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I’ve read a few of Stacey Kennedy’s books and have really enjoyed them all.  Perfectly Inappropriate is definitely high on my favorite lists from her books. Noah is a Senator who is also a dominate that belongs to the SiR club. Olivia is an engaged graphic designer who ends up walking in on her fiancé and best friend in bed together, turning her world upside down, and making her realize that she needs to step out of her safe box and have a little fun.  Noah and Olivia meet and that’s when the sparks fly between these two. Loved their chemistry right from the get go, loved Paige, and loved how Noah protected Olivia when it counted. Ending was not quite what I expected, which was a nice surprise.  Well written book that will keep you turning the pages until the very last.  Can’t wait for the next installment.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.
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Olivia and Noah have a romance that is hot heavy and at times drove me insane, but I have to say I loved every single minute of it! Stacey Kennedy kept me going right up until the very last page which was perfection!
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Perfectly Inappropriately by Stacey Kennedy, is one super hot read.  I have a few books on my want to read list by this author, but for one reason or another just haven't found the time to read one of them. Now that I have read this book I am kicking myself for not reading one of her books sooner.  This book has definitely made me a fan of Stacey Kennedy.
	Olivia Watts is the proverbial good girl, always making the right decisions, engaged to her high school sweetheart, in a job that she really doesn't like, but it pays the bills and what does all that goodness get her…..heartbreak. So what's a good girl to do, well of course fulfill a dark fantasy.
	Noah Grant was raised in a wealthy political family, and is now a beloved U.S. senator, with a bit of a dark side that he must hide from the public.  He is not looking for a relationship, he has tried that and it didn't work.  His goal now, being totally focused on his political career and getting reelected.
	Olivia stumbles on an exclusive app, that puts doms and subs together.  And ohh my, from their first meeting the chemistry between them is off the charts.  Stacey Kennedy can really write some steamy scenes.  There are some BDSM scenes in this book, but I would consider them to be on the light side of the spectrum. I just loved the way Ms. Kennedy slowly develops the relationship between Noah and Olivia. Yes, there were some very erotic aspects of their relationship but there was also a softer romantic mood to this book.  
	I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this book, Paige, Lacie and Cameron. They of course added to some of the delicious conflict. I would love to read a story about Paige, maybe getting together with “Noah’s Driver”.  Finally, I love a book with a good epilogue, and this book had a great one. 
	So, if you are looking for a fast paced book that is spicy and sweet, you have found your next read.  I for one will be reading more of Stacey Kennedy.                	       	Happy Reading!

***I kindly received an ARC of this book by way of NetGalley/publisher/author. I was not contacted, asked or required to leave a review in order to read this book. I received no compensation, financial or otherwise. This is my honest review.***
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This is a new stand alone from author Stacey Kennedy.  It was a quick enjoyable read.  Olivia and Noah meeting through a BDSM dating app and what is supposed to be a seven day arrangement quickly becomes something more.  This was a sweet and spicy read.  I liked that it didn't just rely on the sex to sell the story.  Noah and Olivia have chemistry right from the start and this author knows how to make it jump off the page.  But this story also has some sweet quiet times where each of the characters give the other something they are missing.  Noah helps heal Olivia from recent heartache and makes her see her decisions in a new light.  Olivia gives Noah light in his life that chases away some of the shadows from his political career.  There is no real drama or angst which I appreciated.
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Fling-to-forever romance between a senator and a graphic designer in the big city. Some BDSM play.

Olivia finds herself in a position familiar to many people: she has settled. Settled for her job, even though it isn't her passion. Settled for her relationship, until he cheated. Settled for a safe -- and unsatisfying -- life. She's looking for a way to find herself again, to shake things up and get back to who she was meant to be. 

Noah's career comes first. So much so that he's eliminated everything from his life that might interfere with getting re-elected, except for one thing. He satisfies his dominant cravings under the radar via an app that pairs him with people who have complementary predilections.

I liked Olivia. She could have been overdone -- either too pathetic or too Pollyanna -- but she was written with great balance. I loved Noah. He's honest, straightforward, and very sexy. Love his relationship with his mother and how it weaves through the story.

Bottom line: it's worth it to read this book, even if just for the dark room scene.

Thank you to the author and Net Galley for granting my request for an advanced copy.
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Sigh... I loved this story! 
Stacey Kennedy is one of those authors that I know will give me a fabulous story with plenty of heat, spice, and sexy men. This book is a perfect example.

I absolutely loved the characters in the story. I found myself smiling throughout the entire book because these two are just so damn perfect for each other. They were kind and loving, not just to each other but to others around them as well. Heck, even his mother was a sweetheart. 

This book has an amazing sensual feeling too. With the hot flavor of light BDSM surrounding just a beautiful feeling of true like for someone else, it just leaves you wishing you could find that perfect scenario for your life too. 

Beautiful story, sexy scenes that will make you sweat a bit, and a fabulous ending that will make you smile for days! So Much love for this book! Sigh..
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A wonderfully sweet and romantic book with mild BDSM tones. Olivia needs to reboot herself after catching her to-be husband and maid of honor in bed. When the opportunity to experience a D/s scene arises she jumps in with both feet in an attempt to rediscover her sexuality. 

Nick contacts her through the SiR app she signs up for and discovers that she is more real and perfect as a sub than he realized. Nick finds himself breaking his own rules just to get more time with her. As they spend the designated week together they learn more about each other and themselves. But Nick's life is busy, and time is not something he has to pursue a committed relationship. He knows that Olivia is just the kind of woman he needs in his life but refuses to subject her to the loneliness his career as a Senator would bring. And Olivia is grateful what he has given her as her Dom but refuses to lose herself in another relationship where she must be the one to make the sacrifices.
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Olivia really comes into her own in this delightful romance!

After witnessing the demise of her engagement to the only man she's ever been involved with, Olivia searches for a way to take charge of her life and avoid the emotional entanglements that proved so false.  A chance encounter points her to an app that matches up willing subs with dominant men who value privacy above all.  With the guidance of her best friend, Paige, Olivia meets Noah, also known throughout the state as Senator Grant.  

Noah needs control almost as much as he needs privacy.  The app provides him with both, but none of the women he's enjoyed so far entice him more than Olivia does.  Olivia's sweet honesty is like a breath of fresh air, and slowly Noah finds himself willing to throw out all his rules just to keep Olivia near.  

The execution of this story is far better than the setup, as the writer delves deep into her characters' hearts and minds to realistically explain why the usual obstacles truly seem insurmountable.  

The only drawback I felt with this book is that Noah repeatedly refers to what Dominants need to do for their subs in and out of bed, yet he was actually only dominant when it came to sex.  In pretty much every other aspect of their relationship, Olivia drove the emotions while Noah just tried to avoid confronting his fear of commitment.  He was chivalrous enough to immediately stand up for her when necessary, but too weak to really stand up to her when the line was drawn in the sand.  If you forget that he claims to be a Dom, he really is a sweet, devoted boyfriend whose world is turned on end when he finds the one woman he just can't let get away.  

Olivia really shines as the lead character.  She's reclaiming her life after wasting a decade on the wrong man, and despite her attraction to Noah she's never again going to settle for less than she knows she deserves.  Her inner strength permeates her entire life, saving her dignity even when Noah leaves her twisting in the wind while he obediently follows his father's lead. 

The HEA had everything tied up nicely, again with Olivia in the lead and Noah just thankful to be along for the ride.  Not what I expected from the premise of a Dom/sub pairing, but it works for them.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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#PerfectlyInappropriate is 
Noah Grant, Senator, and Olivia watts, photographer.  What a spectacular, unlikely pair.  This story had friendships, drama, deceit, trust, love, anger, and hot sex.  I could not stop reading this book; Noah was a mesmerizing hot dominant and Olivia was a newbie to this sexual journey that she was determined to take.  Noah was so strong, firm, kind and caring, everything a dom should be.  Olivia enjoyed every minute of their time together, but there was a time limit to their arrangement, one week.  Olivia affected Noah so that he didn’t follow his own rules!

I will read this book many time, I cannot get enough of Noah and Olivia.  Another hit by Stacey Kennedy.

I received a copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for this honest review.
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Original thoughtfully written steamy romance

Stacey Kennedy is a solid writter whose books I always look forward to reading. Perfectly Inappropriate was truly another treat. Olivia and North the main characters have amazing chemistry from their very first meet.  They both have baggage and it was fascinating watching them peel each other's protective layers off.  The dominance in this book is subtle. This is not your typical Dominant kink story, but so much more. One of the most interesting books I've read this year.
I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
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So full of Heat and Heart💚💙
This read had me tuned in and turned on.  
Fate plays a huge part in life and Olivia, thankfully got out of a rut to find herself, due to a fateful afternoon.  
The chemistry between her and Noah was crackling from the pages.  Again fate takes over and what starts as fun ends up being taken very much deeper, but with obstacles so there are issues.
The whole journey touches on all emotions and the HEA is big happy sigh from me. 
I received an ARC thru Net Galley and am giving an honest review.
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I love this book! Loved the characters and the storyline. Olivia and Noah's story was steamy and unconventional but so sweet too. 5 stars
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Such a great story. I'm so glad that Olivia went out of her comfort zone, took a chance and did something perfectly inappropriate so she could meet Noah. I loved it.
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After finding her fiancée with another woman, Olivia takes the leap into one of her private desires and signs up for a “dating” site that connects subs and doms. She’s looking for something to help make her feel whole again, to feel herself, to help find that part that she lost so long ago. When she is connected with Noah, things instantly click for them both and soon all the rules that were set at the beginning are quickly being tossed aside as they create their own rules together.

I’m not a huge fan of BDSM, but I am a fan of this author and I wanted to take a chance on this book. I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved the level of intensity between Olivia and Noah, the natural rhythm of their relationship and their ability to give each other what they were lacking. Not just sexually, but emotionally. The BDSM took a backseat in my opinion and didn’t bother me in the least. If anything, it proved to be the catalyst that brought Olivia to the place where she was able to stand on her own and take what she wanted from life.

This is a fast paced read with plenty of steam and the secondary characters were perfect in their roles. I actually hope to see Olivia’s friend Paige in her own story. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Random House - Loveswept. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Occasionally one finds a book to enjoy with just the right mixture of all the ingredients to a wonderful romance.  What i call a "feel good" romance.  Likeable characters, a believable plot, depth to the relationship, humor and great dialogue!   This book hit the mark! The romance was hot, the chemistry was felt while the relationship developed.   Noah and Olivia read like real world people with real pasts. I especially liked that the internal dialogue was well balanced with the story itself. It didnt bog the book down. I also liked that while Noah and Olivia had issues to deal with they were honest with one another. No " misunderstanding plot" gimmicks. The BDSM scenes were refreshingly innovative. The sex was part of the story not the story itself. It was a transformative vehichle. Interesting. 
Highly recommended!

I received an arc copy free of charge and am providing an honest unbiased review.
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First off, if you know me you know I hate cheating, no matter who in the story was doing it. It's even worse when there's a play by play, but since it's not the main character or love interest doing it, I can let it slide because I enjoyed the rest of the story. Olivia is put through a lot even though she plays it safe. Tired of where being a good girl got her--homeless, a lackluster job and losing her fiance and best friend to each other--she decides to throw caution to the wind and signs up for a submissive match app. Little did she know that she would be matched up with the Senator, Noah Grant. Discretion is even more important in their case due to Noah's high position. The chemistry between them are ardent and the more time they spend together, the more Noah breaks his rules and the closer they get. Neither of them expected anything more than what they signed up for, and they both find themselves wondering what they're willing to risk and fight for if they want to be together.
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Olivia and Noah were a great combination of hot and sweet. 

They meet through SiR and neither are looking for a relationship. Olivia fresh out of an engagement gone wrong and Noah, who is in politics, who won't subject anybody else to his life style. So, what happens when feelings develop and a misunderstanding occurs? Will they work past it or give up on what they have found with each other. 

You just can't go wrong with a Stacey Kennedy book.
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This is the first book from Stacey Kennedy and I can say it will not be the last.

Olivia’s has recently been hurt by the two people she considered her best friends and now just wants to get on with life and living. She decides to try something out of her comfort zone and signs up for an exclusive dating app.
Noah is a wealthy Senator who is not looking for a relationship but does desire to control his women.  When the two meet, it is instant chemistry.  They agree to just one week of hot sex and fun no strings attached
Noah brings out things in Olivia that she long forgot existed in herself.  Olivia shows Noah that life is more than all work.  Can two people fall in love in one week’s time?

I was unable to put this book down.  I loved the characters development and cannot wait to read more.

I received an ARC of this book, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is about Noah and Olivia who have an unconventional start of a relationship. Olivia walks in on her fiancé cheating on her with her best friend. So her other best friend takes her in then convinces her to sign up for an exclusive BDSM dating app. Senator Noah Grant picks her to be his submissive and he teaches her that she’s worth more than being cheated on during their week together. There are hot steamy scenes and the story takes both Noah and Olivia where they didn’t think they were ready to go.
I really liked that even though Olivia didn’t feel strong after having the end of her engagement happen like it did that Noah showed her how strong she was, it’s refreshing to have a strong heroine who pushes through a bad situation.
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This was a really quick read.  I polished it off in a couple of hours.  Olivia is recovering from the betrayal of her fiancé and best friend.  In an attempt to move on, she signs up for a BDSM dating site (something that is totally out of character for her). She meets Noah, a powerful senator, on the site and they start a relationship.  There is a lot of push and pull between the two characters as they attempt to overcome their reservations with relationships and each other.
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