The Heir

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The first book in a regency romance series from Grace Burrowes that has witty dialogue, secrets, romance, and characters with great arcs.

An Earl, a housekeeper and a few secrets that will lead to quite the romance. If they can earn each others trust and survive the societal expectations they might have a chance for a happy-ever-after.

I have read the other books in the series and enjoyed them as well. Great book adventures!
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Reviewed by AnnMarie:
The Heir is the first book in the Windham series by Grace Burrowes. It originally came out in 2010, so I am very behind with the books. Happily, I enjoyed this one so much I know that it will be no hardship getting a hold of and reading the rest of the books, in fact, I quite look forward to it.

Gayle Windham is the Earl of Westhaven. It's summer in London and he should be relaxing in the cooler climes of the country. But, his father is constantly pressuring him to marry and produce heirs and will go to any extremes to make that happen. Gayle would rather put up with the smothering heat in London than be in the country where his father would be relentless.

Anna Seaton is Gayle's housekeeper. She is a breath of fresh air in his household and nobody can understand how somebody who presents as educated, talented and who is quite beautiful could be just a housekeeper.

When Gayle decided to stay in London he forgot to inform Anna and so when she sees a man bent over her sister near the fireplace looking as if he was taking liberties she soon bashes him with an iron poker. By the time he can make himself known to her and gets her to stop he has suffered terrible wounds to his back and head. Beside herself with guilt, Anna wants to make amends and is the one who helps nurse him back to help. 

Time spent together makes both of them find a very real attraction between them. Anna has a secret that she won't or can't tell, and until Gayle can get her to tell him what it is he will never be able to convince her to let him court her. Yes, she is his housekeeper, but the Windhams are definitely not conventional, so it's no surprise that the class difference doesn't bother him.

This is an intriguing, fascinating, exciting story with just enough of everything to make it a book that you want to read as quickly as possible. The budding romance between Gayle and Anna was so sweet and beautiful to read. The times that they would give in to their passions were steamy hot, but also so very beautifully emotional. This wasn't just a physical act for either of them. There was also the secret that Anna held, it involved a terrible enemy that I couldn't help but despise when I realised who it was and the lengths he would go to for his own benefit. I knew he just had to get his comeuppance and I couldn't wait for the satisfaction of it. 

I loved this story and am determined to read all of the books in the series. If they are as good as this one, and I am sure they are, then I have many hours of wonderful reading ahead of me.
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While there were parts of THE HEIR that I enjoyed, overall I’d call it a good book and leave it at that. There is an audience that will and does enjoy this story whether you are part of that group is something only you can decide. There are two prequel stories to this series that might make some personal connections and background easier to understand, that may be an option you’d like to know about before you begin THE HEIR.

I didn’t love this story, but I also didn’t hate it… I was, frankly, more annoyed by several aspects of the modern-day feel to it. And it didn’t help that I was unable to really connect with the characters either. At one point, several characters are introduced with little explanation which causes confusion on who some people are connected to. There are prequels to this series and perhaps that was cleared up there – but a simple sentence of explanation would have helped… a lot.

In the end, the only person who can decide if a book is good or not is each individual reader. If you love Regency Romance then give THE HEIR a try, you may love it and that would be awesome. I wish I could have had that experience but it is a good book that many readers have enjoyed.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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I did not read this book. When I requested it from netgalley i believed it was a new book, but it is actually one of Burrowe's old books which I assume has been reissued? So there is no review for this one.
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While I have read some of the books in the series I had not read this one. I thought the author went back and wrote this but I realized later that it's a re-issue. Never the less I enjoyed visiting the world of the Wyndhams and going back to the beginning where it all began. 
The story starts out a bit slow but once the reader is sucked into the lives and intrigue there's no going back and I just kept turning the pages wanting to read what came next.
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Another wonderful book by Grace Burrowes. I’m so happy to have Netgalley so I can get ready to order and promote/recommend this to patrons.
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Perfect for the readers who want the familiar English regency.  Barrows never disappoints with her interesting characters and comfortable writing style.
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Are you an aristocrat hiding out in domestic service? Is the heroine accidentally bashing the hero in the head with a fireplace poker your idea of a meet cute? Then you'll enjoy this first entry in Grace Burrowes's beloved Windham series. Anna has her reasons for working as a housekeeper. Gayle is determined not to acquiesce to his ducal father's wishes by marrying. But thrown together in the same household, sparks fly.
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