Putting Down Roots in Kinsey Falls

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Another fun quick story of the happenings in the shopping mall turned retail center, community center, senior and YP housing. My biggest struggle was the shift in main characters between this book and the first one in the series. I am guessing there won't be a central character, but instead these will be vignettes featuring different people who live and work in the Kinsey Falls center. I do really enjoy the interaction between the seniors and the YP (young professionals) and often thought that this re-use of all those now vacant sprawling malls would be ideal! If you have an afternoon to follow the antics of some active seniors and the 20-somethings they seem to be able to keep up with, this is the quick escape for you!
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I love these books, it’s a feel good, fun, sweet series. This time around the seniors suspect one of the young professionals at the community living center is up to no good. When they start snooping they discover that she’s actually there looking for her birth parents and desperately seeking a family. Surprisingly they find out she might have a close connection to one of the seniors so they take a dna test. I’ve really enjoyed both of the books in this series and found myself reading as fast as I could to find out the dna results and was holding my breath when she received the information. The scene with Joanne and the dad that raised her was heartbreaking but very true to life and Gayle wrote about it so well. I can’t wait for the next one in the series because I’ve enjoyed so much getting to know this little community in the books and look forward to more.
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The second book in Gayle Leeson’s Kinsey Falls series follows new resident Joanne Faraday. Greta and the Silver Sleuths are suspicious of Joanne because she likes to keep secret what she’s doing in the business centre. While Joanne did come to Kinsey Falls in search of a secret, she is not seeking this information out of malicious intent to any of the citizens.

I quite enjoyed this instalment of this charming series. I can’t exactly pinpoint what changed for me between book one and book two but I know I preferred Roots to Hightail It. And Hightail It is not a bad book or an unenjoyable read at all, but in this one, I found the characters more endearing and more relatable and Greta specifically I grew to like as a character and as a person very much. If the author ever writes more books in this series, I know I will eagerly look forward to reading them.
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This is a charming novella and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with eccentric characters. It is a feel-good read with a bit of mystery and romance. Look forward to a follow-up series.
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Putting Down  Roots in Kinsey Falls by Gayle Leeson is another lovely read about residents of seniors and YP community.

Well known and much liked characters greet readers with new adventures of Greta, Millie and other golden oldies and their much younger friends.
This time mystery is unraveling as someone is looking for parents, Greta is being matchmaker again and so much more is going on in this charming mixture of cozy read and romance.

If you want to read about love, good and caring people, real life situations, lots of laughs with the little mystery throw in this is the perfect choice.
No foul language, no x rated scenes this charming and sweet book with a feel good vibe is a right choice for both young readers and older ones as well.
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Joanne Farraday's adoptive parents were older when they decided to grow their family. Now her mother is gone and her father has descended into Alzheimer's. She knows that her birth mother is also dead so Joanne goes to her mother's home town to see if she might have any other living family. But she's setting off alarm bells. The reading group, the Silver Sleuths, have decided that, with all the questions she's asking, she must be up to no good. 
This was a surprisingly short story (around 100 pages) and that made it harder for the characters to really develop but there was a nice story arc and some set ups for further books in the series.

Three stars
This book came out September 25
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