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GOODNESS. This book was amazing. I'm not usually a huge fan of romance, but all the things about this book did it for me. I loved it, so thankful I read it. Pumped to recommend it to everyone I know.
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Tiffy is absolutely crushed by the breakup with her boyfriend,  Justin.  She had been living with him and is desperate to find a new place to live.   Her options are limited because her salary at the small publishing house is barely a living wage.  Her friends, Mo and Gerty,  are helping Tiffy with her search, trying to keep her from sinking too low over the recent developments.

Leon is desperate to make some extra money.   He loves his job as a hospice nurse, but he needs to just an extra 350/month to make his life work.  So he decides to offer his one-bedroom flat up for a flatshare.   He works overnights, so he thinks that if he can find a flatmate with a normal working schedule they can share the flat and never have to see each other.  His girlfriend, Kay, was the one to show Tiffy the flat and laid down the ground rules.  She has the flat from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM during the week and over the weekend.   And she has to sleep on the left side of the bed.

For months their arrangement worked perfectly.  Their paths never crossed and they only communicated via post-it notes that could be found in the most creative places. But even though their only means of communication is through post-its  Leon and Tiffy get to know each other.   Tiffy learns that Leon's brother, Richie, is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.  Leon learns that Tiffy's ex-boyfriend is a bit unhinged.   Eventually, they end up meeting face to face and the chemistry is undeniable.  Will their unique living situation lead to a unique relationship?

The Flatshare was a fun and fast read.  And even a little bit predictable.  Tiffy and Leon are both good people.  Tiffy is kind and loving and has a five-star personality.  Leon is a bit more reserved, but anybody who chooses hospice as a career is golden in my book.  It is fun to see the two of them get to know each other via post-it notes.  It was a unique form of communication.  There were a lot of cliches at play with the exes.  Tiffy's ex ended up being a narcissistic kind of guy whose common method of abuse was gaslighting.  Leon's ex was the controlling and jealous type.  I was glad to see them both be rid of them, but one of them took longer to go away than the other.   The author wrapped the story up nicely and it was a "feel good" kind of ending.  A "feel good" kind of story. A perfect book to throw in the beach bag.

Bottom Line - The Flatshare is a fun and fresh look at a co-ed roommate situation.  The book has been getting a lot of buzz and with good reason.  The Flatshare releases tomorrow, just in time for beach season!

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary
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Pages: 336
Publisher: Flatiron
Publication Date: 5/28/19
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Thank you to Netgalley for the book in exchange for a review.
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I did not download this one in time, but I did purchase it from Audible and listened to it. This is a review only of the Audible version.
Unfortunately I did not enjoy the audio version. The female narrator was fine (in fact very good), but I did not like the voice for Leon's character, and the phone conversations with either character were not well done.
Most of my issues are likely from changing the unusual format of the book into an audio style. Perhaps the unusual style it was written in just doesn't translate well into an audio form.

I was excited to read the book, and I did enjoy it for a bit. I also really liked the theme of Tiffy's abuse, a type which isn't shown often in books. That subject matter made me more interested toward the end, but most of the book was a chore to trudge through, sadly.  Again, this is only a review for the audio version.  I did not post this review on my website as I didn't think it was fair. It's an unusual written format, and I don't want to scare anyone off from reading it.

Thank you so much, NetGalley, for offering me the ARC.  I've been working hard to keep up with my reviews in a more timely manner so this problem doesn't happen again.
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I loved this book. I loved that Tiffy's abusive ex-boyfriend wasn't sugar coated. Her issues coming to terms with this were depicted in such a real and honest way. I was brought to tears by all that she went through. Leon's issues with his incarcerated brother were also so emotional for me. Yay to books who depict men who cry! The way their friendship developed into a romance was super romantic. I was rooting for them from page 1. My only complaint would be the Leon chapters. The writing format took a little bit of getting used to but I guess this was done to depict his quiet personality. This was definitely one of my favorite books of the year and this author's writing reminds me of some of my favorite Marian Keyes books.
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Loved, loved, loved this one. I read some and listened to some of the audiobook for this one, which made for the perfect reading experience. Such a great romcom premise, I'd love to see it adapted.
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What a delightful book! Every once in a while it's so nice to read something light and funny with a predictably happy ending. I've been reading so much dark non-fiction lately that it was just the change of pace I needed.
I would highly recommend this book for lovers of British chic-lit. 
I loved the characters and the storyline and can see this making a great movie.
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I really enjoyed this storyline... thr slow burn, the refreshing characters, the dialogue, all of it. Such a sweet romance with lush writing and a fresh plot.
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The characters are what made this book so great! They are strong but also caring. They really jumped off the page. I knew I would enjoy this book but I completely fell in love!!! I will come back to this book again and again when I need to smile and warm my heart. SO SWOONEY!
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What I loved about this book was the refreshing story. Roommates turned friends turned lovers is not a new trope, but bedsharing is and it was fun witnessing Leon and Tiffy's relationship blossom via post-its and food sharing. I initially expected their big face-to-face meeting to happen near the end of the book, but it worked well that they met sooner and had more time to let their romance sizzle. 

What I also appreciated about this book was the sensitive subject centering around Tiffy's relationship with her ex and the effects it had not only on her, but on the relationship she built with Leon. And it was lovely to see Leon's patience with her, though I did wonder if he would have been the same if he had his experience witnessing his mother's relationships. He wasn't the best boyfriend to his ex, but through his growing friendship with Tiffy you can see how she brought out the best of him. 

Leon and Tiffy's individual chapters were each written with a distinct style and it really helped with their characterization; Leon's chapters short with quick sentences and Tiffy's were flourished with detail, just as you would listen to them speak in real life. 

This was a wonderful debut and O'Leary did a great job bringing these characters and their story to life.
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It’s time for Tiffy to find a new apartment. She’s broken up with her ex-boyfriend, again, and since he’s moved in a new girlfriend she has to leave but the problem is her meager salary doesn’t allow her to be very choosy so when she sees an ad to share a flat and a bed, not at the same time, she thinks that must be the perfect solution.

Leon didn’t want a flat mate but his brother needs his help and if it means sharing his bed then that’s ok. It shouldn’t be too hard to manage as he works the night shift at the long term care home and he can spend his weekends with his girlfriend.

Neither Tiffy’s friends nor Leon’s girlfriend think this arrangement is going to work but Tiffy moves in and the pair are having an easy time communicating via post-its. Leon thinks it’s funny that he’s having a lot of conversations via the little notes and is actually growing used to them and looks forward to Tiffy’s notes about the flat, the neighbors, books she’s reading and everything else in between. Funny how much you can learn about a person.

Eventually Tiffy needs a bit of help getting away from her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend and this may mean the Tiffy and Leon will finally meet.

I really enjoyed reading about the development of Tiffy and Leon’s relationship. The story is told from both POVs so I thought that was a perfect way to show each of their personalities and quirks.
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@betholearyauthor’s THE FLATSHARE is an enchanting story that is just as delightful as its cover.
Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey are Londoners both looking to save money. Tiffy desperately needs to move out of her toxic ex-boyfriend’s place and Leon is looking for a roommate. The catch is Leon placed a rather bizarre add for a flatshare where both occupants share one bed. Leon works the nightshift and is away most weekends but sharing a bed with a total stranger is a bit unnerving, even if you never see each other. Tiffy is on a very tight budget so this turns out to be the best option she has. So what does she do? She goes for it! Now we all know what’s going to happen here but trust me, it’s totally worth your time because the premise is so original and 100% full of adorable.
I am such a fan of writers that add something extra to the narrative, such as letters, texts, DMs, and in this case, the cutest post-it notes! The two main characters are endearing and fantastic to read, but the side characters are too! The group of friends are fun and quirky - I just loved them all! But the story isn’t all unicorns and sunshine as there are themes of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and trauma. This story is the perfect blend of romance, hilarious, sweet, moving, and entertaining.
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A quick, fun and easy read.  Mostly light hearted and fun.  Would recommend to anyone who likes romance.
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Love love love love! This book was British perfection. Quirky characters, hilarious banter, and a swoon worthy love story. I couldn’t put this down. Beth O’Leary also did an amazing job handling the topic of abuse and the journey Tiffy went on to heal. Leon is my new book boyfriend. This one is also low on steam so perfect for those who like romance but don’t want too much sexy stuff. Highly recommend!
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This book surprised me. Beth O’Learly’s debut novel, The Flatshare, is a refreshing, quirky and engaging rom-com. The romance is perfect. Tiffy and Leon build a relationship through post-it note conversations. Ahhh! All the characters are larger than life, realistic and relatable. This is the most heart-warming story I have read this year. I LOVED IT!
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3.5 Stars

It took me about 60-70 pages to get into this, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed this heartfelt contemporary novel. What I thought would be a cute and quirky romance turned into a novel about rediscovering oneself, friendship, and trust. I loved the slow burn of the romance, especially because Tiffy had such a toxic relationship prior to this. Both she and Leon have things going on in their personal lives and their support of each other was sweet and amazing. 

Tiffy and Leon’s relationship starts when she begins sharing his flat, although they never meet. She gets the nights and he gets the days. They form a friendship through notes left for the other and when they eventually meet it becomes something more. 

I’d recommend for all contemporary fans even if you don’t particularly like romance as that isn’t really the focal point. 

I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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TIFFY & LEON ARE THE DEFINITION OF COUPLE GOALS. The Flatshare was an unexpected favorite of mine. Super fast paced, easy read. I couldn’t put it down. This book talks about emotionally abusive  relationships and gaslighting which I feel we’re handled very well. Overall, I give this book a 4.5 stars.
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Beth O'Leary's debut The Flatshare is hands down one of my TOP READS of the year. This book was THE. CUTEST. I absolutely ate up every single page and am so sad it's over!
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I loved the idea, but I hated how Leon's chapters were written. The characters were also very flat and boring to me, and the book did not keep my interest. I tried really hard, but I ended up not finishing this book and will not be posting an official review online as a result.
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I adored this novel .. Flatshare was a break in between reading a few thrillers, and I could not of picked a better book to get my mind into another genre..  Full disclosure I do not read romantic books of any kind and its not really my thing ..Flat share is a novel that could change my mind on that    Tiffy needs an apartment after a bad breakup and ends up moving into Leons  flat ( without them meeting )   their arrangement is that she gets the bed and apt while hes at work, and vis versa  .. Tiffy and Leon  start  communicating through sticky notes (which made my smile because its how I conveyed things  I couldn't in person )     no spoliers but the characters are were so cute and made the novel   Kuddos to Beth O' Leary for making me fall for a novel whos genre I don't like
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Ah... contemporary rom-coms are my jam, jelly AND peanut butter!  While we all know I'm an avid thriller lover, books like The Flatshare are the bright spots in between.  I do find them highly predictable but it's not what's important in books like these.  It's the journey, the laughs, the quirky characters - especially when we have the (typical) dynamic of the eccentric woman with an more demure and introverted man.  Hello opposites attract.  But O'Leary gives us this formula in this unique Flatshare scene where they're sharing a bed without meeting for months and learning about each other through post-its. AH-DOR-ABLE! 

These books aren't so much about where the book will go because they tend to be pretty predictable and you know where the ending will go.  It's more about being on the journey with these characters and falling in love with them along the way.  The author also brings in the subject of abusive relationships which, in this case, is not physical but emotional and phew... that's a tough subject to discuss and can sometimes leave a bigger mark than the physical.  Been there so there have been some moments that certainly resonated with me. 

The only thing I found a bit bothersome was the back and forth of quotation marks to none.  Though it didn't bother me outright in a "difficult to read" kind of way, it was just inconsistent and as a person who reads law documents all day at work, consistency is something that I notice.  Just a very little picky thing for my own personal liking. (and also could just be something in the arc)

What I loved best was the quirky Tiffy and her banter with her friends and with her flatmate, Leon.  So many giggly moments and I would certainly recommend this to anyone that needs something feel good and a little laugh in their lives.  The story has a lot of heart.
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