?  And will Olivia find herself, and move on or will Noah be her forever. You need to read this story it is FANTASTIC! 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This book made me blush more than once! Somehow, I wasn't expecting this level of steam. There's so much chemistry between Noah and Olivia, and the book just blazes by. There was a bit more emphasis on the sex than I'd anticipated, but--again, so much steam. 3 1/2 stars.
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I looooooved this book! Olivia has had a rough go of things and with the help of her friend, she decides to do something daring and completely different. She joins a BDSM dating app and doesn’t know what to expect.  Noah and Olivia were perfectly matched.  However, they received more than they bargained for! I loved the interactions between these two.   Their story was epic and the chemistry palpable.  This was a hot, sexy story but it also came with ALL. THE. FEELS.  I couldn’t read this book fast enough.  If you’re looking for a  believable story with heart, heat and perfection, this is the story for you!  Do yourself a favor and grab this book. I can’t recommend this book enough!
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I really liked this latest book from Ms Kennedy. I am a big fan and this book did not disappoint.Olivia and Noah are s hot together. From the time they meet you can not miss the chemistry between them as well as the fast growing connection they form. There is no games played between them. Both know what they want and are very open about it.  Olivia may have decided to go for what she wanted after the betrayal she suffered at the hands of her fiance and best friend but she was making sure that what happened wouldn't affect her in her pursuit of what she really wanted. Noah is a man of power and his private life has no place in his professional life. Meeting Olivia has him rethinking what he wants personally. These two are so great together and I love how they support one another. Ms Kennedy has a way of telling a story that you can't help but fall in love with the characters and cheer them on. A very sexy and steamy read with just the right amount of intensity and a wonderful HEA!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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3.5 stars

I liked the story line and the writing was fabulous, but this story didn’t pack the punch I was hoping it would. It was super hot and steamy, but I just wasn’t feeling the strong emotions between Noah and Olivia. I was also disappointed that Olivia didn’t rage more at Lacie and Cameron. It was still and entertaining and solid book, but I guess I wanted more emotion.
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Perfectly Inappropriate has all the elements for an entertaining romance. It moves at a good pace, has likable characters, and is nothing short of scorching hot. Despite all that, I still came away with a middle of the road feeling about the story. It is entertaining, but it just didn't have that something to set it apart from the sea of others out there. I liked the story well enough while I was reading, so I suppose it works well for a fairly quick, easy read. Maybe I've become a bit jaded, or maybe it's the predictability of where the story is going, but there just isn't anything about these characters and their story to make me think much about them once the last page is turned.
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3.5 Stars

Olivia and Noah meet, how else?  Through an app that allows dominant men to have private, consensual encounters with submissive women.  Maybe the app works the other way too, and it probably does, but that is not the point here.

Olivia is dealing with some things in her past that make her just a little reluctant to trust men.  Noah lives a life where no one can be trusted and everyone is always out to find your secrets, and to create the scandal that topples their political rivals.

Imagine their surprise when the initial attraction gets stronger the more time they spend together, and that they each want to me with one another on a more permanent and public basis.  Rules are broken, boundaries are tested, and a relationship is forged between 2 people who were not thinking there was any chance this would ever be a long term thing.

The writing in this was strong, and I believed the evolution of their story.  I liked the characters, and I liked how they were both reluctant to trust in the relationship, but also willing to take the chance when they find someone they think they want to be with.

I thought some of the issues were resolved a little quickly and that took me out of the story at the end.  But, overall I enjoyed and recommend this title.
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I LOVED this book. Olivia is an amazing smart woman who is one of the most relatable characters I have read in a long time. And NOAH. Omg such a sexy hero. He definitely knew all the right words and all the right moves. I hope this is the start of a new series but I love me some Paige! I definitely think y’all need to read this one.
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Perfectly Inappropriate is a story about moving forward and taking back what was lost. I love Olivia Watts! When she discovered her ex-fiance cheating with her best friend, she made the right decision to remove them from her life. Olivia had lost herself in her ex-fiance. She's ready to move on with a little bit of help from a friend. She had always been the good girl and decides to do something perfectly inappropriate by taking a chance on an exclusive dating app. Noah Grant has no time in his busy political schedule for relationships. Noah isn't looking for forever after growing up in a politician's household. It is imperative for him to keep his proclivities from the public. When he meets Olivia he finds himself at a crossroads. give love a chance or continue to solely focus on his career. 

The story is sweet and heartwarming. Olivia is a strong woman who pushed past her boundaries and found herself. I loved it! 5 Stars
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Perfectly Inappropriate is everything a true Romance is supposed to be. An act of spontaneity on Olivia's part, changes not just her life, but Noah's. With his support, Olivia starts a journey of self discovery and a realization of her dreams. Noah is an intense, sexy, and perfectly decent man who life changes in ways he didn't believe it could after Olivia comes into his life. This book is hot enough to melt your kindle and sweet enough to melt your heart.
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Stacy Kennedy has written a page turning steamy romance that hits all the high notes. Olivia is getting over a broken relationship and Noah has the prescription to fix all that ails her. The story outside of the bedroom is filled with instances of warmth, humor, and heart. As their bond grows closer together the conversations become deeper and they discover that they have a lot in common. Paige brings a particular brand of humor to the story and her fierce loyalty to Olivia adds texture to the plot. The author explores family relationships, work relationships and digs deep to give Olivia and Noah’s character great depth by exploring their feelings and showing why they come to the decisions they make. There is no leaving the reader to second guess their intentions which is really great. In the end the story rounds out nicely and ends on a very happy note.
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Sweet, sexy and sassy. This story has it all, a sweet woman who has done all the right things only to have her heart stomped on and finding herself in a place she never thought she’d be, a dominant politician who is determined not to put any woman through the life of loneliness that a political wife would lead. He never counted on her and she wants more than he is willing to give. But oh the steamy while they figure it out. Break out a cold drink and kick back and enjoy.
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Sweet and entertaining, a story between a sweet woman and an ambitious New York Senator.  Olivia’s fiancee betrayed her with her best friend and maid of honor, and now she’s trying to find herself and turn back into the courageous and fun-loving woman she used to be.  Following her friend Paige’s advice, she signed up for a discreet BDSM app that pairs submissives with experienced doms.

What she least expected was to get matched with the Senator for New York, a young politician whose sole ambition is to get re-elected and eventually run for governor of New York.  As such, he has no interest in serious relationships and gets his pleasure from the short term connections through the app.  The problem is that when he meets Olivia he senses she’s different from any woman he’s met before and he’s entranced by her sweetness and her willingness to try new and adventurous moves in bed.  

Olivia is charmed by Grant but she’s also burned by her experience with her ex-fiancee.  She doesn’t feel like she’s in a position to take up with a new relation, so she’s happy with the one-week limit.  The problem is, she feels so right with Grant that when their week ends, she doesn’t want to end with Grant but she also doesn’t want to get serious. 

I liked that they fell in love by stages, as they spent time together.  The BDSM part of the story was not convincing to me and I got the impression they spent more time doing vanilla sex than the kinky stuff.  Anyway, it’s not the part that interests me more, so I skipped the sexy parts in favor of enjoying the story.  

I found Olivia sweet and strong and Grant generous, gentle and kind.  He may be a politician but he has a huge heart and he won Olivia over with his kindness and attentions.  I loved the part where Cameron (the ex-douche) appears and finds that Olivia has changed to a better man, yay.

The book is entertaining, a little mushy but sweet, great pace that didn’t bore, and had great characters.
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They're at different places in their lives, yet they come together so spectacularly well. And whoa, the chemistry is off the charts! 
Senator Noah Grant is protective of his private life. He knows scandal can creep up from anywhere, so he vets all his submissives. 
Olivia has been dealt a crushing blow and is trying to work through to herself again. When a chance to live out her fantasies becomes an option she jumps into it, what can happen in a week?
Little do Noah and Olivia realize how much they will impact each other's lives. Can a relationship phobic guy help heal the broken parts of the women he knows it's unlike any he's met before? Will she take the risk of finding her happiness even if she's scared?
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It's getting in hot in here!!!

Olivia and Noah meet by way of an app pairing dominates with submissives. Upon first meeting, there is a sizzling chemistry that sparks between them. It was supposed to be a simple arrangement.... one week of hot sex and move on....only things have a way of changing!

Olivia was so down on her luck after finding her cheating fiancé with her best friend. She's given up her dream job as a freelance photographer, and is stuck in a job she doesn't like much only to pay the bills. She decides she's always been the one to do the right thing and basically feels much like a doormat. That is what pushes her to sign up for the dominate match app.

Noah is a dominate and a senator Working is a way of life and he travels a lot. He is on the app because he can get his kink on without all the hassles of a relationship. He doesn't want to leave someone back home alone. A huge monkey wrench hits his plans after he meets Olivia. 

This book ended up being very different than I expected. I really liked Noah, but felt he wasn't the typical dominate. He was super sweet with Olivia and very conscientious of her feelings. He wanted to take her away from her sorrow and let her just feel. He felt she was different than any other woman he had been with and that was unnerving to him. Before he knew it, he was changing the arrangement and a lot of his rules just to spend more time with her.

Olivia was a breath of fresh air that Noah didn't realize he needed. She saw life differently than Noah and he liked it. She was down to earth and although she felt despair, Noah helped her pull herself away from all the negativity. I liked how there wasn't any added angst just to give them some! Olivia's ex was a real piece of crap for sure, but the one who shined, was Olivia's best friend Paige! She was so straight forward and just hilarious! Talk about keeping it real! Everybody should have a BFF that will defend you to the nth degree like Paige did for Olivia!

I always enjoy a Stacey Kennedy book and I did enjoy this, but I would have liked a few more scenes with these two! The ones we got were pretty scorching! I wanted to see what kind of Dom Noah really was and I think we only got a little peek of him here!

reviewed by Deb
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Olivia is trying to get her life back on track. A couple of months ago, she had walked in on her ex-fiancee in bed with her former best friend. Ever since then, she has felt like she needed to do something more with her life. So, when an opportunity arises for Olivia to expand herself sexually, she takes it. She figures, what is the worse that could happen. What she never expected was to find the one man who makes her body sing. Noah is an NY senator who uses SiR to find women who have the same sexual likes as he does. He doesn’t want a relationship. All he wants is the week or two that his sub gives him. But, when he meets Olivia, he realizes that he could have more with her. Can he convince Olivia that he wants more? Or will she walk out of his life?

I want to discuss the white elephant in the room. The BDSM element of this book. I know that more than a few people will see the words BDSM, “Dom” and Sub” and not read the book. Here’s the thing, this book is NOT about a dom/sub relationship. The story is about a woman who has lost all sense of self finding it again. And honestly, the BDSM scenes were not that bad. 50 Shades of Grey had worse, more graphic scenes.

I wanted to gut punch Olivia’s ex. He was such a scumbag. Every time Olivia was starting to feel good about herself, he would either make an appearance. He deserved the beat down that Noah gave him. I actually wanted to jump into the book and take part in the beat down. I also couldn’t believe the excuses he gave about why he cheated. He was scum.

I loved Noah and Olivia together. Even from the first meeting, you could tell that there was more than just sex. I liked how honest Olivia was with Noah. I liked how Noah went from wanting just sex to having a relationship with Olivia. I loved how he went about showing that he wanted a relationship for her. That was a huge OMG moment for me. I did get teary eyed (but didn’t cry).

The sexual attraction between Noah and Olivia was there right from the beginning. Sparks flew from that first meeting on. I loved how that sexual attraction was built up. It was built up and up and up until they had some steamy and explosive sex. Then the author went right back to building it up again. I also liked how the BDSM element of the sex was kept low-key. The storyline included it but didn’t make it the primary focus. Which made the book so much better for me to read.

I did feel bad for Olivia while reading. I also knew what she was going through with trying to rediscover herself. I loved how the author made her photography a part of the storyline. I didn’t know what a street photographer was until I read this book. I also liked that she was able to forgive Lacie and Cameron for what they did. It took a while, but she was able to forgive. She was a better woman that I could be. I am more like Paige, her other bestie. I hold a grudge.

I loved Noah. I thought it was awesome that he was able to acknowledge, to himself, that he had feelings for Olivia. That he wanted something more than one week with her. Usually, it’s the other way around. So, yes, very refreshing. I also liked that he was able to talk about why he didn’t want a relationship. I loved that he was able to talk to his mother and get the truth from her. I thought it was awesome. I do wish that the author got more into him being a Senator.

The end of Perfectly Inappropriate was one of the best endings that I have read to date. That OMG moment that I mentioned above. It’s here. If I had any doubts about how Noah felt about Olivia, yeah they were put to rest there. And the epilogue. I had happy tears when I read that. Olivia got the HEA that she deserved and then some. Loved it!!!

I gave Perfectly Inappropriate a 4-star review. I enjoyed reading this book. I connected to both of the main characters. I loved the storyline. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like that made a huge impact on my review.

I would give Perfectly Inappropriate an Adult rating. There is explicit sex. There is language. There is violence. There are trigger warnings. They would be cheating. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Perfectly Inappropriate. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

I would like to thank Loveswept, Random House Publishing Group, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review Perfectly Inappropriate.

All opinions in this review of Perfectly Inappropriate are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
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