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A perfect cocktail of Hot Hot Hot sexy times and resonating transformation that had me swiping the pages and losing track of time. Loved this book and definitely be looking for more books by this author as if it’s like this one then I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Definitely recommend
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Interesting story from Lee. I do like the way the story goes and allows me to feel like im living in it.
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I love this series!  This is the third in the series and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  I would recommend that the series be started from the beginning as there is a running theme throughout that you need to understand.  Also, Grayson's story runs simultaneously with Beckett's story which was the first in the series, so there are tidbits that occur in the first book that give hints towards this story.

I also really enjoyed when "awkward" Tessa made her appearances.  It lent a little bit of humor to the story and made the journey for Tessa and Grayson all the more believable.

I will not discuss plot.  I will only say that this book and the series has been a great pleasure for me and I look forward to each brother's story and to finding out what happen comes next for the Thorne brothers.
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3.5 Stars
Give a Little by Lee Kilraine is book Three in The Thorne Brothers Series.  This is the story of Tessa Madigan and Grayson Thorne.  I have read the previous books, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. 
Tessa is recovering from a bad accident and working to start her life again. Grayson is a playboy who is used to women coming on to him but he isn't one to loose his head over a women.  When a mistaken identity start their first meeting it kind of keeps theme of their relationship going.  I thought both had things they had to get over to see what they really wanted.  Overall enjoyed their story.
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*I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Oh, how I love these Thorne Brothers! I’m actually sad because I didn’t know Wyatt’s story had dropped, but I can fix that issue. I’m just extremely happy I didn’t miss Gray’s story. Holy Moley, so hot! 

Tessa is in need of change. After a three year dry spell, she’s ready to tackle a few things that may be easy for most, but they’re anxiety riddled for her. And now that her bestie has given her the “Snag Fifty Shags” challenge, it looks like she’s gonna need to step outside her comfort zone even more than anticipated. Time to move awkward Tessa over, here comes....awkward Tessa. 

Gray is one of the six Thorne Brothers. Well, one of the five that’s actually  working together. He’s currently suffering from the man flu (not THAT flu) and made a bet with his brothers to remain celibate, hoping to cure said man flu. But the bet becomes hard to keep when he can’t stop thinking about his quirky client. He shouldn’t BE thinking about his client. Sigh, screw the bet...

The relationship between Gray and Tessa is honestly the cutest ever! I literally laughed out loud a few times and held back tears a few more. Each recovering from a deep loss, it takes being with each other to overcome the past, choosing happiness. Tessa is NOT a damsel, but one of the strongest characters I’ve read in a while. Gray is flawed just like the rest of the Thorne Brothers, but it’s the deep rooted love that pulled my strings. 

And that’s Epilogue!!!!!! I. Can’t. Wait. ❤️
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Book 3 in The Thorne Brothers Series and this is Grayson Thorne’s story , this may be a series but I do believe each book can be read as a stand-alone as each book is about a different brother. I loved the first two Thorne brothers but Grayson really stole a piece of my heart he is the one I wanted to know about and I wasn’t disappointed because Lee Kilraine gave me everything I wanted and more.
Tessa is recovering from a terrible car accident which left her with some brain trauma but that was three years ago and she is determined to get her life back on track so she and her best friend Laura dress up for the Halloween bash happening at the local bar Big Eddie’s and this is where she comes across the king of one night stands Gray Thorne.......
Gray Thorne gets sent a drink with a little blue pill in from a woman at the bar and he mistakenly thinks it was Tessa who sent it over , when he confronts her about it the attraction is instant and the chemistry sizzling but is this sweet woman capable of dealing with the man who knows his way around a woman’s body better than most......
This book is a slow burn with some perfect banter as Gray and Tessa get to know each other and I loved getting to know the real man as he becomes smitten by the sweet loveable Tessa, he loves her through the bad days as she struggles to recover from the effects the car accident left her with. Two people so opposite, Gray is anything but boyfriend material when we first meet him and Tessa will only settle for a relationship so what or who will give in this beautifully written love story I guess you will need to read the book to find that out. Looking forward to more from The Thorne Brothers and Lee Kilraine.
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When Gray Thorne mistakes Tessa for the woman who ordered him a drink laced with a certain blue pill, she's a bit mortified, but also really amazed by her reaction to the hot Thorne brother. The brother they call Fifty Shades of Gray because of his uh, prowess. When she, her friend, and her grandma, Gigi, cook up a plan to get Gray to notice Tessa, will it net her the result she wants? Or will both hers and Gray's insecurities and demons get in the way of what could be something beautiful between them?

I wanted to like Give a Little as much as I liked Give and Take. Unfortunately, I just couldn't bring myself to embrace it the way I did Give and Take. Why? Several reasons, the main being neither Tessa nor Gray were that interesting and their connection was pretty weak. I didn't believe Gray even liked Tessa, for one, nor could I understand why he would have liked her in the beginning. Her attempts at getting his attention were laughable at best, and pitiful at worst. Her "inner voice" was annoying and obnoxious, thank God it wasn't really used that much. So when the two of them finally acted on the attraction they supposedly felt, I was let down a lot. They connected for a brief time, then they didn't see each other for weeks. The pace was really dragging at this point and I was highly tempted to DNF. I'm ultimately glad I didn't, though, because finally, by the end, I could see a glimmer of light in this otherwise fairly boring story. Once Tessa opened up about her accident, and Gray opened up about his childhood, I could finally see the worthiness of their characters. But before that I was bored with them, with their story. So the first 3/4 I'd definitely give a 2 star at the most. But the last quarter was really good and the pace picked up quite a bit, so I'd 4 star it. So I picked the rating in between these two. 3 stars is fair for a mostly boring story that redeemed itself at the end. I know this author can write a good story, though, and I liked the other brothers, so am looking forward to the next installment of this series.
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Contessa Imogene Madigan was Tessa to her friends and family. Tessa was driving Gray Thorne crazy but it wasn’t her goal . It was either a temporary side effect or her plan had failed spectacularly. Her plan- a few years ago Tessa was given the opportunity to rethink her life. Tessa decided to stop settling for what felt safe. Tessa decided she needed to take a few risks and live life to the fullest. Six weeks ago fate stepped in. On Halloween Tessa was a cat and she stood in a bar named Big Eddie’s waiting for her best friend Laura. Halloween was a tradition that started for them when they won first prize for their costumes in fourth grade. There was nos topping them. They rocked best friends costumes for seventeen years. There had been a three year hiatus . but his year they were back. Tessa a cat and Laura a mouse. Lack of imagination in the costumes had been Tessa’s fault as she had waited to that morning to decide they needed to do this. Tessa was happy to be where she was after the three years  she’d just made it through. Than a sister cat came up to her at the bar and got the bartender’s attention to give her order and let Big eddie know tessa wanted to order too. Two years ago tessa decided women should go after what they wanted. Even if it wasn’t in her comfort zone. Than the other cat pointed out the Thorne Brothers- Beckett, Ash, Wyatt, Eli, and Gray - to Tessa. She then told tessa she had her sights on Gray. Gray was like something you seen in a magazine or on the big screen. then  the woman took a little blue pill- Viagra- and put it in a beer and sent to Gray by Big Eddie. Than Tessa got a text from Laura saying she was there and got a table for them. Tessa went to pay for the drinks when a hand lightly on her waist, onto her belly pulling her up against a wall of muscle. When she looked into the mirror it was gray. The shock that went right through Tessa’s body could only be what it felt like to remap a person’s DNA. Than Gray said he appreciated the drink but the little blue pill she added was unnecessary and uncool.  Than Tessa said she wasn’t his cat. Than Tessa turned and Gray said he was sorry the other cat had an easy four inches on her. Than he told Tessa he was sorry he bothered her and went back to his brothers. There was something about Gray that drew Tessa in. Than tessa made her way to Laura and told her the blue pill story and Laura said it was too bad Gray was the way he was. While Tessa was out of circulation Gray became king of the one night stands. He was upfront about his commitment issues according to rumor. Tessa’s inner voice had said something to her as far as gray was concerned.But her brain had been through a lot the last three years. Tessa didn’t always trust it especially after her brain had convinced her she was in love with her ex-Paul- and that had been a mistake . He had broke up with her when she needed him most. Tessa said as far as progress went she had come a long way. Also she was ready to start her home renovation and Laura mentioned the Thorne brothers. Their company Six brothers Construction were some of the best when it came to remodels. Paul was at the bar and came up to Tessa and Laura. Laura told Paul he couldn’t join them as it was girls night out. Than Laura said Paul wanted tessa back and she didn’t want to see tessa sucked back in and hurt again. The brothers did volunteer work with some kids in the foster system. They knew how kids from abusive situations craved normal. Gray wa shead of design and Project Manager but was helping out Beck and covering his sales appointments. Tessa wanted to make a serious go at her new venture -Bow wow meow , tessa’s mobile Pet treats. She needs to at the very least gut and remodel her kitchen so her appointment with the Thorne brothers was about to happen. She thought she was meeting with beck but it turned out to be Gray. 
I absolutely adored this book- another new favorite. If ryder gets a book I sincerely hope I get to read it. I advise you to read this series in order for a smoother read plus it is worth reading them all. I loved the plot and pace and read this in one setting. I didn’t want to put the book down. I loved Gray and tessa together and how they interacted. I loved how strong both tessa and gray were. I loved how loyal and much Gray loved his brothers. I loved how tessa’s family stood by her and laura when Paul didn’t. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.
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I am soooo loving this series and this is an amazing addition.  The Thorne brothers have been through hard times but they've come through them strong and bonded together with one major exception and an unexpected new addition to the family.  Grayson Thorne is a player and has the reputation to match.  There's always that one woman who can tame a man like Grayson and Tessa Madigan may just be the one to do it.  She's willing to give it all she's got!

Great writing, great characters, and a fun story.  Don't miss it.  I definitely recommend.
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I want to be Tessa!

Tessa (Contessa) Madigan is trying to put her life back together after a catastrophic car accident by expanding her comfort zone at Halloween by talking to Grayson Thorne. She is attracted to Grayson (Gray) Thorne but his reputation is more of a one night stand kind of guy. Tessa needs to face her fears and move forward with her life and one of the goals is having the house she bought from her grandmother remodeled so she can start a company selling treats for pets. Gray Thorne’s company finally got the contract for the house after fixing up her van but it took a long time for Tessa to open up to Gray about her fears.

Tessa is a much, more stronger person than I could be after all that happened to her but her moving forward and opening up to Grey is very eye opening. Give a Little is the third book in the Thorne Brothers series and definitely stands alone.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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"So, a toast, to friendship and shenanigans."

To brotherhood, people that don't give up on you, furry comfort, secret-agent Grandma Gigi, and Operation Snag Fifty Shades! My first Lee Kilraine story. I was not disappointed! The title truly fit Tessa and Gray's journey. 
And there is a lot packed in that journey!

The author's style is easy to follow, yet intriguing enough to want to enjoy every chapter as she slowly reveals the MCs backstories. Tessa's inner pain, while I knew it right off, was still full of feelz and misty eyes once Gray discovered her true burden. 

I had not read books one (Beck's) or two (Wyatt's) in the series and had no probs understanding the dynamics of Clan Thorne. Book two appears to run concurrently with book three's timeframe. So I'm all about reading that backlist!

*ARC received through NetGally for an honest review...which was no problem at all ;)*

Other interesting facto? The author fit in, not once but twice, my fav descriptor: rat b*stard LOL So in fact she had me at "rat b*stard!
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So the first page of this story grabbed my attention. Tessa is funny... and a bit crazy (in a good way). 
We first meet her in a bar waiting on her friend to show up. The lady next to her sends a drink with a Viagra in it to Gray and this is how they meet. He mistakenly thinks she sends him the drink even though he saw the other cat. What cat, you ask? Guess you need to read this one to see what I am talking about. 
(Where was I...oh, yes....) lust at first sight for Tessa - her internal voice even speaks to her. Gray felt something, but he believes he is broken inside and has the man flu. 
A few weeks later, while interviewing construction companies for her van and home remodel, guess who we see again? Yep, Gray! 

The timeline of this books coincides a bit with the previous book, but not enough to make you think you are reading the same story all over again. I hate when that happens. I do like getting other points of views at important parts. (I can hardly wait to see/read more Hope!)

I loved the ending! So happy with how it turned out. 

I highly recommend this one!
This is book 3 in the series. It CAN be read on its own, but then you will miss out on meeting two of the Thorne brothers in depth.
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4.5 stars

I keep thinking I have found my favorite Thorne brother, and then Lee Kilraine releases the next book in the series. I adored Wyatt and Rhia, but Gray and Tessa broke my heart and put it back together again. 

The difficult childhood Gray and his brothers had is well known, especially if you read the first two books, but there is way more going on than the playboy reputation he has around town. Tessa's strength and persevere were so admirable and she was perfect for Gray.

I already cannot wait for the next book in the series!
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This was a fantastic read the characters were interesting with good chemistry, definitely be checking out the others I have missed.
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Spectacular read 

I don't know where to start in describing the wonderful Give a Little, Lee Kilraine's 3rd book in the Thorne Brothers series.
Tessa and Gray have some amazing instant chemistry at their unique first meet. The book unfolded artfully with so much heart and soul. I want to be careful not to drop any spoilers as I want every reader to experience the beauty and heart of this story for themselves.  I will say that Tessa is a remarkable woman and Gray and his brothers you'd want in your life.  I've loved the arc of the story that's run through the first 3 books and can hardly wait to revisit with all the secondary characters in the future books in this series.
I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
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Amazing heartbreaking story! I really love reading this unique love story between  Gray and Tessa. This is the first book that I read about Thorne brothers and if the others are good as this one then I will definitely seek more from this author. I liked that story has a fun side, serious side, hot melting side, and heartbreaking side all wrapped in a beautiful story. Both Tess and Gray are really likable interesting and well developed. I really liked that Grayson although denying his feelings had done so much small but important things for Tess. I enjoyed reading it and I hope the next story will be great as this one. Recommended.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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4 star review of Give A Little (The Thorne Brothers #3) by Lee Kilraine
Lee Kilraine is a new author to me. This is the third book in the series and is Grayson Thorne and Tessa Madigan’s story. Although a stand alone I do feel that you might benefit from reading the other books in the series prior to Give A Little.
Gray has no time for romance, preferring not to get involved with the women he sleeps with, that is until he meets Tessa.  Tessa has heard all about Gray and yet there is something about him that really draws her to him and she is determined to win him over even though she is aware of his non commitment rule. 
Tessa has been through a lot over the past few years and now she is going to live life to the fullest and not take it for granted. I really loved how strong, and determined Tessa was, sure she appeared a tad quirky at times but I admire her courage and fight. 
 Tessa’s vulnerability got to me as she fought to have a “normal” life. I think that Gray was the right man to love and support her however it certainly was a rocky road for these two.
I loved the relationship that Gray had with his family; it was heart warming and obvious that they are extremely close.
This was a sweetly written book with a touch of heat every now and again. I am intrigued enough that when time permits I will look at the other books in The Thorne Brothers series,
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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Give a Little is the third book in the Brothers Thorne series.  I loved it! It was such a sweet fun read, though there were times where I teared up a couple of times.  Tessa has been recuperating the last three years (physically and mentally) from a horrible car crash that had terrible consequences.  Consequences that Tessa is trying to overcome.  I admired this about her. After all she went through she never gave up. She is now looking to renovate her home, starting with her kitchen.  She has decided to start selling pet treats.  She hires Gray Thorne and his brothers to do the work.  Gray's first encounters with Tessa were entertaining.  He was so frustrated with her actions.  I liked that the relationship progressed slowly.  It took a while for Gray to like Tessa.  In Tessa's case she had been attracted to him since the beginning.  
They both had baggage that was getting in the way of their happiness, but in the end love made them overcome their fears.  The secondary characters were all very likable and therefore I am interested in reading more about this family of six brothers.  Sully, Tessa's dog, was so cute!  
I'll continue with the series.  I want to see all the brothers get their HEA.
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Great book,great chemistry between main characters .I love connection between Thorne brothers . Thank you publisher for this opportunity .
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Loved it!

What I liked:
The writing style 
The characters 
Dual POVs 
Part of a series: The Thorne Brothers

I'm ready for Ryker's story.
I look forward to reading the other books in this series.
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