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Things come to an exhilarating conclusion in this eighth installment in the Aces Hockey series as a bet between teammates leads to a surprising romance between two people burned by love in the past.  In their journey to HEA, Cam and Olivia go through a few ups and downs courtesy of her low self-esteem and his fear of failure, but through it all readers can’t help but root for them.  By the turn of the final page readers will be left satisfied with their heart warmed and a big smile on their face.

Cam Brickley’s always gotten what he wants.  From the moment he was born everything just seemed to fall into his lap without much effort on his part.  The only thing that seems to have eluded him is love.  He may be popular with the ladies, but nothing ever lasts more than a few nights as he doesn’t see himself as the relationship type.  His friends know this and decide to make the ultimate bet with him, but this time around the bet takes an unexpected turn that gives readers greater insight into the sexy playboy.  Cam’s a drool-worthy hockey player, confident in his looks and his athleticism, but when it comes to matters of the heart he’s leery of putting his heart on the line because of a duplicitous young woman from his past.  It left him with trust issues and it causes him to hurt Olivia when she was counting on him most.  He’s clearly a character with imperfections, a bit arrogant at times, but there’s still lots to like about him.  He’s kindhearted when it comes to charity and is a master at being fun and flirty.  He was a good support to Olivia throughout the story, building up her self-esteem when it comes to her work and her body, which is why his one moment of cowardice disappointed me so much.  Despite that one act though I found Cam very appealing and liked him even more for all the growth his character went through in putting his heart and soul on the line in the name of a HEA...both on and off the ice.

Olivia Lockwood’s always felt like the black sheep of the family, never quite as good as her siblings and a disappointment to her parents.  While her siblings chose to work for the family business, she forged her own path into creating a foundation to benefit kids.  When it came to her looks she felt lacking there too as her weight was an issue for her growing up.  As an adult she hears and feels her family’s judgments and it affects her relationships as she’s full of self-doubt.  Coming from a family of wealth leaves her feeling even more vulnerable as she’s never sure if she’s wanted for herself or for her money as a past relationship showed her.  The moment she meets Cam is the moment she decides to take some control though and throughout their time together there are moments of give and take, moments that had me cheering.  She was the one willing to put her heart on the line, the one to give Cam a chance when he knew he did wrong, the one to often be the more mature of the two.  There were other times though where she was immature, like when interacting with his friends and feeling left out, which fed into her low self-esteem and had her acting out.  That was a frustrating moment and clearly shows her as a flawed character but with imperfections that are easy to relate to.  All of which pulls readers further into this story as Olivia’s a likable heroine who just wants to do good in the world and be loved for who she is.  In many ways that’s exactly what Cam wants and it’s what ultimately turns their fake relationship into reality.

This was a fun and flirty read from the very start with lots of erotically-charged and witty banter between the two leads,  Olivia and Cam were scorching together with encounters that were sexy yet sweet at times too.  Under all the fun though was a surprising emotional intensity as both Cam and Olivia were held back by things in their pasts.  They both grew throughout this story, were more willing to put themselves out there, and it made their coupling more satisfying to watch evolve.  The bet may have seemed silly from the start but the outcome was far from it as it left me satisfied and cheering.  That wasn’t the only cheer-worthy thing in this book though as the ending was perfect for the author to bring the Aces Hockey series to an end.  Fans of the series will enjoy the numerous glimpses of past couples and have their hearts warmed by seeing all their HEAs continue.  New readers will be enticed by the playful interactions between the teammates and ready to start the series from the beginning to learn more about these sexy and dedicated hockey players.  With an ending wrapped up in a satisfying bow I look forward to what Ms. Jamieson has planned next and definitely recommend this book to all fans of rom-coms and sports romances!
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4 Cam and Olivia are perfect for one another if they can just realize it’s forever. This emotional roller coaster of this book was very enjoyable with not only romance, but self love as well.
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4.5 Stars!

Kelly Jamieson is one of those authors that I reach for automatically. I don't have to admire the cover (which I usually do), or read the book blurb in order to know if I am going to enjoy the narrative. Game On, her last book in the Aces Hockey series, is a real page turner, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Olivia Lockwood comes from wealth and as a result, she never knows if someone likes her for herself or because she has money. Instead of joining her family's conglomerate, she founded a charity. So her life revolves around securing grants and donations to keep her foundation in the red. She meets professional hockey player Cam Brickly in a bar, and they immediately hit it off. Cam and his buddies bet on everything, including getting a date with Olivia. Naturally, he wins the bet and their one date evolves into much more.

The chemistry between Olivia and Cam is scorching and their sexy times left me flummoxed. They are a hot couple both in and out of the bedroom.

This is a terrific novel. Not only does it have a nice balance between plot, sexiness and angst, it has an emotional element that caused me to shed quite a few tears. If you are a hockey fan, this love story is for you.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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4.5 Stars

Love the Aces Hockey team!  This is the last book of the series and the author brings us another awesome match.  Cam and Olivia meet by chance but soon find out that they might just be meant to be together. 

I liked that Cam and Olivia seem oblivious of each other's fame.  In Cam's instance, he has no idea who Olivia is.  It doesn't matter.  Be yourself and be true to who you are and look it there....they fell in love.  

Great to see all the players in this one.  Loved the hockey and the romance.  Fantastic ending to the series.
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This book was funny, quirky and hot. I was really enjoying getting to know Cam and Olivia. Olivia had great personality but was a bit shy around men. Enters Cam who is a definition of a strong, sexy and dirty-mouthed man. He is everything I tell you EVERYTHING we expect to find in a hockey player. 

But just like most men he's also a bit clueless so I ended up frustrated with him but he won my heart with the end of the day with his “grand gesture”. I feel disappointed that this is my first Kelly Jamieson book. I need to change this ASAP. 

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
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The final book in the Chicago Aces series, this can be read as a standalone, but as always, the reader will get more out of it if they've read the previous books (I myself, haven't read a couple of books in the series yet – TBR problems are real – but it doesn't detract from the story).  If you like hockey romance, I highly recommend checking out this series – Ms. Jamieson is one of the best hockey romance authors I've had the pleasure to have read. 

I really like the characters of both Cam and Olivia.  Their relationship starts out under less-than-completely-honest pretenses on both sides, but quickly develops into something more.  Olivia is an incredibly relatable character in that her history has caused her to retain some insecurities about herself – both about her appearance and her "worthiness" of being wanted for herself.  Cam is described as having a reputation as being a bit of a player, but isn't depicted as being a jerk about it (later in the story, you come to find out why he's gun-shy about relationships). 

Overall, this was a great ending to the series and I hope we'll continue to see some of these characters pop up in future books by Ms. Jamieson. I look forward to reading her future works. 

*copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley. All opinions are my own.*
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This is my only second book by Kelly and she is fast becoming a must read author for me. I am loving the guys of Aces Hockey and can't wait for more. I really want to go back and read the first books in the series and get their stories as well. I am falling more and more in love with these guys. Kelly did a great job delivering a book that kept me sucked in and wanting to see how it was all going to play out.

Two people who not looking for love end up spending more and more time together for two different reasons. He has a wager going that he won't fall in love after two months and she is looking for someone to be a spokesman for her non-profit organization. The more and more time they spend together the more feelings get involved, well maybe just for one of them.

This book was one that had me invested and I couldn't wait to see how it would all play out. You know a train wreck is about to happen but you can't help but to watch and see what will happen in its wake. This was a great read and I look forward to more by Kelly in the future.
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I will miss the Aces Hockey series!

Cam Brickley and his single Chicago Aces teammates make bets on almost anything but when they make a bet that Cam can’t date anyone for two months without falling in love. Little did he know that the girl he was using obvious pick-up lines was Olivia Lockwood getting over her boyfriend cheating on her but was still employed by her family’s company and wasn’t looking for anything serious.

Cam wanted to win the bet and Olivia wanted somebody to be the spokesperson for the Move On Chicago charity that she set up and dating was a win-win for both of them but when the pretend dating became real, it all changed.

I’ll admit I really will miss the Chicago Aces series ending but all good things do come to an end and their winning the Stanley Cup is the perfect ending for the series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Cam is a confirmed bachelor with no intention of settling down with one woman despite that the fact that he has watched all his buddies do the same. When the tables are turned and the man who usually likes to make the bet now needs to fulfill the bet, he had no idea how much his life would change. All he needs to do is date the sexy blonde at the bar for two months and not fall in love, this will be the easiest bet he has ever won.

Olivia has grown up in a wealthy family and every member has found their own success. She has chosen to go a different way and manage her own non-profit organization. She has been on the receiving end of being used because of her family so when she finds out about the bet, she is quite happy to twist Cam’s arm to get him to help her with her organization.

Humorous banter, hot chemistry and two people who weren’t looking for love but it happened to find them anyway. This has been a great series and it was great to catch up with the previous characters for their final farewell. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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In this last book in the Aces Hockey series from Kelly Jamieson, perpetual bachelor Cam takes a bet that he can't date a woman for two months without falling for her, and he picks Olivia as the target of his affections.

Olivia is a good sport about things when she finds out what is going on, but everything backfires when Cam and Olivia start realizing their true feelings for each other.

This was a fun story that was a perfect ending for this series.  Light and sweet and full of heat and an enjoyable easy read.  No big surprises.  Can be read standalone.

An ARC was provided for review.
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I'm sad, you want to know why I'm sad? It's because this is the last book in the Aces Hockey Series, this is one series that I actually hoped would keep going and going and going. It's rare that you find a series that keeps you coming back for more and wishing it would never end but that is exactly what I had found with the Aces Hockey Series. Not only do we have a great group of men but the women they fall for a phenomenal as well. Each and every book had me hooked from beginning to end. 

Game On is Cam's story. Cam and Oliva's story touched me on a personal level because of how they got together, the guys made a bet that Cam couldn't get Olivia to go out with him (part one of the bet) and if he did that he couldn't date her for two months without falling in love (part two of the bet). Well this is somewhat similar to how my husband and I started dating, yes it was a bet very similar to part one of Cam's bet only there was no second part because everyone was shocked that I said yes to the original date they weren't going to push fate any guys..LOL only Cam's friends weren't as smart....or maybe they were. You see Cam was sort of a Playboy he was the One and Done type of guy, you know what I'm talking about but what no one was expecting was that Olivia was just the person he needed to change his ways.

This was an emotional read at times because both Cam and Olivia have been hurt before and when their stories are told, well lets just say I understood why Cam was the way he was. As for Olivia, she was guarded and had every right to be I'm just glad she gave Cam a real shot.

This is an easy book to recommend for all lovers of contemporary romance that will heat up your eReaders, over 18 please, especially if you enjoy the sports romance genre. Game On can be read as a standalone as can the other books in the series but I guarantee once you read one of the books you'll want to get to know each of these men better, and since this is the last of the series it will contain spoilers for past books so if you think you may want to read more of them I suggest you start at the beginning, you wont be disappointed. Happy Reading!!!
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Super sad to see the end of the Chicago Aces series. But I enjoyed the humor between Cam and Olivia. Two people who are looking for some fun without the attachment of a relationship. Cam being the only single player left on the team, was pushed into a bet to ask a woman out, then there is a second more in depth bet. 

Things do not go smoothly as one date turns to two and then more. I did my share of giggling at the antics while reading. Olivia has her insecurities with her body and feeling of not beong good enough for her family. Cam has been so focused on hockey that relationships have never been on his radar, but could it be his past holding him back.

The more time they spend together the more they find it harder to be apart. If theu could just be honest with themselves and truly let love in their heart. Can they push fear aside and truly give this a try? Could there be an HEA and possibly a Stanley Cup too?

I am going to miss the Chicago Aces Hockey team.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***
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The final book of this series & what a wonderful ending!! Cam & Olivia’s story was fun & steamy, just great read! Olivia is a strong, capable woman that has been hurt before. I love the fun way they meet. In the beginning I just wasn’t sure how to read Cam’s reactions. The way he reacts to a few things left me blindsided. I was literally shocked, but in a good way. The chemistry between these two was hot! The side storyline with hockey team was perfect & fits in so well with this series coming to an end too. I recommend this book. Told in dual POV.
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Sports romance

Maybe I would have enjoyed Kelly Jamieson’s Game On more if I had read the previous books in the series, while the story reads well as a stand alone I might have had a better feel for the tone of the story between all the players, but it just felt juvenile. 
Too, I think Olivia and Brick both had some growing up to do. Regretfully the book just didn’t work that well for me.
I received an advance reader copy via NetGalley.
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I’m a fairly recent discoverer of Ms Jamieson’s Chicago Aces hockey series (Thank you Kate Meader) and my only true complaint is that I have found her just as the series was about to end. Thankfully, while all of the books in the series are connected, each one is a true stand-alone story. 
In Game On, we meet Brick and Olivia. Both are likeable and interesting characters with out any huge drama in their back grounds. There is an element of “poor little rich girl” to Olivia, but her personality and passion for helping others makes this easy to overlook. Cam is just the right balance of sweet and swagger. 
These two have a fun meet cute, but it’s a situation that is easy to see it blowing up in their faces later. I did appreciate the fact that Ms Jamieson didn’t take the obvious path to creating romantic conflict, but I was a little disappointed in how easily the conflict was resolved. 
Game On is well written and fun. There were a couple of little editing issues, things that are specific to Chicago that someone not from the area might not notice. Given that this was an advanced copy of the book, I am hoping these were corrected prior to publication. There is also a greater amount of participation from a larger secondary cast than I experienced with the other “Aces” book I read. Some of this relates to Cam’s very social personality, but it also related to this being the last book in the series. There is a “wrap up” feel that will definitely be appreciated by someone who has read the whole series. 
I am still curious to go back and read more of the Aces series along with curious to see what Ms Jamieson comes up with next.
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I was a fan of Kelly Jamieson even before I became part of the Wickedcoolflight Crew.  You see, I am a hockey fan and Kelly writes the best books about hot hockey players.  Game On is the ninth and final book in the Aces Hockey Series.  Hold on.  Give me a minute to mourn.  Sorry.  I’m good now because she’s starting a NEW hockey series…Wynn Hockey with a team based out of Los Angeles.  Close your eyes and just imagine…hot hockey players on the beach.  Sign me up!!!  But first, I need to tell you about Game On – the story of Cam and Lauren.

It started as another bet between the players.  They are all married off and think everyone else should be as happy as they are.  Well…everyone except Cam.  To Cam, the thought was downright depressing.   The bet was that Cam couldn’t date the same woman for two months without falling in love.  Easy.  Cam doesn’t fall in love.  The wager is laundry.  The loser will do the nasty, dirty, after practice and game shorts for the rest of the calendar year.  The guys even picked the girl…the hot blond at the bar that was probably out of Cam’s league.  Seriously?  That alone was like a double dog dare. Cam was out to win because losing meant giving up his prized possession - his Stiff T-shirt which read “If it ain’t STIFF it ain’t worth a fuck.”

Lauren used some of the money from her trust fund to start Move On Chicago, a nonprofit organization which promoted health a wellness of Chicago youth through organized running programs.   Move On Chicago grew quickly, but things had stagnated and they needed star power…an athlete like Cam “Brick” Brickley to be a spokesperson and attract partners.  Lauren wasn’t looking for a relationship.  She needed star power.  She needed Cam.  A few drinks and maybe a date wouldn’t hurt.  Right?

The dating adventures of Cam and Lauren will leave you laughing.  If it could go wrong, it went wrong.  Kelly does such a good job with the development of major and minor characters.  I laughed.  I got mad.  I teared up.  I cheered.  GO ACES HOCKEY! Without hesitation, I give Kelly Jamieson’s Game on 5 out of 5 propellers!
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I’ve read a few books in this series and this is the final book in this series and can be read stand alone.  I appreciated that she took a different approach with the jock/bet genre.  The conflict wasn’t centered around the bet Cam made with his friends and that was a check in the plus column.  The negative column was filled with the main characters.  There was nothing wrong with Cam or Olivia, but there was no spark to make me interested in them as a couple.  There was also nothing interesting about them as stand alone characters and I was more interested in Cam when he was a supporting character in earlier books.  Unfortunately this was not my favorite of her books.  

ARC provided by Netgalley
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A Fantastic Ending to a Fabulous Series!  Kelly Jamieson’s Chicago Aces Series has become near and dear to my heart as I have read each of the players’ stories. But Cam and Olivia’s romance was by far my favorite. 

Cam and Olivia’s relationship starts out with some terribly horrendous dates that don’t go at all like they are planned. But through it all you will enjoy every moment, with Lol moments, sassy, witty banter, flirtatious, sexual innuendo, chemistry, heat, drama, friendship, hockey and love. These two never planned on falling for each other. But they are so right for each other in oh so many ways. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some pretty fantastic, fun and interesting facts about Chicago and its history and Landmarks. I will definitely have to look into these on my next visit to the Windy City. 

And that is why Kelly Jamieson is on my instant buy list. Because she brings it for me every time. Don’t miss this unique, deliciously hot, endearingly sweet, laugh out loud, fantastically, good time romance!!! On my all-time favorite list. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is book 8 in the Aces Hockey series and can absolutely be read as a stand alone! I had not read any of the other books in the series before reading this one, although I have since gone back and gotten them. This book is about Cam Brickley and Olivia Lockwood. Cam and his teammates bet on everything! It can be something as minor as how many pushups in a certain amount of time to eating crazy things. But this time his team bets him that he can't date the same woman for 2 months without falling in love with her. And because he never feels like he will fall, he takes that bet expecting to laugh all the way to the win! Olivia is the woman his team picks at a bar for him to get to go out with him and date. Olivia comes from a family of wealth and is used to people wanting to be around her to get close to her family. So when Cam hits on her, she thinks at first that is why. But decides to give him a chance and maybe get him to help out with her charity she runs. But when she finds out he is only spending time with her because of a bet, can she keep seeing him? And if she does, how can she keep her heart in tact?

I absolutely loved this book! I have had a lot of this author's books on my TBR list but just haven't gotten to them before this one. And I can honestly say, this one won't be my last! Cam is a sweet, hot, alpha male who thinks he is much more shallow than he truly is! And watching him fall was a beautiful thing! Olivia has been through a lot in her short life and much of it is due to who her family is. But she is such a strong and beautiful woman that she comes out the other side of her problems stronger than ever! To the point that even knowing she will get hurt, she still sticks to her word. I loved her!! Together, they were hot as all get out! And just them being together was sweet and taught them both so many different things. This book definitely made me want to read the rest of the series just to find out what I may have missed. I loved it!
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An enjoyable read.  Cam and Olivia’s story grabbed my attention from the start.  Enjoyed their journey from their unforgettable first date to the very end.  Sad to say goodbye to the Aces but excited to see what’s coming next.
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