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The Everlasting Rose (The Belles series, Book 2)

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This sequel picks up right where we left off at the end of The Belles, but it's easy to step back into the world of Orleans even if it's been awhile since you read the first book. Camille is fighting for her life (and that of her sisters), and she is intent on removing Sophia from power in order to secure safety for the Belles and their supporters. Although Sophia isn't as prevalent in this story as she was in the first, the horrors have not ceased: Belles are being enslaved, their supporters are being tortured, people are punished for not obeying beauty standards, and we can't tell whether rumors that Princess Charlotte has died are true. The stakes are high yet again, and Clayton doesn't pull her punches when it comes to addressing the way that unattainable beauty standards, xenophobia and manipulators in positions of power can spell disaster.
I rushed through the book so I could speak with Dhonielle Clayton at the NTTBF about it, but I think the pacing (and my excitement about an addition to the series) would have made it a quick read regardless. Beyond-the-moon happy that she confirmed that a third book will be coming to this series!

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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. This is the sequel to The Belles. Camille is still trying to restore the beauty of society in Orleans. The description in this book was masterfully done and it makes going alone on the journey so much easier. They are still on the run from Princess Sophia. Camille has her guard and sister with her. I enjoyed reading this was fun and entertaining.
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I loved the first book so much, but this one was a disappointment.  

The writing was beautiful but too flowery. I felt that the MC was all over the place emotionally, a departure from the first book.  The romance was not believable.  At all.  The book dragged, and the ending felt anticlimactic, like the author sped through the ending without really planning it out.  I’m sorry I read this, I would’ve preferred to just have read book one.
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I had high hopes because the first book set up such a cool world with so much intrigue! I wanted more of that, but instead I got a lot of repetition of the world building we already had in order to cram in as much plot as possible. It felt like this book was going to be two books but then her publisher took book 3 away or something. The pacing was just too rushed. Too many big things happening back to back took away a lot of the impact.

The end was also just really abrupt because of this pacing issue. Technically all the plot points were good and made sense but it was just too rushed so finishing the book felt like something to do rather than a journey.
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This book was... not good. The language was beautiful and flowery and lovely. However, the first one could have been a standalone. This felt so different pacing wise compared to the first one and was almost boring at times. The charm of the first book was the plot and the themes and this just fell flat to me. I’m really disappointed and will not be continuing. The ending of this one is a neat package and should be left as a duology.
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There were a lot of good things to be said for the first book in Clayton’s series. So when this sequel came out I was incredibly glad to get an ARC of it.

The Everlasting Rose did not start off with a hook like the first book did, the plot was slow and sadly it never picked up. Camille and her friends are just waiting around and I couldn’t tell when something was actually going to happen.

On top of it I found the main character incredibly annoying. Everything that I liked about her from the first book was gone. She’s repetitive and I couldn’t believe her when she said anything about wanting to kill her enemy.

I had high hopes for this book and they were all let down. I ended up quitting the book because I was so bored. I don’t think I’ll be continuing the series either. In the end I gave this book 1 star.
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All in all this wasn’t one of my favorite stories, but this was a satisfying conclusion to the duet. Clayton weaves together a tale of the horrors befallen Orleans by the evil Queen to be Sophia and how she plans to manipulate and torture the Belles to make their society even more dependent on beauty. While the overall message is good (and the covers are gorgeous) the world building and execution fell short for me. I didn’t feel much for the characters and I felt some of the concepts difficult to conceptualize.
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Thank you to the publisher and the author for the release of this review copy in exchange for an honest review. 

If you are not aware, this is book 2 in the Belles series. Belles was released I believe in 2018. It was talked about all over the booktube community. I was a little late to the game but I finally got on board. I will have to say this book did not disappoint. 

The world building was fantastic. I think this book came out strong. It is hard to for a sequel to be as strong as the first book but this one did not fail me. I don't want to go into great depth about this book because I don't want to spoil for those that have not read book one but the author did a great job with the character building and flushing them out. It was a very easy story to follow and I highly recommend this series.
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A wonderful conclusion to the Belle's. I'm not sure if the story is ended or not, but it felt like it could be done and I was pleased with the ending. Everything wrapped up nicely and it was great to see things unfold. This story was just as unique as the first one and the world was a delightful one to read. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley for providing a copy of the book.
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I am glad I read this to close out the duology, but it was not as fun and twisty as the first one.  The ending was predictable, but also satisfying.  I still love the commentary on beauty and class and society and all the things we do wrong here in the real world--Clayton is brilliant.  But, the plot dragged and somehow didn't feel as fresh as the first.  I will recommend the duology as a whole.
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Great continuation of the first book.   I am so glad I got the first book in a book box as I don't think this is a series I would have picked up on my own but I ended up loving it.
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As you might recall, I requested an eARC of the first book, The Belles, when it came out last year and I really enjoyed it. I was very excited when I got approved to read an ARC of the second book and I'm glad I enjoyed it. 


 The covers of this series are just gorgeous and I love how they have Camille on the cover who is a woman of color! I also love how it shows the element of beauty on the cover which is a huge part of this series. 


We got to see a lot more of Orleans (the world in The Belles series) in this book which I really enjoyed. In the first book, it set up the fictional world of Orleans where a small number of girls "aka Belles" are able to create beautiful/ugly looks according to the desire of the paying customer. In Orleans, everyone is born grey and color can only be given to them by the Belles. The Belles also are forbidden to associate with men beyond a professional capacity and they can't engage in consensual relationships. The world is a blend of 18th century France with futuristic like tech. I liked learning more about different places and how people who are not the Belles live their lives in Orleans. 

Then there are the characters.


 Camellia is our main character who was working at the palace in order to compete to become the favorite that will serve the Queen of Orleans, however everything goes terribly wrong. I love Camellia as a main character as she's passionate as well as determined. She's knows what she wants and what she needs to do and isn't afraid to make it happen. She also is very ambitious and headstrong but I really liked both of those characteristics about her. I also like how she makes her decisions based on her feelings which sometimes might seem like a flaw but I think that really makes her special. 


 Edel is Camellia's sister and I really liked how much more we learned about her in this book. She had many similarities and differences to Camellia. For instance, she was very sweet and kind though she didn't want to take as many risks as Camellia, however she was still a very strong female character. I liked learning more about her powers as a Belle and how much she supported her sister. 


 We explored Camellia's relationship with her sisters a lot more in this book and I really enjoyed that aspect because while we got some of that in the first book, we didn't get to see them outside of their Belle roles. Edel and Camellia are very sweet siblings and have a sweet sister relationship. (I don't want to say too much as I really don't want to spoil things that happen in the second book.) 


 The Everlasting Rose is the sequel to The Belles, which I reviewed previously and really enjoyed! The plot was a little slower in this book especially at the beginning as it took awhile for things to happen which made it a little slower to read and get into as well. We got introduced to more characters and things in this book such as the Iron Ladies who were so interesting. They are rebellion leaders who are against Belle culture and they help Camellia on her journey to get rid of Sophia.  I also liked how we got to learn about Belle lore (which was super dark) through the eyes of other Belles and people who aren't part of the Belles. Overall, I liked the plot even though sometimes it lagged. 


 The romance was one of the things that I was a little iffy about. I think it was a little fast but not quite insta love which was good. I preferred the romance in the first book. I did, however, like how the romance still took a backseat to the plot and the world which was nice as it allowed me to enjoy the book without feeling like the romance was filling up the whole thing. 


 Dhonielle Clayton's writing is so beautiful and immersive and really helps me feel as if I'm actually in the book and experiencing everything with the characters. The descriptions are also very in depth and lyrical and I love how she is able to differentiate between the good and beauty with the darker undertones. 


 I think The Everlasting Rose was a good sequel as even though it was slow going, it picked up pace later and really immersed me back in the world. I liked learning a lot more about Orleans and Belle culture throughout the book. I really recommend this series!
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A good second book in the series. The characters stay consistent and also show very good development between the two books. There is also a good deal of conflict in this book and it is well written.
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I love her writing and how she can make a world so different and so full of unexpected things. I love a story full of magic and womans fighting for their rights.
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-3.7 Stars
The Everlasting Rose is the sequel to The Bells. This series is very character driven and I enjoyed see them grow and change in the second book. We follow Camille, Edel her sister, and Remy who are all in hiding and on the run of while trying to find princess Charlotte; that's the main plot without giving anything away. 

Even though in book one the main theme was about beauty, I felt that book two was more about family and relationships with a little bit of beauty. I liked that this book had many different scenes/background changes (Seeing as they were on the run, they had to move from place to place, quickly.) 

This book was much shorter than the first book. The ending felt like it started in the middle of this book, but not in a bad, slow way. 

I can't really say much, seeing as this is a sequel, but it was a fun read, with some twists I didn't see coming. But my favorite part of this book was the writing style. Dhonielle Clayton writing style is great, I enjoy it. 

This story blooms into a story about sisters, a dash of romance wrapped up in a revolution! 

I was given an ARC of this book, however, these are my honest thoughts.
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This was even better than the first book! The stakes were higher, and the writing was still just as gorgeous yet toned down to better get the point across. I literally could rant about the writing forever because it is BEAUTIFUL. 

Camelia and Rèmy are SO CUTE I COULD RANT FOREVER. I felt like both of their character arcs were done incredibly well, and had development galore. Every choice naturally had consequences and the characters learned from their mistakes. The world was explored so much more, and we got to see cultures within cultures which I absolutely loved! This novel felt edged in darkness as opposed to the first, which was rather sugary-sweet most of the time. I don't want to get into much more, simply because spoilers, but I'D HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Thank you to the publishers for providing me with an honest review in exchange for an honest review!
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Rating: 3.75 stars

The Everlasting Rose just about picks up from where the Belles left off. Camille and Edel and the guard Remy are on the run as Sophia is hunting them down. 

Sophia has started making baby bell we and trying to get them re ash for beauty work and sell them off. Her new law is to be beautiful but not more beautiful than herself. Camille and Edel have to find Princess Charlotte in order to stop Sophia from becoming crowned. Camille finds friends but learns some valuable lessons on trust. 

I really enjoyed this story. However I did find myself having a hard time reading this book. I did listen to the audio book and I believe the voice kind of made it hard to get through. The story is still really good. I look forward to book 3 maybe?
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This Book was just as amazing as the first one. I can't wait till I can pick it up in audio as I did with the first one. I will forever buy Dhonielle books
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I wasn't sure what to expect, but I enjoyed reading this. An interesting story with fun characters. Well written.
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This book is the sequel to The Belles. While it can be read as a stand alone, valuable background information will be gained by reading The Belles first.  

Camille Beauregard is on the run from the evil Princess Sophia with her guard Remy and her sister Edel. Together they attempt to escape the guards, find the missing Princess Charlotte, and overthrow Sophia before she becomes the Queen. They enlist the help of the Iron Ladies, ladies who believe beauty treatments aren't necessary. Princess Sophia is truly evil and will stop at nothing to gain whatever she desires, no matter how many people she has to harm or kill. Can Camille and her sisters stop Sophia before it's too late?

I found this book to be extremely predictable.  However, that being said, the author did an amazing job creating imaginative descriptions and detailed characters.
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