Three Little Words

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This book wasn't for me and it was so disappointing since I loved every Jenny Holiday novel! I guess found the chatacters to be really weird and their actions to be awkward. I didn't buy their issues at all as well.
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I LOVED this book so, so much! Three Little Words is the final book in Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series, I read and loved One and Only about a year ago but I need to go back and read the second book and novella. That being said, I think Three Little Words works as a stand-alone, but it will make you want to read the rest of the books immediately! 

I picked this up on a whim because I was craving some forced proximity, and what better way to force two people together than a multi state ROAD TRIP?? Gia has been stranded in New York after her flight to Florida is canceled due to a snowstorm. Not only is she going for her best friends wedding, but she has her wedding dress.  The only option to make it in time is to get in a tiny car with the sexy Southern-gentleman best man, Bennett, and drive. 

I went into this expecting a cute road trip romance, but there are some really heavy topics that are discussed. It added so much depth and made me absolutely love their characters. Both Gia and Bennett have some messy backgrounds that they work through during the trip. I usually don’t buy people falling in love over such a short period, about a week or so total, but for them it completely worked. There’s definitely some content warnings for this book, Bennett discusses his past addictions and Gia displays disordered eating throughout most of the book. 

After reading, Gia and Bennett quickly made my list of favorite couples ever. I looooved them! The chemistry between the two was really well done. This has open door steam that’s well worth waiting out the forced proximity sexual tension for. 

Three Little Words was a five star read for me and I can’t recommend it enough!
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It appears that Jenny Holiday is not the author for me. I tried another book in this series and didn't like some of the vulgar intimate descriptions. I have no problems with sex scenes, but sometimes the language used to describe them is more unappealing than others, and I've found that to be the case with Jenny. It's a shame, since I know how well loved her books are by friends of mine.
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Such a cute, quick Rom-Com! I didn't read the other books in this series, so I do think that would have made me enjoy this one more. Overall, pretty good!
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This is the 3rd book of the series and they have all been good. I really enjoyed this one and read it in 1 day.
Gia is a model and doesn't believe in relationships. She has one night stands and moves on.
Bennett is the kind of guy who wants a relationship and doesn't believe in one night stands, 
These 2 are in Noah and Wendy's wedding. They also are flying out of the same airport to get to Florida but the flights are cancelled because of a snowstorm so they end up renting a car together and getting to know each other. He is interested in her but not as a one night stand. She wants to get it on with him but he isn't giving her what she wants. They end up talking a lot and learning a lot of things about each other. By the time they get to Florida Noah tells his best friend he is in love with Gia. But when Gia finds out she runs.
These 2 have been there for each other all through this road trip and helping each other with their problems. But Gia does not want to get to close to Bennett. 
I received this book from Forever and NetGalley for an honest review.
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I have chosen not to finish or review this title.  As always, I appreciate the opportunity (and I apologize for the delay in submitting this) but I was not able to connect with the characters and I have chosen not to finish the title.

Thank you,
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I was anticipating this book because this series always delivers a fun read.  I’ve enjoyed some more than others but I still look forward to reading them.  This one seemed to have a premise that would be perfect for me.  The hero is a chef and owns a restaurant in NYC.  The heroine is a model.  They are both attending the wedding of their friends in Florida and due to a storm their flight is cancelled and they are forced to rent a car and drive from NY to Florida.  I mean, this sounded like a perfect plot for what I like!  Sadly, I think it fell short somewhere along the execution.

At first, I was all over it.  But then quickly I started to see things I didn’t like mixed in with some I liked.  Like how the hero would come across quite judgy at times and it would throw me off completely my reading mojo.  And then as I was expecting to care for the heroine because she is dealing with some personal issues as well, I just never did connect with her and didn’t care for her predicament.  And that made me feel bad because she deals with the start of an eating disorder and I wanted to empathetic but I just didn’t care for her in general one way or another.

Then there’s the romance.  I will be the first to admit that I struggle with insta love in general.  And granted, you may say this isn’t insta love because they start off as enemies.  But in the span of seven days (driving to Florida and the wedding) these two make some HUGE life changing decisions that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.  These may be things that ring true for others, but for me, I just couldn’t see it.  Add to that the fact that I found the big reconciliation moment to be extremely selfish on their part on how it takes over someone else’s big event.  I just didn’t care for any of that!

There are still some things about this story that were nice and kept me from DNF’ing the book.  But in the end, it wasn’t enough to make me love the book.
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This was okay. The writing flowed well for the most part, but I wasn't a fan of Gia's for pretty much the whole book. She was rude, judgmental, and downright mean to Bennett. While I understand that Bennett might have been a little over the top, he wasn't doing it to be mean or domineering. Gia kept throwing it in Bennett's face that he was atoning for what happened to him, and he was to an extent, but at least his situation was one where there were repercussions. She was against a relationship because she dated a jerk for a month when she was 19. Not sure how those even compare. Gia forced Bennett to do things that he specifically told her he didn't want to do, but she was helping. The reverse meant that Bennett was trying to run her life. Um, no. The ending was sweet, but I'm not completely convinced that Gia was worth all the effort for Bennett. I would be willing to give this author another read. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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I adored the last book I’m this series and have to say that it was my favorite. These Bridesmaids romance are just what’s I need to read to laugh and have a bit of smexy time. I would highly recommend them for summer reader and it’s perfect for wedding season.
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The newest book in the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series, Three Little Words is amazing! This series just keeps getting better and better!
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Transporting her friend Wendy’s wedding dress from New York to Florida has turned Gia Gallo into a bridesmaid-zilla, so groomsman Bennett Buchanan’s initial encounter with her yelling at airline employees to fix a weather cancellation doesn’t leave him with a positive impression. With flights down, a road trip becomes their best option. But sexual attraction and growing mutual respect weren’t in either Gia or Bennett’s plans. If you loved Jenny Holiday’s other Bridesmaids Behaving Badly books, you can relax: the fourth and final book in the series sticks the landing.

I feel very strongly about being nice to airport officials during crises, so Gia had some mileage to make up with me. The revelation that she was hungry helped, because a) I’m also a raving monster when I’m hungry and b) it introduced an interesting, slow-burn subplot about eating issues triggered by being a model hitting thirty and falling in love with a chef, especially one who is with you 24/7 and can see exactly what you’ve eaten or not. I am not someone who’s had an eating disorder so I can’t speak to how this plotline would affect someone who has. Personally, I appreciated that the author clearly characterized it as a struggle Gia would continue to face, and one that love and professional success outside her body could mitigate but not cure.

I had so much trouble remembering Bennett’s name, and I have, at various times, referred to him as Bronson Beckman, Brett Buckley, and Braxton Beauregard, and I just now almost typed ‘Bradley’ instead of ‘Bennett’. It sounds like it came out of a Southern Name Generator that creates alliterative combinations of items in an atlas and the names of prominent Confederates, with the added stipulation that the name must work both forwards and backwards. But that didn’t keep me from liking his character. Bennett broke free from his old-money Charleston family after they disowned him not for his drug or alcohol problems, but for refusing to attend university in family tradition after he realized that the prevalence of substances there would jeopardize his recovery. One of the most powerful scenes demonstrating his connection to Gia was when Gia understood him well enough to help him face a reunion with his parents, and also to be his wingman during that reunion, and deftly extricate them when Bennett needed support doing that. It felt like a scene featuring an extremely supportive married couple.

Bennett and Gia are both characters with ‘rules’ about relationships (she’s ‘one and done’ or ‘two and through’; he doesn’t have sex outside of relationships that have the potential to be long-term) which they break for each other. The author deftly balances keeping the tension going with not hiding behind ‘rules’ as a plot device. The sex scenes are excellent, as Bennett smugly enjoys Gia’s ‘Oh my God’ reaction to his cooking flavors, and starts to pursue that reaction elsewhere.

What keeps this book from an A: Gia’s random brilliant restaurant insights seem contrived in order to give her a path to an HEA and make Bennett seem oddly ignorant of aspects of his own business; Bennett’s emotional reactions to the past feel misplaced; and the actual nitty-gritty of Bennett’s charity pay-what-you-can restaurant project is under-explained. (I didn’t know anything about it, so I read one Washington Post article, and am currently in possession of more details than are in the entire finished book). Similarly, the stories Gia relates from her modeling life to explain her issues with food and men are so mild compared with some of the least appalling #metoo stories and modeling exposés that I felt as though they had been sanitized.

On the whole, Three Little Words is an enjoyable conclusion to a series that has honored female friendship. It doesn’t neuter Gina’s tough-girl character from the earlier books, and it does what, for me, is nearly impossible in featuring returning characters in relationships without depicting obnoxiously unrealistic bliss. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to wherever Holiday’s muse takes her next.
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I absolutely loved the characters in this book and the building of their relationship. This book is a page turner unable to put down.
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This was the perfect end to one of my favorite contemporary series ever. This is a road trip/foodie romance and I don't know if it can be topped. Gia was amazing with her vulnerability but fierce exterior to do almost anything for her friends. Bennet seems like the opposite of her...but not really when you get down to it. I was amazed at how much I loved how the author dealt with the food issues in this book since that is SUCH a sensitive issue. But she faced them head on even though the characters did not really want to. The journey - literal and figurative here - the characters went on brought me to tears of laughter, sadness, and joy. I couldn't ask for anything more out of a book.
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This book is probably my second favorite of the series. Jenny Holiday does such a great job of writing interesting and complex female characters and we get so much depth into their lives in just over 300 pages. I didn’t expect to love Gia as much as I did, but seeing her vulnerabilities really helped to relate to her. Of course Bennett is a big marshmallow and, much like the other men in this series, has been through some shit that makes him hard on the outside but fluffy on the inside. Trigger warnings for eating disorders and alcohol/drug abuse.
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I voluntarily reviewed an ARC from Netgalley.

The last in the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series.  But, wow, I think it was the best.  That's saying something for me because I really didn't want to read it.  Sorry, but I just can't get into the beautiful model (it would've only been worse if Gia was an actress) trope.  And yes, in the beginning, Gia was NOT my favorite character.  But, holy moly...she totally grew on me.  I see now why the other girls call her "friend."  

Needless to say, I'm really glad I read it.  It was because the first two in the series were so good.  However, if your time is limited, etc., and you only have time to read one book in the series....THIS one is it!!!  (I recommend the other two!!)
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What a great, cute book!!! I didnt realize this was the 3rd book in a series, but I enjoyed it all the same. I havent read a series in a long time, so I am hoping to go back read the first 2 books, maybe then rereading this book in particular.
Gia's story was a great..very realistic and I often found myself saying...what would I do in this situation? or I can see this happening to me. Bennett is so smooth and charming, but at times I wondered how realistic his character was...a little too nice?? too perfect?? Gia, on the other hand, may have been developed to be a bit too rough...too feisty.
I loved the road trip, the food probably being very favorite part!!!
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I am absolutely in love with the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. Both One and Only and It Takes Two were two of my favorite books of 2018. When it came time to read Three Little Words, I dropped everything. I had to read it right then and there. So I did. And I loved it. Then I couldn't possibly bring myself to review it because I refuse to acknowledge the fact that this lovely series, a series that will forever be one of my favorites, is over. If there was ever a demand for a 5 book series, this would be it. All I know is that I don't want to say goodbye to these four women. They made me giggle like a damn school girl. The heroes made me swoon. I loved it. Of course, Jenny Holiday ends the series with a bang by giving us Gia's story. Her outrageous personality hides something so much deeper. And finding out what makes her tick was special. I loved that Bennett was able to get Gia to open up about her troubling past and help her heal. Gia is far less subtle with the ways she helps Bennett, but she does return the favor. I enjoyed that about them. Then sexual tension and chemistry between Gia and Bennett sizzles throughout the whole book. That hotel scene? Holy moly! That was the hottest scene in all three books. Mostly because I go nuts for good headboard banging sexy time. Three Little Words was an amazing conclusion to an already fantastic series. If you love contemporary romance with strong women, lovable heroes, witty banter, and lots of sexiness, read this series!
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3 1/2 STARS

CW for eating disorder, talk about counting calories and body image, and recovering addict (alcoholic) 

Who doesn't love a good roadtrip romance? Model heroine + chef hero.

I really enjoyed this book for the most part. There's some hot scenes between these two.

My biggest problem was truly a "me problem": I have a hard time reading about eating disorders and body image problems.
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This was such an outstanding resolution to the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. I find myself describing these books to people and the characters just don't make sense when I talk about them. How do they get together? How do they even meet? But Jenny Holiday makes it feel so natural. The characters are so well-developed and multi-faceted, of course these characters are made for each other. 

I also, again, think the character's struggles are very well-written. Jenny Holiday makes a habit of giving each of her characters some significant trauma, in this case, an eating disorder and a past cocaine addiction which led to him being disowned. These are serious issues for what is objectively a quite funny romance. 

I'm sad this series is over, but I adored it the whole way through.
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This may be one of my favorite books in this series  (which has been pretty spectacular so far). I really loved how thoughtfully it handled both Gigi and Bennett's issues/backstory, and I LOVED the great friendship as always. I was very pro Gigi also being encouraged to embrace her skills yay.
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