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Parenting with Heart

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Excellent parenting book! This book is about being a real, authentic parent to our kids, showing our kids that we aren’t perfect and that we don’t expect our kids to be so either. This is a book that pushes the message that us parents flawed human beings and that is OK. The book encourages us parents to work on ourselves. If we aren’t working on ourselves and looking to improve who we are as a person (including working out any unfinished business), then we are not going to be able to raise our kids to be who God wants them to be. Parents are encouraged to take off their masks in order to allow our kids to take off their masks so they can be their real, honest selves. I liked how honest the authors were on some of their own parenting struggles. They were not preachy or judgmental to parents because they’ve been there!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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I'm always on the lookout for parenting books that inspire and guide me to be my best. To really engage me though, the book must acknowledge the challenges of parenting, and offer grace and understanding rather than judgment and perfection. This book met those expectations. Parenting with Heart encouraged me to strive for ‘good enough’ rather than unattainable perfection, and reminded me that I don't need to have all the answers. 

The book is written by professionals in the field and whilst at times it read like a text book, the authors made attempts to relate to the reader with examples from their own parenting. Rather than a list of do's and don'ts, the authors highlight that there is no perfect parenting model. They advocate for a long term view of parenting, and encourage the reader to accept that imperfection, pain and failure is inevitable. The authors invite the reader to address past hurts and heart issues in order to move forward to be their most authentic self and an engaged parent. Practical advice is given to put theory into action, and questions are provided for reflection at the conclusion of each chapter. Parenting with Heart is a practical tool and well worth the read.
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