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Cheers to the Diaper Years

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I really wanted to love and connect with this book, however it was written in such a way that I had a hard time identifying and not taking offense from the way the book was written. Almost like being talked at instead of to. I think Hollis offered some good advice and really did try to help her readers, I just think the delivery could use some work.

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
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I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. It was okay. I am sorry to say that I found her voice to be choppy and often like she is trying too hard to be “our friend.” I also found myself frequently confused by how she phrased things. On top of that, sometimes it felt like she was making references (maybe to movies? music?) that I just didn’t get. 

However, the main content was helpful, encouraging, valuable and timely for me. I needed reminders like it not being a mistake that I am mother to my kids and that God cares more about the state of my heart than the state of my house. Hollis had some very important truths here; some that we either forget to apply to our motherhood status or we kind of know in the back of our mind but never stopped to really dwell on, etc. 
Overall, I appreciated what she had to say, just didn’t mesh well with her voice.
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I met the author of this delightful book at She Speaks 2018. We were both pitching our next book ideas, and we instantly connected like old friends. Erin Brown Hollis is a legit Southern belle, and her sparkling, smart, honest sense of humor shines through her first book. 

Even though it’s been almost a decade since I was in the diaper years with my children, I have been entertained and convicted by Erin’s book. Her tone is so true, you will literally feel like your best girlfriend is sitting by you (in her pajamas at a grown-up sleepover party) while you’re reading. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud in the first few pages, and it continued onward into the next chapters.

Erin admits that the diaper years are HARD. All of us who have been there can say, “Amen!” to that statement. But they are also precious in a unique way. How I miss the sweet kisses and innocent wonder of my children’s baby years. They are still precious to me in their teen/tween stages now, but there is something uniquely poignant about those exhausting, beautiful diaper years. Yet it’s harder to see that truth when you are in those years, and Erin beautifully and hilariously describes them.

She helps moms get through those crumb-covered, stained years with authenticity and faith. If you know a young mom feeling totally overwhelmed to the point of tears, you need to buy this book for her. Then babysit her kids for a few hours while she sinks into the tub and cries and laughs through this charming read. She’ll thank you forever for this gift!

Favorite quotes from Cheers to the Diaper Years:
Forget about having a pristine entryway and the most scrumptious treats. I want people to remember me for being gentle, joyful and kind.
The fear that you are not up to the constant challenges of parenting, causing you to feel like checking yourself into a recurring therapy session (or twelve), will creep in–often more than once throughout the day. You are not alone.
God already has an agenda laid out for the day…He already knows the noodles will boil and the babies will scream. If we just ask Him for guidance, He will get us through all of it.

I received a preview copy of this book from Broadstreet Publishing Group.
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I think I need to stop reading books written for Christian women as I almost never enjoy them or feel they would be a good fit for my library. I only read part of this book. The content was good, but as with so many books for Christian women the attempt at a friendly tone was over the top to the point of feeling patronizing. There is obviously an audience for this as there are many books of this type, but my library and I aren't it.
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Thank you to @NetGalley for the copy of this one!  

What a great little read on how to prepare for/survive some of these common things women face with children.   There is no manual to parenting, no perfect parenting tricks, or guide to surviving the toughest days!  I loved that this had a religious tie as well (letting go of guilt, guiding children with God's word, and finding the little positive moments through each of your days).  Words to live by and probably reread with each new kiddo!  Thanks!
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