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Cam and Olivia. These two started out using each other for their own reasons, not anything nefarious mind you but using nontheless. What they found in the other was an understanding, a connection unlike any they'd ever experienced or hoped to find. There were awkward encounters, hello food poisoning, and sweet surprises via a tour of all things Chicago. All in all this was a sweet, sexy and fraught with laughter romance, with all the hockey goodness you expect thrown in too!
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My favorite of the series! There was just something about Cam and Olivia that really had me invested in their relationship right from the start. Each of them was a good person all in their own right, but had reasons for not trusting in forever. It was a joy to watch them overcome their doubts and go for it. Really enjoyed the Aces!

Chicago Aces hockey player Cam Brickley is always up for a challenge! When his teammates bet him he can't get the hot blonde standing over at the bar to go out with him, he's all in! When they bet him he can't date her for two months without falling in love, he says even better. Color him shocked when he actually enjoys her company and doesn't want the two months to be up.

Olivia Lockwood is used to men wanting her for who her family is, so when she meets Cam who obviously has money all on his own, it's almost like a breath of fresh air to spend time together. She's not in it for a relationship, but she could use a spokes-person for her non-profit! Both are looking for a win in their own way, but neither are expecting to stumble into their very own forever.
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I was happy to discover Kelly Jamieson has written an eighth book in the Aces Hockey series.  Since I love reading about hockey players, I have enjoyed reading all the books in this enchanting series. All the characters are interconnected, so it is always fun catching up with all the guys on the team and everyone from the past stories.  

GAME ON is touching, sweet and sexy. It is about Brick, a professional hockey player, falling in love before he realizes what is happening. Brick is a nice guy and I found it easy to like him. He loves woman and playing the field but he has never been interested in a long term commitment. When he meets Olivia, everything he has always believed comes into question. Brick and Olivia meet at a bar and they immediately hit it off and have a strong attraction. However, while they enjoy each other’s company, they each have ulterior motives.

Olivia is sweet, smart and honest and she runs a non profit in Chicago. Unfortunately, her family isn’t  impressed with her achievements and they have always made Olivia feel like she doesn’t measure up. Olivia hasn’t had a good track record with men and because she lacks confidence, she worries Brick will break her heart.  I enjoyed Brick and Olivia’s story and they had smoking chemistry.
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Something about a bet when it comes to romance that just spells bad news. But for once...this romance spells H-E-A. Cam, pro hockey player extraordinaire, is a sucker for any bet because he's confident he can win them all. When a night out with them team lands him a bet with one hot woman, he's not sure he can handle the stakes. Olivia is smart as a whip and funny as hell. The more dates he takes her on the less likely he thinks he can win the bet of not falling in love with her before their time is up. So what does out our brave and bold hockey player do? He tells the heroine about the bet!

Olivia is tired of mean only dating her to get in her fathers good graces; not to mention her families doubts about her charity work. Focused on finding happiness for herself, a night out with professional hockey play Cam could lead to some great opportunities: in her charity and her bed. Olivia is convinced she can keep their "dating" as a business contract, but she didn't plan on Cam being filled with charm and caring. Now she has to decide on fighting for her charity or protecting her heart. When she learns their dates have only been part of a bet, she decides to shield her heart and help him win against his friends; at the cost of her happy ever after.

I loved Cam and Olivia's relationship from the get go. These two had quips back and forth like they'd been friends for years. Not to mention Cam is such a swoony hero; he'll sweep any reader off their feet. Watching his realization of his feelings for Olivia was different from typical heroes of romance. He had a fear of failure but not quite a failure of love; just a fear of not being able to accomplish something so great. Olivia's tender heart and honesty help him figure that out along the way. Its a sweet feel good romance about trusting your own heart to find out what makes you happy!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Cam is a pro hockey player who loves to bet with his teammates. They bet on the dumbest things and what they win is also strange, but hey, they are having a good time and nobody is getting hurt. While Cam sees his buddies all finding their partners, he believes that he can’t fall in love. When his buddies bet him that Cam will fall in love, Cam’s easy demeanor and nonchalant manner of believing he'll win this bet is somewhat annoying to me. He's so sure... so cocky.

Olivia is a wonderful character. While she had some insecurities, I think that it just made her character more relatable. She was funny and smart but knew what she wanted and was willing to put herself out there. Despite knowing about Cam and his buddies, Olivia took the risk.

I loved how you were able to see the characters really develop. They went from being totally juvenile to somewhat grown to a true partner.

I'm sad to see this series end, but it was a great series with a lot of love.

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
Cam and Olivia's relationship starts off as a bet between Cam and his teammates. As Cam grows to like Olivia, he tells her the truth and then they decide to keep up the charade so that Cam can win the bet.

When the bet is won, both Cam and Olivia are miserable because the joke’s on them. They really do like each other and regret calling a halt to their relationship. After a miserable few days, Cam shows up to Olivia's apartment to beg for another chance. What he finds is Olivia also having a hard time with their breakup.

Together they are strong and that strength is exactly what Olivia needs to stand up to her family.

I'm sad that this is the last book the Aces Hockey series, but I can't wait to see what Ms. Jamieson has in store for us next.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆☆
This is the eighth and final book in the series – it has been excellent all the way through, but I may just have found this the most fun, as well as somehow a fitting end for the team as a whole.

Cam is all about fun and he has some good friends in the team. He has no intention of being in a serious relationship and is prepared to wager a year of cleaning his pals’ undies that he can date and yet avoid love. Of course, we know Jamieson will lead him to a place where he realises he is mistaken... and what a fun journey it is. I really think this has some of the funniest lines I have read in a long time. It is all lovely situational banter which just works perfectly.

Olivia, as we learn, may have had plenty of money growing up, but she was treated poorly by her family, always put down. She finds it difficult to believe that Cam is interested in her at all, so when he admits to the bet, she just knows that life is repeating itself again. Thankfully, both of them grow up, take back some control, and get the happily ever after that we all know they deserve.

I have this series on my reread list, as every book was good – but I am also excited to see what treats Jamieson has for us next.

Lee’Anne – ☆☆☆☆☆
This was a great read! Cam is a professional hockey player for a team that is infamous for bets between their players. Cam winds up taking a bet that he can’t date the same woman for two months and not fall in love – then they point out the specific woman, Olivia. Olivia comes from a wealthy family and has had terrible experiences with men in the past always being after her just for her money or to earn a leg up with her parents. When Cam approaches her, she's game for a night or two of fun but not looking for a relationship... she is, however, looking for someone famous to be the face of her charity company and Cam would be perfect. When the bet beans get spilled, Olivia rolls with the punches but knows she’s already in too deep.

I love that it's original in that the heroine doesn't have your typical response to the whole bet situation. She's actually really cool about it and that's a first for me in this type of storyline – I really appreciated that. I also love how the author meshes just the right amount of hockey, romance, and banter into this story to make it fast-paced and difficult to put down. Looking forward to more from this series!
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Kelly Jamieson is a great author and this is great read. I could not put this book down. Cam and Olivia are a great couple and they are great together. I love hockey reads and this one did not disappoint.  I highly recommend this read.
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Game On is a great ending to one of my favorite hockey romance series!!!

Cam and Olivia are great together! Both aren’t looking for relationships. Cam has always been busy with hockey, and he has no intention of giving up the single life, no matter how many of his friends have settled down. Olivia isn’t interested in a relationship because she has been burned too many times in the past with men using her for her family’s money and influence. One night in a bar is going to change everything they thought about love. 

Cam is sexy and really has a great sense of humor. He is one of the most charming characters I have come across. I couldn’t help but love him. He is so supportive of Olivia. She has issues because of his family, and Cam really helps her with those. 

Olivia appears to have a charmed life. She is smart, wealthy, and beautiful. She is also the perfect example that wealth doesn’t always bring you happiness. Her family is very critical of her and always has been. Because of that, she has insecurities that hold her back from living a full life. Thankfully, Cam helps her to believe in herself, and she really flourishes. Both she and Cam grow tremendously throughout the book. 

The chemistry between them is intense, even from the beginning. There are also some very sweet moments too. Their banter is flirty. I like the way that Jamieson developed their relationship. It was steamy, yet these two really liked each other and liked each other’s company. 

Jamieson definitely knows how to combine romance, spice, sweetness, and the game of hockey into a great little series. My only regret was that I had to tell some of my favorite characters good-bye. If you are a hockey romance fan, you can’t go wrong with this one!!!
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This book was pretty meh for me. 
I guess the biggest problem for me is that I found the entire premise of the book stupid.  (It's hard to come back from that.)  To me, the premise was on par with the crappiest 90's high school romcom I was ever forced to watch.  
I liked Cam and Oliva ok, but they felt very generic and cookie cutter.  Cam was a very stereotypical "f*ckboy" with a moderately painful past (because, they all have a painful past ladies, it's not their fault).  Oliva was ok.  I liked her fine.  I'm sure she'd be a great companion in a carpool.  
There was never really a point in the book that I felt Cam and Oliva were meant to be together forever, or that they really improved the other's life in any meaningful way.  I wish I would have felt that.
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I’ve been a fan on this series since the beginning and I’m sad to see it end. Every one of these books was a spot on in the sports department and every story was relatable.

What I loved most about Game On were Cam and Olivia! These two were FUN! Not only with their personalities but also with their chemistry! They both had history to move past to get to their HEA and it was poignant and heartwarming to read them go thru their journey. 

I cannot recommend enough, not only this series but this author as well. Altho this story could be read as a standalone, previous players/couples do play a part in the story so you might as well start from the beginning and ENJOY!
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Game On is a great read with fully relatable characters.  Cam and Olivia’s story just drew me in. It was a pleasure watching them overcome their insecurities to fully realize how they feel about each other, even if it took a bet to set it in motion. I love how all of the main characters from previous books are intrinsically part of the story. I have never been disappointed by any of the characters that Kelly Jameson has created and each book in the Aces Hockey series has been better than the last.  Once again my expectations were exceeded.  I can’t wait for the next series, I am officially hooked on anything written by Kelly Jamieson! #Game On
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So sad that this is the last book in this amazing series! But I know Kelly won't disappoint when she starts the next one!
Follow Cam Brickley, he and his friends bet on just about everything! When Cam spots the girl at the bar, he doesn't think about it, he knows he can score with her, but when his friends make it a bet, and when he actually meets her and gets to know her, can he not fall in love with her as per the bet with his friends?
Olivia comes from a well off family, and she's used to guys using her to get to her father. But something is different with Cam, he's got his own money, he doesn't need her dads or the connection to him. She's never considered herself overly pretty, so what does cam see in her? 
Read along as their story unfolds, Cam and Olivia will have you swooning your heart away! 5 hot hockey pucks for this one don't miss the final story in this series!
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Cam and Olivia are cool. They're neither one the stereotypes they could be. She could be the spoiled, privileged rich kid but being overweight as a child has left her with unnecessary insecurities. Cam could be the spoiled, privileged professional athlete but he's not what you'd expect either. Oh, he's cocky with the confidence of a born athlete but there's more to him. 

Their relationship gets off to a rough start with not one but two bad dates and sneaky ulterior motives. Ultimately, these two are such good people and see the best in each other leading them far past a rocky start and potentially relationship-ending lies. 

There's plenty here to keep the reader involved in the story and I shed a few tears for this cute couple. My first Jamieson novel was a delight and I'll watch for her books in the future.

reviewed by Jem
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Game on is the last book in the Aces Hockey series and my biggest question was whether or not the author would finally allow the team to win the finals or not. Since there is no other book about these guys, I was leaning towards the first option, but you never know. I would have loved to see an extended epilogue with all the couples from the previous books because I will miss them. At least, in my opinion, the author did a great job with their stories and the end of the hockey team. I am hoping for some cameos on her new hockey series.

If I separated the book into two parts, one being the hockey and the other being the romance, I would say that the hockey aspect was much better. Cam and Olivia's relationship was too lukewarm for my liking and I was expecting more from Kelly Jamieson. The spark was there, but the wow factor wasn't there. Something about them didn't work for me and I think it might be Cam's immature-ish behavior. I needed him to man up and not run like his life was depending on it. The running part was something that felt to me like it was just added for the drama and nothing else.

The book overall was good though. The heroine mostly and somewhat less the hero, were likable, we saw the heroes from the previous books, I got some things I wanted in this story and the pace was just as it should have been.
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Game On starts out with a hysterical comedy of errors between Cam and Olivia as they go on their first few dates, and evolves into a sweet love story. But Cam only asked her out on a bet, and Olivia only agreed to go out with him because of what his celebrity could do for her non-profit. 

There is a great connection between the characters, and I was glad that commitaphobe Cam fessed up about the bet he made with his teammates early on. Olivia agrees to help him win, but as usually happens, she falls in love with Cam by the time their two months is up. But when she opens up and tells Cam how she feels for him, will he blow her off or tell her that he’s fallen for her as well?

I had not read any of the other books in this series, but didn’t feel like I was missing plot points. It is a true standalone. The epilogue gave a cute update on all the other couples in this series, which I’m sure is great for fans of this series.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.
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When Cam Brickley's teammates bet he can't date a woman for two months without following in love, he knows this is a best he can when. He hasn't had a relationship since his first girlfriend and is strictly in the game for casual sexy times. 

Olivia Lockwood needs a famous spokesperson to help spur her non-profit fitness program for kids into the big leagues, so when hot and locally famous hockey player Cam hits on her at the bar, she thinks she can turn his interest into a business opportunity.

One date turns into three and into more as Olivia convinces Cam to join her mission and as Cam plays his heart out on the ice. But when both start to have feelings, Cam's bet begins to feel a bit dirty.

Fans of Jamieson's Aces hockey series will enjoy this series ending, while those new to the series may find the romance between Cam and Olivia a little flat as loose ends are tied up.

This wasn't really for me. I don't personally enjoy romances starting off as a bet, unless both parties are privy to it. Jamieson does handle the eventual outing of the bet well, but I had a few other issues that are of the content warning/spoiler variety.

Olivia is a self-confessed former fat kid but is now "hot as fuck" and thin because she became a runner and then started her charity to help kids exercise. Kind of noble, but bothered me a little and felt fat-shamey. There's described familial shame regarding Olivia's appearance, Olivia not being smart enough, Olivia not being successful enough. Cam's previous girlfriend we find out tried to commit suicide as a "manipulation" and had "mental-health issues." I felt this was a caricature and not handled sensitively but solely as a reason why Cam refuses to date/commit.
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Another winner by Ms.Jamieson!Cam and Olivia were a great couple to get to know in this Aces hockey story.I have read them all and enjoyed the romance and drama and amusement in them all.I liked Cam and Olivias characters and the build up to the finale.Looking foward to the next read by this author.I read this book as an arc and this is my honest opinion.
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Game On is the final book in the Aces Hockey series, which is Cam and Olivia’s story. Really liked these two characters, the over confident hockey jock Cam and the confident lacking Olivia who has a heart of gold and wants to make a difference in the lives of kids.  I’m not usually a cocky character reader, but Cam just reached out and drew me in, I really loved his compassion for Olivia and her klutziness, which was pretty hysterical in the beginnings of the relationship. Liked Olivia’s character, but got rather irritated at times of her insecurities, just got kind of old after awhile, but overall she was really enjoyable. Great romance and steamy scenes throughout this book, this couple was definitely made for each other. Ending was probably my favorite of all the books in the series, great way to end it.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.
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I had a hard time getting invested in this book. It's important for the first few chapters to capture my attention and this was an issue for me with this particular book.  While I had no issues with the writing, the plot just did nothing for me.
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Wow - this was my first Kelly Jamieson book and I loved it! I just could not get enough of Cam and Olivia. I did not read the other books in this series and was not lost one bit. After reading this and loving it, I will definitely be reading the others. These two light up the pages with their personalities and passion. Both had bad experiences in the love department and were not looking to fall in love again, but a bet and a some need of help put these two together. Game On to love!!!
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The last book in this series, has Cam Brinkley and his teammates betting on everything from eating hot peppers without puking, who can do the most push ups, win 5 face offs in a row. Now at a bar in Chicago he sees a beautiful woman with long legs and talks to her for a minute then goes back to his table. The next thing that happens is a bet. The bet is that he cannot date her for two months without falling in love. Usually he is just a few dates and then done. Accepting the bet he goes over and begins a conversation with her. Olivia Lockwood is used to having people talk to her and try to get to know her. Mainly it is because of her family, Lockwood industries and they want something from her. Cam on the other hand just wants a date and when she realizes who he is she is thinking if she could get him to be the spoke person for her charity. He is also good looking and she does not understand why he would want to go out with her. She agrees though and they both find that they have a good time on the first three dates even though different things happen to them. This is a fun story with two people learning about each other and themselves. He even tells her about the bet and they work out a plan. That plan goes good he wins the bet everything is good until he drops her off at her place and she tells him though dreaded words. She has fallen in love with him, he says no and now it is over. So is his hockey game. Read this book to find out what happens. I like the two main characters and I also liked that the author not knowing used my grandparent’s last name as one of the goalies (Svoboda). A good book and a very good series.
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