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Sweet story of friends to lovers.
Tucker and Jolene both have guilt to overcome. Facing one's demons through tough love and listening without judgement.  The supporting characters of Dotty, Flossie and Lucy gave the story that added southern charm.
Fate intervenes to comfort as the Past Present Future come together.  Endearing story of love and it's power to conquer.
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The first book I’ve read by this author and I can’t decide if I liked it or not. The first 75/80% was good, it was a nice pace, it had good characters and what could have been a brilliant slow burn romance. The last 25/30%? Argh. It was so rushed, sickly sweet and all over the place.

There was a lot of repetitive parts, a lot of dead wife this, dead wife that, alcoholic mother this, alcoholic ex boyfriend this and it was a little boring to keep reading the same things over and over again.

Jolene was a little irritating but I liked her at the same time. Not enough though unfortunately. She had all these wise words for Tucker but didn’t take any notice of them for herself. She constantly moaned about her mum, her ex boyfriend, and compared Tucker to the pair of them when it was obvious he was nothing like them.

I liked Tucker. I felt for him, I really did. It’s just a shame he was as repetitive as Jolene when it came to his past. It was a nice moment for him to reconcile with his father in law, but I feel the funeral scenes were so out of touch with the rest of the book.

I loved the older ladies of the book, Flossie, Dottie and Lucy. They were fantastic and would love to read more about them and their daily adventures!! I found them hilarious and wished I had older lady friends like that.

Like I said, the beginning of the book had a great pace to it. I wish more of the renovations were part of the story but it worked great the way it happened. The writing style had a good flow to it, but I did find it sickly sweet at some parts.

I need to touch on the romance. I wish the ending didn’t happen as quickly as it did. The build up to the romance was excellent, but then it all happened extremely quickly and ended up feeling very forced for me. I loved the slow build up, but not the quickness of the actual getting them together.
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I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Montlake Romance for my unbiased opinion of the book.  This is a story about Jolene Broussard coming back to the only home she's known in Texas to run her Aunt and Uncle's inn that has fallen in disrepair and in need of a major upgrade.  Bracing to deal with her awful cousin who is joint in this deal is surprised when he sells it to the best offer out there.  Tucker Malone buys the half interest in the inn to hopefully make some money and put the demons he's been wrestling for the last few years to rest.  With Jolene's elbow grease and Tuckers money they start the beginning of a friendship and hopefully more!  I read this book in less than a day!!! Carolyn hit it out of the park again!!! You must read this book! Its one of her best!
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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 

This is the first Carolyn Brown book I've read.  I thought it sounded like a sweet romance when I read the blurb the publisher sent over for consideration. Sweet is right.  I didn't know what to expect since I'd not read this author before.  

At The Magnolia Inn we have Jolene who's inherited half of the Inn from her Aunt & Uncle.  The other half belonged to her cousin who she couldn't stand to be in the same room with.  Luckily he sells his half to a man named Tucker. 

Tucker is known as the best handyman around town and he has a pretty good nest egg since his wife died in the bank.  He uses this to buy into the bed and breakfast his late wife seemed to love so much. 

Both of these characters have tortured pasts and it effects their present as well as their future. The entire book is about dealing with your demons. It's a necessity for these two.  For Jolene she shouldn't judge Tucker by the sins of others.  As for Tucker he needs to allow the memories of his wife to not hurt him anymore so he can see the love right in front of him.

Their love story isn't quick. It isn't easy.  It's definitely sweet. One that takes time to build, savor, and respect.  I hope if you read this book you enjoy the route these two take to get to their happy ever after.
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3.5 stars

Another great story from Carolyn Brown. Also, another story from her where the characters talk to themselves (or dead relatives) a bit too much.  I just need to resolve myself to the fact that this author uses that device a lot and I either have to live with it or quit reading her books.  For the most part, I enjoy her stories.  So, for now, I’ll have to live with it I guess.

Tucker is a very sympathetic character.  When he’s first introduced I didn’t think that would be so, but as he started interacting with other people his kindness and good heart shone through.  My issues with this author having people talk to themselves did not extend to this character because it really worked for him and his part of the story. If such things had been kept to this one character it would have been completely fine.

In all ways but one I liked Jolene.  I felt she was way too judgmental of Tucker, even while understanding her reasons for judging him so harshly.  It’s not so much her strong feelings about his drinking that annoyed me, it was that she seemed to think there was some kind of bad seed within him.  Her aunt had taught her that nobody is all good or all bad, and she often thought about that when thinking of Tucker.  But not in the “hey, he’s a great guy but I know there has to be something bad in there, too” way.  Nope.  It was more like “this guy is bad news but I see that goodness trying to peek through”, which made no sense with how giving his character is throughout this story.

Needless to say, Jolene and Tucker had things in their own lives to work through before they could see if there could be something more than a friendship and partnership between them.  Throughout the whole story there was definitely chemistry with the characters.  I was truly rooting for them to resolve their issues and find a way to reach out to each other.

While this wasn’t my favorite Carolyn Brown book, it did a great job of keeping me turning the pages.
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I adored this book!!! You just feel in love with these characters from the beginning... Highly recommend
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Love this author and probably was expecting more romance. This was a story about Tucker, a heartbroken man and all the deep pain he has to work through before he was ready to accept love again. He meets Jolene, half owner of a dilapidated inn, and owner of her own bad relationships. Tucker owns the other half. Thanks to a common goal of remodeling the inn, they work through the burdens of the past and create a new future together.
I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I'm already a big fan of Carolyn Brown's western and small town romances. The Magnolia Inn is a big reminder of why I'm so drawn to her stories! I never miss a chance to spend time with her down to earth or quirky characters.

Jolene and Tucker both come with emotional baggage, but their determination to restore the Magnolia Inn is the beginning of their healing journey. I liked that these characters both had pasts tinged with betrayal and tragedy because it made them seem all the more real and made me root for them throughout the story. Along the way they had the support of a group of long-time friends who livened up the story and provided comic relief. There was a bit of confrontation at the beginning of the novel between Jolene and her cousin that I wished had been drawn out further into the novel. Her cousin was a piece of work and it would have been interesting to see where he ended up after selling his share in the Inn.

It was so easy to become attached to the characters and the paths they take. As the story drew to a close I felt like I was preparing to say goodbye to my own friends although I loved how the ending brought the story full circle and left on a positive note.
*ARC provided in consideration for review*
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The Magnolia Inn by Carolyn Brown is a captivatingly sweet second chance contemporary love story of a man and a woman who are both damaged by their past. I found this book to be well written with characters that were easy to connect and relate too.  This is the first book by Carolyn Brown that I have read and I look forward to reading more of her work.
    Jolene has had a far from perfect life growing up, but what she does have is a wonderful aunt and uncle who has given her half of the Magnolia Inn. Unfortunately, the other half was given to her pseudo-cousin, who is a despicable human being. Through a series of events, he sells his half to Tucker Malone.  Tucker is a tortured soul who is still grieving for his wife, of 5 years.  He has lost his job as a cop due to his drinking and now works refurbishing houses. Tucker and Jolene strike up a deal to work together, as partners/friends of sorts, and fix up the Magnolia Inn.  There are some definite ups and downs, and their romance develops in a slow, sweet southern way.
    The story wouldn't be complete without Tucker and Jolene being joined by three eccentric “aunties” who are instructed by Jolene’s Aunt Sugar to keep close tabs on her…and Tucker. These women sure did take their job seriously, they had me cracking up, I just adored them all, the world definitely needs more "aunties"!

    I also liked how the author used the analogy of reinventing the Magnolia Inn and at the same time healing the broken hearts of Jolene and Tucker.  This book is like wrapping yourself up in a warm and fuzzy blanket on a snowy day. If you are looking for a sweet, slow burn of a romance, you have found your next book.

***I kindly received an ARC of this book by way of NetGalley/publisher/author. I was not contacted, asked or required to leave a review. I received no compensation, financial or otherwise. I have voluntarily read this book, and this review is my honest opinion .***
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I loved this book! This is an emotional and heartwarming story. I've never been disappointed with a Carolyn Brown story. Highly recommended!
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The Magnolia Inn is a sweet story of healing and friendship. It's the perfect type of fiction for women everywhere. It's got a warm inviting feel and relatable characters. Give this one a try!
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The Magnolia Inn is an emotional journey filled with heartbreak, humor, love, forgiveness, friendship, and of course, good food. I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the women and how they pulled Jolene and Tucker into their circle. And I loved their sassiness. I bet they kept the townsfolk on their toes. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.
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Jolene Broussard's Aunt Sugar and Uncle Jasper are set to start their new life exploring the U.S.A. in a new RV. They have signed over half interest in The Magnolia Inn, their Victorian home and B&B to Jolene. Too bad they signed the other half interest over to Jasper's nephew, Reuben who was always being mean to her during her visits as a child. Jolene has decided though to pull up her big girl panties and deal as best she can with Reuben hoping he will be easier to deal with as an adult. Nope! When they meet to discuss plans for renovating the inn and reopening it he is just as nasty as he always was. The good news that comes out of that meeting is that he put his half interest up for sale. Jolene is happy to hear this but worries about who might buy his half interest since she is broke and sure can't. Will she be able to work with the buyer?

Tucker Malone is living in a trailer and doing carpentry work to keep himself busy after the tragic death of his beloved wife Melanie in an automobile accident. It's been a few years and he still isn't over her death and isn't dealing with it in a healthy way. Getting drunk every weekend is definitely not healthy. He decides that getting invested in the Magnolia Inn might help. What he finds is another soul with a sad history of her own in his new partner Jolene. She spent many years dealing with her alcoholic mother and she still hasn't moved on from that mess. Misery loves company they say so Jolene and Tucker should get along just fine. Will they?

The Magnolia Inn by Carolyn Brown is a great big helping of comfort food with characters that will leave you with that warm feeling of having met some great new friends. You laugh with them. You experience joy and sadness with them. You can't help but come away at the end of this story with a wad of used tear-filled tissues and then a big smile on your face. Carolyn Brown never disappoints her readers and The Magnolia Inn is no exception!
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Carolyn Brown is the Woman. She writes a story which has it all every time. This is a tale which looks at so many feelings people have to deal with and brings it all together perfectly.
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The Magnolia Inn by Carolyn Brown
Source: NetGalley
My Rating: 5/5 stars

Without doubt, Carolyn Brown is my go-to girl for all things sweet romance, small town life, and generally good writing.  While I feel that way about her books in general, I have particularly fond feelings for The Magnolia Inn.

Though the opening chapters are a bit of a rough go for Jolene (her cousin is an ass!) she gets a plan of action in place quickly and prays for the best.  Remodeling, refurbishing, and revamping the Magnolia Inn is going to take a monumental effort and even more money, but Jolene is dedicated and determined.  As fate would have it, she isn’t going to be in the remodeling/refurbishing business alone.  

Tucker Malone has spent the past months and years mourning the loss of his beloved wife.  Tucker’s mourning takes the form of hard work during the week and hard drinking come the weekend.  With a pile of money in his bank account and a desire to stay busy, Tucker buys a half interest in the Magnolia Inn.  With every intention of getting right to work, Tucker strolls in, takes a look around, and makes a list of what needs to be done.  With he and Jolene in near total agreement on the plan, the work begins and so does a new life for each. 

Jolene can clearly see Tucker is hurting, but given her past experiences, she has no tolerance for drinking and drunks.  Though Tucker only drinks “on the weekends” and never while he’s working, the Magnolia Inn is a huge job, Jolene is a tough cookie (you only get ONE hangover cure!), and the memories of his wife seem to be fading which is making every aspect of life even harder.  What’s even tougher and more confusing, Jolene makes Tucker feel and want things he vowed to never feel and want again following the loss of his wife.  He wants to do better and to be better if not for himself then for Jolene and the Magnolia Inn. 

Keeping both Tucker and Jolene on their feet are Jolene’s aunt’s three best friends.  Three of the feistiest old birds Jolene and Tucker have ever met, the ladies take the kids under their collective wings and help keep them moving in the right direction both professionally and personally.  With those three involved, and frequent phone calls to and from Jolene’s aunt, Jolene and Tucker have no choice but to face their respective issues head on and get the Magnolia Inn up and running.

The Bottom Line: Hands down, my favorite part of this book would be those three feisty old birds who have a tendency to walk right on into a room without knocking, intervene in each other’s lives when and if needed, and generally be there for one another through all life’s ups and downs.  It’s those three old birds who help Jolene and Tucker on their way to a beautiful HEA and very much bind every aspect of this book together.  Another particularly interesting aspect of this book would be the recurring voices in both Jolene and Tucker’s heads; the voices not only give insight into Jolene and Tucker’s respective pasts but help each move forward toward a happy and fulfilling future.  On top of everything else, this book is just well-written, easy to read, and completely engaging.  Finally, it has a completely satisfying epilogue that just brought everything together for me.  I am absolutely looking forward to anything and everything Carolyn Brown has for me in 2019!
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Sweet, sexy, fun, engaging and enchanting second chance romance with a small town feel and down home heartwarming goodness.... Loved it! This is as real as it gets loved how these beautifully broken charters found the healing touch they each needed.
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This is a great bittersweet story about healing, both Jolene and Tucker have some healing to do before either are ready for any kind of a relationship. I love how the story starts with them finding a way to become friends even though there were sparks from the beginning. Jolene has had a hard life, especially handling her mother after her father's death, she' watched her mother go down a slippery slope of drugs and alcohol but her strive not to be pulled down with her mother has her building walls around her heart.. Plus her relationships with men proved to be poor choices, so moving across Texas to be a part owner in her new retired aunt and uncle's inn seemed to be a good step in a new path, but when her uncle's nephew sells his half to a stranger  she knows she's going to have to do some quick talking to keep her ideas for the inn in place. Tucker is a grieving widower, whose wife died too young, he has turned to alcohol to numb his pain. After loosing his job as a cop because of his drinking he moved to be closer to his wife's grave and into her world. Making a name for himself in contracting skills buying half a an inn that needs work seemed perfect, but the inn came with an half owner that wasn't happy to be getting a drunk for a partner. He's not ready to give up his wife yet but he knows there's something between Jolene and himself. This book is filled with wonderful quirky characters who all part of the family of community. A real feel good read!
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The Magnolia Inn by Carolyn Brown is a sweet contemporary story about a new start for two lost souls that help each other overcome their pain and grief and move forward in their lives. The storyline is a twist on love, loss, and forgiveness. Great Characters and seems like a perfect start to a new series? I would recommend it.
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Okay- up front you know that Tucker and Jolene are going to conquer their demons and get together, right?  Well, it takes some time because Tucker, in particular, has a lot to deal with.  He spends a lot of time talking to his dead wife and drinking.  He thinks that buying half the Magnolia Inn and renovating it might be the ticket to pull him out of this morass.  He didn't count on Jolene, who inherited the other half.  She had an alcoholic mother who she feels she didn't do enough for.  The romance comes on slowly but it does bloom.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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I loved this book and series. I cannot wait to hear more from Carolyn Brown. She is one of my favorite authors
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