Cover Image: Juan Castell & Aunt Sofia's Book of Please, Thank You, Welcome

Juan Castell & Aunt Sofia's Book of Please, Thank You, Welcome

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A great way for your children (and you) to learn another language or languages. I plan on buying this series for my kids.
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Alternating between rhymes and prose, this little book tells of an upcoming visit by aliens and how the nephew of the person in charge of greeting them helps in preparing the world to be nice to them. In so doing he learns a little bit about each of the countries he’s assigned to.
This book is nice enough, with colorful art and usually well-written rhymes. I’m a little troubled by the ending, and I’m not sure why it needed magic, but perhaps it was done to make the kids more interested.
3.5 pushed up to 4/5
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Clever, lovely in its intent, and eye-catching in its illustrations, this is a book I would gladly share with young readers.  I can see it have a variety of places in reading instruction, as well as in character education.  A fine, finished product.
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A slightly awkward mix of adventure – as Earth must somehow rely on a young kid who can travel to wherever he gets a postcard from (and get home afterwards by unexplained means) to get ready for when the aliens arrive – and primer in foreign languages, addressing our ability to be polite in what they think are the most important four of the 7,000 languages possible.  It's not bad – I don't think it needed to be half in verse, half regular prose – but it could have been better.  Also, what is with "England"??  Colouring in "England" on a map they include Ireland – and all of the UK bar Northern Ireland.  I'd thank them for getting the basics of geography right first.
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A lovely story that uses aliens visiting Earth as a pretext for teaching about basic manners to children in Spanish, French, Hindi, and Mandarin.
Juan, a polite young boy is preparing for Aliens’ visit to earth as everyone else in the world is doing. He is already good at using the words ‘please’, ‘sorry’, and ‘thank you’ but learns from her aunt Sofia that it never hurts to learn to say all those words in different languages. Aunt Sofia asks Juan to help with writing of Giant Book of Please, Thank you, Welcome. Juan takes on the task with sheer enthusiasm and with the help of different individuals and animals from different countries, he travels to each respective country and learn to say words of basic etiquettes in their native language...Full review soon on The Prairies Book Review (upcoming review magazine)
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One of the things that children need to learn, in society is how to be polite, and so, this is one more in a series of books to teach children how to be just that.

With the pretext that aliens are coming and need to be greeted politely, no matter where they land, the world learns all the ways to say Please and Thank You, just in case they have to.

While this is a great book for teaching simple phrases in Chinese, Spanish, French and English, that people who want to be polite in those languages should know, what isn’t mentioned is that good manners vary around the world. And what is polite in one place is not necessary polite in another.

Good for teaching languages, though, so a good book to have around.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Cute story that uses aliens visiting Earth as a pretext  for teaching about politeness and manners and how to say thank you in the languages of different cultures.  Pleasant illustrations and a geography lesson in the back, very educational.
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Nice story not how I thought it was going to be but enjoyed all the same. My son sat with me and I read to him and he enjoyed it also
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Juan is getting ready for the landing of the aliens with the rest of the world. He is a polite young man who always uses please and thank you. His Aunt Sofia gives him a book Giant Book of Please Thank You Welcome. In it has all the ways to say these things in different languages. He travels through the book to the different countries and learns how to say it in the native language. I found the book very well done and the illustrations very pleasing. It is a good way to start a child on learning another language. This book is partically done in rhyme and will hold a childs interest. I recommend this book for 4+ yr olds.
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