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This was the end book of a series but can be read as a standalone.  Cam and Olivia's relationship started as a bet but ended up being more.  Cam is ready to win the bet because he doesn't fall in love. Olivia finds out about the bet but doesn't get angry but helps Cam win. The author took these two on a beautiful journey to discovering love on their own terms. There were some great heartfelt moments that just stuck with you. I enjoyed the epilogue because it gave you a glimpse of where the other characters in the series are with their lives. After reading this book I want to go back and read the series from the beginning.
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Final book of the series and it is stellar. Cam Brickley likes to make bets with this fellow players, most of them are now attached to a significant other, but not Brick. No he swears that will never be. So the bet after he sees an attractive woman at the bar is that he can't date someone for two months without falling in love. Cam takes that bet. He doesn't do love. Easy win for him. All he has to do is get this beauty to go out with him.
Olivia Lockwood comes from money and runs a not for profit charity, unlike the rest of her siblings who are either in the family business or ridiculously successful in their own right. Then there's Olivia, who wanted nothing to do with that. Her backstory unfolds as the story goes on. 
The two date and when Cam starts to have feelings for Olivia, he feels like he needs to tell her about the bet, Olivia using that to her advantage makes it into a game. After all she did hook Brick into being a spokesperson and helps her out with her charity. She offers to play along and let the guys think theres's nothing between them, when even single sign says otherwise. Their chemistry was outrageous and holy hotness some serious sheet burning. Both have feelings for each other.
These two were interesting characters, Cam was a tough one to warm up to but through the book you see him change and also help Olivia through her problems with her family. We see Olivia become more self confident and more open. And when Kelly J drops the other shoe in a story, damn you don't see that coming and she does it every single time. 
I read the whole series and am sad to see this come to an end but I know she'll have something great waiting to be read. Fantastic end to the series and a blazing 5 star read.

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Cam and Olivia kept me rooting for them and turning the pages long into the night. I loved this series so much and this couple is one of my favorites. Just wonderful!
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Cam Brickley is super competitive. When his teammates bet him that he can't be in a relationship for someone for 2 months and not fall in love, he is in. Olivia is looking for a marquee name to help her fledgling charity related to sports. They meet in a bar and sparks fly and soon they are dating. Cam is using her to win the bet and she is using him to help her charity. Then a funny thing happens, they fall in love. After the two months are over, they break up, but both are miserable. They end up getting back together and there are a lot of cameos of players from former books. The story ends with the team winning the Stanley Cup again and many on the team are retiring or leaving for other teams. It is bittersweet that this is the last book in the series, but I think it is time. The early books were strong, with some of the middle ones more week. I'm glad the author finished strong and I look forward to her next books.
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I just love this series and while I am sad to see it go, this was a great way to end it! Kelly Jamieson put the perfect icing on the delicious cake that has been this series!!
I adored Cam and Olivia and I loved being on their wonderful journey to their HEA. Their first date was absolutely epic! Unfortunately I felt like I was right there with them lol. You really need to read it to truly understand. 
I think I laughed and swooned my way through much of this one. Their dates were just awesome! I enjoyed them so much,  but probably not as much as they did! What started out as a bet, turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to Cam and Olivia. I really love them together! And I  loved the interaction with Cam's teammates, who we all know from previous books, to bring this series to a nice conclusion. You don't want to miss this final Aces book, you really don't!!
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Game On is the final installment in the Aces Hockey series. We've had a great run with this series and I was happy to see it end with a strong finish.

Cam Brickley has always been a player in every sense of the word - he plays hard on the ice, but he also loves women and isn't a fan of long term, committed relationships. He's upfront about that and so it hasn't been a problem to this point. When he and his teammates do what they always do, bet on something, what turns out as a seemingly simple bet, to get the beautiful woman in the bar to go out with him for two months, may turn out to be the most complicated wager of his life.

Olivia Lockwood is making a name for herself with her non-profit organization, which is a far cry from her family's business Lockwood Industries. She's never really fit with the family business and she also has never totally fit in with her siblings. The one thing that Olivia has always had to deal with is people wanting to befriend her or date her in order to get closer to her family's business and that has begun to weigh on her, causing her to want nothing to do with dating. When she meets Cam, will he change that?

Will these two people, who need one another for different reasons, figure out that they really want each other for themselves and not for the original reasons they got together? Or will their past insecurities end things before they really get going?

I enjoyed these characters and I also really enjoyed how Jamieson pulled in little known facts about Chicago. As someone who has been to the city many times, I didn't know those things and it makes me want to go back and explore further now! I'm sad to see this series come to an end, but I'm glad to know we'll be getting more hockey from Jamieson in the future!
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Good ending to a great series  I love the series and thought the author does a great job with this book and wrapping up all the storylines and the characters in the other books.   

It contained the right amount of drama and heat to keep the reader interested
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, for this free eARC. 

This is the 8th, and final book in the series. I have only read the 7th and 8th, and I loved them both! While I am sad that this series is over, I'm glad that I have not read them all, and can start with the 1st one, soon! Kelly Jamieson is such a great writer, and I really enjoy her books. What is better than a hockey romance book?! Not much, I'll tell ya. 😉

Game On is Olivia and Cam's story. Cam takes on a bet with his teammates that he couldn't date Olivia for two months, and not fall in love. He thought that would be easy enough. Little did they both know, it would turn into so much more!! 

The ending to this book was the perfect wrap up, for the book and the series! Kelly Jamieson is one of my go-to authors for romance, and so far she has not disappointed. Can't wait to read what she writes next!
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I really enjoyed the book!!!  I’ve read most of the other books in the series and this was one of the best!!!

I was worried that is was going to dwell a lot on she has all this money he doesn’t have quite as much even though he’s wealthy but there wasn’t any of that as other books with this same troupe had.  It was just a solid romance from start to finish.

Also had the right amount of characters from the series.  Don’t believe you need to have read the other books in the series but would recommend them all.

This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning!!! Light and fun!!!!!  Would highly recommend!

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Hello hockey hottie! Meet Cam Brickley, aka Brick as he is known to his teammates. Hot shot hockey player of the Chicago Aces hockey team. He is one of the last single guys on the team. His fellow teammates encourage him to settle down and Brick is totally against that. So he agrees to a bet with a teammate. He has to date the same woman for 2 months and not fall in love with her. Easy right?!?
Olivia , instantly thinks Brick is hot. They even get some good laughs by telling each other horrible pick up lines at the bar. But she is totally done with men. Her non-profit Move On Chicago is in need of some star power. She isn't looking for love at all.
But after the 2 months, who will win this bet?
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I knew I that I was going to love it before I even read it because…Kelly Jamieson! Hockey! Sweet and sexy romance!  It’s a combo that can’t go wrong!

Game On is the latest installment in the Aces Hockey Series featuring Cam Brickley and a bet he makes with his teammates involving the sweet and lovely Olivia Lockwood.  Neither of them want to fall in love, but these things have a way of sneaking up on hardheaded hockey players… can’t say he wasn’t warned… and sweetly insecure heiresses. 

Cam and Olivia’s story was a joy to read.  I hope that you enjoy it too!
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This is the final book in the series and what a great ending it had.  I was happy to see this team really sore in Game On.  I've gotten to know each one and have loved getting their individual stories.

Game On is Cam and Olivia's story.  While all of the previous main characters are in each book, the author did a great job of making them each a standalone book.  

Cam was a tough character for me.  I liked him but he had his moments where I didn't.  This is where the author showed some great character growth.  He's the player that has never failed at anything and we got to see a glimpse into his life and how there is more to his story and why he is the way that he is.

I really liked Olivia.  She did have some insecurities but they seemed justified and I never felt like they truly got in the way of her and Cam.  She really put herself out there for him once she realized she was falling in love with him. I loved to see that especially after all that has happened with her.

For the last book, I loved that the author filled it with some great history of Chicago, IL.  I actually live near there and I learned some fascinating things I feel like I should have already known.  My next trip to Chicago will be with new eyes.

I'm sad to see this series is over but was reassured that the author is not done with bringing us more hockey romances in the future.
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I loved this book!!!  I can't say enough about it.  This book follows Cam, an NHL player and Olivia, a do-gooder heiress.  Cam approaches Olivia on a bet.  He has to date her for 2 months without falling in love.  Olivia is looking for someone to be the spokesperson of her foundation.  Both have ulterior motives and emotional baggage.  One of the many things I loved about this book was their first few dates.  Chaos ensued and I was cracking up as I read it.  The bedroom scenes were steamy and well written.  
This book is different in that both characters are flawed but it felt like Cam, not Olivia, was the vulnerable one in the story.  Both have to learn how to love and trust again but a HEA is guaranteed.  
Although this was an ARC, the book was well written, polished and had minimal typos.  The story flowed well and kept my interest for the entire book.  This is the end of a series and I will definitely be picking up the previous books to read.
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Reading Game On by Kelly Jamieson is bitter-sweet!  I have loved this whole series SOOOO much, but am so sad to see it end! 

This 8th book in the Aces Hockey series gives you the story of Cam Brickley AKA “Brick” and Olivia.
Olivia, an amazing woman who started up a fitness program for underprivileged kids called Move On Chicago, is now the challenge of a bet between hockey player Cam and some of his teammates…loser has to wash jocks! EW! He is to date her for 2 months, and not fall in love.  She needs him as a spokesperson for her charity, so it is a win-win.  However, with her demeaning family, and his obnoxious teammates, things get a little difficult.  

This hot, emotional story ties in some of the players from the previous books, but they don’t necessarily need to be read first (but ummmm….why wouldn’t you???)  I love the way the author, Kelly Jamieson, wrote this book and this series! I am a huge hockey fan and it wasn’t hard to fall in love with the characters and the storyline! I give this and every book in the series a MUST-READ!!!
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This whole series thus far has been really great and even though this book wasn’t my favorite... it was still a pretty great book.
The Aces have been tirelessly working on getting the elusive Stanley Cup all season. With a couple players traded within the last two books to get the best chance of obtaining the Cup, they finally after all their hard work get the chance of a lifetime. Do they finally win it??? Well you’re going to have to read to find that one out.

Cam “Brick” Brickly has always gotten everything handed to him without really having to put forth the effort into getting what he wanted. Olivia was brought up in a prominent family with high standards for their children to succeed. Being chubby when she was younger and now being an advocate for healthy living for kids Olivia is trying to change how kids see being active and bettering themselves. 
Cam being Cam makes a wager with his teammates that he was doomed to lose from the get go.

This was a pretty great book and I enjoyed reading it. As a series we grow to love the other characters in these books and seeing them through the books is great...getting to see how far they have all come since their own books.
Overall this book was pretty fast paced and easy to get sucked into. The characters were likable, and perfect for one another.
I highly recommend not only this book but the entire series.
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This book brought a great close to the series.  It showcased the closeness of the teammates and how each of them is seeking more outside of hockey.  Now Cam wasn't looking for more, but that is what was so great about this one.  You knew the moment that the bet was made that Cam was a goner, but it was still fun watching him go down.

I was really glad that Cam clued Olivia in on the bet soon, it allowed them to just be and not worry about things.  When they could do that they were very sweet together.  It was only once the bet came back into play that things got messy and at a very bad time for Cam.  I loved that Cam's dad gave him a talking to that allowed Cam's eyes to be opened and allowed him the time to fix what he messed up.

The ending was perfect, perfect for the couple and the team!
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Fans of Kelly Jamieson's Aces Hockey series, this is a bitter sweet book as it is the last in the series.  Game On is a fitting end to the series.  What started out as a bet for play boy Cam to not fall in love with Olivia turns into a sweet, funny love story with a dash of hockey.  This was one of the those books that I couldn't stop reading, yet didn't want it to finish.  It was great getting closure on the series and being able to see how some of the lives of characters from the previous books were progressing.
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I'm glad I stuck with this series. This was a good book to end it on. I loved how real the relationship was. It reminded me of the movie Hitch when nothing goes right but they still fall for each other. I thought the bet or her wanting him for publicity would be the main point of contention so I was relieved that both of those were addressed early. Out of the whole series, this book seemed the most relatable and grounded in reality to me. Which is a breath of fresh air.
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I was thrilled to get this last book in the Aces Series. It's kind of nice to see the series wrap up in such a nice way. The start of this book was hysterical especially when the two got so sick on their first date. From then on I read this book straight through. My only gripe is that I wish there had been more of a wrap up on Olivia and her family. I liked that her sister was there to comfort her but I would have liked to see more support for what she does in the end.
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Kelly Jamieson does it again.! She writes full, and flawed characters who have movement in a story. 

Cam is never going to fall in he keeps saying but then a beautiful blonde falls into his life.
Olivia is concentrating on her charity, she doesn’t have time for a really hot distraction, but maybe he can be useful.

The love sneaks up on both of them, but they both fight it at every turn. 
The writing is so good in this book, you are fighting for them to make it.
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