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Suicide is something that you see almost everyday now. Emma Kerr is a psychiatrist counseling siblings.
This buring psychological mystery that started with a family after suicide takes another member of their family. 
As the story progresses we are placed in the middle of a family, to see the way they think and feel about each of their family members. 
As more sessions are revealed, the pieces are slowly put into place, and revealing a twist at the end. 
Emma herself had alot on here plate, her divorce was pending, she was facing questions about her birth family, along with new relationships.
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I received an advanced copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! It was definitely a book that kept you thinking! I would definitely recommend this book to fellow readers. Thank you!
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Suicide is such a controversial subject. Emma Kerr is a psychiatrist counseling siblings. In the siblings family there's a history of female twins and suicides. Emma has always wondered if there's a suicide gene. Emma had a lot on her plate with her job, pending divorce, questions about her birth parents and new relationship. 
I liked that I wasn't beat over the head with the suicide subject in a bad way. The pace was nice and the characters were interesting. Sharon and Giff had me laughing a few times. If this isn't a standalone I would read the sequel. 

Thanks to NetGalley for my copy to review.
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Brilliant piece of writing ... gripping, dark, twisty and most definitely thought provoking. I hope to read more by this author and would recommend this book.

Thank you to Net Gallery for an ARC of this great read.
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I'm not really sure how I feel about The Suicide Gene.  I'm usually a very character driven reader - if I don't like the characters, it's hard to read the book. And I don't like any of these characters, but the plot and twists kept me thumbing through the book just to see what happens.
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The title and description of this book intrigued me, and I was pleasantly satisfied with this book! Thank you #Netgalley 

As I read about Dr. Emma Kerr's journey, I become invested in her birth journey and the lives of the McKinney family.  I was genuinely surprised with many of the twists and turns and was very happy with the conclusion of the book. I appreciated the author doing an epilogue of "where they are now" type of update to wrap up each characters story.
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What a fantastic piece of writing this book was and  just got my attention from page one and never let go till the last page. A hard book in many ways because of the intensity of the subject matter and a very different plot line full of many different subject. the characters were exceptionally well described  and developed more as the book went on. Although perhaps not a book for everyone due to the subject matter I would recommend if you want a real page turner. my thanks to NetGalley and wild Rose Press for a chance to read the ARC ...A fabulous read !
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THE SUICIDE GENE is a masterful novel by C.J.Zahner. A great suspense novel. I had never read any of Zahner's novels before but I will be on the hunt to read more from this great author.
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I love the suicide gene ! The book is from Doctor Emma Kerr’s perspective which I loved ! We follow her throughout her sessions with the cursed Family that seems to have the suicide gene, as almost everyone in their family line has committed suicide. I also found to be truly incredible and smart was to include the message in the beginning about the suicide hotline. This book does dwell onto that but not in a morbid way, for someone in the medical field I found this so be so interesting that maybe there is a gene out there that controls suicide idelations. Also I absolutely loved the epilogue I was like yes yes yes !!!! You will love this too !
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Dr. Emma Rose is convinced that there is a Suicide Gene that makes some families, like the Hemingway’s, more likely to kill themselves in this introspective thriller.

Emma is a psychiatrist counseling the McKinney family before one of their members commit suicide. Emma struggles with her own marital and psychological issues. She was adopted and her birth files have mysteriously disappeared. Her lifelong obsession with genetics leads her to conclude that her patients are her long-lost siblings. The McKinneys have a history of suicide, depression and infidelity. Emma has been mistaken for them on several occasions due their physical similarities. At the same time, Emma suspects that her husband, Josh, is cheating on her.

There is a swirling mishmash of plots circling the possibly unreliable narrator. Emma and most of the other characters are very unsympathetic and cold. It is hard to care much about what will happen to them. However, the two mysteries found within Suicide Gene are intriguing enough to keep the reader moving forward. This is an extremely dark story. Readers with a history of suicidal thoughts, family Alzheimer’s or breast cancer will probably not enjoy this book. However, it is very different from most thrillers or mysteries so those looking for something unique will enjoy it. 3 stars.

Thanks to the publisher, Wild Rose Press, Inc., and NetGalley for a copy in an exchange for my honest review.
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While the ideas and ideals this book brings to light are interesting and thought provoking, thecwaybin which the story is presented makes getting to those actual ideas a slow and sometimes painful process. I found the first third of this book was a very slow start to a story that then began to get interesting and rushed to try to express what it was longing to say and slammed to an end that felt somehow off. I think the ideas and concepts are good, I just didn’t think the writing style or way the story was presented was the right way.
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