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Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 30 Sep 2018

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Just for you is well written with a good plot.  I enjoyed the author’s writing and hope to read more of her books.  Fans of romance novels should enjoy this book.  I received a complimentary copy and this is my unbiased review.
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his was such a good book. I had not read the first two, but after reading this one, I have alread downloaded them. Meg was an artist who had lost her studio and most of her things when a bad boyfriend stole everything from her and cleaned out her accounts. She knows Hayden and offers to be his secretary to make some money. She was excellent at her job but after awhile she also offers to play matchmaker for him for a good amount of money. This story follows their relationship as it blooms, almost falls apart, and then get back on track again. It had some very sweet moments and some funny one. I recommend
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book via Netgalley

4,5 stars!! 
It was my first book from this author and will not be the last!! I liked a lot her writing style, the plot, MCs...
The heroine was pretty awesome one, she was strong, she agreed to enjoy some sexual encounters with our amazing hero, she was one sassy woman! She talked her mind.
The hero... Sigh... He was pretty awesome man: not a playboy anymore although he was in his youth, but it's ok with me. He was very interested in our girl almost from beginning.
Triggers: there are some scenes with MCs on dates(heroine was his matchmaker, it was a bit creepy for me, she was a third wheel there... I didn't like it). But our amazing man didn't kiss or have sex with anyone else. Only Meg, she was only one for him!
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I have read the other books in the series and have enjoyed them. This one not so much. One reason is that Meg in this story needs money fast, her ex stole her money and her life and she needs to get it back. Hayden hires her to be his assistant and then hires her to be his wife finder. And this leads me to what I hated about this story, Meg starts sleeping with Hayden while she is finding him women and making him date other women. I felt it was gross kinda discusting and a few times I almost quit reading it was such a yuck factor.

It is never cheating because its one to 3 dates but he dates them then goes home every night and has sex with Meg and Meg is totally cool with it. It really turned my stomache. Now it was clearly not cheating but it also was kinda gross behavior on Meg and on Hayden. I guess I would say I did not like those ethics.
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