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This book focuses on John McCain's service in Congress. While it doesn't reveal anything significant that has not already been reported, it nevertheless is an interesting read, especially the parts on McCain's interaction with Trump. A quick read.
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An American Hero, an Icon, a man well respected on both sides of the aisle that is the John McCain we've all come to know and love.
Marc Shapiro shows a man willing to go against popular opinion to do what is right for his country not his vain self.
What separates him from others is not only his accomplishments and service but his service to all of us for speaking out, for never quitting, for going against the grain when it wasn't easy.
I married a malignant narcissist and I know the challenges faced with having to simply process it all and try to reason with one. So for him in his latter years to even attempt such a feat is a remarkable achievement.
It's exhausting mentally and physically yet he didn't care as he was tough and it showed in his militaristic style without a quick need to recede when he lost.
However, love him or hate him he was a man who got things done.
One thing that may surprise you is how quickly he made friends especially with Kerry over a friendly chit chat that began from boredom in discussing Vietnam.
Those special moments and more is in this book and it's quite an eye opener for those who didn't have the privilege to know John.
Thank you to Marc, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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John McCain was an American hero by any standards.  While he is so often portrayed as a “maverick”, this book shows that he carefully and thoughtfully took positions even if they were contrary to popular opinion.

Marc Shapiro writes smoothly and interestingly.  He shows how Senator McCain came home from being held captive at the Hanoi Hilton and began to rebuild his life.  His days were not easy and his decisions hard.  When he believed in something, he fought for it and never gave up.  Though pointily, the author points out that the senator’s opinion could be changed if factual reasons were put forth to do so.  

Senator McCain worked with and ticked off both sides of the aisle.  In true patriotic fashion, he always believed in doing what was best for this country and particularly the state of Arizona that elected him.  He butted heads and also worked with Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.  Even after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he got back to work doing was he was elected to do.

Senator McCain was the epitome of what all of us should try to be.  He had his faults just like everyone else, but he was a true hero during his entire life by acting honorably.  The one time he deceived the American people ate at him and he finally came clean because he couldn’t live with himself.

While I didn’t learn anything particularly new because I am an avid consumer of political information, this book will supplement and enhance the personification of John McCain in all of our minds.

I received an eBook ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.  This is no way affects my opinion or ratings.
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It's too bad that there are not more people in government like John McCain. Thoughtful, honorable, willing to admit that he's not perfect and makes mistakes. I may not agree with all of his opinions, but I appreciate his leadership. This is an easy read to introduce readers to an amazing man! RIP, Mr. McCain.
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This book provides a quick and easy to read story about John McCain. The author was able to portray the life of this great man highlighting the most important events. I enjoy this book and I wanted to know John more because of this.
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"He is not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." President Trump's view of Senator John McCain was as usual controversial and particularly insensitive as McCain as Donald had done all he could to avoid the army (using money and some dodgy foot spurs!) and came back to bite him when one of McCain's dying wishes was that the President not be present at his funeral.  As it was a huge American ceremonial event at which thousands queued to view his coffin and both Presidents Obama and Bush were invited it is safe to say McCain had the last laugh.
I'm not usually a fan of political books and was dubious to find the author had written about some minor celebrities and more recently JK Rowling.  However this is a great overview of the career of McCain even though he never contributed with his own words - no need really McCain had written many of his own books too.
"He always speaks his mind" a fellow Senator once said and the tag of 'maverick' often haunted McCain especially when he came up against the chance to progress his career in the Republican Party. But I liked him for making allies across political boundaries - even his Vietnamese jailer was upset at his death alongside Democrats such as Ted Kennedy (a longstanding friend who also tragically died of the same brain tumour disease).   Fighting to the end we will recall how 11 days after surgery McCain walked back into the Senate Chamber to vote against Republican (Trump's obsession) to destroy Obama's Healthcare Bill because he felt his own constituents would suffer and be pushed back into not being able to afford healthcare themselves.   
But I'm not so blinkered to see McCain's faults. Trying to be all things to all voters can get you into trouble and despite his ethical view that senators and congressmen shouldn't be in the pockets of those lobbying to finance their campaigns I was intrigued to read about when he fell foul of the very ideals he set up for others. After returning from Vietnam he discovered his wife had become disabled and before divorcing her was involved with a much younger new love Cindy and of course we cannot ignore his determined quest as the 'hawkish' influence after 9/11 to take on Iraq.
But overall he treated people well (including his ex wife) and many army veterans and more liberal voters who admired his stance against far right views amongst Republicans. I was intrigued about his support for The Indian Economic Development Act and the growth of casinos (he represented Arizona where many are based and also admitted to a love of gambling himself)
He was often ridiculed by members of his own party yet admired by opponents like John Kerry. Hardworking and influential on military and foreign affairs he rose through the ranks and of course was finally chosen as the Republican candidate for President. But he had two problems from the start - he chose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate and was standing against Barack Obama.
When he heard a Republican be offensive about Obama's heritage he slapped straight down saying he should be respected and they both spent much time after the  final election and Obama's win talking about major issues.
I found the whole book fascinating and there is an addition following McCain's recent death which again emphasises the respect with which he was still held by many.
I'm not sure I would have agreed with him politically but I think I may have liked John McCain
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Senator John McCain is someone who has fascinated America since the days he was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.  This biography covers those days, as well as his political career.  John. McCain saw himself as a patriot and civil servant- he was selfless, principled, and had integrity.  In these days of truth being not true, selfish politicians, and questionable ethics, Shapiro' paints a picture of McCain as the antithesis of these traits.  No wonder then that Trump and he were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this account of a true American
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John McCain: A View From The Hill 
By Marc Shapiro 
Riverdale Avenue Books 

Many think John McCain has a shoot-from-the-hip attitude. A Maverick who is chaotic and unpredictable. He flip flops on important issues, such as military operations in Somalia and Bosnia, Roe vs. Wade and immigration reform. He has butt heads on issues with Obama, Bush and Donald Trump, to name a few; only to suddenly change his own position on these issues. I do not agree with many of his views but i have to admire a politician who will admit to and agree that he has used poor judgement, he has let his  personal belief influence his decisions. It is what is most important to McCain, that he stand by his beliefs, and that he honors his country. One thing I really like that he has done is Straight Talk, forums he would hold in various cities where anyone with questions about him or his stance on political issues, could ask him.
This books explores mostly his political career with its many twists, flip flops. It sticks to the facts, and is a good portrait of his conservative Republican outlooks and his deep honor and love of this great country.
Thanks to #NetGalley and Marc Shapiro for sharing this e-book.
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