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4,5 stars

I love the “Aces Hockey” series. I’ve read some of the books and I’m eager to read all of the characters books!

Cam is known to sleep with a woman just once. When his friends bet him that he can’t be with the same woman for 2 months without falling in live, he’s eager to prove them wrong. What he didn’t see coming was Olivia! She’s trying to boost her nonprofit organization and Cam will be the best spokesman to help her do that.

Their every date ends badly. I laughed so hard with how unlucky they were each time. Their dates may be a disaster, but they get along so well, that feelings are developing. I was so frustrated with Cam’s stubbornness and unwillingness to open up to her.

I really liked this book and I’m so sad to see this series coming to an end. However, I’m looking forward to more sports romance books from the author!!
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Hockey star Cam Brickley can’t say no to a date.  When his teammates bet him that not only can’t he get a date with the gorgeous blonde across the bar that he certainly can’t date her for two months without falling in love with her, he accepts immediately because he knows there’s no way he can possibly lose.

When Cam Brickley throws some terrible one liners her way, heiress Olivia Lockwood is about to shoot him down.  But, maybe for once, someone isn’t trying to use her for her money or connections. And, just maybe, Olivia can use Cam’s fame to bring more attention to the children’s physical fitness charity she runs.  Plus, he’s funny and sexy as can be.

The more time they spend together, the more Cam and Olivia start really enjoying each other.  What happens, though when Cam and Olivia both realize they are playing the dating game with ulterior motives?  Will they give up the game and admit their feelings or will they both be left holding a losing hand?

Kelly Jamieson’s Game On was an amazing addition to her Aces Hockey series!  The dialogue was fun and flirty and just the right amount of pure naughty, and Cam is such the dirty talker.

Cam and Olivia were simply perfect together.  Their first few dates are hilariously terrible and awkward.  So terrible in fact, that you know something special is brewing since they still keep giving it another go despite their terrible odds.

Cam has never had a serious relationship, and it shows, as he is pretty terrible at it . . .but in the best of ways.  It really shows how he genuinely cares about Olivia, even if he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. Olivia has also had rotten dating luck which has left her with poor self esteem when it comes to the opposite sex.  Cam is simply amazing at building up her confidence and letting her finally be herself in a relationship.

There is plenty of angst as this is a relationship with an an end date . . .so when true feelings are revealed, it really is everything an left me with all the warm and fuzzies.  Game on was also a phenomenal ending to the Aces Hockey series. The end of the book gives each series character a moment to shine, which will leave readers feeling super happy and fulfilled.  5 stars!
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I'll admit it. The synopsis to this one was what really drew me in to this book from the start.

That whole How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days kinda plots that just screams some drama will eventually go down. I eat that stuff up.
And this book did not disappoint.

It was such a fun read. And I totally was shipping those two pretty soon on. I enjoyed the chemistry between them. And loved the sassyness and fun that insuned through the story.

Plus the characters were just a ton of fun and developed so well.
I didnt want to even put this one down so I could see what would happen. 

Totally a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 star read⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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This was okay for me. The writing flowed well for the most part, but I did skim a little bit. I haven't read any of the other stories in this series, and there were a lot of other people mentioned. It got a little overwhelming at times. Olivia and Cam had pretty good chemistry, and I liked them most of the time. Even though Olivia finds out about the bet pretty early on, I did get aggravated with the way she acted  with Cam's response to his friends about it. She had feelings, and was mad when Cam didn't admit he had them too (for the first time mind you) in front of everyone. The deal was supposed to be a fling. Cam eventually comes around. The ending was sweet, and I was happy to see these two get their HEA. I will be on the look out for other titles from this author. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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Another great entry in the Aces Hockey series!  Cam's a fun loving guy looking for a good time.  When he hits on Olivia, he has no idea what he's getting himself into.  They're both playing to win but it may not be the same game.  Olivia thought she only wanted to leverage Cam for help with her non-profit.  Somehow this pair who thought they were just having fun are finding themselves falling deeper and deeper together...

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The final Chicago Aces book. Nicely wraps up the story of all the players. Fun, light read. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I really loved Olivia and Cam’s story. I was instantly drawn to them and loved how their relationship was built on a foundation of them getting to know each other. I loved this book and I will definitely be downloading the rest of the series as well as checking out her other works.
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I have read every book in the Aces Series, and Kelly Jamieson has managed to finish the series strongly. I thought that Game On was a sexy quick read. There are engaging characters, and the dialogue is first rate.  I really appreciated the humor with which Ms. Jamieson infused the series.  Game On could stand alone, but references to prior books occur throughout the series, and I think you get a better experience if you read them all. 
I look forward to what world Ms. Jamieson sets her next series, I'll be there. 
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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Kelly Jamieson is one of my favorite authors and she definitely delivers with the final installment to the very captivating and entertaining Aces Hockey series. Seeing the team as a whole building together and meet their goals was a perfect ending.

Cam Brickley has been one of my favorite characters in the series! I've been looking forward to delve deeper into his personality and was rewarded. Cam grew throughout the series more then any of the others. It was great to watch Cam and Oliva grow together in their relationship. They each had their own struggles to overcome but it didn't keep it from being together.
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Cam and Olivia, what a pair! Steamy scenes, laughter and a bit of drama always makes for a good story.

This is my first book in the hockey series and first read by this author.

I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
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I loved this book. I loved their sense of humor and the characters in general. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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Cam and Olivia were a fantastic couple. I loved this book, and enjoy this series. Great writing. Humor, steamy love scenes and drama all combine to make a great read!!!
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I really ended up liking this book. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I didn’t like how they met. Both using and wanting something from the other. It just felt so dishonest and a bad way to start a relationship.
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Cam and Olivia are #goals. Kelly Jamieson gets better and better each time. Hockey + romance = fantastic read.
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Admission: I used to avoid hockey, really any sports themed romance.

Over the last year, I've been reading some really great ones. Mostly hockey. 🏒
This series is right near the top of my favorites list.

Talk about having a good "How did you meet" story. Personally, I would find it funny if someone told me this was how they got together.

A funny & beautiful way to end a series.
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Like with the other books within the Aces Hockey series, this one did not disappoint.  While this can be read as a standalone, having read all books in the series does help to provide the reader with background on secondary characters to help weave one greater story of the entire Aces community.  

Cam is fun loving and always looking to have a good time, and when he hits on Olivia she takes it as an opportunity to get what she wants.  Little do they know, that when they both play games, they both are playing, although slightly different games.  Olivia has a lot to prove, to her herself, her family and her non-profit.  Cam doesn't always take things seriously.  These differences is what makes this such a great book.  Reading as Olivia and Cam navigate their own separate parallel initiatives, really gives them a foundation that is entertaining to read.  As they both go out on dates, while each reaching their different dreams and goals, they learn to really rely on each other.  For a pair who really had no intention of falling in love or being together for the long term, they have a relationship with fun, laughter, misunderstandings, and of course heat.  

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Dear Ms. Jamieson:

This is the ninth book in the Aces Hockey series and the fourth that I’ve read. It starts with a premise that I don’t love. Cam Brickley sees Olivia Lockwood in a bar and ends up in a bet with his teammates: he’ll date her for two months and not fall in love. On the one hand, it’s not the worst “hero ends up pursuing heroine because of a bet” premise I’ve read. He’s just betting that he won’t fall in love, after all, not that he can get her into bed or something sleazy like that. But the fact is he has ulterior motives for dating Olivia, other than the fact that he likes her (and he does like her; there is an immediate and strong mutual attraction between them). It felt squicky to me.

Olivia has a bit of an ulterior motive herself, which I guess is supposed to balance things out, though her motive and approach are somewhat nobler than Cam’s. Olivia runs a charity dedicated to encouraging physical activity in children through running. When she realizes who Cam is, it occurs to her that he would be a great spokesperson for her charity, which has stagnated a bit. Their donations have dropped off and they recently lost out on a grant they’d applied for. Olivia really wants to make the charity successful – not only is it her passion project, but she has issues with her high-achieving family that make it important to her to be successful at something.

Olivia and Cam go on a date and are both struck with food poisoning. This sets up a mildly humorous bit where their first couple of dates are kind of disasters. After the food poisoning incident, on the next date a chair breaks under Cam at a restaurant, and then Olivia (who’s a bit of a klutz) spills a glass of water all over him. It was sort of cute (and unusual) to see two attractive, wealthy and successful people go through these mishaps.

Eventually, they get it right, and before you know it, they’re sleeping together. To Cam’s credit, he does try to tell Olivia about the bet before they first have sex, but she brushes him off. The bet storyline isn’t drawn out too long, though, which I had mixed feelings about. On the one hand, since it was distasteful to me, it was for the best that it wasn’t belabored. On the other hand, had it been, it might have provided a bit more dramatic tension and angst, both of which I felt the story lacked.

I really liked Olivia. I liked her insecurity, which felt very real and relatable. She’s beautiful and smart and likable, but she’s never felt good enough, and it’s affected her relationships (somewhat unrealistically, it appears all her previous beaus were only into her for her money or connections – her family owns a big conglomerate called Lockwood Industries). She’s a bit neurotic – for instance, she’s scared of dogs, even Cam’s dog Magnum, who is described as a golden lab mix. I realize I can’t relate to the fear of dogs, but the idea of someone being scared of a LABRADOR made me laugh.

Cam I liked less. He was okay, I guess. He was somewhat crude – on their first date he makes a joke about how he’d like Olivia’s hands on his balls. I guess I expect slightly more PG-13 behavior on a first date.  He jokes (?) that Magnum is named after the condom brand. I will cop to being a little prissy, so YMMV. To be fair, Olivia seems to find his crudity charming.

In general Cam just seemed very basic. He’s Canadian; he grew up with sisters. His family doesn’t have any stated dysfunction. He’s a very typical romance hero who “doesn’t date” but essentially has one-night stands or maybe goes out a few times with a woman (presumably just for sex).

I’ve gotten less and less patient with that type of hero over the years. I may never have been very fond of them in the first place, actually. I spent a lot of my early romance reading career reading historicals with “rake” heroes, and while they sometimes (often?) bugged me, at least it made sense that those men hadn’t had “relationships” in the contemporary sense. But the contemporary hero who gets to a certain age and has never had a relationship, and doesn’t have any trauma or a backstory to explain it annoys me. It either feels like a device to have a hero who doesn’t have any baggage, and/or it’s supposed to be romantic that a hero never knows what love is until he meets the heroine.

Very late in the book there is a mention of a high school girlfriend who took their breakup hard, and even later Cam’s father posits a reason for Cam’s unwillingness to do relationships. But still, in real life if I were a 30-year-old woman and met a guy of a similar age who’d never had a real adult relationship I’d think the guy was likely a stunted man-baby and I’d run in the other direction.

(Thank you for coming to my TED talk.)

Anyway, the story unfolds pretty predictably – the ulterior motives give way to feelings, but reasons (albeit, paper-thin ones) keep the two from thinking their relationship can be anything but short-term.

I do like that the author obviously has a real love for the city of Chicago and includes details about the city in the series. There were a couple of times in this book where some of the “facts about Chicago” felt a bit shoehorned in, but all in all, I appreciate an author creating a real sense of place.

Overall, though, Game On was pretty blah for me. Readable enough, as most competently written contemporaries are, but lacking in any real dramatic heft. The denouement felt like it was pretty much the same as in the three previous books I’ve read in the series (I’ll spoiler-tag it since it comes so late in the book but it won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read more than two romance novels):

Spoiler: Show

I’m giving Game On a B-. I’ll probably still read the next book in the series.



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This book was so hard to put down to get stuff done. I could have spent my day getting lost in Cam and Olivia’s story. I need to go back and read all the books in this series. I love a good sports romance.

Cam doesn’t take chances and doesn’t do commitment. He takes a bet his teammates throw at him. They don’t think he date one woman for two months without falling in love. After getting to know Olivia it was game over. 

Olivia is the daughter of a powerful family. She doesn’t trust easily. All the men from her past dated her for what she could do for them. She is not looking for a relationship but decides to go one some dates with Cam.

Game On was a fun fast pace read that I did not want to end. I will miss these characters.
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Kelly Jamieson's Aces Hockey Series is one of my favorite contemporary romantic series, so I was very happy to read Game On. I loved the main characters of Cam Brickley and Olivia Lockwood. The storyline about the two was a good one. It was great to see their developing relationship, but I kept waiting for the train wreck to happen once Olivia figured everything out. I thought that Jamieson handled everything well, and I ended up being charmed and delighted by this addition to the series.
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A great final installment to the series! Sexy, sweet, and hockey...what else could you ask for. I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future.
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