Animal Circus

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Very good book. Loved the characters and world building! There were a few moments where I found the story to be moving a long a little slow, but they definitely didn't last very long. Definitely a to-buy!
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I had no idea what to expect from this book. It was well-written and very sad. The story of circus animal life is told from the petting zoo animals' perspective, and it's depressing. Not enough food, daily physical abuse, and animals being left for dead. Even so, a couple of pigs and a rooster retain a small hope of escape.

Very short and quite upsetting. The ending is a shocker.
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This short story is told from the perspective of the circus animals and the farm animals in the petting zoo.  I did not know what this book was about and chose it based on the cover.  It was actually quite depressing how the animals were treated and I grew up on a farm with cattle.  They were not given enough food or medicine when it was needed.  The story is actually well written and the animals are lovable. This short story did not give me any respect for the circus and I did not want another example of how awful people can be to animals.  This book is truly sad for people that love animals.  The end was a surprise (no spoilers).

Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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A quick and compelling read with a focused eye on the casual cruelty of humankind.   For such a short read it's emotive and does well to build tension.
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Animal Circus 
By Michael Batchelor 
Amazon Short/ NetGalley

What happens when Walt and Bonnie the pigs and Nathaniel the rooster, residing in the petting zoo of 'Doe's Circus, The Great Australian Animal Circus' tire of seeing the abuse of the Main Act animals by the ringmasters and trainers? Become worn out by their own abuses and begin to fear the loathsome kids, and resent their role as loveable fun animals in a petting zoo? They dream of escape.
This is more than a story of the abuses of the circus. Its a story of the circus through the minds and feelings of the animals and is told with much love and insightfulness.
This short story makes the point that cruelty and suffering are not just human emotions. The perceivement of power usually ends with the privileged abusing their power, and viewing everything as a personal possession more than a feeling being.
Riveting, compelling, I totally enjoyed this and the ending was a surprise.
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