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I’ve never read anything by this author before so I didn’t know this was #8 and the final book in the series. I actually really enjoyed it. I didn’t feel lost not having read the previous books so that was good. Cam and Olivia are smoking hot together and I loved her non profit company that she runs. There were a lot of great moments in the book. I also liked the writing, I finished it in a couple of hours. I might even check out the other books in the series, some of the other players had me all kinds of intrigued.
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This book was a cute easy read. Although some of the moments were a bit predictable it was still The perfect book if you are looking to escape reality with a cast of likable characters and laugh out loud moments.
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Game On (Aces Hockey, #8) by Kelly Jamieson   Oh my... Kelly this is the best one so far...Thank you so much to the publishers and #NetGalley for letting me preview this book.  Cam and Olivia ... he hates to loose and she never felt like she measured up to her brother and sister.... they are perfect together...this books has all the laughs, the fun game of Hockey( and since I live in Clearwater, Fl is was fun to have Tampa Bay Lightning in the story) some history and very steamy sex getting to a very HEA.  ( and lets not forget Magnum)  I am so looking forward to more books in this series.

Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Entertaining Easy-to-read Page-turner Romantic Happily Ever After Steamy Action-packed Wonderful characters Funny
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Olivia has had a string of bad luck with men.  Her last one, who became her fiancé, cheated on her.  Just wanted a relationship 
with her to get a job at her Father’s company.  After that, she swore off men, that is until she met Cam.  At a bar one night with her best friends, Olivia is approached by a hunk of a man, who had a panty melting smile.
Cam was just given a bet by his fellow teammates.  They said he couldn’t date a woman for two months without falling in love with her.  To prove that they are wrong, he approaches a beautiful blonde at the bar, with legs that go on forever.  Inviting Olivia and her friends to join him and his friends so they could get to know each other.  
Olivia runs a nonprofit company to encourage children to be fit and exercise, and they desperately need a famous athlete to be their spoke person if they want to be successful.  It turns out that Cam and Olivia have a lot in common.  So it seems, it’s a match made in hockey heaven.
Their first date was a total disaster, after they both end up with food poisoning.  Second date, he broke a chair in a restaurant that he was sitting on.  Geez, can they have a normal date.  Turns out they can both laugh about it.  Cam knows he’s got to tell Olivia the truth about the bet his buddies have on him.  So Olivia suggests they play along till the two months are up.  What she never expected to happen was to fall in love with Cam.  Can she be honest with him and share her feelings, or will he turn around and hightail it out.
Great story!  So sad this is the last Aces book since I’ve enjoyed each and everyone of them!
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4 Stars
Review by Lisa
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Game On by Kelly Jamieson is book 8 and the final book in the Aces Hockey series. It is hard to say goodbye but, this is a great ending for this team of players. Having been apart of the team since the beginning, I have enjoyed each of these books and their individual stories.

Cam and Olivia's turn is just as wonderful as the the first player to fall, Marc with Lovey. By reading all the books in this series, I could see the author's growth. I found this story to be more. More depth, more tension, more chemistry, more drama. 

Cam along with his teammates bet on anything they can. When the stakes are raised and the bet that Cam can't date the same women for two months without falling in love, the bet's accepted and it's Game on!!! 

Olivia is tired of being used for what her family has. Meeting Cam in a bar one night, what could happen? He doesn't want her for her money, he has his own. Maybe she can use him to help her be the spokesperson for her Children's Charity...Game on!!!

Two people with their own reasons to play the game. What could go wrong? 

This story is so well written and has such a quick pace that you won't put the story down until it's over. Don't forget there is also visits from some of the other Ace's Hockey team throughout this story. 

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review***
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Love Kelly Jamieson and her hockey series. Could hardly put it down. Cannot wait for the next one! I would recommend this to all romance readers.
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We rejoin the Aces hockey team for Bricks turn. The team is growing up and settling down. For Cam those things are not high on his list. He’s happy with his life until his friends decide to place a bet. He can’t date the same woman for two months without falling in love. 

Olivia has not had a great time with the men she’s dated. She doesn’t live up to her parents expectations so when the very hot Cam Brickley makes an appearance and asks her out... it’s a joke right ? 

These two are interesting characters and the book was pulling. I very much enjoyed it and love this series.
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I had no idea this was the final book in the series when I started reading it, but as we got closer to the end, I started to feel like the door was closing. Not only did Kelly Jamieson give us a great romance, but she gave us a satisfying ending to a beloved series. I enjoyed the ride with Cam and Olivia. They were a really fun couple and their story was filled with unpredictable moments.

I absolutely loved the Chicago history lesson that we got in this book. It could have felt like filler or an info dump of sorts, but it didn’t. It felt true to the characters and felt true to the moments they were in. I really enjoyed it. I also loved that both characters had insecurities. Although one of them was fully aware of their issues, the other was not and I appreciated both sides of that.

This was another great book in a great series. I’m going to miss the heck out of these characters, but I look forward to going back and re-reading their antics and love stories. I also very much look forward to what Kelly Jamieson brings us next.
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If you’ve read one of Jamieson’s hockey romances before, you know what you’re going to get - a hunky hockey star attracted to a woman with an interesting career.  He thinks it’s just a hook-up, but of course it turns into a lot more. That’s what we have here in the last of the Aces Hockey series.  Cam Brickley accepts a bet from his teammates that he can’t date a woman for two months and also not fall in love.  So he picks the sexy blonde in the bar for his gambit.  You know where this is going.  The only bits of surprise are that Olivia Lockwood also wants to use him to be a spokesman for her non-profit to provide exercise programs for underprivileged children.  And when he finally tells her about the bet, she is hurt but still agrees to stay with him for the two months so he can win the bet.

Otherwise, things proceed about as you would expect.  It’s fun and hot professional athletes are always enjoyable romantic heroes, no matter how clueless they are.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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This was a bittersweet read for me, because I love the Aces so much. I actually just discovered them last year, and then binged the rest of the series in 2018. I am really happy I did, because I enjoyed getting to know this team, and also, being a part of the this final chapter with them. 

It's sort of fitting, that Jamieson chose Cam as her last Aces hero. Being a commitment-phobe, he was the last player we expected to see dedicating himself to just one woman. He didn't do commitment. He didn't like taking chances on things he wasn't sure he could ace, but once he opened the door to Olivia, it was game on. And, all it took was a bet. 

I wasn't sure about Cam, after having met him in previous books, but with him the central focus in Game On, I got to see that there was a lot more to Cam than met the eye. I saw his sweet and considerate side, his dedication to his family, and big heart. There were all these little things he did, that made me, as well as Olivia, love him more and more. 

Olivia was great too. Growing up the daughter of a very powerful family, she had been used and misled one too many times, and was now hesitant to trust her heart. That coupled with some self-confidence issues created by her past and the way her family treated her made watching the evolution of her relationship with Cam very gratifying. 

The combination of Olivia and Cam was fabulous. There was the attraction and heat, that I always like to see crackling between my hero and heroine, but I also loved how fun Jamieson made their interaction. Their first few dates bordered on rom-com, and I absolutely loved it! But, I also adored seeing them get beneath the surface and expose so much to each other. 

It was not just the romance, which won my heart in the book, it was the wonderful farewell Jamieson gave to this group of guys. It was a fond farewell to all the couples we saw get their HEAs. Everyone was in attendance, and the finish was big and very, very satisfying. 

I will miss the Aces, but look forward to what Jamieson has in store for us next. 

Overall: Another fabulous Aces book, that was about taking chances, and the rewards you can gain when you open yourself and your heart.
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Competitive does not begin to explain Cam “Brick” Brickley, he will pretty much bet on anything. So when his team mates bet him that he can’t date a woman for two months without falling in love. He snatches the bet up without hesitation. This should be an easy when since he doesn’t do relationships. One bad relationship in the past is all he needs to understand his bachelorhood is everything. 
Everyone is out for something; that’s been Olivia Lockwood’s experience at least. Her family is famous and wealthy and most men who date her are only interested in getting in good with her family to make a name for themselves. When Hockey Phenom Cam Brickley flirts with her and asks her out, she can’t quite figure out why, he’s famous and rich all on his own. While she can’t figure out Cam’s angle, she’s got an angle of her own. She needs a big name associated with her organization and Cam’s as big a name as any.
Okay, I absolutely adored these two together. They were hilarious! From first date food poisoning to broken chairs in restaurants, the laughs kept coming. Only problem, there were times when the story dragged a bit. When I first started reading I figured I’d read it straight through and not be able to put it down unfortunately I had to stop reading and come back to it a few times.
What I really liked about this book, very little angst. Both Cam and Olivia have their agendas and when each one finds out about the other’s they work together to help each other out and along the way, well……. they just happened to fall in love!
This may not have been my fastest read but it was most definitely fun and enjoyable.
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Game On is one of the best books in the ACES series. Cam and Olivia have heat from the start but also have a friendship develop that is kind and respectful. They may have gotten together because of a bet, but the bet (or finding out about it) didn't drive them apart. It was a refreshing change that this lie didn't tear them apart. I thought this was a fantastic wrap up to the ACES series.
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What a fun read! It all starts with a bet, Cam"s teammates throw up the challenge that he couldn't date a woman for two months without falling in love--easy for Cam the commitment phobia, a few dates and he moves on how hard could two months be, right? Olivia is blowing off steam with her coworker friends when this drop dead gorgeous guy comes up flirting with her, yep, her! What stroke of luck is it that he also happens to be Chicago hockey team, especially when she needs a celebrity to endorse her charity? When they have fun despite the fate of their first date, Cam figures the two months was going to be fun but Olivia just came off a bad relationship and didn't want to jump into a serious relationship--but two months of fun times together, nothing serious, right-after all it's about winning a bet. Fun banter, great characters and steaminess make this a great read!
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Pro hockey player Cam Brickley is a manwhore who can't resist a bet so when his teammates bet that he can't date the beautiful Olivia for two months without falling in love, it's game on. Heiress Olivia Lockwood is done with men after being used for her connections but dates the handsome Cam so that she can ask him to be the spokesperson for her struggling kids' charity. When Cam confesses to Olivia that he asked her out on a bet and wants to end the bet, Olivia tells Cam that they should hoodwink his buddies and continue fake dating, then end things when the two months are over. What happens when Cam and Olivia start falling in love?

Game On is a funny, sweet and steamy story that's an emotional roller coaster ride
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Now here's a bet worth losing!

Cam makes a bet with his teammates, but he can't win without losing.  Olivia is a terrific partner for him, as she challenges him on every level really makes him work for it.  Their dates were certified disasters, yet they made the most of their time together and proved that the unconventional ways are sometimes the best.  These two really bring out the best in each other, and their love story was sweet and steamy.  

The author beautifully wrapped up the storyline for the Aces in this book.  If you've read any of the books in this series, you don't want to miss this one.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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I am so sad this is the last book in the series. It has been a remarkable journey with these players and the women they fall in love with. Whether you are a hockey fan or not, there is always something in these stories that will melt your heart.

This is about Cam and Olivia. Cam is the joker of the group who is always up for a good time and a crazy bet. He meets Olivia on a bet made with his friends. On their first date they get food poisoning and that is the beginning of a funny a comedic set of events to follow. The author includes tiny and interesting details about the locale in this, and her other books, which gives life and personality to the plot and characters. This book not only allows Cam and Olivia to find their happiness, but neatly ties up the entire series which is well done.
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I loved this book & am super sad the series is over. I enjoyed seeing old characters in this story of Cam & Olivia. I enjoyed the relationship between them & watching it all play out. I look forward to a new series from Kelly Jamieson but will miss the Aces!!
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Great Characters

This was an easy fun read about a man saying he would never settle down and a woman who had every material thing within her grasp but was still missing an important piece of herself. Olivia was dedicating her life to a nonprofit organization helping kids be active and a part of something life changing.  Now she needed a standout person as her spokesperson. Just her luck she was having drinks at the same bar as where Cam and his friends were having some drinks. What better spokesperson that a pro hockey player at the top of his game.

His friends had bet Cam that he couldn’t go out with Olivia for two months without falling in love. This was an easy win for Cam, or so he thought. He wasn’t a long term relationship type of guy and what better way to spend two months than by dating the beautiful Olivia. Both Cam and Olivia stand to gain something by going out.

This was a fast paced fun read with laugh out loud moments and at other times had your heart breaking. Even though this is the first book I read in this series I am definitely going back to read the first books.
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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to leave an honest review.  This was an excellent book; very well written and a fun plot line.  I would definitely recommend and really enjoy Kelly Jamieson's hockey novels.

This book follows Cam, a hot shot hockey player who refuses to fall in love, and Olivia, an heiress turned non-profit worker who bucks family tradition.  Cam's teammates, who are all slowly falling in love, bet came that he cannot be with a woman for two months without falling in love with her and that he can't pick up Olivia at the bar that very same night.  Cam, being a normal guy, accepts the bet thinking this will be an easy win.  Olivia doesn't want to date Cam but she does want him to be the face of her non-profit campaign, so she agrees to meet with him again.  The first couple of get togethers are a disaster; they both get food poisoning on the first and the second Cam keeps getting maimed by fate.

Eventually both realize they actually like the other outside of their own gains and start to see each other for real.  Cam comes clean to Olivia about the bet and she agrees to stay with him for the two months so he can win the bet.  Problem is, she starts to fall in love.  So when the time to come clean to his friends comes around, what will Cam tell his friends?  And what will Olivia do with the outcome?

The book includes some great romance, hilarious antics and all around great fun.  I would definitely recommend if you want a fun, fast hockey romance.
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This is the final book in the series, however, it can easily be read as a standalone. I haven’t read any of the others but I didn’t find myself lost with the story at all. Cam places a bet with his friends and teammates that he can’t spend two months with a woman without falling in love. Seems easy to Cam so he jumps on the bet, but sometimes things in life aren’t so easy. 
When they first meet they have ulterior motives. Cam wants to win a bet with his team and Olivia wants Cam to be a celebrity spokesperson for her non-profit.  Cam and Olivia both agree that they aren’t dating, this is just about hooking up. But the more time they spend together feelings and emotions start to change.
There is no denying the chemistry between Cam and Olivia, it is seriously kindle melting hot! But watching them help each other and watching them struggling with their emotions was really what drew me into the story. Of course, like anything it isn’t always smooth sailing and they do run into some bumps in the road throughout the story. 
I did enjoy this story and will definitely be going back to read the other books in the series.
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