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I received an ARC of this book, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. 

This is a Stacey Kennedy book, who has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  Ms. Kennedy has that talent that makes you yearn for each new book because she can make something completely different, yet still great out of every story that she writes. More refreshing still is being able to find an author of this genre writes complete stand alone books, not part of a series and NO cliffhangers. Yeah!!!

Noah and Olivia are a couple that you know are going to be good for each other from the very beginning.  This is a sweet romance, both strong characters with a little something that makes a real relationship seem unrealistic for either one at this point in their lives, but their attraction makes them agree to a short term, no strings, walk away fling. Yeah right!  LOL

I loved this because both characters were strong in their own way.  There was no whining or ridiculous long periods of one character just not getting the feelings of the other. There is angst and temporary heart break of course, it wouldn’t be a true romance without it, but a HEA just the same. There were no true villainous characters, besides an ex who changed their minds, but no nasty family or forbidden love aspects in this one. I love those types of stories also, but this was a fun book that flowed quickly, had hot sex, light bdsm, no profanity for those who are bothered by it, no whining, just real life and the struggles to decide what choices are the right ones. 

Another highly lovable book by Stacey Kennedy that should be highly rated and recommended!
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Stacey Kennedy writes absolutely amazing books and I seriously could not read this book fast enough. Noah was very sexy and his chemistry with Olivia was very steamy. I loved the banter and the fiery passion and could not get enough!

When Olivia Watts decides to run a little on the wild side after a failed engagement with a cheating fiancé, she has no idea what she is in for when she decides to give a dating app that matches subs with doms. She meets Noah Grant and is honestly swept away by this dominant and sexy politician.

Gah!! I thought this story was hot and passionate with an emotional twist. I loved this so much! I would like to thank Loveswept for an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. Bravo!  4 Stars! ~Ratula
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I loved the story of Noah and Olivia. It was exciting and I loved the fact that they met in a completely different way than what I normally see. It kept me intrigued the whole way through, I would recommend this read!!!
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Outstanding book! 

Noah Grant has no time for a relationship especially being a senator. Since he has cetrain taste that involve bdsm he has join a club called SiR. In this club he meets submissive that just want a good time. However, he did not expect to be deterred from the way of doing things when he laid his eyes on Olivia Watts.

Olivia Watts sees the good in people and in life. Unfortunately she was betrayed by her finance and best friend when she caught them toghether. Now she's trying to get her life back together. While trying to figure things out she decided to join SiR to fill out her fantasy. Though she never thought that Noah would help her find herself again.

I voluntarily received an ARC for an honest review.
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Stacey Kennedy writes a romantic story that I found to be incredibly sexy. Olivia is the girl who thought she had it all. Amazing fiancée and the most amazing best friends. Until she comes home early to find the fiancée and maid of honor together. Olivia who has always lived a careful and well thought out life decides it is time to spice life up. She joins an exclusive dating app for BDSM and looks for a Dom. Olivia meets Noah who is everything a woman could ask for. He’s a sexy successful man who has to keep his private life very secret. You will learn all about it in the book. Noah and Olivia have a spark that will just keep you wanting more. They keep it sexy and they are incredibly good for one another. They both seem to know what the other one is missing in their life. I loved this book for the hot sexy scenes between Olivia and Noah but also the chemistry and intimacy between them as well. Stacey Kennedy definitely can write some scenes that had my glasses fogging up but she also had me swooning for the Love in this book as well! Five stars on all levels!!
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What a great read this book is! I'm a huge fan of Stacey's books and this book was a nice little read with plenty of steam, romance and spark. I really needed something a little lighter and this fit the bill perfectly.
You read the blurb, so I'll save you that. This story is about an app for doms to meet subs. When Olivia decides after a horrible end to a long term relationship that she needs to do something "perfectly inappropriate" because she sees herself as boring and average, she signs up for the app. Encouraged by her best friend Paige, who is a wild child and Olivia's biggest cheerleader and oh, instigator; she meets with her prospective one week only dom. Noah is a Senator and wealthy businessman, he comes from a political family, so he knows the ropes. He chooses this method to keep his privacy allowing him to live the lifestyle he choses a bit more discreetly. He loves his political career and finds little time or desire for a relationship, until he meets Olivia. What a tease it is to watch their relationship develop and nice to watch Noah more than just a little interested in Olivia. This book has raging chemistry but very light on the BDSM, and the perfect amount of smoking hot sex. Noah still falls into role and so does Olivia. These two are the best match. They actually converse! What a novel idea in a book! It was so blasted refreshing to read. There are a couple of snags in our lovely duo's story, her ex who causes a problem for her which in turn causes a problem for Noah. I had to shift into neutral at that point and hold out hope for these two but Stacey likes to leave you dangling until the last pages for a clue! The short story is, this is a great read and one I'd read again. It's a must read.
4.5 stars

arc from NetGalley and Loveswept for an honest review
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Loved it! it is uplifting without being cheesy. Noah is so caring and generous, and Olivia is so honest and open with her feelings that they have no other choice than to fall for each other even when they try to avoid it. Their lives are completely different and complicated but they manage to find common ground and more than anything, an appreciation for the other's view on life. An appreciation for the other's accomplishments and talents. Olivia had a very difficult and disappointing experience but she still manages to give Noah her trust. He doesn't believe in his capability of having a relationship but she awakens in him the urge to try. It is really nice to read how the author makes his character find the perfect balance between being a little selfish and caring so much that he puts her first. He manages to build her up with his dominance and make of her a strong and secure woman again. This is a swoon worthy type of love book. It was just what I needed.
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I loved the tone and voice of the narrator. It is written well but it isn’t that different than I’ve previously have read. The characters seem almost one dimensional. 

I give it 3 Stars out of five. 

I received this ebook from Netgalley for an honest review.
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I loved Perfectly Inappropriate. The changes with Olivia throughout are simply wonderful. You see her go from thinking this is how its supposed to be to an eye opening change is a good thing. Once Noah and Olivia meet you can't help but feel the sparks fly. Even though the arrangement is supposed to be short lived and for Noah as a Dom rules are supposed to be followed. He just never saw Olivia coming. They bring out the best in each other even when they live in somewhat different worlds. One being in the political spotlight and the other just a normal private life. This will have you not only fanning yourself over Noah and Olivia but giggling over Olivia's BFF Paige. I really couldn't put this one down and you wont be able to either.
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I completely enjoyed the way the story flowed. I liked the character development and their relationship. The only thing I did not like was reading the last page and wanting more. I wanted more of Olivia and Noah.
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For last ten years Olivia Watts has dedicated her life to the man she thought was her forever, but somewhere along the line things went array, and he strayed, with her best friend no less. Now all she wants to do is put all the bad memories behind her and start fresh, but this time she plans on being a little less hum drum and a little more adventurous. Which takes her to the doorstep of a incredibly handsome man who promises to help her take her bedroom expertise to new heights, and give her more than she bargained for, and he does, much, much more!

The moment Noah Grant's eyes land on Olivia' s dating app photo he feels something deep in his gut that tells him this one promises to be everything he's looking for and more. Then he meets her, and not only were his instincts spot on, but she also brings a lot of surprises with her, and before long he feels his carefully planned world turn upside-down. With his hectic life he knows forever isn't in the cards for him... but the more time he spends with Olivia the more he wants to make an exception!

Perfectly Inappropriate is a erotic little page turner that promises to bring many swoons, the moment you crack the cover and meet Noah you will be completely smitten! As soon as I met him I knew my heart was in trouble, he could be dominating when the moment called for it, but he also had an unexpected sweet side that made him irresistible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this couple, their story was engaging, heartfelt, and oh so naughty, I highly recommend you keep a fan nearby for this one... it's a hot one!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
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Review of Perfectly Inappropriate
By Stacey Kennedy

I’ve read a lot of Stacey’s books, this one does not disappoint.   Hot baby Hot!!!
The heat between Olivia and Noah is felt from the moment these two meets.  One week is all Noah can give Olivia; all he can ever give any submissive, but Olivia is about the blow Noah’s mind.
Through their time together Noah starts to understand Olivia better and realizes that “what you see is what you get” she’s honest, beautiful and cares deeply, loves even deeper.
Noah never thought he’d fall in love with Olivia and fought against it.  But upon listening to his mother, Noah learns that any price he has to pay to love someone is a price he will pay.
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Perfectly Inappropriate, is very erotic. Made me say mmm more than once. But it also is about friends who stick together and some that are only out for themselves. I always love reading Stacey Kennedy's books. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
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Olivia works as a graphics designer but loves street photography. When she finds her fiancé and best friend in bed together, she kicks them out of her life. Noah is a New York senator and a dominant. He belongs to a group called SiR which also has an app. They match you up to submissives for a safe sexual experience. Olivia joins and Noah picks her. There are some stipulations and rules that Noah has. But from the first meeting he starts breaking his own rules. Olivia has been hurt once and is just starting to find herself and doesn’t want a relationship and Noah is just not relationship material. After their week together, she walks away and Noah lets her but regrets it. Can they both get what they want and be happy together?
Loved the story and characters. Sexy, BDSM, politics and maybe a happily ever after. A strong woman, who doesn’t realize how strong she is. A sexy politician with a kinky side.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *
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Noah and Olivia were absolutely stunning together. I enjoyed the BDSM play between. The dominance Noah exuded was jaw droppjng, the submissive nature Olivia had was refreshing and the sex was damn good between them. I enjoyed their barriers on their hearts and seeing them fall for each other. Such a beautiful romance.
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3.5 stars.🌟🌟🌟
Stacey Kennedy really knows how to raise the temperature.
This was, one super HOT🌡 and steamy read.
Initially I couldn't understand the attraction between Noah and Olivia other than the superficial but as the book progressed I realized that it was their differences that appealed to each other. 
Olivia had a positive outlook and appreciation for the simpler things in life and Noah showed a lot of sensitivity and kindness towards Olivia (while she was still recovering from the fallout of a nasty relationship split). Her ex, Cameron certainly was a piece of work.
Noah however, didn't come across to me as a typical dominant (except in the bedroom)- he just seemed so sweet but Olivia's BFF Paige was an absolute riot (totally wild and hilarious) I loved their friendship. 
I definitely enjoyed the second half of this book a lot more for some reason. 

This is my 7th Stacey Kennedy book and while this may not necessarily be my favorite read by her I still enjoyed this standalone with bdsm overtones. 💕

ARC received from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I really liked this book. It kept me hooked from the very beginning and I could not seem to put the book down. Noah is a politician who likes to keep his private life private and Olivia is a woman who is looking to explore her new sexual urges after finding her ex-fiancé screwing her maid of honor. I loved the fact that the instant chemistry they both shared was off the charts and even though Olivia was still heart broken about the end of her engagement and the betrayal that those who are suppose to love her did to her she is finally able to explore her true sexual fantasies and find her old self. Noah might have originally wanted to keep his private life separate from his political life but the more time he spends with Olivia the more he realizes that he has real feelings for her and would like to continue to explore them. Perfectly Inappropriate was a fun read with a HEA. A must read.

***Received this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
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Since I received an advanced copy of this book and there is always the potential that details may change before publication, I will not include specific names. 

In Stacey Kennedy’s latest, you get laughter, heat, and love. After a painful break-up, the h (after some prodding from her friend) decides to download an app focused on BDSM, and meets the very dominant and s*xy H.

Throughout the book the h struggles to reclaim her identity. She’s struggling professionally and personally. The h downloads the app because she wanted to try something outside of her comfort zone. She freely admits that she’s always made the “right” decision and has been let down by that process. 

The H is confident, professional and well-known. He avoids relationships due to the demands of his career. A regular user of the apps services, this dominant is looking for a simple, contracted interaction. In his bid to help the h see her beauty and strength, the

What should be simply bedroom time, quickly transforms into much more. The H & h have a chemistry that neither can deny. Soon, they begin changing the rules and spending time together doing things that resemble a couple. For the newly single h and the the relationship shy H, this leads to fear and confusion.  

The author weaves a tale that slowly evolves from the one-week contract into a love story with a lot of sizzle. Don’t miss out of this hot, new release!
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Love this book. I could not put it down, I devoured it and wanted more. Great book full of many emotions that will make your heart smile. I recommend it to everyone.

I received this book from Net Galley and the publisher for an honest review.
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Noah and Olivia were absolutely stunning together. I enjoyed the BDSM play between. The dominance Noah exuded was jaw droppjng, the submissive nature Olivia had was refreshing and the sex was damn good between them. I enjoyed their barriers on their hearts and seeing them fall for each other. Such a beautiful romance.
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