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Suddenly Mine is a great spin on big city boy meets small town girl.  Ms. Chase was able to create characters that you can't help but cheer them on.  Christian and Sophie both show so much growth in this book and not just in their relationship.  While this is part of the Montgomery Brother series I love that you can pick this book up and not be lost.  I can't see what Ms. Chase comes up with next.
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I LOVE the Montgomery’s, but Christian just might be my favorite! My heart broke for him throughout the story, and what he went through. To see this strong, smart, outgoing hero be knocked down a notch here and there was almost more than I could stand. Thankfully, he had Sophie there when he needed her most. She’s sweet, funny, feisty, and definitely a heroine I could see being besties with. 

The story itself was one of healing, and finding love. Of forgiveness, and moving on. Samantha Chase did a fantastic job of drawing me in from the start and kept me there until the very last word.

A must read I would highly recommend!
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Ms. Chase has rapidly climbed to become one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. Characters who are so believable they could be real, emotions that leap off the pages sucking readers in completely. At the end, I feel like I lived each page.  Suddenly Mine is another winner in a series that keeps getting better and better.

Christian Montgomery is burnt out. It's been clear that he's over worked, underappreciated and worn out in previous books so we're primed for this book even before it starts. Is the red headed wanna be surfer who comes to the beach every morning trying her darn best to learn how to surf that intervention? Dunno but she's definitely caught his attention if only because of her sheer persistence. A possible date between two strangers who are both damaged in their own way as to be complementary?
Then Christian lands up in the ER and back in the office is put under the competent care of the part time industrial nurse his mother and aunt convinced him to hire. Yes!. it's Sophie! and yes it is an intervention and a matchmaking attempt all rolled into one beautiful red head. But suddenly it seems as if all bets are off, Christian is vulnerable in a way he doesn't want to be.
Be prepared to be moved to tears as the two share their back stories and family challenges. Christian finally opens up about what happened in London and turned him from the fun loving leader into the crusty emotionless machine he is today. All of Ms. Chase's stories have a lot of emotion but this one seems to be deeper and more gut wrenching than most.
I just can't get enough of this author no matter which series I pick up. She's my feel good happy place that restores my belief that romance still exist.
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I have been waiting for Christians story since we first met him. His attitude and backstory that he shared with his sister grabbed me and I couldn’t stop thinking about where his journey would take us. 

Well not only did I love this story, but man o man Christian and Sophie’s story blew me away. They both faced some heavy family matters that could sink a new relationship. They also both had some trust issues and baggage and were making signs and life changes. This story touched on all of that and built a beautiful heartwarming and heartbreaking story. 

SC writes captivating stories that stay with me and keep me invested in the families and characters. It was great hearing from several of the siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. I did not like Christians father prior to this story and well I still don’t, but I love how Christians mother and uncles all gave background to his behavior and antics. Along with the main characters, there were secondary characters who shone in this story. Sophie’s grandmother sounds like a hoot and her dad brought out all the waterworks. 

Thank you Samantha Chase, NetGalley and SourceBooks for the chance to read this story and share my opinions!
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Mark another one up for the the matchmaking making Montgomery's.  They are so sly and clever.  I think Christian and Sophie is the best match up yet.

Christian is a workaholic, the product of trying to prove him self successful to his dad.

Sophie has moved to escape her past and the lies that she was told all her life.

These two together worked through so much that they had my emotions all over the place. I'm tearing up just writing this remembering everything.  

When an author can have your emotions that deeply invested into a book you know how well written the book is.  I don't think anyone does a better job than Samantha does.

This a wonderful read that I couldn't put down.
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Have you ever read a book that had you sighing one minute and cursing the characters the next? Well, this one had me doing it! Christian is literally working himself to death and hating his job while he is doing it. The best part of his day is his morning coffee when sitting on his deck when he gets a glimpse of his surfer girl. He would like nothing more than to go down to the beach and introduce himself but something, mainly himself, is holding him back until one day he witnesses a bully knock her off her board and he came up out of the surf but she didn't. Christian rushed to the beach to save her but she didn't need saving. That was their first meeting. A few days later in his office he thought he was having a heart attack and Sophie just happened to be in the office interviewing for a job, THE job, and thankfully she was and was able to go into nurse mode and be by his side.  These two were perfect from the beginning to how slow they took it and how totally awkward they were.  Sure, they had their twists and turns and bumps in the road but this story had the perfect ending!  Make sure you read to the very end, it is so stinking sweet!  I definitely recommend this one!

**Received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for review**
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This is book 9 of the Montgomery Brothers Series. I don’t know how Samantha Chase does it, but I felt this was her best Montgomery Book thus far! 

I felt very connected to Sophie Bennington. She is a brave, fun-loving, strong woman who moved from Kansas to Carolina. She has no friends or family in San Diego, and so far she’s had no job.  Just as she’s deciding to get a job, she meets two lovely older women on the beach who direct her to a position available as a contract nurse for Montgomery’s.  

Christian Montgomery is the manager of the San Diego office.  He does not particularly like his job, but it’s all he’s ever done and he hopes someday he will be enough for his father to be proud of him.  As he’s preparing for an unexpected meeting with big clients, Christian faints after feeling pain in his chest.  Lucky for him, this is Sophie’s first day on the job as the new corporate nurse. He’s surprised to find out their new corporate nurse is a woman he watched for days trying to learn to surf, and the previous day, met on the beach.  And although he hates going to the hospital and having to go through a myriad of tests, he’s happy Sophie is with him.

Christian needs to change his life, learn to say no and learn to not continue looking for other people’s (especially his father’s) approval.  He relies heavily on Sophie to make the necessary changes.  Sophie on the other hand, feels the need for total honesty, and she needs to learn to forgive and stop running from difficult situations.  

This book has all the feels! From anxiety, warmth, love, laughter, curiosity, sadness.  I enjoyed every one of these! I loved watching how both Sophie and Christian worked through the issues together and supported each other throughout the book.  The way the Montgomery family welcomed Sophie, even during a high stress situation was wonderful! They all recognized how Sophie made Christian better. The journey of this couple is a wonderful read! Highly recommended! 

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely.
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OMG this book was soo good! Samantha Chase is such a phenomenal writer and she proves it once again with Suddenly Mine. This story was amazing and prepare yourself for all the feels you will feel while reading Christian and Sophie's story. I love the Montgomery series and this one is a spectacular addition!
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Suddenly Mine Book 9 Montgomery Brother Series by Samantha Chase (can be read as a standalone)

5 ++++ Stars

AMAZING! What an absolutely adorable couple! Love the couples chemistry! I really enjoyed reading about these two! 

Christian and Sophie~ 
Since the age of fifteen, Christian has been working for the family business. He has a beach side house who he watches the red haired girl try to surf. Christian has a life scare at work and ends up with the ER. He then learns that Sophie       (the red head he has been watching) is his companies new corporate nurse. Even though they both are attracted to one another they just want to be in the just friends category.

"Admiring his physique was one thing, getting up close and personal with it like this was another."

"Purring, she rubbed against him and smiled against his lips when he groaned deep in his throat. It was the sexiest sound she'd ever heard."

"I love you, and whatever it is you want to do, we'll do it."

I highly recommend!! Loved it!
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I really enjoyed their story.  Not only did I love these two, but I loved the references to Kansas and Wichita.  :)  This book pulled at my heart strings and made my cry.  Samantha did a great job with this one.  I highly recommend this book.
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4 Stars
Reviewed by Lorrie
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From the moment I started reading Drawn Into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds, I was HOOKED. I could not put it down! It is the fourth book in the Fluke My Life series. It’s a story about two people who have been unlucky in love and how they find it again. If you are looking for a quick read that keeps you entertained, this book is for you!! 

After six years of marriage, Courtney Williams finds herself divorced and alone. With the money she gets from her divorce she heads to New York City to start her life over. She’s strong-willed and determined to make it on her own. When she buys a new home, she hires handsome, Lucas Fremont as her contractor. There is chemistry from the very beginning with these two but both are holding back for fear of moving too fast. They both have baggage from their past that makes it seem like a relationship would just be too hard. Will they turn their growing friendship into something more? Only time will tell....

I really enjoyed this book. Reynolds portrayal of the characters was so perfect. I felt like I was there looking in on the whole scene. The story flowed well and I had no trouble reading it. Like I said before, I was unable to put it down!! Since I’ve read book four first, I want to go back and read the first three now! 

Although I liked both characters overall, I felt like Courtney was a bit of a baby at times. I didn’t feel like she had the fight in her that I was expecting from the beginning of the book. I wanted her to be more assertive than she was. Lucas, on the other hand, was strong and powerful but at the same time, he came across as pushy and demanding. I wanted to tell him to pump the brakes a few times. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the other books in this series. 

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
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With a generation of matchmakers on the lose throughout the series, this book is still fun and refreshing. 

Christian works too much and plays not at all. He has been burned in the past at both work and in relationships. He is not just gun-shy but avoiding anything that looks like involvement. Christian will need to put his health first and learn to delegate.

Sophia has a lot of baggage. She is taking action to live her life to the fullest. Sophia has moved to a new state, picked a new career, and even started a new hobby. She will not let Christian be a dark cloud over her new life, but if he wants to embrace change she will be with him every step of the way.
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Amazing. I could not put this book down.  The Montgomery's are busy again at matchmaking, this time their victims are Christian and Sophie. Christian is a workaholic, trying to prove to his dad that he can be a success in the family business. Sophie is a nurse and is new to San Diego looking for a job. Sophie ends up working for the Montgomery's and  comes to Christian's aid.  Soon a friendship develops and more, but will their pasts with their fathers interfere with their relationship.

Loved, loved these characters!!  Both are broken but with the help of each other they can overcome. So many emotions, please have a kleenex box handy. Samantha Chase is at her best with her story telling.  She hit it perfect with the medical information and her Kansas logistics. 

This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone. I highly recommend this book!!
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It's always so lovely to return to an old favorite series, and the Mongomery family certainly fit that description. 
Christian Montgomery is in a rut. He doesn't enjoy his work but feels pressure to succeed in the family business. The stress spirals out of control forcing him to take some time off. 
Whilst looking for something more, he finds Sophie Bennington. A woman escaping painful family secrets, yearning to find peace.
Once they get together, it's beautiful and organic, until it isn't. Tragedy strikes, tearing apart this fragile union apart.
This is where Samantha Chase really comes through as an author. I was upset for both parties and the wider Mongomery clan. I believed in their love story and willed them back together. 
A great addition to this long running series.
Can't wait for more.
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I really enjoyed this billionaire-nurse romance that looks at broken families and the often troubled relationships between parents and children. A sweet romance that's sure to bring a few tears but well worth the read.
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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase and is book 8 in the Montgomery Brothers  series, however like the other books is a complete standalone. I was sooooo excited to get more Montgomery's. I LOVE this family! 

I LOVED workaholic Christian Montgomery and the lovely ywt free spirited soul of Sophie. These two had an intense deep connection from the start! And of course as it would happen fate keeps these two running into one another. Each having been hurt, each broken in their own way, both really scared of being hurt, yet not being able to let go of their strong attraction to one another. 

Once again Samantha Chase has given us a PERFECT story, with the perfect balance of heartbreak, angst, family drama, and love that will leave you fulfilled! I ADORED this book!
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This series continues to tick on as fabulously today as it did day one! Normally, for me, I find that family series tend to get stale after 4 or 5 books …. The Montgomery family hasn’t even slightly bored me yet LOL I LOVE IT

Christian and Sophie …. Let me tell ya something about these two kinds .. ridiculously well suited for each other. I don’t really know even if the author knew how good these two were for each other. If you dig deep and pay attention, it’s like they were each other’s glue. You see, they both have baggage. Not with each other, but their own. Baggage that has nothing to do with each other at all, except they are each other’s calm to their personal storms … does that make sense? I hope so. I read this book in mere hours because of it. It is always such a pleasure when two characters are developed so in tune with each other the way Christian and Sophie were! 

Okay so the story … cute as can be and heartwarming as heck! Everything from the initial meet cute to the next day was just adorable and honestly, it fit the two of them really well! This story was sexy and full of heart all at the same time. Well done!

Copy provided for blog tour
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Uumm...Didn't see that coming.  I was prepared for another sweet romance with some family drama mixed in, but Samantha really brings the drama and turmoil in this one.  She keeps you on your toes from the first to last page.  I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't read it yet, so I'll do my best.

Christian was profiled pretty well in the last book, Until there was Us, as an extreme workaholic with father/trust issues and everyone in the family was very worried about him.  Well, in this one we see why they worry so much.  He ends up having a panic attack that felt more like a heart attack which makes him change his mind about his driven lifestyle.  He spends the rest of the book making a lasting connection with Sophie and figuring out what kind of a life he really wants to have and battling with the unreal expectations his father has set on him.  (Ok, there is a twist in all of that, but that is a spoiler I don't want to ruin.)  Meanwhile you have Sophie who is dealing with her own family drama and trying to make a new start for herself.  She ends up coming to Christian's rescue and helps him discover the life he's been missing.

Before the panic attack his mom and aunt do their best to play matchmaker, but think they've been thwarted by bad luck.  I think we find out how his mom and aunt feel about their matchmaking skills in the next book, I hope.  So for the most part everyone gets their happily ever after, but some family members will be reeling from changes to the family in this episode for a long time to come.  So don't let it be said I didn't warn you that you might hate Samantha after you finish this one.  I'm optimistic that she will find a way to make us happier with the next in the series.

Honestly though, I'm giving this 4.5 of 5 because it pulled at my heart strings and I just couldn't put it down.  I knew they would be together in the end, but I wasn't sure how they were going to get there and that made me keep reading right up to the last word.  I can't wait for the next one to come out.
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Another stellar story by Ms. Chase!!!!!

I have loved all of this author's books to date, but I think this one is by far my favorite.  I just adored Sophie and Christian.  Their playful banter, their opposite views on things, the way that they make each other see a totally new perspective.  It's all so inspiring.  And while they definitely had their ups and downs, and sometimes you weren't sure how things were going to turn out, they always ended up talking through things and I think that was such an important aspect for Christian to figure out after his relationship with his father....and Sophie too for that matter.

I laughed.  I smiled.  I cried.  This book definitely had all the feels!  And I just loved every time Christian's time spent in London would come out and he would call Sophie "love" or have some bizarre swear word that would cause her to look quizzically at him.

I can't wait for more Montgomery's!
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I love Samantha's Montgomery's series and have been waiting not so patiently for Christian's book. It definitely didn't disappoint. Christian was a work acholic as I figured he would be from the other Montgomery books but was surprised to see he had a fun side. I loved watchin Sofie bring that out in him. I immediately fell in love with Sofie. Who wouldn't. Sofie was kind, sweet, and braver then I imagined she would be. I especially enjoyed the way Samantha brought things from their pasts out and made them face them alone and together. I think this is now one of my very favorite Samantha Chase books. This story line was by far my favorite.
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