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The moment I saw the cover and read what is it all about, I already know that I will love it. When the publisher ask me if I want to join the blog tour for this book I didn't hesitate to join. And that I think is the best decision that I'm proud to say that I did. As The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary is a contemporary book that you shouldn't wanna miss reading.

Romantic, cute, funny and unique. That is what The Flatshare is all about. It is the book that every contemporary reader will surely love.

At first, you will be confuse with the kind of writing style the author has. It is because some of the lines are in a dialogue form. Not with the typical type of paragraph that we are use when reading. But later on you will find it unique and interesting as it is not the kind of book that we are use to read. I like how some of it are in a dialogue type and in it, the author included not only the lines of the characters but also their feelings. This is the only book that I've read that the feelings is also included. And I find it cute and interesting rather than annoying.

Another interesting thing about the book is the plot line. I love how it is not the cliche instant love. In the story or half of the book, the characters haven't even met yet in the story. They just know each other names and they just know a little bit of each other by the use of  exchanging notes through post its.

The main character, Tiffy is an editor in the story. With it, we can experience and learn the things that the writer, publisher, editor and other people is doing in creating a book. I know that us readers will surely love this thing as we can see the process in creating the book we love. We can also appreciate the people of what they are doing just to produce and create the books that we love reading. 

I really wanna say more but I think I'll just spoil you all. So I just want to advice you to just read the book and experience the love and enjoyment that I experience in reading it.

To wrap it all, I highly recommend the book if you are a sucker for a unique contemporary romance. I also would love the book will turn to a movie.
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I enjoyed everything about this boo! Very well written and relatable characters. The story arc is excellent, and you care for the main characters as much as the side characters.
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I started and stopped this book a couple of times a few months ago, finding myself not quite able to get into the story. But this was CLEARLY a case of the right book, wrong time, because I started it again yesterday and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. This is SO. GOOD. I adored Leon and Tiffy, and their respective storylines were equally compelling, funny, sad, and interesting to read. The way O'Leary built up their chemistry through a series of post-it notes, one awkward shower encounter, text messages and an eventual day out was done so well; Wonderfully slow-burn without feeling over-long (because there is really so much else going on beyond the Leon/Tiffy dynamic), cute without seeming saccharine, and absolutely realistic under the circumstances. Every single one of the secondary characters is well-drawn out. And while there are certain elements to this part of the story that get a bit Lifetime Movie-ish, the entire plot is elevated by the in-depth exploration of long-term emotional abuse in a romantic relationship, and the real effects of its continued trauma. Sweet, funny, romantic, and moving, this is a beach read for people who abhor beach reads, a love story with depth and heart.
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I started the month of April with THE FLATSHARE by Beth O’Leary while flying home from London—cue all the tears, I don’t wanna talk about it—and wow, just WOW! I loved this book so much! The idea of sharing a flat AND a bed with a stranger you’ve never met is a premise that sounded insane but primed for hilarity and feels. Tiffy and Leon communicate with notes and get to know one another the ultimate old-fashioned way—with the written word. Everything about this book worked for me. I loved the writing, the changing POV, the characters, the emotional trauma of past relationships that was dealt with, all of it! This book was not the light-hearted romance I was so much more. This book talks about serious issues and they were dealt with so incredibly well. It delves into emotional trauma and the effects it has on future relationships which I found so relevant to my own dating life now and the people I meet. It was all done so amazingly well! 🛏
The secondary characters were stellar and such a great complement and support for the heroine. The romance...OMG THE ROMANCE I JUST CANNOT! The chemistry and dynamic between them was on fire! It was subtle and built up and had the best kind of tension that made me feel like I was in the story with them. I loved everything about this book and I already cannot wait to reread it! Thank you, @flatironbooks for the review copy in exchange for an honest review!🚿
READ THIS love dual POV, insane chemistry, and real-life issues. 🔑
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A charming rom com that begins as a slow burn, then picks up the pace after the first 75 pages and keeps readers hooked until the very end! This is a great chic-lit title with the story based in London, which as an American was a nice change of scenery. The banter between fellow flatshare occupants Leon and Tiffy was witty, relatable and pivotal towards how this story evolved. For those looking for a light spring/summer read, make sure you get your hands on The Flatshare!
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Loved the lead character in this joyful and fun to read book!  This is one of those books that I’m glad I didn’t miss because it was pure delight from start to finish.
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The Flatshare is a really cute, fun, and sweet read. It was heavier and more emotional at times than I expected, but it all worked so well together. 
I thought this was such a neat premise, with the 2 people sharing a flat, but never meeting. Although I'm not sure I would have been comfortable with moving in before actually meeting the person, Tiffy was much braver than me in that respect! 
I loved how Tiffy and Leon got to really know each other through their notes. They were able to open up to each other much more than if they were talking in person. And it was an enjoyable way for us to get to know them, as well. 
Tiffy is such a charming and quirky character. She went through a lot of growth and change during the course of the story and it was awesome to see her come out stronger in the end. 
Leon is a doll! He's got such a huge and caring heart, I adored him. He's carrying a pretty heavy weight on his shoulders and I so wished I could have helped lessen his burden. Leon's one of the good guys and you just want everything to be okay for him.

I really enjoyed The Flatshare. Not only are Tiffy and Leon wonderful, the side characters really brought a lot to the story as well. I wouldn't mind if a couple of them got their own stories!
This book is definitely a winner.
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The Flatshare has probably one of the most unique premises I've heard of: Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey share a flat but they've never actual met. As part of their living arrangement, Leon occupies the one-bed flat during the day (since he works a night shift) and she gets it the rest of the time, including the weekends. It sounds perfect to Tiffy and Leon because it allows them to both have a flat for super cheap but to everyone else (myself included!), it sounds a bit crazy. Until you actually read how they manage to get to know one other in spite of the strange circumstances and then it's actually pretty wonderful. They find ways to communicate and since they do both live there, they bring their different personalities to the flat, which ends up revealing a lot about the other and their quirks. They're total opposites but it's easy to see how they complement the other as months of living "together" unfold. And there's so much more to the story than just their flat. They both have jobs they're passionate about so we learn a lot about that. Leon is going through a heavy ordeal with his family and Tiffy is coming to terms with some startling realizations about her ex-boyfriend. But it's honestly the latter plot line that I probably wasn't biggest fan of. On one hand, I think it was presented with a lot of honesty and respect for women who've been in a similar situations but towards the end, it became a bit too much? Or maybe it just felt that way on top of all the other sub-plots that were happening at the same time. I wish the author had chosen to either simplify the plots to focus on it fully or let it resolve on a quieter note.

Do I recommend? It is interesting and some of my friends really loved the book. But aside from what I already mentioned, I wasn't particularly wow'ed by the writing and Leon wasn't as fully fleshed out as Tiffy. So if you want to read it, I'd recommend borrowing it from the library.
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This book fell a little flat for me. I liked the premise, but unfortunately I just could not connect with the characters. Both main characters felt forced and unbelievable and a lot of events in the story seemed silly and far-fetched. A lot of novels in the romance and women's lit genres are similar; a light-hearted and romantic story doesn't always have to be grounded in the strictest reality. If you aren't bothered by that, I would still recommend this book for it's cute and genuinely feel-good moments.
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I almost didn't have time to read this book, but I loaded it up on my Kindle in case I had time over our Memorial Day vacation, and it was the perfect vacation book. Sweet, entertaining. Recommend for fans of Rainbow Rowell's "Attachments."
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A charming romcom that will have you wanting to stock up on Post-It notes! The Flatshare is a light-hearted story that will captivate your attention and heart. Loved the chemistry between the characters, and it'll leave you with all the warm fuzzies.
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I absolutely loved this book. I knew as I was reading it that it was going to become one of my all-time favorite reads.

Tiffy and Leon share a flat, but they’ve never met each other. When Leon needs to make some extra money, he decides to find a roommate to share his one bedroom flat. The roommate will have the flat during the night, while Leon has it during the day as he is a nurse who works nights. Tiffy has hit a rough spot. After ending things for good with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, she’s looking for someplace inexpensive to live. When she sees Leon’s advertisement, she finds it’s the best option out there for her that’s within her very tight budget.

Throughout the book, Leon and Tiffy end up communicating to each other via post-it notes. And it’s lovely. I love this idea so much. Writing to someone lets you get to know them in such a different way than more traditional ways… like in person. ha. Anyways, don’t worry, Tiffy and Leon do eventually meet face to face, and the resulting scene is one of the funniest I’ve ever read. Chapter 28 is my particular favorite in the book. I was laughing so much while reading it. O’Leary has such wonderful natural humor and it helps balance out the more serious parts of the book.

This book has everything. It’s hilarious, it’s touching, it’s deep. It covers the broken prison system, gaslighting in relationships, consent, and so much more. I particularly liked how O’Leary covered the topic of consent in relationships. It’s demonstrated in both a subtle yet clear and most importantly attainable and realistic way.

Both Tiffy and Leon are incredibly likable and I couldn’t help but love them both. Tiffy is a multi-faceted character. She has a lot confidence in regards to who she is as a person, dressing colorfully and boldly, never one to fade into the background. But she’s also let her ex-boyfriend control and change her more than she realizes.

Leon is such a sweet guy. People call him quiet, but he’s able to pack a lot of meaning into the few words he does say. He’s doing everything he can to help his brother as well as be a good son to his mother. You’ll notice quickly that Leon’s POV chapters are different. They’re written in a type of short-hand almost. It really helps to put you in Leon’s mind and view things from his perspective.

Both Tiffy and Leon do so much growing and evolving in the story, but in the end what makes them each unique is still there. They aren’t unrecognizable from where they began but they’ve definitely made strides. These are two characters that are very much fleshed out and realistic. I wish I knew these two in real life.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story. You won’t be able to put this one down.

ALSO! Mark your calendars for June 16th! I had the opportunity to interview Beth about the book, her inspiration, and her writing life and will be sharing it all on my blog on then. I’m so excited to share it with y’all!
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Move over, Bridget Jones ... there's another bright and sassy girl on her way to meet the world!

This book gave me Jenny Colgan vibes, and I loved it. I love the cutesy-pie cover, and the sweet and naive way Leon and Tiffy never saw each other in person for about the first third of the book and communicated via Post-It note. I liked Tiffy's friends (mostly gal pals), and Leon's hospice work. I preferred Leon's "voice," but both of their perspectives were good. The last few chapters I couldn't read fast enough. Picture-perfect and stunningly romantic. I'd love a sequel for these two!

Thank you, Netgalley, for this arc.
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I loved The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary! I think O'Leary did something that is hard to do. She wrote a fun romantic novel where there was real depth to each of the main characters. I loved that they each had things in their lives to overcome and learn from but that the book was still upbeat, positive, and fun to read. It starts slowly but before too long you are really invested in each character and their lives, both separately and together. 

Leon and Tiffy end up in a flatshare arrangement after Tiffy is forced to move out of her ex-boyfriend's apartment and Leon needs extra money to help exonerated his wrongly-imprisoned brother. Leon works nights as a hospice nurse, so Tiffy takes the apartment from 6pm-9am and Leon from 9am-6pm. Its the perfect arrangement until their paths start to cross and it becomes hard to separate their lives from one another.
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The story is ok. I am confused. Why are the hero’s chapters written so weirdly? It’s like he is texting people, but then you realize that they are talking in real life. It majorly distracts. After a while I just couldn’t. Is is supposed to be a book or a screenplay? It just feels not done. 

I have tried to discuss this book with my friends that have also read it to understand it more. To find out that something that is a part of the story wasn’t researched and done wrong, just doesn’t help it at all. I was so looking forward to this book. Disappointment is the feeling in walking away with. I probably will give this author another try in the future. 

I voluntarily read an early copy.
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Reading the description of The Flatshare,  I thought it sounded like a perfect, fluffy romantic comedy. Leon needs extra money, so comes up with the unique idea to share his flat. He works nights and stays with his girlfriend on weekends. Tiffy needs a new place after her boyfriend left her for someone else and expects her to pay back rent and answers the ad. Told from both perspectives, the story is NOT what I was expecting. I went into it expecting an updated version of the 80s movie The Night We Never Met, but it's so much more. As the story moves forward, we find that Leon is desperately afraid for his brother, who Is in prison, and Tiffy's ex-boyfriend is not how he appears. Couldn't put it down- this is a fantastic debut. I'll be watching for more from Beth O'Leary.
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This is so well written and lovely. While Tiffy is coming out of a relationship that has left her homeless, she realizes it was emotionally abusive. Leon is stuck between a demanding girlfriend and his younger brother being in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Desperate and working opposite hours they end up sharing a flat. They only communicate through post-it notes. Then when Tiffy accidentally receives a call from the incarcerated brother, their lives start intertwining.

Everything about this book is lovely but the one thing I really loved was how Tiffy's issues with her ex is handed. She has to come to terms that just because he never hit her didn't mean that he didn't hurt her. Once she remembers the bad times and how horribly she is affected (kissing make her freeze), she gets professional help. She isn't magically healed. The book even says that this is a slow process. And Leon is patiently by her side the entire time. Beautiful.
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Content warning: Emotional abuse

The Flatshare surprised me, in a good way. I don’t usually read books in the contemporary romance genre, because while they’re fun and light and enjoyable, they don’t usually say much. But that was not the case here!

It took a little while for the story to really get started, but around halfway it picked up and I couldn’t put it down. What starts as a light-hearted promise of flirtation and courtship becomes a close, inside look at the journey of recognizing, processing, and beginning to recover from emotional abuse in romantic relationships. It was impactful and insightful and really powerful. I didn’t expect much of a statement from this book, so when I found one, I was pleasantly surprised.

But that brings me to this description from the cover synopsis: “What if your roommate is your soul mate? A joyful, quirky romantic comedy, Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare is a feel-good novel about finding love in the most unexpected of ways.” This book was very good, but it is absolutely not going to be feel-good for everyone. So, if you’re reading this review and have experienced gaslighting or other forms of emotional abuse, I just wanted to give you that head’s up.

Tiffy and her ex-boyfriend, Jason, have been off and on for years. Every time he leaves her, he eventually comes back. At the start of the novel, she’d still been living in his apartment while he dated someone else, waiting for this inevitability. But then he tells her to move out and that she has to pay him back rent for all the months she’s been living there. So she answers an ad for a flatshare with a person who works the night shift; they’ll share the flat, but never be there at the same time. This will allow her to save enough money to pay Justin back.

Leon is very different from Tiffy, who uses lots of words and loves bright colors and quirky decorations. Leon doesn’t talk much; in fact, his narration chapters hardly even use pronouns, and he describes dialogue more like a script with the person’s name and a colon before their statement rather than using quotation marks. I thought that was a really creative storytelling choice. Anyway, he’s quiet and comfortable with the familiar but has a gigantic heart. It’s pretty clear from the beginning that he and his current girlfriend are just not a good match for each other. Also, his brother is currently in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and this takes up a lot of Leon’s emotional space.

What ensues is a story of Tiffy slowly realizing the extent of Jason’s abuse and beginning to recover, and Leon finding that a few steps outside his comfort zone is exactly what he needed all along. By 75% of the way through the book I was reading furiously, heart breaking and throbbing for these two characters.
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Loved this book. It was the perfect romantic comedy which I would love if it was made into a book. It was fun, flirty & funny.  Overall the perfect beach read.
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The Flatshare is the debut novel by Beth O'Leary and came highly recommended from some of my book reviewing friends. I was excited to check it out as I was looking for something that was both light-hearted and engaging. The flatshare fit the bill and I was pleasantly surprised how well it balanced being a "romantic comedy" while also having enough depth.  I was pleased to see that the author was able to incorporate some tougher issues in such a meaningful and powerful manner...this included both abusive relationships and prioritizing mental health. This book made me laugh and also get teary-eyed which was a great balance as a reader. 

The Flatshare is told in a dual point of view, alternating between each chapter. I found the characters endearing and I enjoyed that the relationship grew slowly over time. This felt more realistic and allowed the relationship to come together in a more natural way than a lot of books seem to do in this kind of "accidental love story" situation. I loved the friendships in the Flatshare and this eccentric book is definitely one I would recommend adding to your summer reading list! I look forward to reading more of Beth O'Leary's writing in the future.

Thank you to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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