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This was another amazing story that I devoured over the long weekend.  Both Jolene and Tucker have their demon's to fight.  Reading as they worked together to restore an old Victorian home was a lot fun for me... and I imagine it will be for you as well.  A great read.
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Jolene Broussard inherits half interest in her aunt and uncle's business, The Magnolia Inn, and has lots of ideas to renovate it. The other heir quickly sells his share and the new partner, Tucker Malone, has his reasons to renovate and update the inn. Jolene and Tucker work together very well on the remodeling and in the process begin to heal from past tragedies. They are helped by Jolene's aunt's good friends who have fun with a bit of matchmaking and Tucker's ex-father-in-law. I really enjoyed this story by one of my "go to" authors!

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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An emotional story about life, grief, and moving forward. The characters are realistic. The setting is wonderful. I hadn't read anything by this author in awhile, this story reminded me why I always enjoyed her work.
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Three and a half stars: A healing romance with a little home renovation. 

Jolene is excited to inherit half of the Magnolia Inn that belongs to her aunt and uncle. The only problem is that the other half is owned by Rueben, her uncle’s nephew. Jolene couldn’t stand Rueben when they were kids, but she hopes to convince him to help her renovate the inn and keep it running. Jolene is crushed when he shoots her down and puts his half on the market. 
Meanwhile, Tucker is barely surviving since the death of his wife. He spends his weeks doing carpentry for others and the weekends are for drinking. When Tucker is offered a chance to purchase half of the Magnolia Inn, he decides to take a chance, even if his new partner is a bit of a spitfire. Soon Jolene and Tucker are working side by side to restore the Magnolia Inn. They learn to become co workers and friends, but both are afraid of letting down their guard. Can they find a way to heal their hearts?
What I Liked:
*The Magnolia Inn is a bit heavier than Carolyn Brown’s cowboy romances. The story features a romance centered on letting go of burdens in the past and healing the heart. So even though I was expecting light and fluffy, I was pleased with this gentle romance, and I liked that it was all about healing. 
*I liked both Jolene and Tucker. Jolene is a girl who has been through the hard knocks of life. She lost her father as a teenager, and then she was forced to take care of her drug addicted mother, only to lose her a few years later. Even though life has handed Jolene a whole crop of lemons, she has learned to make lemonade. Still, she has her scars and she is afraid to open up and trust. What I loved about her was her determination. She works hard and does the right thing. I especially liked how she handled Tucker when he got drunk, she taught him some life lessons. Tucker takes a bit longer to warm up to. He is drowning in grief after the loss of his wife. Yet, he is a kind, good hearted man who isn’t afraid of hard work. I loved the way he handled Jolene and the three old ladies. It was a joy to see him transform. 
*I loved the Magnolia Inn. There is something satisfying about home renovations. The Magnolia Inn was a small, charming inn that had seen better days. Under Jolene’s and Tucker’s hands, the old place got a face lift. I liked reading about the restoration work and all the changes the two made to the old place. 
*A Carolyn Brown book wouldn’t be the same without some feisty older folks to liven things up. In this one, Jolene is looked after by her Aunt Sugar’s three best friends, and a lively trio they are. It was hilarious to see these women in action, especially when it came to dealing with Betsy and her religious streak. 
*The romance was the best kind. I loved that it took its time to establish friendship and trust, which led to healing and opening up. It was a quiet romance that was more about letting go of burdens and moving forward. I thought the romance was done just right. 
*This book deals a lot with grief and and loss. Both Jolene and ..... have endured big losses, and they are still trying to pick up the pieces. Sometimes the book is sad, but I liked seeing the characters come to term with their pasts and find hope and joy. I especially liked the way Tucker settled things with his wife’s family. 
*The book ends with a sweet epilogue down the road. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and see the changes. I always like when I get a nice, happy ending!
And The Not So Much:
*I liked that this book was about healing and dealing with grief, but I struggled a bit with it. I think because I picked this one up expecting a light, fluffy happy read, and this book isn’t exactly that. Yes, there are plenty of happy parts, but there are also some sad moments. Basically, it was a situation where I went in expecting something and got an entirely different read. This isn’t a pick me up cowboy romance like I usually get from this author. 
*Even though I loved the older ladies, I wasn’t a big fan of Betsy. She has some crazy ideas about religion and such. I found her to be a bit too much. 
*I was disappointed that in the epilogue that there wasn’t a mention of Carla. I was curious to see if Jolene and Carla forged that friendship.

The Magnolia Inn was a different type of read from Carolyn Brown. This book was all about healing and renovation. So even though I went into this one expecting a light, fluffy romance and it wasn’t, I was still pleased with the book. I liked that this was a book about letting go of the past and moving forward. If you want a nice read all about overcoming grief and new beginnings, this is one to try. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review. 
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I DNFed at 52% in. It was slow, and an odd mix of romance and women's fiction. It didn't grab me and I didn't really care about any of the characters. I do appreciate that the characters were normal, every day folks with financial, health, and religious problems that could be yours or your neighbors;.
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Jolene inherits half of the Magnolia Inn from her Aunt Sugar and Uncle Jasper.  The other half is to Uncle Jasper’s nephew, who doesn' twant it. He sells his half to Tucker Malone.
Tucker Malone feels guilty and carries a lot of baggage about his wife’s death. She died in a car accident and he received a lump sum which is how he is able to buy half of the Magnolia Inn.
Jolene and Tucker start fixing up the house together and start to get close but have many setbacks due to their pasts. Jolene - her mother and ex-boyfriend who were alcoholics. Tucker - his wife and guilt over her death and his drinking problem.
I enjoyed Aunt Sugar’s friends who take Jolene and Tucker under their wing. 
I enjoyed the book. It’s a clean romance but sometimes it drags a little with Tucker’s angst.
I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and I voluntarily chose to give an honest review.
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A romance set in Texas, how much better could it get?!  And to top it off, it is set in Jefferson Texas, not far from where I went to high school.  And in fact, my husband and I visited this town last summer and was charmed by the small town, its residents, and the landscape.

While the story is somewhat predictable - knowing that Jolene and Tucker would end up together, what adds flavor to the story is Sugar, Dotty, Flossy, and Lucy.  These women take Jolene under their wing and only want to see her happy.  But they are old enough to do what they want and not care what anyone thinks.  I got quite a chuckle out of their antics and matchmaking ways.

Jolene and Tucker have their own set of issues to deal with but it somehow works for them as they learn to trust each other a little more and realize that perhaps what they need is looking them right in the face.  I thought it was interested that Tucker's deceased wife would speak to him in his thoughts.  She was a wise woman.  There were multiple times that the story was very touching and I felt a bit misty as if I was right in the center of the situation.

This was a fun read and if you are looking for a book set in a small Texas town, in a B&B, and with some sassy characters, then check this book out.
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The Magnolia Inn is the latest stand alone offering from this author.  It involves Jolene and Tucker as they begin a partnership to restore and open up a bed and breakfast.  Tucker is still grieving for his dead wife after a car accident took her two years earlier.  Jolene is wary of getting involved with anyone.

This ended up being an OK read for me.  It was less about the romance between Tucker and Jolene and more about Tucker's working through his grief.  It also focuses on the other characters in the book, Jolene's aunt Sugar and her three friends.  While I enjoyed the older women in the story, I would have liked the romance to be less of the slow burn than it was.  The majority of the book involves Jake talking to his dead wife and getting over his grief.  Once he does at about the 3/4 mark, then the romance goes really fast.  I guess, I just ultimately wanted more.  Still, it was enjoyable and if you are in the mood for a clean slow burn romance, than this is one to check out.
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The back cover says it all about “The Magnolia Inn” - New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown brings together two wounded hearts in a Texas romance of second chances and twice-in-a-lifetime true love.

I have reviewed several books by Carolyn Brown, even listened to some on them on Audible. Her books are always a leisurely read and “The Magnolia Inn” is not an exemption. Again, as it is the author’s wont, the book is a slow burn romance. But, don’t worry, there are no dull moments!

With Texas and Oklahoma as her favorite settings, this time around, Brown brings her readers to East Texas, in the town of Jefferson, which believe it or not, truly exists! If you’re like me who would do at least a cursory research on Wikipedia, the description of the town of Jefferson coincides with the book, except of course with the fictional stores, bars and the Magnolia Inn.

Jolene Broussard felt unloved while growing up; the only place she felt that she was wanted was when she visited the Magnolia Inn, which is owned and operated by her mother’s sister Sugar and her husband. To Jolene, the Magnolia Inn was home.

Tucker Malone has been nursing a broken heart since his wife died from a car accident. On a whim, he bought half interest of the Magnolia Inn. It was supposed to be just a project to keep him occupied. Tucker got more than he bargained for.

Jolene and Tucker are not your proverbial inn owners next door. They are likable on their own right, but to matchmakers, they presented a dilemma. They don’t have anything in common except the inn. And because of their past, they were on opposite sides when it comes to a few issues. 

From their seeming divergent path, author Carolyn Brown wove a tapestry of being partners, friends and finally being lovers. Jolene and Tucker have a chance for a happily ever after, but will they take it? To them, it is not a matter of falling in love but a matter of carving a new path to the future. 

The Magnolia Inn is Rated T for Teens. Parental guidance is strongly advised due to alcohol abuse.
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Life is not about the mistakes made, but the lessons learned. For Tucker and Jolene fate is about to teach them the beauty of a second chance. Knocked down by life, crippled by heartache and wishing for something more, the lonely widower and the determined thorn in his side are about to discover that even a bruised heart can heal. The Magnolia Inn is a restoration project for the soul.
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“The Magnolia Inn” is an emotional story full of reality checks, life lessons and the sense that there are always possibilities if you simply open yourself up to them. I was easily caught up in Jolene and Tucker’s lives and enjoyed walking along with them on a journey that discovers forgiveness, redemption and second chances exist but they really only work when you put some effort into them.

Slowly the Inn’s remodeling begins to show the restoration of its former beauty and grace… and just as slowly yet steadily are Jolene and Tucker given a new look on life, the chance to forgive others and themselves. Letting go of the past while reaching out to the future isn’t always easy but is definitely worth the investment.

Secondary characters often set the pace for the story, and these lovely ladies of a certain age were priceless in making “The Magnolia Inn” as enjoyable and engaging as it is.

I enjoyed this world very much. Tucker and Jolene each grabbed a piece of my heart for different reasons. Theirs is a slow burn romance, and a new vision of what life could be with the right partner, attitude and letting the past stay where it belongs… in the past.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Inheriting half of the Magnolia Inn was the best thing to happen to Jolene. She loved coming here in the summers growing up. The only problem is she needs the money to fix it up. Even though her cousin inherits the other half he wants nothing to do with it so he sell his half. 
In comes Tucker a brooding man who buys the other half of the inn. 
With a goal in mind they work together to fix more than the Inn they deal with life issues, and with the help of her aunts friends they can make it through. 

The people in this book become part of your life in the short time it will take you to read this book.  It was fun and enjoyable.

** I Received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**
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Magnolia Inn is a sweet, clean story by Carolyn Brown that deals with themes of love, loss, moving on from the past, and second chances.

Jolene grew up with an alcoholic mother and had to take care of herself from an early age.  Aunt Sugar and Uncle Jasper brought stability to her life and, when they decide to retire and travel the country in an RV, they leave her a half-interest in Magnolia Inn along with her cousin, Reuben.  When Reuben decides to sell his interest in the property, Jolene gains a partner. 

Tucker Malone is a former cop who lost his wife, and subsequently his job, when he started drinking to deal with the pain. He spends time rehabbing properties and sees potential in Magnolia Inn. Through working together to renovate the inn, Jolene and Tucker come to terms with the past and find a second chance with each other.

As I read the story, I kept thinking it was like a country song.  When Tucker makes peace with his father-in-law, Luke, and talks about his regrets, Luke tells him it "sounds like a country song."  Bingo!

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Carolyn Brown is always able to write heartfelt characters who can overcome disappointments and brighten up their lives as well as those around them. The Magnolia Inn has that with two very likable characters, Jolene and Tucker. Sides of the same coin, they make a wonderful if wary pair. Working together leads to a fragile friendship that leads to more. 

Easy read, where you know all will end well. Enjoyed the restoration to the Inn along with the healing and restoring of trust in the lives of Jolene and Tucker.
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Carolyn Brown is an author that I love for her easy romance, unique settings, and beautiful relationships.   In Magnolia Inn, we meet Jolene who only wants to make her aunt and uncle’s B&B a success after they left it to her when they retired.    When the nephew on her uncle’s side sells his half of the B&B to a local man who is living in grief and gets drunk every weekend she doesn’t know what to expect but she does know that living and working with a weekend drunk is not something that she is willing to do.   

There is less romance and more about figuring out life in Magnolia Inn.    Tucker is a widow, he cannot figure out how to get past his wife’s death.   Jolene grew up with an alcoholic mother and an abusive boyfriend.    They both have demons and push each other, gently, to work through them.   There is nothing easy about what they have to do but together they can do it.   I love Jolene’s easy understanding of Tucker’s loss but she also has a tough love stance.   She knows what she is willing to accept and isn’t willing to accept anything less.  Tucker realized that there is something special about Jolene and with nudging from his dead wife starts to open his heart and his soul to her.   By proving that he can be the man she needs to him to be, he allows her heart to heal from all the heartache that her past has left within her.
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THE MAGNOLIA INN by Carolyn Brown is her new contemporary second chance romance. It is a sweet romance, which I call a cozy romance because it is written about adults (not YA), any sex is behind closed doors, some religion may be included and the focus is on the H/h’s emotional growth or healing. These books also include a strong family, friends and/or community support system.
Jolene Broussard grew up with a drug and alcohol addicted mother. She could not get her mother to change or get help for herself, so she left when she could. She is carrying a lot of guilt though because her mother committed suicide after she left. The happy times she had growing up were with her mother’s older half-sister and her husband at The Magnolia Inn B&B during summer break from school.
Sugar and her husband are ready to retire and travel across country, so they leave half of the B&B to Jolene and half to her cousin Rueben. Sugar has big plans, but no money. Rueben hates his memories of the B&B and decides to sell. 
Tucker Malone lost his wife of 5 years in a tragic traffic accident. He hits the bottle hard. After losing his job as a police officer, he vows to only get drunk on the weekends and starts to build a name for himself as a carpenter. Tucker is informed about the sale of Rueben’s half of the Magnolia Inn and decides to buy in and partner with Jolene.
The partnership is rocky at first, but soon each begins to understand that they each have deep emotional issues to deal with and dealing with them together as they remodel the inn seems to work better than dealing with them alone. 
I enjoyed this cozy romance. Jolene is so strong and had to survive so much. Tucker is rebuilding his life, but he is stuck emotionally until he meets Jolene. I enjoyed how the changes in their lives and the remodel of The Magnolia Inn seemed to intertwine. The secondary characters are almost show stealers in this story. Sugar, Flossie, Dotty and Lucy are good for a laugh, but also share their wisdom with Jolene. This is an emotional growth story with a very slow build up to romance. Sex is behind closed doors and only in the last portion of the story. An enjoyable read.
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Sweet Romance story

Jolene has been given half her aunts inn and she can't wait to talk to Reuben (who owns the the half) about fixing it up and running it.. Reuben doesnt want anything ot do with it and sells his half to Tucker.. Tucker is struggling with the loss of his wife and is going down a path of destruction.  The Inn has always had magical powers can he work its magic for them?

Great storyline about love, friendship and fate
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Jolene Broussard was given ½ ownership in The Magnolia Inn by her Aunt Sugar and Uncle Jasper when they decided to retire.  The other half was given to Uncle Jasper’s nephew, who promptly sold it to Tucker Malone.  Tucker was an amazing carpenter and he had the money to front the renovations for B&B.  Jolene was a wonderful cook so she provided the meals.  They had plans to renovate and reopen the B&B in just a few short months.  They were just partners, nothing more, but there was chemistry that neither wanted to acknowledge. 

Tucker had lost his beloved wife, Melanie, two years earlier and was having a hard time coming to grips with the loss.  He dealt with his pain by getting falling-down-drunk every Saturday night.  Jolene had her own pain and loss to deal with but one thing she couldn’t abide was a drunk.  

As they began to restore the inn, they both felt changes beginning in each of them.  First there was friendship and a listening ear.  Could there be more and would they learn to trust each other in order to find what fate was handing them?

I loved the story of Jolene and Tucker and all the secondary characters in this book that made such a wonderful story.  There was some foul language used in the book and there was a sex scene that was behind closed doors.  I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my review.
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The Magnolia Inn was one of those books that was such a charming read. There are two compelling storylines in the book that I felt really anchored the heart of the book. One, the coming together of two hearts in need of mend, and the beauty of bond of four awesome women and their friendship. 

We are introduced to Jolene. She has had it bad with life losing her parents especially dealing with the ups and downs of an alcoholic mother. Her saving grace in life was her aunt Sugar and her uncle Jasper. Feeling the need to retire and hit the road for their cross country dream, they decided to give half the inn to her and to her cousin. After her cousin bailed out, worried about how she was going to afford to keep it, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief when hope came in the form of Tucker Malone.

As these two come together professionally to turn things around for the Inn, personally their pasts cross path and open pain through shared experiences. Tucker, who has some issues with alcohol, mostly dealing with the death of his wife, makes it challenging for Jolene to face flashbacks dealing with her mother. As the two evolve and work through their pain, there is something happening that can’t be explained. Through this journey of friendship, letting go and letting love in your heart, these two find their way through healing their pain and grabbing their second chance at happiness.

The other part of the book that I loved was the friendship between the four ladies in the book. Sugar, Dottie, Lucy and Flossie, each as spunky as their name, brought some fun and wisdom to the book. You can’t help but fall in love with them and want to be one of the girls. The genuine love these ladies had for each other and that special bond not just because they knew each other from when they were young, really leaves a special sentimentality that you can connect with. When Jasper and Sugar left, these ladies picked up and took care of Jolene as if she were their own daughter. Sugar was the only person close to a mother that she had in her life so it really meant something for these ladies to literary to take her place being there for her life. This part of the book just makes your heart smile. 

Overall, I thought it was a sweet read. Now, some people may disagree with the storyline of Jolene and Tucker and wish something different. Without spoiling, all I will say is that they had some stuff to work out and they did it on their own time which was the right storyline in my opinion. It gives their character more authenticity. It gave them more depth to who they were as people overcoming where they were to where they are. The characters each stood on their own but complemented each other well. I really hope that we revisit these gals again because they were like the cool Golden Girls. I recommend adding this one to read.
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This was a sweet book. 

I almost wouldn't call it a romance though. Majority of the book is the two main characters (Jolene and Tucker) getting over their own personal problems even though they do "help" each other. Once they've let go of their grief BAM they're in love and together at the very end. 

I mostly enjoyed the descriptions of the Inn and the renovations of it. I think maybe I just didn't click with the characters as much as I'd like.

I recommend it for someone who has been through the type of grief such as losing a partner or close parent, they might relate better, and enjoys super sweet and simple romance.
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