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I love the Montgomery series.  All of these kids are victims of their parents matchmaking.  Christian  is just the next in line.  He is the workaholic, trying to prove to his father that he has what it takes to make the business successful.   He doesn't have time for a relationship nor does he want one after what happened in the London office.  He has put all of that behind him.  Every morning he sits on his deck and watches the beach.  There are yoga classes, fishermen and surfers.  One sufer in particular catches his eye.  How can he miss her?  She's a red head in the sea of blondes.  Plus she's not very good.  He finally gets to talk to her and they hit it off.  Too bad he doesn't get her number.   
Sophie has moved to San Diego to escape her small home town.  She wants a fresh start where not everyone knows your business.  She needs it no matter how uncomfortable it makes her.  She wants to learn new things and surfing is one of them.  She needs a job though and one seems to fall into her lap one morning after surfing.  These two wonderful ladies talk to her about a health program in their family business.  Since Sophie wants to try new things, why not this different nursing program?  She'd be able to work at different companies through an agency.  It's the family business that gets her back in touch with the guy from the beach.
When Christian has a major health scare, Sophie is there to assess.  She took the guy's advice on the beach and insisted on an interview.  Good thing she did.  She was there through his whole time in the hospital with him.  And he was someone she wanted to know more.  Christian found the same to be true of Sophie.   
I loved these characters.  Sophie is a strong woman who stepped outside her comfort zone in everything.  She knows her heart and her mind and won't settle for anything less than the truth.  Christian is much the same.  He has been torn apart by lies in his past and won't put himself in that situation again but he has guarded himself against everyone.  It's difficult for him to ask for help in work and in the relationship.  Sophie has to stay with it and be patient.   Christian is complicated but worth it.
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Christian and Sophie are the latest two characters in the Mongomery series to find love and happiness. Christian a workaholic in the family business meets Sophie a small town girl who just moved to the city and is looking for work. His mom and aunt may have had just a little part in Sophie ending up working at the family business. 
Through some personal struggles they became stronger together and the story reminds us just how precious life is and to not take for granted. 
Another great romance by Samantha Chase. I like how she had a few different struggles that we usually do not see in books but are a part of so many lives in today's society.
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Her parents died when Sophie was young. Everything Sophie thought about her parents was a lie. The one who told her the biggest lie was her grandmother who raised her. Sophie felt her grandmother should have told her the truth when she was old enough to understand, instead of finding out the truth from a stranger. Sophie moved away from Kansas to San Diego to get away from the lies. Sophie needed to get a job.Sophie had taken control of her life to try to find herself.Sophie took up a hobby while looking for a job and it was surfing but she wasn’t very good at it as she can’t seem to get the hang of it but she had been trying for the last couple of weeks.   Christian’s job is his number one priority as he was a workaholic,  and all he had focused on for years.  Christian had started working for the family business-was Montgomery Investments- when he was fifteen. . But it’s taking a toll on him. He doesn’t really know how to relax Christian had taken over the family business constantly watched by his dad unlike his sister and his brother who was never satisfied no matter how much Christian did. He had been in San Diego for a while but it wasn’t home. The only relaxation Christian has in in the morning he sits on his deck of his cousin’s beach house having his coffee and watches the beach. The yoga classes, the fishermen, and the surfers. Now one specific woman trying to surf but not doing very well. But she made up for her lack of skill with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.Christian meets Sophia when he thought she was drowning but it turns out she wasn’t he is attracted to her but has no time to date.  One morning two ladies talk to Sophie about a health program in their family business.The women were Christian’s mother and aunt.  Christian is not looking for a relationship after what happened in the London office. Sophie becomes a Corporate Health Nurse for Montgomery’s/  the second time Christian and Sophie meet is in his office when she is asked to look at him as he didn’t look very good/ She thought he was having a heart attack and told someone to call 911 and stayed by his side but it turned out to be a heart attack. Christian was shocked when he found out Sophie is the new nurse for company.Sophie’s not sure how to handle her attraction to Christian since he’s her boss. Sophie and Christian agree it ewould be better to just be friends for their working relationship. Sophie and Christian agree better to be just friends for their working relationship. Both Sophie and Christian have issues with things being kept from them. Sophie gets Christian to relax more than he has in years. 
I really enjoyed this book even if it was predictable. I felt this was well written. I loved Sophie and Christian together and how they calmed each  other. Even though they were from different worlds Christian was a big city businessman and Sophia was a small town girl who was a nurse. This book had my attention from the beginning until the end. I loved watching Sophia and Christian relationship grow and it wasn’t insta-love/lust. I really liked how Sophie helped Christian change some and enjoy life more outside work. I chuckled at times and choked up at other times while reading this book. I liked the plot and pace a lot. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.
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Wow! Samantha Chase is a phenomenal author. She really knows what her audience wants in a book. She has all the elements that makes a great author. There is so much more to her than meets the eye. Samantha chase is truly a rare gem. She is one of a few authors that cares about every reader. She cares about how they are doing and how their day is. She even listens to their options. 

In Suddenly Mine we get Christian Montgomery and Sophie Bennington's story. Christian is the true epitome of a workaholic. He strives for his fathers approval. Christian's father is also a workaholic. He is very hard on Christian.
Sophie Bennington grew up in a small town in Kansas. Her grandmother raised her. One day her life and everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. Sophie packs up and moves to San Diego to start fresh. Sophie is a struggling surfer and is hired by Christian Montgomery to run his company's wellness program.

From the moment Christian and Sophie meet there is a lot of undeniable chemistry. These two together are on fire. At every turn Sophie is there for Christian. 

Samantha chase really captivated my heart and soul with Suddenly Mine. I really felt like Christian's story was written for me. I felt connected to him. I also suffer from anxiety attacks. Suddenly mine is an emotionally charged story. I laughed and cried and even had hearswooning moments. There were moments that took my breath away. I really felt as if I were actually  there seeing everything instead of reading it. Suddenly Mine is a masterpiece filled with so much more than just romance. The struggles that both Sophie and Christian felt and went through were so realistic. Samantha chase captured the human soul. Suddenly Mine captured my attention from page one and never let it go. A very heartwarming and sweet story. Samantha Chase  wrote a very phenomenal story. One for the stars. Suddenly Mine is the essence of the perfect contemporary romance. Perfection at it's best. Thank you Samantha Chase for this heartfelt story. Your best book yet.
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Wonderfully Crafted! Samantha Chase is a supreme commander of words, a true marks woman I must say, her words find the target in our hearts. Bullseye, every time! 
Christian Montgomery is miserable, lately there was a growing discontent within him. Working constantly, trying to prove himself to his father Joseph, that he has what it takes to be a success, but never measuring up in his father’s eyes. The only moment of joy he has lately is when  he watches the surfers as he drinks his coffee on his deck. Especially the new red headed surfer with the curvy body, who wasn’t a very good surfer at all, but even as she was failing, she was still finding joy in what she was doing. Christian just couldn’t stop watching her. 
Sophie Bennington has moved here on a whim. She had moved away from her hometown after finding out that her life was all a lie. She was starting to look for a job and was optimistic that she would find one with her credentials and experience as a nurse. Especially after talking with some ladies on the beach the day before. But when her car has a flat tire she misses her interview. But encouraged to not give up on her missed interview by a handsome guy that came to her rescue on the beach the next morning, she comes to his rescue when he has a panic attack and high blood pressure episode at work. 
These two total opposites come to each other’s rescue as they both try to get away from their heartbreaking pasts, by being forthcoming and truthful at every step along their journey. Creating something lasting and wonderful. As these two realize that, nobody is perfect until they are perfect for you. Get ready for all the feels in this unputdownable and unforgettable romance. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I have been a fan of Samantha Chase for a while now. I love how her characters makes you feel like you are having the same emotions that they are. Suddenly Mine is about Christian Montgomery who is just burnt out of the family business. But he has did something in his past that he needs to atone for. Sophie Bennington was happy until she found out her entire life was a lie and than she leaves and moves to the same town as Christian. I did like this book it was good. I already am looking forward to the next book.
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I have read all of the books in this series, but even if I hadn't been familiar with all of the characters and previous matchmaking by the oldest generation I would have had no problem getting into this story. There is a definite pattern to Samantha Chase's books and this one followed much of the same path as the previous ones in the series. This did not bother me because I don't read her books for the twists and turns, I read them for the journey on which she takes her main characters - in that regard, this was a very enjoyable read. Although I am not a big fan of love at first sight kind of stories, I found Christian and Sophie to be engaging characters and the maturity of their relationship was refreshing - they were adults going through real world adult issues. There were times that I didn't feel Sophie was being especially fair to Christian, but appreciated that she was willing to start the difficult conversations rather than just let her frustration build up and turn to resentment (I just wish she had been more willing to have the full conversation rather than only being interested in getting her point across). I also felt the level of emotional intimacy happened a little too quickly - for people who don't trust easily they sure were quick to tell one another their deepest secrets and fears. It was nice to get to know Carter a little - I am very much looking forward to his story.

If you're a fan of Samantha Chase's books, you should definitely add this one to your bookshelf!
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This book has mild cursing and some vague fade to black sex. If you don't like harsh language and sex, there's nothing to worry about here. 

After absolutely *loving* the Band On The Run series I never thought I'd say this but Suddenly Mine might possibly be my favorite Samantha Chase book ever. I was sucked into the story from the very start and I found myself unable to stop thinking about it when I had to put it down to do real life things. I just couldn't shake the story. Christian was a wonderful but flawed book hero, but his flaws were totally understandable and relatable – he wasn't a callous jerk or an alphahole, he was just an imperfect human (that's a compliment!). Sophie was fantastic but also flawed in all the right ways, and I loved the way that these two imperfect people just fit together so utterly perfectly. Even when they weren't together as a couple, their relationship was beautiful and I never doubted that they would find their way back to their happily ever after. 

I won't spoil anything, but this book also tugged on my emotions in a way that I wasn't expecting at all. I found myself bawling as I was reading, and although I want to curse Ms. Chase for that, I have to admit that it made this book the amazing story that it was. 

Also, Christian's assistant Erin was awesome and I smiled every time I read about her. Well played, Ms. Chase! 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book that has humor, great chemistry, and all of the feels. You're going to love this story.
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Chance meetings, surprise connections and lots of family drama take us for a ride in the latest in Samantha Chase's Montgomery Brothers series. The characters were quick to grab our attention and the drama unfolding in both of their lives kept me captivated. Enjoyed it!

Christian Montgomery feels like he spends his entire life working, yet all he hears in appreciation is criticism. He has put his everything into putting his stamp on Montgomery's, but it just doesn't seem to ever be enough. He finds himself spending more and more time gazing out over the ocean ... and appreciating the view of a curvy red-headed surfer!

Sophie Bennington left Kansas to start her life over in California after learning that her entire belief system had been built on a lie. She's got a lot of soul searching to do, and is enjoying her morning's spent on the beach. When she happens into her dream job, she is surprised to find a connection with the man everyone says is married to his job. Will they find a way to mingle their crazy different lives to make a relationship work?
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What a great read! I love the story line. I love the writing. I love the characters. i love that the story didn't focus on the physical relationship but real life situations. Things happen and life isn't already pretty and that is what I really liked about this book.. The story line was so different than what I've read before. The supporting characters had enough time to be impactful but not take away from the main characters.  Big fan of Samantha Chase and this is another win for her.
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Sophie Bennington moved to San Diego to get away from all the lies. Behind, she only left her grandmother since she lost both her parents on an early age. Now she just needs to get a job because being an amateur surfer is not going to pay her bills.
Christian Montgomery has made his job his number one priority in life. And that is now taking a toll on him. He needs to relax but he really doesn’t know how to but inviting a red-head surfer on a date seems like a good start.

Christian was the only Montgomery from his brothers who dedicated all his life to the family business, and that pretty much dictated all his life. He always worked in order to, besides maintaining a successful business, make his father proud, but that never seemed to really happen. His father just kept on criticizing his work on every opportunity he had and Christian just kept on working harder. Until he had a stroke in the middle of the day in his office.

 And it is handy that Sophie is now working for his company, as a nurse.  Let’s just say that they skipped the employee-employer relationship and went straight to being friends.

At first, they get on pretty well. He makes an effort to work fewer hours which is not so bad when he has Sophie to fill in his free time. They have fun together which is something that he never really had in life. But at a certain point, they really have to decide whether they have space for each other in their lives or not.

So, I liked this. This is not an emotional rollercoaster and neither a dramatic story, so it’s a good story to read and enjoy without getting too invested. You still get plenty of love (sex scenes are not explicit in the book, so no details) and some problems in paradise so all in all, it’s a perfectly balanced story.
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Christian and Sophie’s love story was amazing and emotional. I absolutely loved Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase book nine in her Montgomery Brothers series.  Burnt out Christian needed a wakeup call before he killed himself from working too hard, trying to live up to his father’s expectations and atone for mistakes made years ago. Sitting on his deck, overlooking the beach and watching the California surfers, was a start at relaxing. One surfer, a woman who was just learning, caught his eye early on. Sophie left her small Kansas hometown after learning that her entire life was a lie; fleeing to the west coast, with a plan to start a new life and career. She attempts to learn new things, including how to surf. Sophie might not be good at it, but that doesn’t stop her from daily attempts to improve.  Christian and Sophie accidentally meet but by spending time together Christian learns to relax, smile, and enjoy life thanks to Sophie. Their attraction is magnetic with off the chart chemistry.  When Christian starts to slip, returning to his workaholic habits, he chances losing Sophie. Through courage and family support both Christian and Sophie must find the courage to forget the past and open their hearts to love and a future together.

Ms. Chase provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, strong family connections and endearing characters; providing Sophie and Christian a chance at everlasting love. I highly recommend Suddenly Mine to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase is another one of those laugh-out-loud romantic stories that grab your full attention. A couple of family relatives get it in their minds to set-up their relative. Dating is something the Montgomery family is good at getting their relatives to do. Sometimes they're wary of the set-up but more times than not they are completely unaware. I loved how this story played out. At first, I was thinking poor Christian here goes another attempt with his personal love life. And yet, at the same time, I was like yes, finally! 

This novel, Suddenly Mine, is entertaining. I could not get enough of the characters. From family to friends to the lead protagonists, Samantha Chase caught my heart. I fell hard and fast for Christian and the redhead, Sophia. They both compliment each other in ways that made me swoon. I love that Sophia was a strong female character. With the Montgomery men, they need strong vibrant women to keep them in-line and happy. Sophia and Christian are at first like bait for the sharks until they both discover their undying attraction. 

If you are looking for heat, passion, humor and an emotionally charged book-then this, is the book to read! I highly recommend this new contemporary romance to all readers.
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Samantha Chase has a way of making you feel like you are going home to visit family and friends with each and everyone of her series no more so than the Montgomery Brothers and this book, Suddenly Mine is book 8 and this is Christian Montgomery’s story.
Christian a workaholic focused only on the family business with no time for love or women in his life. 
Sophie has moved to San Diego to try and start a new life but first she needs to find herself. 
Two people broken in so many ways, both with baggage from their pasts could they be the calm that is needed in each other’s storms.... could it take two broken souls to make them both complete. I loved the chemistry this couple shared and I loved the family loyalty that surrounds this book. Another great read from the very talented Samantha Chase wonder where  she will take us next.
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I love the Montgomery Brothers series and this book is a fantastic addition!  It's a story of two very different people finding a way to let go of their heartbreaking pasts and forging a happy future together.  He's a big city workaholic.  She's a small town girl trying to start over in a new state and city.  Together they bring balance to each other.  Something they both desperately need.  Their story is fun and full of emotion.  The writing and character development is outstanding making this a book not to be missed.  I highly recommend it.
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3.25 Hearts I will be honest and say I never really connected with the characters in this book. I am not really sure why but I just didn’t. 

The story was fine and the writing was fine but for some reason I didn’t enjoy the story.Maybe I wasn’t in the mind set or something. 

That being said I will not say you shouldn’t read it. I might have just been off. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Sophie Bennington moves out of state for a fresh start, after discovering her whole life was a lie, all she wants is brutal honesty from people. Christian Montgomery is a workaholic thanks to the pressures of his father, so after he suffers a health scare, he's encouraged to start making changes in his life. What he didn't expect was to find a friend in Sophie.
Sophie's so carefree and outgoing, whereas Christian is reserved and set in his ways. I adored the way Sophie cares for people, especially Christian, and gets him to venture out and expand his horizons. When unfortunate events occur, my heart broke for the families. This was a great example of sticking to your guns and not accepting behaviors that you don't want in your own life. Strong, yet stubborn characters make for a wonderful, romantic story.
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Samantha Chase at her best! 
Suddenly Mine is the story of an overworked executive and a nurse trying to find a new normal who meet at exactly the right time to save his life.  But the story is so much more than that. It’s also a story of parental expectations, parental relationships, and self discovery beyond our family. 
The Montgomery series is all about family and Suddenly Mine takes that explanation to the next level and really exposes Christina and Sophie to some tough stuff that without each other and their love would be impossible to face.  Despite it being part of a family series, Suddenly Mine can absolutely be read as a stand alone and would be a great introduction to Samantha Chase because you get so much emotion and depth but still have some wonderful intimate and funny moments.
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Oh so wonderful! The picture of them as a couple was so detailed and it was a wonderful, flowing story. I honestly read it over two nights. A great addition to the series.
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4 Star Review of Suddenly Mine (The Montgomery Brothers #8) by Samantha Chase
I love this series from Samantha Chase. Each and every book is filled with love and family. I would not mind being adopted into the Montgomery clan to be honest. Although book 8 this can be read as a stand alone.

This is Christian Montgomery and Sophie Bennington’s story and one that I enjoyed. Although perhaps not as much as previous books in the series. Christian is a workaholic and the family business is all that he has focused on for years. Sophie, reeling from the fact that her whole life is a lie meet by chance.

Fate works in mysterious ways and when they Christian is attracted to her but knows he has no time to date. However Christian is shocked when he discovers that the new nurse for the company is in fact the mysterious Sophie.

As they work together they develop a relationship which has a big impact on Christian. The chemistry between them was at times intense and yet it was heart warming to see their love develop; both of them were committed to forging a future together despite their pasts and the secrets that threatened to destroy them.

This is a well written story of coming to terms with the past, of love and family which I really enjoyed. 

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book through NetGalley from the publisher.
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