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This was such a cute, fun read!

After Tiffy's boyfriend dumps her, she's in desperate need of a new place to live. So she answers an ad asking for a flatmate, but it's a little unconventional: there's only one bed in the flat, and the night shift working flatmate will sleep in it during the day while Tiffy is at work, and vice versa. The two never even need to meet! They communicate via post it notes around the apartment, and of course, they eventually do meet.

Tiffy and Leon are a couple of very memorable characters! Tiffy is a bit outlandish and has a unique sense of style, while Leon rarely talks except to the people he cares a lot about. I loved reading their story and seeing the really natural relationship develop between the two of them.

This book also tackles the serious topic of escaping from abusive relationships. Over the course of the novel, Tiffy comes to terms with the fact that her previous boyfriend emotionally abused her, and I think this book does this very tactfully. Tiffy has to unlearn a lot of the ways she thinks about herself because of the way her ex treated her, and it's never made out to be her fault. The ex is the clear villain in this story, and Tiffy's journey is punctuated with lots of support from her found family and normalizing visits to a therapist.

The subplot on Leon's side of the story is his brother's fight to appeal his sentencing for a crime he didn't commit. I loved Richie every time he was on the page and I enjoyed seeing the impact the prison system was having on him. It was an interesting look at how even innocent people can be negatively impacted by the justice system.

One thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the writing style for Leon's chapters. He is not a man of many words, and his dialogue often had him speaking in fragments. This was also reflected in his narration as well. I mostly got used to it after a while, but I still didn't love it as a stylistic choice. I understand why the author wrote his chapters that way, but I didn't like it.

Overall, this was definitely an enjoyable read and one that had more depth that I would have originally thought!
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I could not love this story more! Beth O'Leary's voice is utterly unique - hilarious, insightful, poignant, and with few words conveys so much feeling. There is a depth and intelligence to Ms. O'Leary's writing that is rare and to be savored. There is nothing formulaic or predictable about this HEA, and the subtle beauty of the story as it unfolds will keep you thinking long after you finish reading.  

Tiffy is quirky, bright, kind, and so darn clever. I want to be friends with her! Her over the top style of dress is endearing, and the peculiar cast of characters who are her friends are exactly how I'd love to picture Londoners. Introverted Leon is not an alpha male. He's better. He loves with his whole heart, cares deeply for his family, and his vulnerability have made him by new favorite. He is strong without being overbearing, loyal, and a man of action, not just words. 

This book is full of twists, but incredibly, it never feels contrived. Must admit that I wasn't intrigued by the premise of the story, but am so delighted that I gave it a chance. 
*Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book. This is my candid review.*
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When I started this book I was expecting a cute, light, British romcom. Communicating through sticky notes with a flatmate you've never met doesn't scream deep subjects .However, the Flatshare is so much more than that. It deals with heartache, emotional abuse, false imprisonment but it handles them all so well.

The characters in the Flatshare are all very different but endearing in their own unique. Tiffy, with her quirky clothes and bright personality, is someone I wish I could spend all my time with in real life. And loyal, quiet Leon is the type of guy every girl should aspire to be with. Aside from Tiffy and Leon, the side characters were wonderful, too (well most of them..). Gerty and Mo are always there to pick Tiffy up and ply her with words of wisdom. Rachel, Tiffy's coworker, brings the fun as well as the trouble. And, of course, Leon's imprisoned brother, Richie. Basically, I adore all of these characters and everything they brought to the story. They all need each other in one way or another and it was heartwarming to see their relationships grow. I guess Justin, Tiffy's ex-boyfriend, needed to be there too but we don't have to like him.

As much as I ended up loving this book, I had a different opinion to start. Tiffy's chapters displayed her personality perfectly and made me love her right away. On the other hand, I couldn't figure out Leon's chapters. They were short, abrupt, and made use of very short sentences. But the more I got to know Leon, I realized this was just him. He's kind, loyal, and hardworking but he's also abrupt and a man of few words. If you can get past the way he talks, you can learn to love him too.

I was definitely wrong to think this would be a light, airy chick lit. But that's the best kind of book right? One that surprises you in the best way possible.
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The Flatshare is a book that is all about its characters, and what delightful characters they are,  Icould not help but fall in love with Leon and Tiffy as they were falling in love with each other.  This is a fantastic summer or any time of year romance read.
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I really enjoyed this book! I thought the romance between the two central characters was sweet and well-developed. I’m a huge fan of epistolary novels and while this wasn’t wholly epistolary, I really loved the incorporation of written notes. I also loved how this book delved into more emotional issues than I was expecting. I would definitely recommend this one!
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From the moment I heard about THE FLATSHARE by Beth O'Leary, I knew I had to read it. I was so excited to get a digital copy for review, and I saved it to read on my flight to England at the end of March. Now, let me tell you why I loved it! It's set in London, so it was the perfect book to kick off my trip with Kelly. As soon as I met up with her in Heathrow, I started raving about it. Tiffy and Leon share an apartment, but they've never met. They work opposite schedules, but exchanging notes every day leads to an unexpected friendship. I AM SO HERE FOR FALLING IN LOVE VIA POST-IT NOTES. The premise sounded comedic, so I went in expecting a mostly light-hearted vibe. And while it was definitely humorous, there's so much more to it!

It depicts some emotional subject matter and that made me love it more. I loved how it dealt with gaslighting and toxic relationships while still highlighting incredible friendships and so much kindness. It’s just so dang cute and put such a smile my face — while still making me cry a little bit, too. It had pretty much everything I want and love in a book! Tiffy and Leon each have their own POV, and Leon's threw me a bit at first. It just has a different cadence and style. But it ended up feeling so right for the character, and now I can't imagine it being written any other way. I hate when multiple POVs sound the same and am so happy that wasn’t the case here. It was the kind of book that I was sad to finish — and already plan to re-read. If you’re making a summer reading list, this should be on it! One of my favorites of 2019, for sure.
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The Flatshare is a great love story about people who fall for each other and live with each other without ever having met face-to-face. Tiffy and Leon each have their reasons for needing to flatshare-- an awful breakup and a brother wrongfully in prison, respectfully. As their lives become more entwined, we learn more about the layers of their lives and see the pain each is working to get past. I found the characters lovable, the plot very fun but also with some thrilling moments, and the whole reading experience to be as soothing as a cup of tea.

Fans of Jill Mansell and Marian Keyes will enjoy the wit and the simplicity of this sweet romance.
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This was such a unique story (and would be a really cool movie)! This book is so much more than a chick-lit romance – it pulled at all my heart strings! I absolutely loved how these two grew their relationship as roommates by leaving notes for each other. Of course, the entire time I assumed the obvious (boy meets girl…), but Beth delivered a whole lot more. She does a great job about painting a true picture of life – toxic relationships, the housing crisis, dealing with messy family dynamics, wonderful friendships, and more. This one is worth the read!
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Thank you NetGalley and Flatiron for the advanced copy.
I found this book very quirky and cute. Easy to read. I was sucked in to the story and couldn’t stop reading it. Great summer read!
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The Flatshare was such a delight that I found myself reading quite slowly, savoring the story. I adore Tiffy and Leon; in fact, I can't decide who I like more. Although the premise is easy to spot, O'Leary made this novel more than saccharine with her side plots, which tackled some serious matters. I thought she did a great job of balancing heavy and light and giving her book some depth while keeping it fun.
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THE FLATSHARE is such a feel-good romcom...and so much more.

I’m admittedly not a big romance reader, but this? This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for in romance. I need a lot of plot and character development in romance novels and Beth O’Leary delivered. THE FLATSHARE tackled important issues like emotional abuse and the criminal justice system.  It was impossible to not be invested in these two characters.

The chapters were short with alternating POVs which had me flipping pages as fast as humanly possible to see what was going to happen next. The tension of “will they, won’t they” was perfect and had me rooting for Tiffy and Leon along the way.

But wait - it gets even better. There was a Gilmore Girls reference! I mean, come on!

If you are like me and don’t usually pick up romance novels, please give THE FLATSHARE a try. It was such a pleasant surprise!

Thank you to Flatiron Books and Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I LOVED this adorable romantic comedy novel. Leon and Tiffy are so endearing and the story is cute and unique yet still plausible. I'm so thankful I received a copy of this book because it's one of my favorite reads of the year. Tiffy and Leon are both quirky and funny characters. I particularly liked reading Leon's point of view because it's written in a rational, straight to the point style. I'm generally a fan of telling stories through emails, texts, or any similar form of communication. So, the post it notes were a delight to read.
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I was so happy to pick this up when I needed a sweet story for the summery weather! I laughed so much in the first few chapters, that the darker edges of the story (Leon's brother's struggles in prison, Tiffy's difficulties with her emotionally abusive ex) snuck up on me. Still a delightfully sweet, feel-good story.
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I really enjoyed reading  The Flatshare! There was so much hype surrounding this book, and I'm glad to say it lived up to it. It was such a cute contemporary novel that I couldn't put down. This novel follows Tiffy and Leon when they first become roommates, and we get to see how their relationship progresses through the notes they leave each other around the apartment.

I loved that each character has such a distinct voice. Not only did the characters have their own personality when speaking with each other, but in the way their chapters were written as well. Leon is very closed off, you can tell by the way he interacts with people, and with the short way he speaks/his chapters are written.

"Feels so different now I've met her. Can't believe I wasted all that time - not just those months, but the time before that, the years of dawdling, settling, waiting."

I went in thinking this was going to be a fun fluffy contemporary, and it was, but there were serious topics discussed throughout the novel as well. I want to give a trigger warning for an emotionally abusive relationship. Tiffy moves in with Leon because she needs a new roommate after a longterm relationship ends. While she's learning how to be on her own, and opening up with her new friend/flatmate Leon, Tiffy begins to see that her previous relationship was toxic and abusive. Even though there was a heavy topic spread throughout the novel, there were so many light moments and romantic moments that evened out the story and made it a feel good story instead of a heavy one.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when Tiffy was describing seeing a counselor. I love reading about therapy in books, even though I'm constantly disappointed in the portrayal (because it's usually very wrong), but it was so well done here, which surprised me and made my little counselor (in training) heart happy.

"She didn't really say much...I thought she'd tell me what was wrong with me. But instead I kind of figured some stuff out all on my own...which I totally couldn't have done without her sitting there."

Overall I definitely recommend The Flatshare if you're looking for a contemporary book this summer!
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Ahh! This was a really adorable story, the kind that made me smile all throughout. The Flatshare caught my eye because of my pal, Becky's review. She loved it so I knew that I had to try it myself. Having read it now, I can definitely see why she unloaded with all the praise for this one.

Tiffy is in desperate need of a flat when she comes across an incredibly cheap opportunity to share a flat with Leon who only uses his apartment during the night. The arrangement works perfectly for him and it's an extra source of income.  I know what you're thinking, what on earth, right? I was thinking the same, but this was a scenario that was definitely cuter in fictional form than it would be in real life. We get the points of views of both of these characters and I will admit that Leon's POV took a while to adjust because it's told in a choppy and direct way to reflect his personality. Still, I adored these characters. Tiffy is all sunshine and rainbows. She had a very bright and quirky personality that made her very easy to warm up to. She worked with crafty books at her publishing career that she was excellent at. I really liked Tiffy and she definitely made this book special for me. Leon was the complete opposite of Tiffy. He was quiet and intense but had the same kindness that Tiffy had. I think his career as a palliative nurse spoke to his persona quite well. He was dealing with a lot what with his brother being falsely imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit while also taking care of his mother who had gone through some intense emotional abuse. Throughout it all, he remained such a heartwarming and genuine character though. What a great guy he was!

You must be thinking, how does a romance between these two develop if they don't physically meet? Notes, of course! I loved watching their relationship blossom through these notes, first into friendship, and then into love. It was sweet how comfortable and open they were each other. Slowly, they infiltrate each others' thoughts and they couldn't help falling in love. They do eventually meet in person (in a very awkward half-naked way, btw!), and their romance just continued to grow. This is a romance that will definitely have you clutching your kindle to your chest because of just how adorable Tiffy and Leon were with each other. I loved the friendships in The Flatshare too. Tiffy's friends were a hoot. They were so dramatic but even more supportive! This book wasn't all cute romance though. It tackled some tough themes. For instance, I really loved the storyline exploring Leon's brother. In fact, a friendship forms between him and Tiffy, that was very lovely. The Flatshare also tackled emotional abuse in the form of Justin, Tiffy's ex.

The Flatshare was a really great book for me and I look forward to reading more from Beth O'Leary. If you're looking for a story with a lot of heart and humor, I highly recommend this one.
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In her delightful and heart-warming debut novel set in London, British author Beth O’Leary transcends the typical contemporary romance by introducing a unique approach to building a relationship through Post-It notes and shared food, delicately handling the topic of PTSD from an emotionally-abusive relationship, and tackling racial profiling. In a dual narrative format, we are privy to the intimate thoughts of two wonderful protagonists. Socially anxious Leon communicates in shorthand and works as a palliative care nurse. He needs money for his incarcerated brother’s legal fees, so decides to advertise a flatshare (or, more accurately, a bedshare). Tiffy, asst. editor for a crafting and DIY publisher, with a colorful attitude and wardrobe to match, responds after being evicted from her ex-boyfriend’s flat. With both of them working opposite shifts, they never expect to meet, but fate has a way of upsetting the best-laid plans. A strong group of secondary characters including Rachel the best friend, Gerty the barrister, Mo the counselor, Holly the young, but wise-beyond-her-years leukemia patient, RIchie the incarcerated brother, and Katherin the demanding knitting and crochet book author provide sound advice, a little match-making help, and emotional support when Justin, the vile and controlling ex-boyfriend, keeps pushing his way into her life. For fans of Christina Lauren, Sally Thorne, Helen Hoang, and Josie Silver. 

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Flatiron Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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The Flatshare is a funny, feel-good romance, and this year's perfect beach read! If you're looking for a Greek billionaire, a shapeshifter, or a wealthy duke, this might not be your cup of tea. If you're looking for an adorable love story featuring two regular people with normal names and everyday jobs falling for each other, you can't beat this. 

Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey are roommates who have very different work lives - Tiffy works in the publishing world as a DIY book editor by day, and Leon is a palliative care nurse at night. They take turns living in their shared flat (and shared bed!) during the other's work shift, and this somewhat odd setup suits both of them. Tiffy needed a cheap place to live after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, and Leon needed a quick infusion of cash for attorney fees after his little brother was jailed for a crime he didn't commit. 

When Tiffy first moves in, she upends Leon’s comfortable (boring?) life with her wild menagerie of thrift store finds and heaps of bohemian clothing. Lava lamps! Beanbag! Cow-shaped cushion! For a quiet guy with a quiet life, she's a whirlwind. 

They start cooking for each other, leaving each other treats, and writing each other notes. With every Post-it stuck to the door, the fridge, the kettle, and all over the flat, they slowly start to learn each other even though they’ve never met. They eventually do meet (in a super cute way!), and the attraction is instant. 

There were so many things done well in this book. Leon was a caring beta hero - more betas, please! Tiffy had a group of loving, supportive friends, and I really liked that there were fleshed-out secondary characters I cared about. The chapters ping-ponged back and forth between Tiffy and Leon’s perspectives and each characters’ voice was distinct.

I love love LOVED that the author included the aftermath of a negative, emotionally abusive relationship and the work that goes into overcoming it. She included topics of stalking, gaslighting, and healing. So important for women! And where better than a romance, a book about relationships? 

There’s also a heartwarming side story of Leon trying to track down the long lost love of one of his hospice patients. You’ll root for him, for the patient, for all of them.

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC!
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I ADORED this book. Tiffy and Leon are halves of one whole beautiful love story.
What enthralled me the most was the clarity of each character's voice. O'Leary masterfully switched between these vastly different POVs with perfect ease. Tiffy and Leon were so crisp and vibrant, they practically leaped off the page. (Although, admittedly, Tiffy would likely be doing most of the leaping.)
I didn't expect this story to hit me as deeply as it did, but I found myself completely immersed in each character's story: Tiffy's slow, heart-wrenching coming to terms with her relationship, Leon's determination to help his brother and his dogged search for Johnny White. I started the book expecting a rather simple, fun romance, but what I got instead was so much better. These characters stole my heart from the very first chapters, and now at the end, I'm left desperately wishing for it to not be over. I would happily read sagas about Tiffy and Leon's little flat and notes and the foxes next door and Leon's obsession with a bricklayer-turned-designer.
With this book, Beth O'Leary has my eternal love, and I plan to follow what I'm sure will be a wonderful and long writing career. As for me, I would read her grocery list!
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Tiff and Leon both need to save money for different reasons. The solution is to share a flat (apartment) and a bed at different times. I adored the characters and the story. Although the story touches on some serious issues, I caught myself grinning throughout this romantic story. I will continue to recommend this story to friends. Thanks Flatiron Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this title.
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The moment I saw the cover and read what is it all about, I already know that I will love it. When the publisher ask me if I want to join the blog tour for this book I didn't hesitate to join. And that I think is the best decision that I'm proud to say that I did. As The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary is a contemporary book that you shouldn't wanna miss reading.

Romantic, cute, funny and unique. That is what The Flatshare is all about. It is the book that every contemporary reader will surely love.

At first, you will be confuse with the kind of writing style the author has. It is because some of the lines are in a dialogue form. Not with the typical type of paragraph that we are use when reading. But later on you will find it unique and interesting as it is not the kind of book that we are use to read. I like how some of it are in a dialogue type and in it, the author included not only the lines of the characters but also their feelings. This is the only book that I've read that the feelings is also included. And I find it cute and interesting rather than annoying.

Another interesting thing about the book is the plot line. I love how it is not the cliche instant love. In the story or half of the book, the characters haven't even met yet in the story. They just know each other names and they just know a little bit of each other by the use of  exchanging notes through post its.

The main character, Tiffy is an editor in the story. With it, we can experience and learn the things that the writer, publisher, editor and other people is doing in creating a book. I know that us readers will surely love this thing as we can see the process in creating the book we love. We can also appreciate the people of what they are doing just to produce and create the books that we love reading. 

I really wanna say more but I think I'll just spoil you all. So I just want to advice you to just read the book and experience the love and enjoyment that I experience in reading it.

To wrap it all, I highly recommend the book if you are a sucker for a unique contemporary romance. I also would love the book will turn to a movie.
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