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It starts off as a typical summer in Sag Harbor for single mom Emma, the front desk clerk at a local popular hotel.  Emma is juggling single parenthood of her daughter, Penny, who has OCD.  All seems on course until a local famous artist who has befriended Penny dies and leaves her his million dollar mansion on the beach.  This seems like an incredible stroke of luck until the artist's long-time friend from New York shows up claiming she should be the rightful beneficiary of the artist's will.  Throw in Penny's dad who shows up suddenly after not being around for years, and you have an engaging beach read with characters so well developed you'll be rooting for Emma and Penny from the start.  The story is an easy read and it wraps up nicely If you haven't checked out Jamie Brenner's previous books, check them out - you won't be disappointed.  Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Drawing Home is a story of Penny, a young girl bequeathed a home from Henry, a retired artist who gave her drawing lessons for the past year. And it's not just any home - the home has a name, Windsong, and with the art contained in the home, it is more of an art gallery or museum. Penny lives in a small run down home on Mount Misery in the small tourist town of Sag Harbor with her mother, Emma, and aging ex-neighbor turned roommate, Angus. This home will be quite a change in all their lives. That is until Bea, Herny's former business partner, comes to town, claiming the house was meant to be hers to establish as a museum of his art. As if Emma didn't have enough on her mind with the legal issues over the house, her ex-husband, Mark, who rarely sees Penny, shows up and decides to pursue full custody of Penny. Then Emma loses her job due to all the drama of her personal life. Can Emma keep custody of Penny and work out the house issues with Bea? Or will her entire life change for the worse in one summer?

One of the main themes throughout is family, whether it is the one you were born into or the one you create by surrounding yourself with those you love. I love that this novel is it is told in order, which I find is rare these days. The reader gets many different perspectives, but it didn't rely on a lot of backstory or back tracking, unless one of the characters was remembering something. The characters are flawed, real and relatable and the writing was beautiful and easy to absorb. The descriptions of the town, boats, and houses made the book come alive in my mind. This is an uplifting story that is worth the read!
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Drawing Home is the perfect summer read.  It has family drama, friends who step up and some that disappoint, stressful situations, and unexpected angels that come to your rescue even when you don't expect it.  Jamie Brenner always develops characters throughout the book that evolve into important influencers.  They end up helping the people around them become stronger.   

The storyline of how Emma assisted her daughter Penny in trying to overcome OCD.  This struggle is so real for so many and definitely isn't easy to conquer.   It was realistic and well written.

You can't go wrong with any of Jamie Brenner's novels!   I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Emma, a single mom and her teenage daughter, Penny live in Sag Harbor, in the Hamptons, as townies. Struggling to accommodate rich Manhattanites,  Emma is a hard working employee at The American Hotel.  Emma and her daughter, a bit of a misfit, learn one day that a dear friend, who is a famous artist,  drops dead and leaves his multimillion dollar estate to Penny. The key to understanding this "mystery" of why Penny was left the inheritance will be pieced together as other characters show up to fight for a piece of the action. Enter ex-partner, Bea, who makes Cruella Da Ville seem a bit warm and fuzzy.  Then the ex-husband and father of Penny comes to town to suddenly be a father to Penny.  

Great writing, I felt the book had some sluggish parts which I wished I would have skimmed over. The story is a great beach read, and will end in a great place for the reader, but it lacked overall depth. I wanted to know a bit more about Tom, the bartender, which may have lent a bit more meat to the story. I really wanted less of Bea and the story of Bea and Angus simply didn't work for me. 

Over all, it was a pleasant read, and I would recommend it as a great little beach/vacation book.  Four stars for a great little book.
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An absolutely gorgeous summer beach story with a wonderful mother-daughter relationship, art, and enough intrigue to keep the pages flying. Incredibly atmospheric- I have never been to Sag Harbor, but now I feel like it’s my long lost home. A must read summer book!
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When it comes to great summer/beach books Jamie Brenner never disappoints. This is another great one.  A delightful story of a mother/daughter relationship and the trials it involves. Also shows us that not always are immediate family our only family. Highly recommend this heart warming book. 5 stars.
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Throughout the course of this novel you really feel for both Penny and Emma but your empathy is really low for Bea. You understand where she’s coming from but your frustration as a reader comes from her lack of wanting to see the other side. I’m not quite sure she ever saw Emma and Penny’s POV  it she came around because she finally understood what Henry was telling her through her drawings.

Ms. Brenner has a way with her words that lets you feel like you are in the room with these characters.

I loved every moment I spent reading this novel.
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The Husband Hour written by the author in 2018 was one of my 5 star favorites last year and I was eagerly awaiting Drawing Home. Mother and daughter, Emma and Penny are living a fairly ordinary life in Sag Harbor. Until the death of an artist who took a shine to the teenaged Penny leaves her his entire estate. As Emma tries to wrap her head around this news, a number of events and people make the single mother's life very difficult.

I felt Drawing Home was a compelling story that I fell into instantly even if I didn't like the characters all of the time. I wasn't as sold on a romance subplot with this one, in terms of Emma and another character. Personally, I felt she just needed to focus on her daughter. Overall, it was a good story that is the perfect beach read. 

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Published on 07/05/19

Thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.
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What a beautiful story with well drawn and beloved characters! And with beautiful descriptive writing the American Hotel, itself becomes a character of charm! Drawing Home is a charming story with depth of emotions and the hard struggle of OCD and what it takes to making family. This is a story not to be missed!
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Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner is about an amazing architectural dream home built by Henry Wyatt.  When Henry dies and leaves the estate to 14 year old Penny Mapson he forces his long time friend, Bea, to arrive in the small sea town of Sag Harbor searching for answers.  What unravels from there is a beautiful story of love and family and finding home.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it - I received an ARC of this book, all opinions are my own.
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One thing I always expect from a Jamie Brenner novel are intriguing characters, a riveting page-turner, and a story filled with heart and conflict. I was instantly drawn into this story, my heart aching for 14-year-old Penny, a young girl dealing with sometimes crippling OCD; and her mom, Emma, a hard-working single parent who just wants Penny to be happy. When an unexpected, extravagant gift is left to Penny, their lives are about to change forever, especially when a whirlwind named Bea marches into their lives! There are plenty of fireworks, mistakes, and poor judgement, but we never lose sight of the fact that this is a family—maybe not a “typical” family, but a family that is never short on love. Drawing Home is thought-provoking, honest and tender.
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I loved every minute I spent in the pages of this book. By the time I read the final page I felt like the characters were my friends and I miss them already. I love when a book can do that for me. The setting was magical and I loved the small town feeling it created. 

I highly recommend this book for lovers of family drama, a little mystery and just a darn good summer read. This is a lovely one. 

I received an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own
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Pack a copy of Drawing Home in your beach bag this summer! I loved this story of mother/daughter relationships, an unexpected inheritance and a bit of mystery set in Sag Harbor. Fans of Elin Hilderbrand will love Drawing Home!
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Jamie Brenner has done it again! Loved this book. The three main characters are a mother, her daughter, and a NYC socialite who drives you crazy, but you gotta love her nerve! I enjoyed following how their lives intersect. Sag Harbor is the setting and it’s almost like a character! It feels so real like you can taste it, smell it and see it. I enjoyed the subplots like the daughter having OCD, the single mother struggling to make ends meet on her own, and what a large role the art of one of the background characters plays that winds up being key to the story. Well done! I received an advance copy of this book via Net galley. All reviews are my own.
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I  really wish that I could give this book more than five stars. Jamie Brenner is at the top of her game  writing winner after winner. She first catches your attention with a fascinating plot. Then she reels you in with a strong  character driven plot and before you know it's almost one in the morning and you just can't put down this gem of a book.  Happy reading!
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I always anticipate new novels from Jamie Brenner. Her writing is always the best and her stories seek out and hit the mark.
Drawing Home has a steady and persistent level of tension that grows greater with each chapter. I began to feel ambivalent support or each side of the Emma and Bea equation but never truly losing my disdain for the actions of Bea. I felt completely and happily satisfied with the results when it all came to a head. It is excellent reading!
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Jamie Brenner has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I absolutely loved The Husband Hour last year, and was very excited to get an advance copy of her newest, Drawing Home. I was drawn into this book instantly, and could easily imagine myself on Sag Harbor island, staying at The American Hotel, and sitting at the bar listening to Henry talk to Penny. Jamie writes with amazing imagery--you can easily escape into her books and get lost for hours. 

What makes Drawing Home such a great book is the character development. At the beginning, until almost to the end, I absolutely HATED one of the characters. She was SO well written, though, that I could easily attach emotion to her character. I could anticipate her reactions and I really felt like I knew her. I won't say any more about this character because you'll need to read it to see if she redeems herself. 

The mother/daughter relationship is well played through this novel, and it made me reflect on some of the fights I had with my own mom growing up. Penny grows up a lot in this novel, and to see that play out over the span of the book was very powerful. 

I received an advance copy of this book, and all thoughts are my own.
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Jamie Brenner has written another fabulous book with characters that I grew to love, although there was one particular character that really annoyed me a bit. Once you read the book, you'll know who I'm talking about. I won't say if my feelings for that character changed by the end, though. One of the things I love about Brenner's books is how family, friendship, and trust can be very important in ones' lives. These characters felt so very real to me. I was drawn into the story right from the start. I was sorry to have it end. And the setting! Oh my. I ended up looking up Sag Harbor and now want to hang out there. Jamie Brenner has become one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to for her next book. Drawing Home is one that should not be missed!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions are my own.
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Drawing Home is the first Jamie Brenner book I've read, and I'm excited to go back and read her backlist. If it's anything like Drawing Home, they will be great summer reads. Drawing Home features single mother Emma, a hotel manager who is content with her life in her vacation destination hometown. Everything is thrown into turmoil when a local man passes away and leaves his home and its contents to her teenage daughter, much to the dismay of his longtime friend, who shows up in town determined to take control of the estate and his legacy.
This was a warm story that will make readers think about how you define family and what home means. Emma, her daughter, and Bea all have to examine their relationships with others and decide how to move forward. If you're a fan of Elin Hilderbrand, this is definitely an author you won't want to miss!
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Sag Harbor is a small village at the eastern end of Long Island, NY, that began its life as a major whaling and shipping port during the late 18th century. In fact, Congress declared the village as the first port of entry into the U.S. on July 31, 1789, building the first US Custom House on L.I.  The population at this time was 1,723, but various languages could be heard on the streets of this International port town. By the end of the 19th century and into the 20th, Sag Harbor became the destination for the wealthy to summer; and that tide still flows into the 21st.
One of the oldest hotels in town is the coveted place to be; however, The American Hotel only has eight guest rooms. The bar, which seems to be crowded three-deep, continually, is where everyone wants to be seen. Emma Mapson, a native since birth, works the front desk, as she performs guest service magic throughout.
She’s also the single Mom to her 14-year-old daughter, Penny. When Penny is not in school, she spends most of her time in the cozy parlor of the American Hotel with her sketch pad as her mom works. This is how she meets Henry Wyatt, an elderly man that sits at the bar every day and sketches on cocktail napkins, while he sips his martini. Henry never speaks to anyone and only occasionally to Emma, but he patiently joins Penny on the parlor couch as they sketch together under his gentle guidance. Emma worries about this relationship because Penny has no other friendships with kids her age. This is mostly due to her OCD and anxiety that she tries to work on as she sees her therapist twice a week, to no avail. Kids her age just make her nervous, but Henry just calms her. 
While Emma is busy with the incoming weekend crowd and Penny steps out to get some yogurt across the street, Henry suddenly falls off his bar stool and collapse on the bar’s floor. Paramedics arrive to fight through the onlookers while the bartender realizes Henry is dead. Penny hears the news from the crowds outside and is devastated. The news reports, “Henry Wyatt, pioneer of the minimalist art movement, dead at 83.” Both Emma and Penny had no idea how famous Henry was, nor did they know how wealthy, when Henry leaves his huge house on the water, and most of his art to Penny. They also have no idea why.
As they’re dealing with this amazing shock, Bea Winstead, Henry’s former agent, storms into town ready to contest the Will and claim what she feels is rightly hers. First, she must prove her statements, which becomes difficult as she speaks negatively of Emma and even Penny all around town. Bea tries to take over Henry’s house by blatantly moving in and starts cataloging his art work. Get ready for a passionate and often illogical fight over Henry’s estate.
Bea will find small pieces of Henry’s donated art all over town, almost like pieces of a puzzle. Is he trying to tell her something? It’s practically a scavenger hunt. In the meantime, Bea gets to know Penny better and realizes what Henry saw in her art talent. What she discovers is bittersweet, but the result it brings to all will be peace. This is a rousing good story where people mistrust first, make quick judgments, but truth and a bunch of well-meaning people work toward a decent solution.
Other than my own impatience of wanting the story to move faster, it was well worth reading to the last page!

Thank you NetGalley, Little, Brown and Co. and Jamie Brenner
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